Name: Brooke James

DOB: 06/21/1989

Passions: Fashion, Cheerleading and Lucas Scott

Family: Parents divorced, moved with her father to Tree Hill at age 6. A twin sister Haley.

Status: Dating Lucas Scott for 4 years.

Personality: Fun, optimistic, bubbly.

Particularity: A tattoo « 3 » on her left wrist.

Name: Haley James.

DOB: 06/21/1989

Passions: literature, music and school.

Family: Parent divorced. Live with her mother in Pasadena, California. A twin sister Brooke.

Status : Single.

Personality: Sarcastic, shy, smart, loner and quiet.

Particularity: A five inch scar on the leg. Great singer.

Name: Lucas Scott.

DOB: 01/13/1989

Passions: Basketball, literature and Brooke James

Family: Only son of Karen and Keith Scott. Lived in Tree Hill his all life. Nathan Scott's cousin.

Status: Dating Brooke Davis for 4 years.

Personality: Broody, Smart, calm.

Particularity: A tattoo on the left shoulder « cheery 4ever ».

Name: Nathan Scott

DOB: 03/28/1989

Passions: Basketball, cars and girls.

Family: Son of Deborah and Dan Scott. Father died 15 years ago in a car crash. Lucas Scott's cousin.

Status: Serial dater officially single.

Personality: Cocky, active, irritable and closed up.

Particularity: Flirt with every girl who wear a skirt. Hiding some deep and secret injuries

Name: Jack Jaglieski.

DOB: 02/14/1988

Passions: Basketball, music, literature.

Family: Used to live in Pasadena, California with his daughter Jenny.

Status: Single dad

Personality: Nice, calm, quiet, serious and positive.

Particularity: Always takes a teddy called Mr Waffles with him. The first gift made to him by Haley James. Haley James best and only friend

Name: Peyton Sawyer.

DOB: 04/07/1989

Passions: Arts (drawing), music and cheerleading.

Family: lived with her dad in Three Hill her mother died of a breast cancer when she was 8.

Status: Single

Personality: Loner, quiet, negative, dual personality.

Particularity: Gifted with drawing. Brooke James best friend.