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A War For the Ages

Chapter 6: Hear Me Cry

Naruto and Sasuke both stared at Sakura in shock.

" What is it?" Naruto turned in Sasuke's arms.

" The angels. They are revolting against your father and staging an uprising against the demons. This is becoming very serious. In hours both races will flood the Earth and fight amongst us humans. Lord Hiashi and your father have tried to stop them. They were both injured. Sasuke, Your father has prepared the demons. He is prepared to kill anyone in his way. It is up to us to stop them," Sakura explained.

The boys parted from each other and stared in shock again. They looked at each other and for a second thought it was hopeless to try. However, determination returned in a minute and they began to practice magic furiously. They had much to learn in mere hours. They were tired but that didn't matter.

Itachi had decided to help. Surprisingly he knew a lot more than they did. The war was quickly approaching and their nerves were ready to burst. Then it was heard. The bugle call of the angels approaching. Time was of the essence as they hurried out into the streets. It was clear the angels were invading on clouds and white horses. The demons were coming as well riding chariots of fire and smoky black horses.

Naruto watched with growing apprehension as they came closer. The head of each race was scowling and dressed in the finest armor. Swords were drawn and flags waved proudly. The earth seemed to change before their eyes. It quickly became an open field. Humans stared wide eyed as another bugle sounded. They thought themselves dreaming. Humans began to run and scream. Amidst the chaos Sasuke and Naruto were separated.

Naruto began to panic. He looked frantically for his boyfriend.

" Sasuke!" He screamed.

There was no answer. The angels were upon him now but he didn't move. He stood and faced them.

" Stop!," He screamed

He was surprised when they halted before him. For a small boy he had powerful lungs. He stared at them.

" What are you doing. Is it in your nature to hunt down another race because your leader opposes you. He gave you orders and you did not follow. You have injured your king and now you are ruining the Earth," He screamed over their shouts.

" You have betrayed us as well little one. You and that demon thought life would be easy if you were together. You thought peace would come. Peace can never come between us and those animals. Have you lost your mind?" The leaders of the army spoke.

" I didn't even know you existed until a few days ago and now you tell me I expect to much from you," He demanded.

The angels stared back. Some nodded, others looked fearful. Naruto began to quiver. He felt a power coursing through his body. It was so strong he could barely contain it. When he turned he saw Sasuke.

Sasuke stood before the demons. He looked around and called out for Naruto again. He had lost the little blond in the stampede of humans. Now the demons stopped in front of him.

" Lost little one?" The head asked in a hiss.

" I am not," He answered still looking around.

" Fight with us. Forget your little angel boy. He means nothing. We have men and women alike in our home. Servants who will do anything you ask. We have riches beyond your wildest dreams and exotic beauties that many would sell their souls to see. In fact many have," Hissed the leader again.

Sasuke glared at him. His temper was rising as he thought of Naruto alone. He saw Sakura and Hinata already engaged in battle with some of the demons and angels. Itachi was helping the humans to safety and using his magic to build a dome around them. Where was his boyfriend?

He turned and saw Naruto looking at him. A strange opaque light surrounded him. He looked as if he was fading into the magic inside of him. Sasuke looked at his own hands and saw the blue surrounding them. The angels had passed Naruto and the demons had done the same to Sasuke.

The boys started towards each other but they were stopped by a line of warriors from each side.

" NARUTO!" Sasuke cried out.

" SASUKE!" Naruto cried in return.

Sasuke picked up a sword that had been dropped by a fallen warrior. He began to slash wildly at the demons in his way. The last one standing turned just in time to have his head cut clean off by the blade. Sasuke looked at the blood on the sword and began to cry at what he had done.

" Naruto," he whispered.

" I'm here," Someone whispered wrapping him in their arms.

" Naruto," He clung to the other boys arms.

The battle raged on and they heard Sakura scream. It was enough. This fighting had to stop.

Bowing their heads, they put their palms together. Their fingers slipped and laced with each other. The magic emanating from them was visible. The opaque combined with the blue creating a frosty sapphire that shot up and into the air. It settled over the fighting armies and then in a flash of blinding light it washed them apart. The boys were rising. Their feet quickly left the ground and they shut their eyes letting the magic flow. It washed through them and out of them. The angels looked on in fear, While the demons ceased and watched, also with weary eyes.

It was then that both sides realized that if these two young boys could find love and be with one and other in peace despite what they were than why couldn't they. What were they fighting for anyway?

" We command that you stop. As your new leaders we command that you stop this fighting and slaying of innocent lives. We do not owe you an explanation as to why just a promise that if you disobey your life will not be spared," The boys spoke in oddly conjoined voices.

" Their using to much magic," Hinata said.

" They could lose all power and ... and," Sakura began to cry also.

" Die," Itachi finished in a whisper.

The magic was wearing off and both boys began to fall steadily back to earth. Neither woke as their bodies fell and their hands slipped from each others. Sakura rushed forward, as did Hinata.

" Naruto!" She screamed as she caught him.

" Sasuke!" Hinata screamed as Sasuke fell into her.

" No pulse," Itachi knelt over Naruto.

" No pulse either," He touched his brothers cold skin.

" My son," the demon lord screamed.

" Don't touch him," Itachi yelled with venom in his voice.

"Wh-?" His father began.

" This is your fault. All of you. How could you do this? Two young boys whose only crime was loving each other and because of your insolence and stupidity they can't even live anymore," Itachi's voice was rich with emotion," I hate you all. Every last one of you. My brother and his precious lover."

He knelt between the two sobbing girls and the bodies of the boys. He touched their cheeks and felt the tears that had been there from when they were separated. At least that would never happen again. They would be together forever now.

Itachi threw his head back and screamed. He screamed and the girls joined him. Eventually all of them were screaming into the sky hoping the boys would hear their cries.

Sasuke felt a warm hand on his and turned. Naruto lay next to him. They were in a warm bed and had been treated.

" Welcome, my children, to the realm of Shadows," A motherly voice said.

" Where?" Naruto asked.

" It is a place inside of yourselves where you go to gain energy. It means you were close to death and now you have stored yourselves away to get better. You will remain like this for a few minutes and then return to your bodies," She explained.

The boys looked at each other again. Nothing was hard to believe anymore. They shut their eyes and let their hands linger on each others. After a few minutes they felt as if they were being jerked back up.

They shifted in the girls laps. Sakura and Hinata looked down. Itachi looked too and saw them move again.

" They live," He shouted.

Sasuke sat up first. He grabbed Naruto and held him close as Naruto returned and placed his arms around Sasuke.

Cheers went up around them again. They smiled into the kiss they shared. This was it the moment they had been waiting for. The reign of Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki would begin.