Is this really SAKUNO?!

Note: I'm not really good with the Japanese, so I'm just sticking to 99 English….

Summary: Throughout this story, the Seigaku Regulars will discover Sakuno's true personality. There will be many pairings… Sakuno x any guy from Hyotei/Rikkidai/Seigaku/Fudomine


It was a normal day for the Regulars of Seigaku. It was morning practice of tennis, school, and then an afternoon practice. They were all relieved that practice was over. Although everything went well, they noticed that something wasn't right. They remembered seeing the Horio bragging about his 2 years of tennis experience as always, and his two companions rolling their eyes… and Tomo was next to them squealing her ass off for Ryoma. But where was Sakuno?

After practice and all the laps they had to run in order to avoid Inui's new juice, the Regulars headed off to get some burgers. Like always, Tezuka and Kaidoh did not care to come along. After buying and eating burgers, the Regulars decided to go the Street Courts… well most of the Regulars anyway. Kawamura has to leave because his dad needed help with the restaurant, and Oishi had his problems to tend at home. Only Momoshiro, Fuji, Inui, Eiji, and Ryoma were left.

Since it was a bit boring walking around in silence, Momo and Eiji decided to tease Ryoma. "So Ryoma, do you know where your girlfriend went today?"

Ryoma glared at them and before he could say a word, they heard a female voice from behind the bushes and trees. They walked closer and heard even more giggles.

Momoshiro then said, "Doesn't that giggle belong to Ryuzaki sensei's granddaughter?"

The others nodded in unison and they all decided to peek. As they hid behind the bushes, the scene that lay before them left them all amazed. It was an abandoned tennis court, but on the court was Sakuno on one side, and Atobe Keigo, Hyotei's captain on the other. What was Atobe doing here with their coach's granddaughter!? Thought all the regulars.

Then they heard Sakuno's voice, but it was different. Instead of the shy, quiet voice they heard all the time, her voice was smooth, loud, and full of confidence.

"Hey, Atobe, hurry up and serve. You're too slow. Are you afraid of me beating you again?"

What!? Since when did Sakuno get this kind of attitude!? Thought Fuji, Inui, Eiji, Momo, and Ryoma

Atobe the said, "What!? How dare you say that to me? That was lucky Sakuno-chan. I was going easy on you."

Something that surprised the Regulars was that Atobe did not refer to himself as Ore-sama.

"Fine. Let's see if you can beat me now." With that statement, Sakuno threw a tennis ball up in the air and served it to Atobe. Before Atobe even moved, the ball already flew past him bouncing right on the line.

"Ace." Said Sakuno with a smile. "I thought you were better than this Atobe. After all, you're Hyotei's captain, right? And weren't you in the Nationals last year? Shouldn't National level players be a bit better than this. You're boring." Sakuno said with a yawn.

All the tennis regulars were astonished! How could Sakuno, this petite first year, get an ace playing Atobe!? Since when did she get an attitude like Ryoma!? How did she become so brave?! They all gaped at her, well except Inui, because he was too busy writing in his data book.

The game went on and Sakuno kept winning every point, even though Atobe kept on saying he was going easy on her. He finally showed her the Rondo Towards Destruction, but before the ball could hit her wrist, she hit it as a drop shot. What came next surprised the regulars and Atobe, himself!

As the ball hit the ground, it did not bounce, it slid its way towards the net, exactly like the Zero Shiki Drop shot.

Atobe was too shocked to even say anything. Once he regained his composure, he said, "How did you learn to do that!?"

"Because I can." Said Sakuno laughing at Atobe. She knew she would win.

"What the –… Her skills are like national level!" said Momo in a loud whisper. Before he could say anything else, Eiji put his hand over his mouth and said, "Shut up Momo. Sakuno will find out we're here if you keep on talking!"

As they kept on playing, her moves stunned the tennis regulars and Atobe even more. She was super fast, even faster than Kamio. Because of many weeks and months of watching the Seigaku Tennis Regulars, she did a Tsubame Gaeshi and a Higuma Otoshi! She also does the Jackknife and both Drive A and Drive B.

Ryoma was dumbfounded. How could Sakuno, the clumsy and quiet girl whom he knew ever since he came to Japan, how could she, do all these moves!? What happened during all those practice lessons he gave her? Was she pretending all this time!? He couldn't believe his eyes. Next to Ryoma, Fuji was also astonished. His eyes were open. Fuji was so surprised how Sakuno could copy his counter just by watching him. Although he knew it could be done, he didn't expect his coach's granddaughter who was a first year and a girl to do that.

"Sakuno-chan, you must be very observant every time you watch them play." Said Atobe.

Sakuno replied with a smirk, "Of course, Atobe. But, I can still beat you without doing any of their moves."

Sakuno was right, he couldn't. Atobe tried his insight, but couldn't find any weaknesses.

Sakuno won the game with Atobe not even getting a point at all! Instead of shaking hands with him, she dropped her racket on the ground ran to the other side and said, "Haha Atobe, I win." She smirked at him as she tackled him to the ground. Sakuno fell on top of him.

Although Atobe hated losing, especially to a girl, he can't help smiling at Sakuno. As she looked at him, he couldn't resist but kiss her. He pulled her closer to him and their lips met. As their lips parted, Sakuno wanted more. She then gave him a smirk and thinking that nobody was watching, she kissed Atobe again, but this time, it was a deeper kiss than before. She closed her eyes, enjoying the kiss, not knowing her surroundings. If it were at school, she would be very embarrassed by now. Before they could go any further, they heard a voice behind them.



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