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The Dark Side

Wildwing lifted his head as heavy breathing reached his ears from across the room. He pulled his feet off the rest he set them on too-short ago, for it hadn't been five minutes since he'd managed to get Mallory and Duke to come to an agreement about a mission concerning a bank, and now he was about to be disturbed again.


My work is never done. He shook his head, knowing it was highly propable he was going to have a headache soon. Oh sweet Advil, why did I you leave in the Migrator to be swept away on a mission.

"Wildwing, I am your father!" A deep voice said from behind the chair, followed by more heavy breathing.


Make that obnoxious, heavy breathing. "Yes, Nosedive." the slightly irritated older brother asked, turning his head to see his brother wearing a full black Darth Vader suit, complete with a mask that had a opening for his beak and a flowing black cape. Wildwing also took notice of Duke's metal training saber at his hip, knowing his brother was as good as dead if Duke found him with it.

"Awww, how'd you know it was me?" The teened whined, lifting the mask off his head and pulling his blonde hair out.

Wildwing pondered the various ways he could torture his brother over the course of the next two minutes, and promptly took action on the cruelest one. "Oh, the tacky costume was a give away. Darth Vader, Dive? Really? Isn't he from way back when in the nineties? Puh-lease." The snow-feathered drake shook his head with a disappointed look on his face, restoring his feet to the cushiony heaven they'd occupied once before and turning back to his Sudoku puzzle.

The cunning leader waited for some sarcastic response from his brother, and become concerned when he didn't hear any witty one-liners chock full of puns.


Wildwing turned back, contorting his body to see the fledglings face.

"...does this mean you wont dress up in the matching Luke Skywalker outfit I made for you?"