Well, here we go again, with Book Three. This is a major book, and the ending impacts the rest of the saga greatly. This story is epic, and we're not even into the core of the saga yet. Enjoy!

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And I'd also like to update people on ages at the start of this story:

Takato, Rika, Jeri, Kazu, Davis, Ken, Kari, TK, Yolei – 15

Henry (birthday was in November), Kazu, Ryo – 16

Tai, Sora, Matt, Joe, Izzy, Mimi – 18

Ai and Mako – 5

Suzie – 9

Cody - 11




Azulongmon and the Digicore

"When the year of Goddramon 2010 dawned, Rika and I were still kids. Still going to school, messing around…doing what kids do. Reflecting on it…I miss those days…by the end of 2010, life has grown so much more complicated, and I now know so much more, and I now know that our lives are going to change hugely. We've met new friends, and I know we'll meet more in the future. But we've also met new enemies…ones who could kill us easily if it weren't for our luck, and some quick thinking.

It all began on that fateful day…the 4th January 2010. It was a typically cold day, and we were returning to school from the Christmas break…"

Nonaka Residence

07:34 JST

Rika woke up from her quiet slumber. Despite being cold, it was peaceful in Tokyo, the skies were clear and relatively cloudless. Planes flew thousands of feet away, soaring over the great city of Tokyo, and there was the occasional buzz of a helicopter, either medical or for news purposes. Rika slipped out of her futon and stood up. Despite the fact her new school was far better than the old one; she still would rather avoid school altogether, particularly on a day like this where reaching the school meant braving the cold. Regardless, she couldn't pull a Takato and be late on the first day back, so she would have to go to school. Rika changed into her usual attire, white shirt with blue heart and pale blue shoulders, blue jeans, brown belt, pair of sweatbands, and of course, the D-Arc and card holders strapped to the belt. In went the hairband, and up came the usual hairstyle. She picked up the Orb of Harmony from the desk and slipped it into her pocket, never knowing when she might need it. She placed her books into a rucksack, and walked down the hallway with it into her living room.

"Good morning Rika…" her grandmother said cheerily.

"Morning Grandma…" she said as she took a seat at the breakfast table. Renamon appeared in the room.

"Good morning Renamon…" Seiko greeted the Kitsune, who nodded. Seiko set about placing cutlery, cups and cereal boxes at the table as Renamon sat at it. "Looking forward to seeing all your friends again?" she asked Rika.

"Grandma, I see them practically every day anyway, it's not like school is a better place to see them…"

"Apart from spending a whole day sitting next to Takato, of course…" Renamon joked. Seiko chuckled. Rika smiled.

"There's that too…" she added. Rika began to eat her breakfast, listening to the radio.

'It is a beautiful, if cold day in our great city, and it seems like everything is alive in our bustling metropolis…'

'You're sounding happy today…'

'Of course I am, my kids have to back to school today…I can finally watch TV during the day without them turning it over…'

Rika rolled her eyes at the radio broadcast. She finished her breakfast, and stood up, heading for the door. "Thanks Grandma…"

"No problem…"

"Come on Renamon, we've got to meet Takato down the park…" Rika told her partner, who nodded.

"Just let me finish this cereal first…" her fox-like partner answered.

"Sometimes Rika I wonder how you eat so fast." Seiko questioned.

"I'm hungry, that's why…" Rika replied smiling.

"Well, growing girl, growing appetite I suppose…I still find it surprising that you are now as tall as me…" Seiko noted, looking at Rika. Rika smiled and nodded.

"Yeah, I'm now slightly taller than Takato too…"

Seiko nodded, smiling. "Are you taking a jacket or anything?"

"Good idea…" Rika replied, taking a blue jacket from the coat rack and put it on. "Renamon, I'm going to the hideout, see you there…"

"Fine…" her partner replied.

