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Oh and Sakuno is 15 and a first year at Seigaku High…

Summary: Throughout this story, the Seigaku Regulars will discover Sakuno's true personality. There will be many pairings… Sakuno x any guy from Hyotei/Rikkidai/Seigaku/Fudomine


"Ahem" said the voice behind them.

When Sakuno turned around, her face was full of emotions. First, it filled with confusion, then shock, and finally it turned into embarrassment. Sakuno blushed and abruptly pushed Atobe away and got up fixing her clothes.

"Hello Genichirou." said Sakuno, highly embarrassed.

Atobe also got up, after having Sakuno pushing him away when Sanada came.

"Ahh, Sanada from Rikkidai… one of ore-sama's rivals."

Sanada rolled his eyes as Atobe refers to himself as ore-sama. He then ignored Atobe and looked at Ryuzaki for an explanation of why she was kissing Atobe.

Sanada said, "We have to go. Akaya (Kirihara) is waiting for you…and I'm sure he would like an explanation of why you were late."

Sakuno's eyes widened because she forgot she had a show to do with her band with Mauri Bunta and Akaya Kirihara. She then turned to Atobe and said, "Oh Atobe, I'm sorry, I really have to go to this thing." Sakuno bowed and said, "Sorry" once more and then grabbed Sanada's hand and towards the direction of the subway/train.

The regulars were amazed on how the scene that lay before them could change so quickly. All this time, Inui had just been scribbling down data, while Fuji kept that same old smile, but this time his eyes opened. Eiji and Momoshiro kept making jokes and occasionally teasing Ryoma about his 'girlfriend.' Ryoma just rolled his eyes and said "Mada mada dane."

Atobe just stood there puzzled about what Sanada said. 'Oh well' he thought. He shrugged it off and went home and just played back that scene where he kissed Sakuno over and over again.


Sakuno kept wishing that Sanada didn't see her kissing Atobe, but she knew Sanada knew. As the rush out of the place, she heard something moved in the bushes. She quickly ignored it because Kirihara, Bunta, and a huge audience were waiting for her. As she finally got on the subway/train, she sat down in an empty seat and sighed from all the running.

Sanada sat next to her and asked, "What was all that about? Akaya is going to be heartbroken if he knew you were cheating on him… Thank god you're a girl… or else he'll bring back his devil's side and beat you up big time in a tennis game.

Unknown to them, the Regulars were sitting a few rows behind them, eavesdropping.

Sakuno sighed. "Don't worry Genichirou, I am not cheating on Akaya… and who said I was even dating him or his girlfriend!? That kiss last Sunday was nothing. I was only doing that for the public and paparazzi!"

Sanada who was taken aback said, "Wait, what?! Are you serious Sakuno!? Akaya thinks that you kissed him because you couldn't control your emotions of love towards him. Tsk, tsk. Stop leading your sempais on."

"Whatever," replied Sakuno. She was glad Sanada stopped talking about her kiss with Atobe. She then untied her braids, letting her hair fall down all the way down her back. She was prettier this way, and less fragile-looking. She got out her purse and started doing her make up for the show.

As the subway/train stopped, they finally arrived at their destination. They finally got to the backstage area of where the show was held, to meet an impatient Kirihara.

"Sakuno, sempai, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!? Hurry up! Thank goodness you arrived like 30 seconds right before it starts. Hurry, get your guitar and put your wig on."

Sakuno, listening to his command, went and got her guitar and put on her wig, to hide her identity. Finally, show time came and all three went onstage and started the show. There was a huge crowd along with the Regulars (well except for Tezuka, Kaidoh, Oishi, and Kawamura) just waiting for them to sing. Sakuno was about to gasp when she saw them, but she pretended not to notice them at all. She could simply lie and say it was her twin sister.

Kirihara and Bunta started playing and Sakuno began singing.

Hello little boys, little toys

We're the dreams you're believing

Crawling up the walls

Running down your face

Razor sharp, razor clean

Feel the weapon's sensation

On your back...

With loaded guns


Now hold onto me pretty baby

If you want to fly

I'm gonna melt the fever sugar

Rolling back your eyes


We're gonna ride the race cars

We're gonna dance on fire

We're the girls Le Disko

Supersonic overdrive


So what's it gonna take?

Silver shadow believer...

Spock rocker with your dirty eyes

It's a chance gonna move

Gonna fuck up your ego

Silly boy gonna make you cry


If what they say is true...

You're a boy - and I'm a girl

I will never fall in love with you

(The song is Le Disko by Shiny Toy Guns… I picked this to show Sakuno's wild side xD)

The show finally ended and Sakuno was happy. She was tired and wanted to go home. Sakuno waved goodbye to Kirihara, Bunta, and Sanada and left.

As she came home, she went straight to bed and went to sleep. Hopefully, the tennis regulars didn't recognize her at the show.


The next day

Ryuzaki Sakuno woke up to a gloomy and rainy day. 'Great' thought Sakuno. She did not like gloomy days at all. When she came to school, all of her classes were boring, even English, surprisingly. At lunch, she avoided Tomoka, the trio, and the rest of the regulars including Ryoma by going to an empty hall and eating lunch.

When the bell rang, everyone had to meet at the gym. Sakuno was confused, why would they do that? Classes came filing in with confused faces just like Sakuno's. They, too, were wondering why they had to gather around.

As all the classes got settled, the principal made an announcement.

"Students, I am afraid to inform you that there is big thunderstorm and minor flooding outside, but to be safe, all classes will be in here. Because all of you are in here, all of your afternoon classes are cancelled. But all of you have to stay in here until the flooding is under control and the thunderstorm stops."

The students cheered at the sound of their classes cancelled, but at the thought of being in the gym for several hours, and many club meetings cancelled, they were a bit disappointed.

'Oh no!' thought Sakuno. 'If any of the regulars recognized me from last night's show, they might be coming and asking her'

Now, she really couldn't avoid them now, if she didn't go to Tomoka, who was of course, probably annoying Ryoma and the regulars, they might be curious to where she was. She lazily dragged her feet off to Tomoka and switched on her shy and clumsiness side.

'They will never find out my secret.' said Ryuzaki

As she went to the part of the gym where the indoor tennis courts were, she saw the regulars already starting practice games. She could already sense Tomoka was about to scream her ass off for Ryoma. And she was right. In a second, Tomoka screamed out, "RYOMA SAMA, RYOMA SAMA! FIGHT-O!"

She rolled her eyes as she approached Tomoka who finally stopped screaming.

"OH! Sakuno! Where have you been?" cried out Miss loud mouth.

"I was taking my time to get here."

Both of them walked closer to talk to the freshman trio who was talking to Momoshiro. Momoshiro was sitting on the ground with his racket, warming up. Before Sakuno could say hi, she turned around and headed to get a drink.

But before she could turn around, she heard and saw a tennis ball coming right at her, at a very fast speed. By the sound of the ball, Sakuno could tell it was really powerful, and therefore, if it hit her, there would be a huge bump on her head, and she did not want that to be seen by people at her school and worse, the audiences of every show she had.

To avoid that, she could grab Momoshiro's racket and hit the ball, but then her secrets would have been revealed. She was torn between two choices. She would either have that bump, and probably go unconscious, or she could just reveal her true identity.

'What am I going to do?'


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