SEQUEL TIME!!!!!! claps any way, here is the sequel to By A Candle's Light I Write!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read and Review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Set a few months after the fight.


I woke up from my spot on the huge bed that Edward insisted on buying. Next to me on the nightstand was a half burnt candle in a silver candle-stick, just a small reminder of what brought Edward and I together. I reauched out to touch it. The metal was cold and hard, yet smooth, just like Edwards skin. The silver was scratched and faded with age. It wasn't treated very nicely by the previous owner. Who could that be?

Well, I tried not to remember who it was. That life was past me. The bruises had long since faded, and my happy disposition had returned. I had a real family now, one who accepted me. Sometimes I found myself being sad that Charlie was gone- he was my father. Even if he was a bad one.

Alice and Emmett were really close to me. Of course, with that meant that I had to endure painful shopping trips, and have Emmett laugh at my clumbsiness every chance he could. Esme had made me like her sixth child. And Edward had made me his wife.

Technically I am still his fiance, we haven't had the wedding yet. He proposed to me shortly after the battle. He took me out to a really nice dinner, and asked me in front of the entire place. Most of the other girls looked sad that he was taken. How could I ever say know to those gorgeous topaz eyes.

The ring was now no on my finger, where it would stay forver. Or if I had a choice, and eternity. Edward had said time and time again that he wasn't going to change me, but I didn't want to grow old while he stayed 17. My birthday was coming up soon, and I'm loosing time with him. But somehow, I will convince him to change me.

Yes- It's short, but I usally start off stories with short chapter. They will get longer. READ AND REVIEW