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Chapter One- Fire and Ice

"Some say the world will end is fire,

Some say in ice.

From what I've tasted of desire

I hold with those who favor fire.

But if it had to perish twice,

I think I know enough of hate

To say that for destruction ice

Is also great

And would suffice."

-Robert Frost

Kagome pulled her long, black hair back into a high ponytail as she took a seat on the street trolley along with three of her old friends. The typical summer season had already passed, yet it was still dominantly humid and hot. But do not be mistaken; Kagome adored her humid corner of the world. Most girls found the moisture-saturated air troublesome when it came to hair, make up, and over all appearances but Kagome never really cared either way. She had learned how to embrace her naturally wavy and voluminous hair instead of trying to flatten it with a flat iron. Yuka, Eri, and Ayumi were of a different mindset than her about the humidity. Even now she tuned out their negative rambling about the ever-present heat. She just nodded every once in awhile and continued to stare aimlessly out the window of the old street trolley as they ambled along the old tracks that crossed over her beloved city. Elegant hotels with ivy clutching to their aged walls, young men dressed in shorts and shirts slightly unbuttoned at the collar to stave off the heat a little better, older gentlemen with their cotton suits on and wide brimmed hats to deflect the sunny rays, and women of all ages in loose flowing clothes and dresses passed by in a warm blur. Her stop was approaching.

Grabbing the small handbag that she had tossed onto the space beside her Kagome got to her feet as the trolley rolled to a loud, grinding stop. Yuka spoke up before she could step out into the aisle though. "Kagome, we barely have any homework due tomorrow. How about we all go down to the Quarter and shop a bit? Besides the heat, it's nice today. What do you say?"

Kagome just flashed a small smile. "Sorry, I'll have to pass for today. Besides the fact that I am utterly broke I have to help mom around the house today. I'll just take a rain check and we'll do it this weekend, okay?" She waved a short goodbye to her friends before maneuvering her way off the trolley and out into the warm air. The heat was even worse out here without the slightly breeze generated by the ambling trolley.

She slung her handbag over her shoulder and started walking toward her house. The sidewalks were miserably cracked in many areas and elevated into little hills and bumps all along the way due to the large old oak roots that broke through the concrete surface periodically. It was never the most comfortable idea to stroll along those sidewalks in heels that was just asking for a sprained ankle. As she started to pass the old neighborhood cemetery Kagome allowed her fingers to gently graze the old wrought iron bars as she continued walking down the path.

It may sound slightly morbid but Kagome adored the old cemetery and often went there as a child to roam and even now visited the area when she wanted a quiet moment to contemplate. The tombs were highly gorgeous in her opinion as the large above ground vaults hovered around her. Kagome's family even had their own tomb in the vast cemetery where generations lay now. A lot of people never understood just how inspiring the area was because all they could focus on were the cruel facts. Such as, the tombs were basically ovens. They cooked the body in there and when someone else dies the tomb is reopened, the old remains are pushed into another lower layer of the vault and a new body is placed in. That does sound slightly gruesome doesn't it? A pile of cooked bones from generations of deceased people together in an old stone tomb. Oh but that is not nearly as gruesome as the simple fact that when the cemetery was still new and medicine was severely lacking, many people were placed in those vaults alive. Cooked alive… thank God for modern medicine. But if you just push that to the back of your mind, it really was a lovely and historic place.

Kagome passed the cemetery and turned onto another street. Her house was now just a few paces away from her. The house had been in her family for generations (about the same amount of time as the cemetery vault had been in her family). It was a loud house, after all a house that old is never really quiet especially in that humidity. It groaned and creaked but it was stunning either way. It was a typical district mansion. The house was Victorian in appearance with elegant columns and large windows to let in the breeze. It was a soft lavender colored mansion with two staircases leading onto the porch and during the front door. The two stairs were built because when the house was fashioned it was highly scandalous for a young gentleman to see a young woman's ankles and thus they had their separate stairs. Ivy clung to the walls and a renegade rose bush also made its grasp for the heavens. The yard was slightly overgrown with flowerbeds and weeds and a few old oak trees of their own, and those trees did an absolute murderous job on the sidewalk outside. The old iron wrought fence surrounding the property was intricately designed with roses in various stages of emerging through their buds all along the fence. It was hard not to adore living in such a place, in such an elegant place. Of course, the inside was even more stunning then the outside with its large library, old wooden dining room, large bathrooms, kitchen in a separate building around back (so if the kitchen caught fire the rest of the house wouldn't), and luxurious bedrooms. It was a house fit for a royal family.

She skipped up the steps that Victorian heals once tread and opened up the old wood door. It creaked a warm, humid welcome to her. "I'm home!" She really didn't have to yell even though it was a three-story house. It was narrow and had quite impressive acoustics so her voice carried quite remarkably.

She heard the dull sound of a heavy box being dropped to the ground and let out a little wince. "I'm in the library dear. Can you come here?" The voice was slightly muffled as the warm walls absorbed a little of the sound but Kagome could still make out her mother's tone clearly. She moved down the long entrance hall, past the slightly spiraling staircase, and into the high vaulted dusty old library. All the windows were closed which surprised Kagome since this room was one of the worst for heat. All the books and plush furniture did nothing to alleviate the warm blanket created by this southern climate. Kagome's mother, Korari, was sitting towards the far side of the room packaging books in large cardboard boxes with the utmost care. Actually, now that she got a better look around the room, stuffed cardboard boxes were everywhere.

"Mother… why are you packing everything up?" Kagome really shouldn't have asked. There was no possible way that she would like the answer but the words had slipped from her mouth before she could silence them.

