I am so sorry, everybody, but I do not think I will be continuing with this story.

"Twilight Alive" was supposed to be my version of Breaking Dawn, a book that has already come out. I don't like writing anything different from what the author wrote, in this case the lovely Stephenie Meyer, so "Twilight Alive" is kind of…outdated now.

I do, however, have one exception to my rule of not writing differently than the author: "Renée," a story about what would happen if James really did have Renée in Twilight.

Also, my best friend Katherine and I just wrote a Harry Potter fic together. It is my first ever, but Harry Potter is all she writes. Katherine is an amazing writer and I think you will see that our styles worked really well together and that the writing is a bit more…developed! It is called "What Do You Want, Ron?"

Again, I am so, so sorry for stopping writing this story (and also for making this author's note an…ad for some of my work). But I hope everyone had a great time these holidays and loved Breaking Dawn as much as I did! (And that you don't hate me too much!)

Thank you so much for reading "Twilight Alive," and don't worry, Bella does not kill Phil, the Volturi do not try to hurt any of the Cullen's, and everyone lives happily ever after. Unfortunately, though, there are not any Halflings, I'm sorry!