The cafeteria was alive with activity. At that moment, the assistant principal walked onto the podium.

"Alright, listen up, people!" Barkin yelled "It's time to announce to winners for the yearbook categories."

Everyone looked to the military patriot as he picked up a sheet of paper from the table beside him.

"The winner of Best Dressed" Barkin spoke " is..."

Bonnie and Monique both had their fingers crossed.


The cafeteria cheered (and Bonnie scowled) as Kim's best friend stood up and walked to the podium. As she did, she spotted her two best friends.

"Congrats, Mon" Kim said as her friend passed "Ron and I voted for you"

After Monique got on the stage, Barkin raised a hand to silence the cafeteria to finish reading.

"The winner of Class Cutter" Barkin said this with a glowering look "is Ron Riger!"

"I thought we had that spot sewed up" Ron whispered to Kim as Riger walked up to join Monique.

"The winner of Class Clown is...Felix!"

Ron watched with a surprised look as his friend steered his chair up to the stage.

"Way to go, my man" Ron said "I didn't know you had it in you"

"What?" Felix asked "You think you need useable legs in order to be funny?

As Felix got onto the podium via the wheelchair ramp, Zita winked at him. Felix blushed and waved at her as postioned his chair beside Riger.

"Okay, people" Barkin said above the cheering crowd "Settle down, we still got two more categories" and he went back to the list.

"The winners of Cutest Couple are...Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable!"

The cafeteria cheered it's loudest yet after Barking finished, the cheerleaders (except for Bonnie) and the football team leading. Kim and Ron blushed and awkwardly got up and went to join their friends on the stage.

"Well" Kim whispered to her boyfriend "This certainly makes up for Bonnie stealing Homecoming Queen"

Ron smiled "You have no idea how happy I feel that there'll be a picture of us in that book."

Kim smirked "I think I can guess"

After the young couple got on the stage and were congratulated by their friends, Barkin raised a hand to read the last category.

"And the winner of Most Likely To Be Successful is..." Barkin looked at the name with pure shock "RUFUS?!"

The mole rat jumped out of Ron's pocket and onto the stage.

As his pet bowed to the roaring crowd in front of him, Ron whispered to Kim "I didn't know he was nominated."

The End