Name: Prince of my Soul

Pairing: AxS (WHOOT!!!!!!)

Summary: Sequel to Lord of my Heart!!! After the battle with Van Hellsing, life has gone relatively back to normal for Alucard, Seras, and the rest of the hell beings who live in their home. But there is another war that is brimming on the horizon. What will happen when WWII lands on their front doorstep? Will they be able to stay out of it for long? AxS

Note: HEY EVERBODY!!!! It's me again! To celebrate the conclusion for Lord of my Heart, I have made a sequel! A few things to keep in mind, one is that there will be some Jewish and Gypsy discriminations. For those of you who don't know about the holocaust, the Nazi's targeted Gypsy as well as Jewish people. I am using such things in this story. Also, I will try my best to get the dates right (ex: the date that the Nazi's took over Romania, the date the Nazi's surrendered, etc.) If I get something wrong, please be a good reviewer and tell me the correct date. I will also add everybody's favorite Vampiric Nazi organization!! XD. Though, I haven't read a lot of the manga, I got a good idea to whom and what everybody is! I will also add some Hellsing Organization! If you have any questions, comments, and concerns, please submit them as a review!

Overall Disclaimer: I do not own Hellsing, Hellsing: The Dawn, Bram Stocker's Dracula, or Elie Wiesel's Night.

Overall Warning: This fic contains violence, some Fluffiness with some implied Lemon, and Jewish and Gypsy discrimination. If you have a problem, then don't read. That also means, NO FLAMES!!! If you don't like the story, plot, pairing, etc, then don't read or flame!


"The Germans were already in town, the Fascists were already in power, the verdict had already been pronounced, yet the Jews of Romania continued to smile."

Elie Wiesel's Night

Chapter One:

April 1944

A small, cloaked figure walked through the dark streets of a small village in Romania. It's hour-glass shape and petite form identifying the figure as a female in her early-twenties. Wisps of strawberry blond hair were present from under the hood of her cloak. She wore a Victorian-style dress under the cloak.

Laughter erupted, causing her to jump and stare at the group of drunk, SS-men swaggering out of a nearby pub, singing German folk-songs out-of-tune.

Red eyes peered under the cloak and glared at the men.

The figure's name was known as Lady Seras to the villagers. The wife of Lord Alucard, who lived in the strange castle in the distance, surrounded by the forbidden forest.

For years, the people of the village had lived under the shadow of Lord Alucard's fortress, whispering tales of the hell-beings that lived there.

The most popular was the story of how Seras Victoria, a young orphaned half-Gypsy, taken in by the herbalist Angela, had charmed the heart of the strange Lord. How she was changed into a hell being and became Alucard's mate. About the infamous hunter Van Hellsing and how he almost ended the existence of Lord Alucard and his band of werecats and werewolves. The battle that took place, and how Van Hellsing had died.

When the Germans invaded Romania, carrying their Nazi influences with them. They occupied every town and city, making themselves right at home.

Of course, they had asked about the eerie castle in the distance. When they had heard the stories, they all laughed and called the villagers superstitious.

Seras herself hated the cocky Germans. They were rude, selfish, and were quite a nuisance to the village that they where sheltered in.

"HEY BABY!!! What's a pretty thing like you doing out on a lonely night like.." Hiccup, "This"

Seras sighed in annoyance and turned to meet an extremely drunk SS-man. Then there was the best reason for hating them; the lot of them were more horny then Alucard was at St. Hollow's Eve.

The SS-man swaggered up to Seras, smiling, "My name is Lieutenant Franek Huntenburg, what's yours?"

Seras smirked, "Wait till you're a few hundred years older, then maybe I'll tell you." She then turned on her heel and started to walk away.

Franek grabbed her hand, "Oh come on, cutie. Let's go have some fun!"

Seras sighed in annoyance, "I'm not interested, kid."

"Who are you calling a kid? I'm probably older than you!" laughed Franek, "Anyway, we could go have a couple drinks, then-,"

He didn't get to finish, because right at that moment a medium-sized rock had connected with his head.

"HEY UGLY!!!!!! SHE SAID SHE WASN'T INTERESTED!!!!!!" cried a voice from behind Franek.

Franek and Seras looked around in surprise at the sight of a teenaged girl holding a rock in one hand. She had mischievous-brown eyes, with brown hair to match. She wore a ragged second hand dress and jacket. A large, golden Star of David patch was sown onto the jacket with the word 'Jude' on it.

Franek growled and pulled out his night stick, "What did you say? You stupid Jewish Bitch??"

Seras frowned and grabbed a hold of Franek, forcing him to look into her eyes, "Sleep…. And forget."

Franek slumped onto the ground with a dreamy look in his eyes.

The teenaged girl ran up to Seras, "Wow! That was so cool! You got to show me how to do that, Aunt Seras!"

Seras laughed, "Maybe later, Tayla." She said while musing up her hair.

Tayla grinned, "Sweet!"

Seras smiled as she looked at Tayla's brown eyes; eyes she inherited from her Great Aunt Angela.