Rika stepped out into the cold January air, and turned left. She walked away along the streets, keeping her hands in her pockets due to the cold. She reached a road, and checking it was clear, crossed it. She continued heading along roads lined by tall buildings and packed with cars and pedestrians until she reached the large area of Shinjuku Park, which her whole life seemed to revolve around. Walking along the familiar route through the tree lined paths; she passed a fountain and then reached a junction between paths. She looked across to the stairs leading up to the familiar utility closet-turned hideout, to see Takato sitting waiting for her, wearing his usual blue hooded jacket.

"Morning Rika…" he said happily, smiling.

"Morning Honey…" she replied, sitting next to him and putting her arm round him. Takato yawned. "Tired?"

"Yeah…" he answered. "Waking up late has its benefits…"

"I suppose…but you don't get to see me then…" Rika said to him, smiling. Takato smiled in response, and they kissed. Once they had finished, they just sat appreciating the fresh morning air. Takato seemed distracted, and Rika noticed. "What's up?" she asked finally.

"I'm…not sure…something seems odd…chaotic even…"

"Well, we are going back to school; it is a chaotic place…"

"That's not the kind of thing I mean…it's…forget it, I'm just tired…"

"Hey, where's Guilmon?"

"Asleep in the hideout…he sure can sleep…"

"As can you…"

"I still wonder if he dreams…"

"Well, I know you do…you never really explained what happened in that dream…"

"Well…it was when I first got my D-Arc, and Guilmon's digi-egg was in it I guess, not really sure how it worked but anyway…when I was sleeping, I dreamt of myself standing…floating even…in my pyjamas over a road…it was night…and foggy…a digital field…it seemed really real…and, I saw you and Renamon…fighting a Lynxmon…"

Rika cocked an eyebrow. "But…that battle actually happened Takato…"


"Yeah…let's see…it would've been…the day before the day before I met you…and it was night and everything…"

"Hmm…that's odd…"

"Meh, stranger has happened to us…"

"You have a point…"

They returned to simply appreciating the morning. Suddenly, Renamon appeared, making Takato jump. Rika chuckled at the sight.

"You do that on purpose!" Takato complained. Renamon smiled.

"Of course…" she replied, leaving Takato unable to know whether she was being honest or sarcastic. "Shall I presume that Guilmon is asleep?"

"Yeah, in the hideout, you can wake him up if you want…" Takato told the Kitsune, who nodded, and walked up the steps. Renamon looked at Guilmon sleeping on the floor of the hideout. She smiled, appreciating how he looked, and then returned to her task. She nudged him with her foot. He awoke suddenly.

"Waaah…oh, hi Renamon…nice to see you in the morning…"

"Very dry Guilmon…" she replied.

Guilmon smiled at the comment. "Takato and Rika go back to school today?"


"Good, he always gives me lots of bread to eat!"

Renamon smiled at the antics of the bread-gobbling doofus. She leaned against the wall and watched him leave the hideout, heading down the stairs towards his Tamer and her Tamer. Despite her wishes, she had yet to get into any kind of relationship with him, mainly due to her lack of bravery in asking, as well as not knowing what to ask, and not helped by Guilmon's obnoxious childish personality that she was so amused by. She sighed and followed him down the stairs, her chance once again foiled. Frankly, she hoped the tactless dino would ask the question first, yet it seemed to be the one thing that, despite it being blindingly obvious he was interested in her, he was afraid of asking.

"Well, we'd better get going…" Rika said, standing up from her position on the steps, and putting out her hand for Takato. Takato grabbed her hand and used it to pull himself up.

"And now back to school…" Takato commented. Rika nodded and sighed.

"At least I sit next to you…" she added. Takato smiled.


Odaiba Secondary High School

08:30 JST

Davis sat in class as a new day of school began. He had already given up on trying to talk to Kari, who sat near him in the classroom, and now resorted to amusing himself by flicking paper balls at Patamon and TK, much to their annoyance, or at Yolei and Poromon, the former of whom tended to flick them back as well. He noticed a bleeping from his D-Terminal and those of the other Digidestined around him, and they all opened the devices.


'Hmm, I wonder what he has to say?' considered Yolei, opening the email.

