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In a really small country, by a really blue sea, in a tiny little town, in a really pretty neighborhood, there were two little houses, with two little kids. One, was a boy about twelve years old. The other, was a girl about ten years old. They had lived next door to each other for as long as their memories go back. How long have they been friends? Forever. How long will they be friends? Forevermore.


"Man it is way too hot out here!" exclaimed the little boy leaning against the fence.

"Maybe it's because you wear so much red and black you dork." said the little girl leaning against the other side of the fence. "Now see, I'm smart, my favorite color is a cool color."

"It's the color of your element Katara. And when winter rolls around, you're gonna wish you could firebend like me." said the little boy sticking his tongue out at her.

Katara stuck her tongue out in return and the two broke out laughing.

"It is too hot out here." she said after a while. The two sighed and leaned against the fence. Suddenly, the boy looked up and grinned at Katara. "What she asked?"

He glanced towards the garden hose in his front lawn, then back at her and raised an eye brow. She grinned in return and after their wordless agreement, they sprayed each other with the cold water for the next few minutes.

Finally, after about ten minutes of screaming and laughing, Katara's mother opened the door and yelled at them for wasting the water. "Oh no! You are not coming in the house dripping wet like that!" she said shaking her head at Katara before closing the door.

Katara looked over at Zuko and he shrugged. Then she started laughing. "Hey! What's so funny? I wanna laugh too!" he said confused. She gasped for breath then looked at him again. He was dripping wet and he had taken his shirt off when they had been spraying each other revealing his skinny frame. His black hair was plastered against his forehead and his neck and he had a look of utter confusion on his face.

"You! You dork! You know, you're really skinny!" she said grinning.

"Yeah? Well, you're looking kinda weird too and you don't see me laughing!" he said sounding hurt as he looked at Katara. Her hair had come loose from her usual braid and her blue tee shirt stuck to her.

"But you want to!" she said giggling.

He cocked his head sideways. "True." he said stroking his imaginary beard. And the two laughed until their sides hurt. "I'll come over there, I don't think my mom wants me in the house either." He hopped over the fence and the two of them lay side by side on the hot cement and stared up at the big cloudless sky.

"You know," said the boy after a while, "sometimes I wish I was an airbender instead of fire."

"Why?" asked Katara.

"Haven't you ever wanted to fly?" he asked looking at her.

"Well, I never really thought about it. When I'm in the water, I am flying." she said looking back at him.

"I wish that were the case for me, when I bend." he turned his gaze back to the sky and they both sighed.

"Hey, I betcha I could climb that tree," he pointed with his chin to the giant willow tree in Katara's front yard.

"Yeah right," she said sitting up on her elbows.

"No watch, I can," he got up and ran over to the tree and sprang up as If he were born in one. Gracefully, he swung from branch to branch until he reached the top. "See! Toldja so!"

"Good job," said Katara from the base of the tree. She shaded her eyes as she looked up at him. "Now let's see you get down from there."

The boy blinked down at her and glanced around at the branches as if he was just seeing them. "Um, okay, no wait-, uh, hm," he hesitated then he looked down. "Whoa." he gasped and grabbed his branch tighter until his knuckles turned white.

"You can't get down can you?" She asked looking up at him amusedly.

"Huh? No! Yes I can! I'm just, enjoying the view! Yeah, I can see my dad's ship from here!" he said.

"Okay, whatever," and she sat down at the base of the tree.

For the next few minutes, the boy was "enjoying the view" while Katara sat and twiddled her fingers around in the grass. After a while, she got up.

"Zuko, you want me to go get Sokka?" she asked looking up at him again.

"What? No! I can get down, I don't need help, just don't rush me!" he yelled down at her.

Katara waited a for a few seconds then started to climb the tree. Zuko didn't notice her until she was almost right on top of him. "AAAA!! Yeah scare me like that! It doesn't matter that I coulda fallen outa the tree and DIED!" He yelled the last part in her face as he hugged his branch more tightly.

Katara just laughed and tossed her head as the wind blew her hair. "You can't get down can you?" she asked again.

"Maybe I can, maybe I can't." he replied still hugging his branch.

She laughed again and shook the branch. "AAAA!!! Katara stop it! Katara! KATARA!" the last part he screamed so loud his voice cracked. Katara's eyes widened and she covered her mouth and laughed. "Stop laughing at me! Katara!" his voice cracked again and he slapped his hand over his mouth while his face turned red.

"Okay! Okay! Just, don't talk anymore, okay?" she said catching her breath. He glared at her with is hand still over his mouth. She patted his cheek, "Is little Zuko going through puberty?"

"Shut up." he said moving his hand away from his mouth."

She laughed again. "You can't get down from here." she said grinning.

"Yes I can!"

"Betcha can't!"

"Bet I can!"

"Then let's see you do it then!" she yelled in his face.

"I can't!" he yelled back into her face. "You're in my way," he added quickly. "And let's see you do it if you're so smart."

"Fine, I will."




"FINE!" with that, she began making her way down as easily as she had climbed up. When she reached a branch a feet away from the ground, she swung down and landed neatly on her feet.

"Your turn!" she called up to him. He closed his gaping mouth with a sharp click, then tried to mimic her moves. "Ow! Ew! Um, okay. AAAAA!! That is an abnormally large spider! AAAAAAAA!!!!!" and he landed at her feet on his hands and knees.

"You have a spider in your hair," she said examining her nails.

"What? AAA! Get it out! Get it out!" he screamed grabbing his hair. She pulled him up and smacked the side of his head.

"It's gone. That was the worse landing I've ever seen!" she said.

"Shut up." he spat rubbing the side of his head.

"Don't tell me what to do." she said glaring up at him.

"What are you gonna do about it?" he said glaring back down at her. They stood staring at each other for the next few seconds.

Katara felt something inside her well up and make her cheeks warm with a heat not from the sun. She shifted uncomfortably under his gaze. He noticed and smirked.

"You're an idiot." she said finally.

"And you're rotten!" he retorted.

"At least I could get out of a tree!" she said shoving him. He stumbled backwards.

"Don't push me!" he said shoving her back.

"You don't push me!" and she had her hands on his chest to push him again but he grabbed her arms and threw her onto the ground and sat on her stomach.

She struggled beneath him yelling all sorts of insults. "Katara! Katara! Katara shut up or I'll tickle you!" he threatened.

"You'd have to let go of me to tickle me you cretin!" she continued to struggle.

"Fine! Katara, shut up and stop moving or, or, or I'll KISS YOU!" He brought his face so close to hers their noses barely touched. Katara froze and looked up at him, her eyes were big. He smirked.

"You're sick," she hissed not taking her eyes away from his.

"You know you want it." he said.

"You just want me to want it." she said still looking at him.

"You just want me to want you to want it," he said, his smirk widened.

"You just want me to want you to want me to want you to want to do it." she said.

He raised an eyebrow. "What if I did want you to want to want me to do it?" he said leaning even closer.

"Then I'd-," he silenced her with a small peck on her lips. She gasped when he pulled away. "Run." she said.



He got up and before he could even stand up straight, he was running. And she was right behind him. He ran around the willow, around the cars, over the fence, through his backyard, through her backyard and back to under the willow where he stopped and she collided into him.

They rolled down the small incline the tree was set on and stopped at the base gasping for breath. Then, Katara started giggling. Soon, both of them were laughing for no reason and for every reason in the world

Finally, the two lay down side by side in the grass and stared up at the sky.

"Zuko?" Katara asked.

"Hm?" his eyes were closed but he cocked an ear her way to show he was listening.

"We're friends right?"

He nodded. "Yeah."


He opened an eye, and grinned. "Forever."

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