Behind the fabulous life

"Hey Renji see you at the party"

"sure thing man"

Kurosaki Ichigo is one of the youngest and most successful "big boss" of the weaponry business. For a guy around his twenties he's doing pretty well off. Rich, hansom, smooth, cool and just a little more that average "tall dark and hansom". His looks can swoon the female and some times part of the male population in japan. But sadly to those fan girls and ...boys he has wife, a pretty brute of a "midget".

At home

"Honey you ready for the party yet?Your taking too long getting ready" groaned Ichigo as he paced about their house

"I'm coming you impatient strawberry" Shouted back his wife, Kurosaki Rukia.

Once known as the silent Kuchiki princess, her family ran a more traditional but deadly weapon making and defense. Her family did create unique modern day weapons but the razor blade of a japanese samurai sword has the capability to match the rank of snipers, machine guns and many other weaponry. The reason Rukia married Ichigo was uncertain but rumors say that Ichigo treated Rukia like a normal person, others say they were arranged in this marriage and the rest of the crowd (who were perverted) say they were playing games of "Knives, amunition and bombs".

But even though they cleared out that they loved each other, there were questions about the lovely couple, that if they really loved each other, if they married for statis,if they married to play a little "Hide and go seek" or black mail. But for certain they loved each other...

"I wonder Rukia, will you every grow again or will you shrink down to an inch when you're old" Ichigo said looking down at his wife

"What did you call me big foot?" Rukia questioned in a scary manner that sent lightning throughout there bedroom

Rukia slide her dress up to pull out little daggers and a huge blade from her thigh. Ichigo then pulled out his Tsais from his sleeves and the battle begins.




"SHI, GO"screamed the couple in unison.Flashes of blades went back and forth between the couple. Rukia shot her daggers and with great force pinned Ichigo against the very sturdy shoji closet door.

"Damn woman, you ruined the suit"

"you started it smarty" Rukia said with a dark smirk. "So you want to play dirty midget? Oh we'll play dirty"said Ichigo suddenly no longer pinned, pushing Rukia against the wall, Ichigo then planted his lips on hers gently and innocent soon worn off to a passionate tongue war. Breathlessly they pulled away, staring into each other's eyes. The deep brown, soft pools of a warm chocolate and the enchanting pools of amethyst burned with passion and lust.

"No Ichigo, not the time"

"Fine be that way"

"Ichigo we have to get to a party"

"It's not important"

"It's a birthday party"

"So another person is getting old, come on Rukia you know you want to"

"It will ruin the dress"

"So at least we will have some fun. We'll get dirty"

"No Kurosaki Ichigo"

"Yes Kurosaki Rukia. You will strip out of that and put on protection"

"Fine have it your way"

Rukia then put on a protective chest plate , helmet and goggles as well as Ichigo.The most civilized way to play dirty is using paintball guns. Guess no party after all.

(A/N) I know its ramdon but having writer's block sorta xD. Did i catch any pervs o.o?

hehehe I'v became a lito perv . The plot will develop more. Sorta loosy goosey baesed on Mr.&Mrs. Smith except more immature. Fun and ditches parties. It will develope.