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"Yechiel, brother of the rabbi of Sighet. He was sobbing bitterly. I thought he was weeping with joy at still being alive. 'Don't cry, Yechiel," I said. 'Don't waste your tears…' He laughed without humor, 'Not cry? We're on the threshold of death… soon we will cross over… How could I not cry?'"

Elie Wiesel, Night

Chapter Four:

Alucard sighed, relaxed as he lazily ran his hands through Seras's hair.

They were cuddling on the couch in their room. Tayla and the werecats were upstairs doing 'god-knows-what'.

Seras nuzzled into Alucard's chest, breathing in his scent with a purr.

Then, there was that sound that Alucard hated at times like this.

The sound of someone knocking on the door.

Alucard growled and picked up a pillow. He threw said pillow with all of his strength, making the door shiver, "WE ARE BUSY!!!!!!" he roared angrily, causing Seras to jump.

"It is an emergence, milord." Igor said from behind the door, not seeming the least bit phased.

"Come back when it is a catastrophe." Replied the annoyed Alucard, hugging his mate closer and brushing his lips across her hair.

Igor chuckled slightly, "Romulus will not like to be kept waiting, milord."

Alucard growled, "Fine." He muttered, looking back down at an amused Seras, "Don't go anywhere."

Seras laughed, "I wouldn't dream of it." She reached up and stroked his check, before moving to allow him to get up.


Walking into his throne room, he was met with the sight of Romulus, shadowed by two other werewolves. They were all in human form, of course.

Alucard glided up and sat down in his throne, eyeing the three guests with some amusement, "Romulus, it has been a while."

Romulus frowned, "I did not come here to catch up, one of my wolves where attacked last night; by an outside wolf."

"You did not kill him?" asked Alucard with a confused look.

"No, we left him a warning," Romulus sighed, crossing his arms, "But if he does not heed it, we will have to proclaim war with him and his masters. We will need your help, as well as your permission."

Alucard leaned back in his seat, smirking slightly, "Give me a good reason, and I'll consider it."

"Alright, one; the will probably attack us sooner or later. Two," he reached inside his pocket and drew out a poster, "This says that half of your food supplely, the Jewish people, are being sent to work camps across Europe. Our allies in the north have seen these camps, they are brutal and are designed to be factories of death."

Alucard frowned at this, Tayla was not going to be happy; neither was Seras. "Go on."

"And then, there is the most ideal reason of all." Said Romulus with a humorless smile,

"A certain person from the village has been telling the German SS-men that a gypsy, by the name of Seras, still walks through the village. Once they get their hands on her, they will send her to one of these camps."

Alucard growled low, shadows flickered angrily around the room, "She is not governed by human laws, she is a vampire."

"True, but as soon as she kills all the people who are trying to capture her, their army up north will be suspicious to why a single half-gypsy defeated hundreds of SS-men."

Alucard snarled, glaring at Romulus, "She'll just have to stay in the castle for now on. So will Tayla."

Romulus sighed, "I'm not trying to force you, I need your help. As you needed mine during the battle with Van Hellsing."

At this, Alucard was silent. He drummed his fingers against the arm of the throne before finally saying smoothly, "Very well…. I agree…. These damn humans need to know their place."

Romulus nodded in agreement with a large smile on his face. He bowed, "I believe we have overstayed our welcome; thank you, No-life King." He turned and walked away, with his bodyguards.

"Ohh…… that was interesting!" cried Zukia, who had been hiding behind Alucard's throne the whole time.

Alucard smiled, "So, what do you think?"

"I think you need to clean back here!" Zukia said with a laugh, "There are so many dust bunnies."

The vampire royal rolled his eyes, "Not that, stupid werekitten."

Zukia smiled, "I think what you are doing is awesome, Sir Al!" She leaned over and messed up his hair.

Suddenly, there was a crash and a surprised yelp from the entry-way.

"AND I THINK THAT I AM WINNING, DOG-BOY!!!!!" she cried, laughing.

Alucard smirked and disappeared in a whirl of shadows.


Seras was still laying on the couch when Alucard appeared, her eyes were closed; her hair a halo around her face.

Alucard smiled and walked over, kissing her lightly on the lips.

Suddenly, he felt himself pulled down by his tie and flipped over. Before he knew it, Seras was straddling him, staring down at him with an evil smirk.

"Did I make you wait too long?" Alucard teased, leaning up and licking her cheek.

"Yes," muttered Seras, who immediately bent down to kiss Alucard's lips hungrily, allowing him to reach up and undo her dress.

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