Summary: One step toward heaven. One step toward Flonne. Also one step more toward to the end of this story and to the beginning of three new ones.

Already they were in heaven again…Laharl was driving. Maharl was sleeping on his shoulder. Etna was throwing prinnies at the helpless. Taro was drinking milk, Hanako was cheering Taro on. Adell was sitting on the edge. Rozalin was sitting near him holding Tink.

It wasn't anything serious…But when they reached heaven…Yukimaru was standing there…

"Yukimaru?" yelled Taro

"Taro?" said Yukimaru in her childish 4 year old voice.

"Look, Yukimaru I'm sorry for what I've said…But have you seen Flonne?" asked Laharl

"Flonne? Yeah? My friend Minis is 'playing with her' but mostly she has her in a house." said Yukimaru

"We are soo close!" said Hanako

"Welll we haven't found her yet so don't rejoice yet." said Demonica

"Demonica…You are soo negative!" said Taro in his sarcastic-girly voice.

"Hey Taro…When will you be a man and stop talking like a girl?" asked Yukimaru

"I don't think he will stop…" said Rozalin

"But Princess! If it's for you, I'd do it!" said Taro

"Taro…But we have to stop gawking here!" said Rozalin

"Fine, let's go!" said Sugarette

At where Minis was…

"Minis! Are you sure you were going to take me to Lamington?" asked Flonne

"Look…As flat-chested girls we have to promise to help each other!" said Minis with pride

"Oh look! It's Lamington…" said Flonne

"Why Flonne…" said Lamington

"Look, I don't want to be in the netherworld! I want to believe in love with everyone else!" cried Flonne

"Your wish will not happen, until you help them understand." said Lamington "But you have."

"Only a couple! "said Flonne

"Flonne…"said Minis

"But a couple is great. Even if it is not many." said Lamington

"Flonne…One day everyone shall know the meaning of love…you can be a hero!' said Minis

"…" sighed Flonne

"When Arno, Natsumi, and I fought in that great war and helped many others seal Queen Spirit? We sealed her to help our families. We didn't want to become heroes, but we did. We became it without choosing or wanting to become one." said Minis

"You can't become a hero if you want to?" said Flonne

"That's right." said Minis

"Lamington…I want to become a true angel." said Flonne

"But that needs to become a…' said Lamington but couldn't finish his sentence when Laharl and the gang busted through the door.

"Flonne!" said Laharl

"Lamington! Please! Do it now!" said Flonne

Then Lamington took Flonne's head and turned her into a white flower into Minis' hands.

"Is she gone?" asked Minis

"Yes…To become a true angel you must be turned into a flower until the mission is completed." said Lamington

"And that will be?" said Taro

"In 10,000 years." said Lamington

"I don't know…But…" said Laharl raising his sword. "If you killed one of my friends I won't forgive you…"

"Fine…kill me…" said Minis standing forward

"Why should I?" asked Laharl

"I was the one who took her here, and kept her here." said Minis

"If you wish…" said Laharl his sword touching Minis' head.

Then a blow came out!

"Get away from Minis!" screamed a girl

"Sister! Please come!" said Rami

"If she's in the way I'll kill her too." said Laharl

"Wait…Don't be like that." said Martel

"Who are you?" asked Adell

"I am the one who brought these humans here." said Martel

"So what are you going to do?" asked Etna

"Lamington…Please don't do it to her friends…especially since she doesn't want them to get hurt…" said Martel.

"No wait…I'll ask something…Martel…I want to sacrifice my life for Flonne's." said Laharl

"Are you sure?" asked Martel

"Yes…I want to save Flonne… And killing Minis won't do any good." said Laharl

"Fine." said Martel patting his head and then he was gone…and Flonne was sitting on the ground where Laharl was with a smile on her face and she was a Fallen Angel now…


It was a hot day…Sugarette had become the queen at such a young age…

Etna and Flonne were doing the usual

Yukimaru had left Heaven 16 years before the end of the no aging for 10,000 to Lyndbaum(it was not afftected by the the war)

Minis, Arno, Rami, Chocolat, and Arnold left Heaven 3 years before no aging for 10,000 years to Lyndbaum also

The gang had an unfortunate encounter with the Prism Rangers and were the seven rangers: Adell-Black, Rozalin-Pink, Linda: Purple, Demonica: green, Pleinair- silver, and Usagi-red.

Two years after 10,000 years Taro, Hanako, and Tink left for Lyndbaum as well.

After 10,000 years…after story…

Flonne was teaching love lessons when Sugarette and Etna visited her…when a prinny(the one that Maharl was yelling to about the ultra sticky demon glue)

"Miss. Etna! We have a problem!" cried the prinny

"What?" asked Etna

"A prinny is not working!" said the prinny

Only later to find the prinny was no other than Laharl himself. Who then turned into his old demon self. He laughed...and took over...

