I have no idea why I wrote this one.

I think I was taking my own advice and trying to clear out the uncertainty of my ongoing story Accidental Indiscretion.


o o o o o o o o

She gazed out into the crowd her eyes falling on the redheaded woman holding the dark auburn haired baby. Her smile was wide as several of the other women in the room crowded around her to get a peek at the tiny sleeping baby she held. The arm of a man with bright blue eyes snaked around the woman and he dreamily looked at his sleeping child in her arms before glancing up to see her staring across the room at him. He grinned and waved her over.

She swallowed thickly and held back the tears. Years after accepting the post as Commander of Atlantis she still stood alone. It hurt to think that she kept putting things off thinking that one day things would be right for her to acknowledge what she always denied wanting and now he was gone. Always there, but now and forever unattainable.

Samantha Carter stood and waved back shaking her head and pointing to the door. With a fake smile she met his eyes for only a moment and then slipped out the door.

It was only later on the privacy of her own balcony while the rain fell would she allow herself a few tears, and the next morning no one would be the wiser. No one would know that Sam Carter had allowed herself to fancy the idea that one day when she was ready Rodney McKay would still be there waiting for her with open arms.