Korari wiped the sweat from her brow gingerly as she got to her feet. Her loose sundress was covered in dust from some of the books that probably hadn't been touched since her grandmother's era. "Honey, I know this is going to be difficult for all of us but it might only be a temporary situation." Her voice was gentle and coaxing trying to calm the storm before it came.

"What do you mean by temporary?" Kagome's chocolate brown eyes covered the entire room and noticed the furniture had a simply disgusting plastic wrap around them, covering up their usual warm scent and appearance. "Mom, don't beat around the bush with me. Just tell me that we're moving some stuff around and I'll help. Please mom…"

Kagome knew in her heart though that her mother wasn't just bored with the house's set-up. This was a much more permanent effect. Knots curled up inside her and she had an intense sickening feeling in the core of her being.

"We're moving dear." Korari held up a hand silencing her daughter's stream of words before she even had time to utter a sound. "Like I said, this might only be a temporary situation honey. But my work requires me to move up north for a little while. We're not selling the house; my mother would be rolling in her grave if I did. We're merely going to start renting it out to another family until I figure out if this is temporary or…"

"Not." Kagome muttered under her breath with an angry hiss. North? Where the hell was north? Was it Arizona north or Minnesota north? And someone else would be living in her house! This had been their house for generations, and her mother would let some random people just start living in it! She might even sell it to them… her house. Her creaky, groaning old house, her ruthless roses and insatiable ivy, her wild wisteria flowerbeds, and her elegant iron fence. Even her room…. No. "Mother you can't do this! You never even talked to me about this and you're already packing. Have you mentioned it to Sota yet or are you just going to put him in the car and tell him on the drive up to our new home? What am I supposed to tell my friends? I don't even know if I'm ever coming back!"

"Kagome, please don't make this difficult. There is a high possibility that we'll be moving back in a year. You'll very likely be back here in time for senior graduation since you just started your junior year. I'm only needed to help set up and supervise a new branch of the firm. Kagome, I know you love it here but please, please be civil about this and don't yell at me." Korari's stance was firm and solid but her eyes were gently pleading with her eldest child to be reasonable and understand.

Kagome bit down on her lip in frustration and she could even feel herself start to tear up a little. She couldn't start crying now though. "What exactly is your definition of 'north' mother? And… and we're not leaving any of our stuff here for these renting people right?" Possibly for the people that would be buying her house too, they're one and the same right? Maybe her mother was lying about this whole 'renting' deal and she would simply say she had to sell the house once she managed to get Kagome compliant and secure up north.

Korari smiled a little as she saw her daughter start to let up a little. "We'll be moving north as in… Wisconsin north." Her mother smiled a little sheepishly.

"Mother… you do know that's about as north we can go without having to apply for citizenship in Canada!" But even as Kagome was saying this she couldn't help wonder if she even had anything other then a light jacket. How cold did it even get in Wisconsin?

Korari smiled gently. "I do believe Maine and Montana are farther north then Wisconsin and they're not a province of Canada. And be grateful I didn't apply for the Alaskan firm." Kagome visibly winced at the thought of living in the stereotypical icy land of moose and wolves people conceive when they imagine Alaska.

Kagome let out a depressed groan as she walked over to the sickly plastic covered loveseat and fell onto it. The plastic squeaked under her in protest. "So where in Wisconsin are we temporarily moving?" Kagome glanced at all the cardboard boxes and the empty shelves with a sigh. She might be acting complacent now but her mother would be a fool to imagine that she was going to go through with this without a fight.

"Around Madison. It's a nice little town, about 20,000 people or less in total and less then an hour away from the city. I'm sure you'll find it quite nice." Korari turned her back to her daughter and continued packing away all their library belongings. "Can you go ahead and start packing up your room? I left a few boxes up there. We'll have the movers take care of the difficult stuff like the furniture. We'll be leaving here in a couple days."

Kagome got to her feet with a dejected yet affirmative grunt. It's not like she had a choice in the matter currently. Moving to a small town up north with less then half the population she was used to now? She didn't make enough money at her little cafe job to attempt to continue living here on her own while her mother was in, she winced slightly at the thought, Wisconsin. She heard the door open up again and knew Sota had just gotten home. The middle school let out later then the high school did. Her mother glanced up at the sound and as Kagome left the warm room her mother called for Sota to join her in the same tone she had used to call Kagome in. How would her brother take the news?

It was a couple days later as Kagome sat on the empty frame of her bed. The room was completely devoid of any existence that she had once occupied this room except for the little imprints in the carpet where her other furniture had once been and the cracked paint where her chair had rubbed against the wall one too many times. The window was open, letting in the warm humid southern breeze. Who knew when the next time she would feel the moisture-laden air caress her cheek. She had to take full advantage of it while the time was still hers.

The heavy set movers with their thick Irish accents were rather loud as she heard them moving the furniture and boxes outside, the furniture that had laid in this house unmoved for generations. Her mother had promised that they weren't leaving anything for this renters to misuse but she had lied a little in that area. Now she claimed that they had to at least leave them with some necessities (like her bed frame which had resided in this room for fifty years and the elegant dining room table from before the family had even moved to America).

"Kagome! We're about to get going, Everything's already in the car, let's go." Her mother's voice was far too cheerful for her liking. How could she sound so happy while Kagome could feel a small part of herself dying a little on the inside? No escaping it though… say your last goodbyes to your beloved home, your warm air, and beautiful rowdy city Kagome cause the weather up in Madison right now was about 43 degrees and windy. She allowed a small sad smile to grace her lips, she wasn't ready to say goodbye to this room just yet. She'd be back some day...

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