Hey All,

Just like to note I'm going to visit Gennai in the Digital World. He contacted me and said that he needed to tell me about something. I'll email you all if anything comes up.


Yolei closed the device and placed it back in her pocket, dismissing the message as a normal heads-up from Izzy.

Besides, what else could it be?


Data Lake

08:46 JST

Izzy stood on the shores of the lake, Tentomon next to him. He waited for a while, and then the waters parted, to reveal steps leading into the water and a door at the bottom. Still surprised at the unusual entrance, he shrugged and walked and entered the house. He looked around, seeing Gennai sat in a seat near the fish tank.

"Hello Izzy…" Gennai greeted him.

"Hey Gennai…"

"Pull up a chair…"

Izzy pulled a chair from the table, and put it opposite Gennai.

"So, what did you want to talk about Gennai?" Izzy asked.

"Well, we've got problems, or rather, some of your friends do, and they could affect us as well."

"Which friends are we talking about?"

"The Tamers, who I recall you said came to your world just over a year ago." Izzy nodded. "Yes, well, I can't give any real specifics, but a major threat is breaking through to attack their world. They will definitely need help, this is a major threat."

"I see…but how can we help?"

"Azulongmon has been uncontactable for a while now, but he gave me a Digicore for use in emergencies…"

"I guess this counts…" Izzy replied. Gennai nodded, and retrieved the Digicore from a safe.

"Here you go…it will not last long outside the Digital World and without Azulongmon…so you will need to use it promptly…" he said, passing the orb to Izzy.

"So…what do I do with it?"

"Use it to create a portal to their world…It won't last long, but it'll last long enough for a group of you to get through…"

"But how would they get back?" Tentomon asked.

"Harmony can easily make a portal from what I have heard, so the return trip should give you no difficulties…" Gennai explained. Izzy nodded. "If you fail this mission…well, anything could happen…so this is one enemy you must defeat…"

Izzy nodded. "You can trust us…" Tentomon replied.

"I only hope…now, you need to be getting back to the real world?" Gennai asked.

"Yeah…" Izzy replied, leaving via the doors. Gennai watched him leave.

'I just hope they succeed…for all of us…' he thought.


Guilmon's Hideout

16:17 JST

Henry Wong sat on the steps of the hideout, looking through the various pieces of work he had been given that day to do at home. He had begun to understand why Mrs Asaji was so hated by Kazu; Kazu was not the sort to enjoy doing homework, or any other work for that matter. Near him was his sister, Suzie, playing with Terriermon and Lopmon. Fortunately for those unfamiliar to her form of speaking two years beforehand, she no longer replaced her 'R's with 'W's, and, thankfully for Terriermon's sake, no longer gave the Princess Pretty Pants treatment to him. Henry had been tasked with getting his sister from school and looking after her that day since his father was at work, his mother was shopping and his sister who still lived with them was on a field trip.

Henry watched his sister running around with Terriermon and Lopmon playing what, as far as he could tell, was tag. Lopmon tended to end up being 'it', due to her politeness and lack of cause for running, but on this occasion she had managed to catch Terriermon, who was having difficulty catching up to them.

"Henry!" Terriermon pleaded. "Can you digivolve me to Rapidmon?"

Henry chuckled. "No, you play fair and square…"

"But Henry!"


Terriermon groaned in annoyance as his favourite tactic was used against him. Terriermon returned to the game, eventually passing the role of 'it' onto Suzie, who promptly gave it to Henry.

"Suzie, I'm not playing, I'm doing homework…" Henry told her.

"But you have to play if you are made it, it's tag!" Suzie replied.

"Okay then…you're it!" Henry said quickly, before running away from his sister, books landing on the steps. Suzie went after Lopmon, and now Henry knew that it was safe for him to return to his work, since Lopmon knew the value of his studies. Henry returned to the step.