The three stories entwined to this one…

1. Taro's dream(sneak peak)

It was sunny…unusually…The teacher Shiroma had asked him to deliver some sweets to some pervert in Lyndbaum… Oh he longed to get himself a girlfriend! When he walked in he saw a girl…about 11 years-old, the youngest girl to sign up for cooking classes. She had red hair with green strings tied to it. She was sleeping…she was near an extremely busty girl probably 18 years old, she was next to her, Taro knew who she was…that busty girl was named Chocolat. He also knew the boy next to the red haired girl(also the only other male guardian beast other than Enzi(guardian beast-partner) his name was Arno, but looked like a girl…

Until Arno took his leg and kicked the girl

"Hey…Master Tatiana! Wake up!" said Arno kicking

The girl then got a nose-bleed. She turned to Chocolat.

"Chocolat! Do you have a tissue?" said Tatiana

"If Master Tatiana didn't sack me…I would've shook you to wake up." said Arno

"Hey! You fell from the sky out of nowhere!" screamed Tatiana "And you landed on me!"

"But you fell asleep!" screamed Arno

"I was watching the Prism Rangers! gender-boy!" screamed Tatiana

"Hey you two..." said Chocolat

"If you weren't an idiot we wouldn't be in this mess!" screamed Tatiana

"Hey, hey…It's time to go…" said Taro dragging Tatiana from her shirt-dress…

(Oh this story also has Yukimaru in this one okay?)

(Yukimaru part)

"Hello,my names is Fubuki." said Fubuki a bling young man said

"Hello, my name is Yukimaru." said Yukimaru

"From now on, learn the powers of the Henge, always say 'zam' at the end of your sentences...and most of all...don't call me some blind dude." said Fubuki

"Okay then, zam." said Yukimaru

"Now...We are in the world of Lyndabum, in the large village: Ireet." said Fubuki

"Ireet, zam..." said Yukimaru

"Go meet some people okay?" said Fubuki "Any questions?"

"Yeah, how come you don't say zam, zam?" asked Yukimaru

"I am a professional ninja. You have to say it to store your chii inside your heart." said Fubuki

"Alright..." said Yukimaru leaving "but before I go...TAKE A SHOWER, zam..."


Raspberyl's revenge

It was pretty strange for something like this to happen. Especially since it happened. Mao, Almaz, Sapphire, Raspberyl, Asuka, and Lillian had moved to Lyndbaum. Raspberyl was very angry…Since Mao had asked them to move with him. She thought it was pretty stupid, but then again Raspberyl had a crush on Mao, not even Asuka or Lillian knew. The real reason why she was angry, is because Mao had fallen in love with a human girl, even though he hates humans… Almaz and Sapphire were quite happy to go live there since it would mean interacting with humans again. Raspberyl was smart enough to know that this girl and ehr friends lived in :Lyried... not Lyndbaum... She wouldn't tell Mao yet.

"Hey Raspberyl!" screamed Mao

"I know you want to see her, but you don't have to go crazy and experiment on every human you see!" yelled Raspberyl her eyes flaring red.

"Look…I won't experiment on her friends…" said Mao

"But you will experiment on Lemmy! Since he really isn't considered as a 'friend' but more of a…" said Raspberyl wjo couldn't finish her sentence.

"Guys! Hurry up! We might be late! And get there tomorrow!" said Almaz

Mao just charged ahead and went to where everyone else was. Raspberyl took her book on humans and sat in the car next to Asuka and read an interesting piece.

'Humans can be relatively odd. But can be kind. Most have temper problems. But deep down it's what happens to them. Depending on what happened no one knows which it can be.'

Raspberyl heard Mao laughing to himself, and looked up to see him with foggy glasses.(also known as his Dr. Evil stage)

"Hahaha…Raspberyl I already read that book before…And I already know what happened to her. She lost both her parents by a beast, and her little brother is gone." said Mao still laughing

"Then how come you look like Dr. Evil?" asked Asuka

" Because…I can experiment on Almaz! Or even better Lemmy's annoying kid that follows him like a lost puppy, Zak." chuckled Mao

"Hey, I have seen Zak and Lemmy both of them are really adorable!" said all the girls

"Girls…" said Almaz keeping his eyes on the road…


Flonne's little fun

Flonne and Etna had been chasing Laharl to take a bath when all of a sudden he whisked a spell on them and made them into one person, while the girls stuck him into a bottle mail and shipped him off to Forestia(now in Lyndbaum) for a two year journey…

In Lyndbaum…

Etna's and Flonne's new master Primelia was helping them make a weapon. While her brother Edgar was helping teach Tatiana to cook on the right temperature.

Flonne was speaking to Etna in her mind. But Primelia heard and whacked them with a hammer.

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