What have I gotten myself into…? Am I really going to… do this again? I don't know if I can handle this. I know he's not Gaara… but I know… things. I know how many people he has been with… and I've heard how… good he is. But I also know how bad I am at that… Gaara used to tell me how bad I was at it… but… the truth was I just never wanted or liked it. Sure, I could have stayed with him forever, but sex was just not really something I was interested in from him… I just don't want Kakashi to be let down from my lack of experience… I also know what Kakashi went through. For a long time he was a very sad and angry alcoholic… why, I don't know. I used to see him leave the liquor store with a couple bags, head back into the woods, and not emerge again for a few days. His lovers, which included both men and women, would go there about four times a week, different each time. Up until now that never bothered me but… what if that was all he saw me as? I know he's been… sweet and all… but people say things, people lie. I need to stop thinking… stop and just go with this. Maybe I'll finally be happy… loved.


Something doesn't feel right. Did I say something wrong? Now I'm not going to be able to sleep… great. Damn it, Kakashi… Maybe he wasn't ready for this. Maybe I should have just kept quiet. But I can't take back what was said. That might just make things worse… because he said he loves me too.

"Fuck," I said quietly, touching my bare forehead to the softness of Naruto's hair. 'I should have known it was too early for all of this… Maybe he's alright though… just tired or something… I don't know…'


Kakashi finally fell asleep, wrapped around Naruto, his new lover. He was determined to make this last, and to keep Naruto happy. He would do everything in his power to keep him from getting hurt again. He loved him. He really did. Not like all the others… this was so different. This was Naruto. When he woke up the next day, Naruto was facing away from him and hap moved farther away. When Kakashi want to move closer, Naruto turned around, fully awake, to face him. He then moved closer and pulled himself into Kakashi's arms, making them wrap around him. They lay there like that for some time, and then Naruto pulled away and looked into Kakashi's eyes.

"Morning." He said, giving a small smile. Kakashi smiled back his good morning and gave Naruto a peck on the cheek before getting out of bed.

"Breakfast?" He asked after putting on his day-clothes. Naruto nodded and sat up, pulling the covers off the floor to cover his now cold body.

Kakashi went a little overboard with the whole breakfast thing, Naruto thought, smelling what he assumed was way too much food for the both of them. Truth was, Kakashi figured something was the matter with Naruto and wanted to make him feel better. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right?

When Naruto finally emerged from the bedroom to see the extent to which Kakashi had overdone, he was almost knocked out by the smells around him. Westerner's breakfast special. Eggs, bacon, waffles, baked beans… ramen. He smiled and sat at the table to eat, a plate full of food being placed in front of him. Naruto ate until he could no more and sat back in his chair, relaxing. Today he wanted to stay with Kakashi… all day. What he really wanted was to just stay in bed with him, but he knew he really should move around… He hadn't done a lot of that recently. Then he had an idea.

"Kakashi, do you think I could start training again today?" Kakashi looked at him for a few moments.

"If you promise not to push yourself too hard. And only if you train with me." He said, giving Naruto a motherly look.

Naruto smiled. "That's what I wanted." They got up and went to get dressed.

Before they went out, Naruto changed his chest bandages carefully for what he hoped would be the last time and threw on a pair of Kakashi's black sweatpants, since he had no training clothes of his own with him. To himself he thought he might keep them. They were rather comfortable. Kakashi did not change, as he was already wearing his training clothes. He was not wearing his mask, however, as he saw no point in wearing it anymore because Naruto had already seen. Besides, apparently Naruto liked his face.

"Before we begin: no jutsu. I don't want you overexerting yourself and using up all your chakra. You need that to continue healing." Naruto nodded and looked at his chest. He crouched down into his ready position and waited for Kakashi.

"I'm gonna kick your ass," he smirked, "even in this condition." He then lunged at Kakashi aiming a punch at his chest.

'Sometimes, I hate myself.' Kakashi thought to himself as he once again got distracted with the attractiveness that was Naruto Uzumaki. To Kakashi he looked so good right now. The too-big sweatpants barely hanging off his fantastic hips and the whole lover abdominal and how, even through the bandaged part, you could see the nice ripples and tonédness. He loved the way they looked as they stretched and twisted with Naruto's movements. He couldn't even fight the boy back he was so distracted. He resorted to dodging and blocking. Defense. It was all he could do. He found his mind drifting to dirtier things as he continued to watch Naruto. He mentally slapped himself and in his mind's surprise he tripped, grabbing Naruto in reflex as he fell to the ground. Kakashi landed flat on his back and Naruto straddled his stomach crookedly, but he straightened up, still sitting on him. Naruto smiled and said, "Told you." As he gave Kakashi's butt a little kick, sliding his foot along the ground to do so. Kakashi just smiled up at him from the ground and gave a little chuckle, unconsciously placing his hands on Naruto's hips as his gaze followed. Naruto noticed this, but did nothing, since he was beginning to like the feel of Kakashi's hands on him. When Kakashi saw that Naruto didn't mind the touch he slipped the tips of his fingers under the elastic band around the top of the sweats, hanging his hands there and giving Naruto a little smile as he looked up peacefully at him. He saw that Naruto's face was a little… empty. His brows pressed together.