Tayla was born in a neighboring village about a year after Angela had died. Her mother was Angela's niece. Her father, a successful Jewish tailor. Tayla had come to her Great Aunt's village to learn more about her heritage.

Seras smiled as she and Tayla continued to walk around the quiet village. Tayla was unlike so many of the teenagers of her day. For one, she thought it was the coolest thing in the world that her Great Aunt had taken in a soon-to-be vampire. She had even stared Alucard strait in the eye, then hugged him and called him, 'Uncle Buck-tooth'.

Tayla suddenly stopped, "Um, Seras? Can I talk to you?"

Seras frowned, whenever Tayla got this serious, it was usually bad news, "What's wrong?"

Tayla hesitated, before reaching into her coat and pulling out a sheet of paper. She reluctantly handed it over to the No-life Queen.

Seras took the paper into her delicate hands, and looked over it. She immediately frowned at the words;

"By the order of the Fuehrer, all people of Jewish decent are to report to the town Ghetto. All those who do not or resist will be shot on sight."

These orders came every once in a while. The first order was that all those of Gypsy decent had to leave. To where? No one knows. All Seras knew was that she would never forget the sight of hundreds of men, women, and children being shoved into cattle cars.

Of course, the townspeople didn't complain. They still saw Gypsies as thieves, so good riddance!

But then, orders came for the Jewish people. They were unable to travel, they had to wear the gold star, they were unable to have valuables.

And now this? Where the Germans going to take away their very soul?

Seras growled and threw the paper on the ground, stomping on it with a hiss, "I won't let this happen to you!"

Tayla shrugged, "What can you do? I mean, they rule Romania!"

"True," said Seras with a smirk, "But I know someone who rules this village…" she looked up at the castle, in thought.

Finally, after a few minutes of silence, Seras said, "I'll have you come live with me, Tayla."

"Are you sure Uncle Buck-tooth will like that?" asked Tayla uncertainly.

Seras laughed and winked deviously, "Let me tell you a little something about marriage, Tayla. The man maybe the head, but the woman is the neck. And she can turn the head any way she wants!"


Alucard sat in the Library, glaring at the letters sent to him by the Vampiric Counsel.

Correct, he did not read them, he glared at them. He had only to read one to realize what they were complaining about this time.

The Germans were causing problems for the Vampiric nobles. They would raid their castles while they slept, kill their 'food source', and there was rumors of vampires on the German side; traitors!

Alucard sighed, rubbing his eyes from lack of sleep. They were experiencing close to the same problems here. He kept waking up to find a German solider in the maids quarters, or in the dinning hall. One time, a solider made it all the way to his bedroom and woke the sleeping vampires by opening the lid to their coffin.

Of course, they had all gone down to the dungeons, to save for dinner.

Suddenly, two petite arms wrapped themselves around Alucard, making him jump slightly. "You look so tense, love." Seras purred, rubbing his shoulders in smooth circles.

Alucard smiled and leaned back into the seat, sighing with appreciation, "um…. That's why I married you….. because of your back rubs….."

Seras laughed, "Oh, and here I thought it was because I had big breasts."

Alucard shook his head, "Of course that's not the only reason!" he then gave an evil smile, "Your ass is pretty nice too."

Seras whacked her mate over the head lightly. Alucard only laughed, grabbing her hand and kissing it, "So, what were you doing in the village all day?"

"Nothing," Seras said with an innocent smile, too innocent.

Alucard reached around and pulled Seras to the front of him. He sat her down onto his lap and started to kiss her neck while running his hands up and down her sides to her waist. "You're lying." He whispered into her ear before playfully nipping it.

Seras smiled evily, a devious plan going through her mind, "Oh, you know, that same. German Soldiers trying to get into my pants, Tayla throwing rocks at them, Tayla wondering if she could stay here for a while…."

Alucard stopped kissing her neck to stare at her for a moment, "What was that?"

"The Soldiers trying to get into my pants?"

Alucard frowned, "Which one?" he asked, getting angry.

Seras rolled her eyes and turned slightly so that she could stare into his eyes, "They have been trying for a while, but I just wipe their memories." She leaned up and kissed him on the check, "Don't worry about it." she murmured into his ear.

Alucard relaxed, going back to rubbing Seras's hips. "So, why does the brat have to come and stay here?"

"Because they are planning to put her and the other Jewish people into a Ghetto, and inside they are probably going to force them into slave labor." She nuzzled his chest, "Please, let her stay here."

Alucard frowned, looking deep in thought, before sighing, "Hell, I'm going soft! Fine, if you want a human pet, go ahead. But keep her out of trouble!"

Seras gave a happy cry before latching her lips onto Alucard's. Their lips dueled as Alucard started to ease Seras's back onto the surface of the desk. Seras groaned as Alucard's tongue broke through her lips, exploring her warm cavern as his hands ran along her stomach and breasts.

Finally, their lips parted. Alucard stared down at his mate with a smirk, "How about going somewhere a little private?"

Seras let out a chuckle, grabbing his red tie and pulling him down so that their lips were barley touching, "That sounds nice." She licked his lips, making him moan.

Alucard hugged his mate to him, transporting them through a portal to their bedroom.

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