Suddenly, the skies erupted with noise as a low flying black helicopter passed overhead, whipping the grass and papers around, and making the two dog-bunnies have to struggle to stay on the ground due to their big ears. The letters DACS were emblazoned on the bottom of the helicopter. Henry stood up to look at the copter.

"The military?" he questioned out loud, watching the helicopter fly over the park.

"What's going on?" Suzie asked.

The helicopter turned and began to move about the park.

"It's like…they're looking for something…" Henry suggested.

"But what?" Suzie asked.

"Henry!" Henry looked down to see Terriermon pulling on his trouser leg. "There's some kind of digital disturbance…"

"A Digimon?" Henry asked his partner.

"If it is, it's a big one…"

Lopmon nodded. "There is another one as well…"

"Two disturbances?" Henry asked. Lopmon nodded.

"But this one seems more…different…but both involve high levels of data…" she replied.

"I wonder what it is…" Henry asked. "Regardless, we better be ready for anything…"


Koushiro Residence

16:24 JST

Izzy looked at the assembled Digidestined. All of them were there, this was far too important to pass up. They were sitting around where they could find a place to sit, waiting for Izzy, sitting on his computer chair, to begin.

"I thank you all for coming…" Izzy began.

"No problem…" Veemon replied.

"Now, I know that some of you have had to miss various things in order to be here, but I know that this is important enough to warrant that. I have been contacted…by Gennai."

"What did he tell you?" Kari asked.

"Well, the first thing to note is that Azulongmon has been uncontactable for at least a year now. Gennai tells me that a major, nay, a gigantic threat…is prepared to attack, that could spell the end for all of us."

"What is the threat?" asked Yolei fearfully.

"Gennai did not give specifics."

"When can we expect it to attack?" Cody asked.

"That is the thing. It is not going to attack this world directly, but it is likely that if it succeeds in its present plan, it will attack us."

"So where is it going to attack then?" asked Tai.

"The world of the Tamers…"

"You mean Takato, Rika, Henry and Jeri?" Sora asked.

"Yes…and they will have difficulties…"

"Why? When we saw them before they seemed to be able to take out anything" Matt asked.

Izzy shook his head. "By the sounds of it, this threat is too big for them to deal with alone…"

"But how can we help them? How do we get to their world?" TK asked.

Izzy pulled out the Digicore, which surprised the watching Digidestined. "Azulongmon gave Gennai this, for use in emergencies, and he thinks this qualifies. It can be used to open a temporary portal to their world…but it has a very limited lifespan of power outside the Digital World, and due to Azulongmon's absence."

"But how would we return?" Patamon asked.

"Gennai told me that Harmony would be able to create a portal for our return."

Tai put his hand on his chin. "This threat is definitely worth defeating…for the sake of both worlds…"

"Yes, but I do not think we should all go to their world. It creates far too much risk." Joe told them.

"Right…" Tai agreed, nodding. "So, who is going then?"

"I have a Kendo exam coming up, and my father would not have wanted me to fail." Cody told him. Tai nodded.

"Yeah, and I have my medical school exams to attend to." Joe added.

"If I were to go, my parents would have a fit." Mimi told him.

"And I think it's worth keeping one mega here if this threat is that big…" Matt added.

"And, as interested as I am in seeing a whole different world, I think I should stay here to supervise the whole thing…plus, I need to tell all of your parents…" Izzy added.

"Okay, so that leaves me, Sora, Davis, Kari, TK, Yolei and Ken. Is that alright?" Tai asked. The group nodded.

"Yeah…" they replied as a group.

"Okay, so how do we work this…?" Tai began, as he took the Digicore from Izzy. It suddenly glowed, and a portal appeared on the wall, which flickered in place.

"Well, there you go…" Sora noted.

"Good luck…" Izzy said to the group. Tai nodded.

"Thanks…" he said, before they stepped through. A bright flash of light and they were gone. Mini, Izzy, Matt, Joe and Cody watched as the portal closed behind them.

Suddenly, the earth shook violently.

"What the hell is going on?" Matt asked.

Gomamon suddenly gained a look of fear. "Something huge is coming…"


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