"Something wrong?" he asked. Naruto gave a barely noticeable smile and leaned down to press his chest against Kakashi's, their faces very close, and looked into his mismatched eyes.

"Nothing." He replied truthfully. There really was nothing wrong. He was just in thought at the moment. It also didn't help he was lost in the position they were in and just… what Kakashi did to him.

Suddenly Naruto found his hands on either side of Kakashi's face and Kakashi's hands on the lower parts of his bare back, pulling his body closer. Their noses touched for a moment and they pulled back a little, only to return and fill the void into a slow kiss. Their eyes began to close as they continued and they were lost in each other's presence. Kakashi sat up, bringing Naruto to sit in the dip in his crossed legs, leaving Naruto's legs around his waist somewhat. Naruto's hands moved to Kakashi's shoulders and slowly removed Kakashi's vest, leaving only the thin black material of Kakashi's shirt to separate their skin. Naruto ran his hands over Kakashi's chest, feeling the muscles and the bit of sweat that was building up on the man's body from their actions and their training. Kakashi began to rub his thumbs in little circles on Naruto's back as he pulled back from the kiss, Naruto looking at Kakashi's covered chest and Kakashi at Naruto's lovely blue eyes.

"I love you, Naruto." He said still looking at him. "I want you to know that… I feel like you think I don't. And that makes me hurt. And it makes me hate my past. I regret a lot of the things I've done but… I don't want that to carry over into… well… us." At this Naruto looked up into Kakashi's eyes and Kakashi noticed they were a little glazy. He didn't say anything, just looked into his eyes. His eyes flicked to Kakashi's lips and he quickly moved forward to once again attach their lips, pushing Kakashi back like a punch-bob, only for Kakashi to sit back up and hold him tighter as he ran his tongue along Naruto's bottom lip for entrance. The kiss Naruto had given him had caused Kakashi to lose some sense while his lusty nature took a turn. He stuck his hands under Naruto's pants again.

'Am I ready for this?' Naruto asked himself hurriedly when Kakashi shoved his hands in his pants and began to kiss him harder. 'I want it but…'

At that moment, Kakashi had decided to turn his head and deepen the kiss, stretching his neck as Naruto's head moved back. Naruto took this as he was losing control of the situation, which he did not want, and tried to regain that control by grabbing Kakashi's hips and holding him down while he pulled away. He moved his hands underneath Kakashi's shirt and started to pull it up while Kakashi watched him. Naruto noted the haziness of his expression. When he had completely removed the article he took a moment to admire the masterpiece before him. Kakashi had a beautiful body under all those clothes. Naruto thought he should show it more. There were scars, but that was to be expected. They just added to his appeal, so Naruto thought.

Naruto leaned down to start a trail of kissed from Kakashi's shoulder to the bottom of his collarbone. Kakashi kissed the top of Naruto's head as he trailed and started trying to pull on Naruto's pants as the boy began to nip and suck at the bottom of his neck. Naruto stopped what he was doing for a moment to wonder whether Kakashi really wanted that right now. He could tell that he himself did, as he glanced down at his own pants and noticed the tent now somewhat visible through his pants. Regardless of inhibition, Naruto lifted himself to have the clothing pulled off his legs, and realized the questionable position he was in when he saw Kakashi looking right at his crotch as he removed his pants. When Kakashi made a move to rub his leg, Naruto sat back down quickly and looked into Kakashi's face once more. Kakashi looked back at him and played with the elastic of Naruto's boxers. He wanted him so bad, but was he ready for this? This was Kakashi's inward battle. Naruto was busy telling himself that if anything he didn't want began to happen he would leave. And if Kakashi really cared about him, he would understand. If he didn't care and he just wanted Naruto's body for his own personal pleasure, he would come after him pleading.

Naruto made the first move, leaning back on Kakashi's lap to allow the man to remove his boxers. Kakashi was surprised at the move and slowly moved to remove them. When he had them almost over the boy's member he pulled them down quicker in his impatience and was surprised at the size of his new lover. Not that he was complaining. When the boxers had been fully removed, Kakashi could see Naruto for all he was, and he was "packin" in the words of Kakashi's mind. He looked down at it in admiration and then looked up at Naruto with a lusty-hazed smirk that made Naruto a little nervous. Kakashi spoke in a husky voice as he reached for Naruto.

"You ready for this?"

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