"Why do you think Sheppard wanted to see us?" Jaden asked in an uncharacteristically nervous tone, "I mean, I thought we were done with the drama for the year."

"Oh you know, probably some mad dictator trying to take over the world," Chazz snapped. He was beginning to wonder if Duel Academy was worth all of the stress, I mean could they go one second without being attacked or threatened or something?

Syrus took a step towards Jaden, "He said something a-about my brother coming," Sy whispered.

"Zane? Really? What happened after he dueled you Sy?" Alexis asked.

"He left," Jaden piped up before Syrus could say anything. Jaden was glad Alexis hadn't had to see Zane in that duel. It would have tortured her.

"Hurry up a little bit, okay? Sheppard said it was an emergency," Aster jumped in exasperatedly. Hanging out with "the gang" was wearing on his last nerve.

Before anyone had a chance to say anything else they were heading up the elevator into Sheppard's office. The doors swung opened and there was Zane, onyx cloak and all, sitting in the chair in front of Sheppard's desk.

Syrus twitched a bit and stepped behind Hassleberry, he wasn't ready to see his brother again. Alexis audibly gasped; she hadn't seen Zane in person since his defeat. After the surprise of seeing Zane again wore off, they realized that Crowler and Bonaparte were also in the room.

Sheppard ushered them in, "Come and sit down; I know you've all had a rough time lately but I'm afraid I have to talk to you." There were grey crescents under his eyelids and his voice was hoarse; he didn't seem to have been sleeping much.

"I hate to be the one to tell you this, but Duel Academy is in grave danger," Sheppard began grimly.

"Told you so," Chazz muttered as he folded his arms in annoyance.

"Why, what's happening?" Jaden asked.

"I can't tell you that right now, but I will tell you that all of the students are going to be evacuated group by group but that since, well, you've done so much for the school over the past two years, that I might send you off first."

"Where are we going?" Atticus asked softly as he slipped his hand into his sister's.

"To a boarding school in England."

Bastion noticeably perked up, thrilled that he would be returning to his home country.

"Now there are more details about the school's, um, well, let's call it curriculum, but they will be explained by their headmaster when you get arrive."

"Wait a sec, if this is an evacuation from Duel Academy then what is he doing here?" Aster asked, his voice filled with unmistakable animosity, as he pointed an accusing finger at Zane.

Zane glared at Aster but said nothing, the chancellor was the one who answered, "I thought that a bit of a change of scene might be good for him." They all knew exactly what Sheppard meant.

Sheppard forced a smile at them, "So go and pack, meet back here in an hour. I'll accompany you on the plane to England and I'm sure Crowler and Bonaparte can handle the responsibility of leading you to the train station from there. Oh, and incidentally, the school is called Hogwarts."

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