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Sharpay sighs dreamily, her chin cradled in her hand, as she stares across the room.

Troy Bolton.

What's so great about him, anyway?

Ryan slowly sneaks his hand towards her cupcake, but she swats it away.

She isn't even going to eat it.

He's pouting, he's sure of it.

"Ryan," she asks, in a cupcake voice, light and floaty and candy-coated, "Have you ever been in love?"

He presses a finger to his chin thoughtfully. "I don't think so."

She scoffs, tossing her golden curls, bemoaning his apparent lack of maturity.

He steals her cupcake.



Oh. It's him.

He doesn't come by much, anymore.

"Where were you last week?"

Ryan feels a bit terrible, pressing his ear against the door, hanging on to his sister's every word.

But she's never minded any other time.

And she'll never know, anyway.

"Things have changed, Sharpay."

Has his voice always been so...dark?

To Ryan, secretly, of course, Troy had always seemed...golden.

But maybe that was only because Ryan only ever saw Troy by Sharpay's side.

Maybe...on his own...Troy Bolton does not shine at all.

"What does she have that I don't?"

She's pouting. Ryan can tell.

Sharpay has got a voice for every one of her expressions.

She's incredible, like that.

Ryan has this secret idea that the Stardazzle award was actually named after his sister.

Because that's exactly what she is.

"I like her."

Sharpay is like a shooting star.

Dancing across the sky, brilliant, leaving trails of stardust, sparkling behind her.

Sooner or later, though, she's going to have to crash.

He imagines her downfall as radiant, deafening. Brilliant.

"I like you!"

She's about to cry, now, he can hear it.

She's always been over-dramatic; she can whine and wail with the best of them.

But the tears that slide down her cheeks in silent, tortured beauty, those are the ones that will eventually...

"I'm sorry. I can't do this anymore, Sharpay."

Dazzling and heart-breaking, the shooting star collides with reality.

Explodes into stardust, quivering, shimmering.

And disappears.

Ryan can't hear anything anymore.

Not her crying, not her breathing.

She can't breathe, she's broken.

Troy Bolton.

What was ever so great about him, anyway?


This whole time, he's been baking.

Pink-frosted cupcakes, with little heart sprinkles.

He doesn't knock on her door. He doesn't have to.

Her mascara is smeared and running, her eyes and nose red and swollen.

She's still beautiful.

Of course. She'll never break completely. She can still shine.


He offers her the plate, which, wiping at her eyes, she accepts, mumbling something that he'll pretend is a thank-you.

"I have, you know," he sighs, staring up at the rhinestone-studded canopy hanging above her bed. "I've been in love."

She quirks an eyebrow at him, then shrugs and looks away.

So. She doesn't appreciate his attempt at nostalgia, hmm?

He steals her cupcake.


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