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Written by Taipan Kiryu

Chapter 1

Thundercracker read for the second time the message that had just arrived a couple of minutes ago on his personal computer. It was addressed to him, but it was written in a very impersonal way. Definitely wrote by Soundwave.

But it wasn´t the coldness in which the Decepticon Communications Officer used to write up the official notifications what was bothering Thundercracker. It was the absolute lack of meaning behind the words, hundreds of Cybertronian characters that his mind couldn´t arrange in that moment.

Those kind of attention failures weren't common with him, but they had begun to happen since being on Earth. He often associated it with the unstable temperature of the planet, or the fact he had to spend more time than he could stand locked in an underwater base, very far away from the sky.

Thundercracker´s glance was lost on the screen of the computer, his attention very far away from the contents of the notification he had just received. His grey hands tightly held the arms of the chair in which he was sitting. His serious face was lightly illuminated by the glimpse of the screen. The rest of the room was almost obscure.

But the darkness of his personal quarters was suddenly broke by an abrupt purple light, as a tall slender figure appeared right beside Thundercracker´s chair. Such a phenomenon would have been surprising to any other Transformer, but the blue and grey Seeker was very used to that after having witnessed it thousands of times.

It wasn't rare for Skywarp to teleport inside Thundercracker's quarters as his deep dislike for loneliness made him a very recurrent visitor. He used to do it all the time, no matter the hour. The blue Seeker didn´t like to be disturbed when he wanted to be alone (which was practically all the time), but millions of years of being the favorite target of Skywarp´s friendship had taught him it was useless to try and keep the black and purple Decepticon out of his privacy.

"Hey, TC! Why is it so slagging dark in here? Lights at one hundred percent!" said Skywarp, dropping a datapad onto his friend's lap.

Thundercracker sighed and watched without interest at the data pad Skywarp had threw at him. Before he barely read the message on the little screen of the device, which happened to be the same one he had just received, his optics blinked at the increase of the lightning.

"I also received this communication, Warp. I was just reading it."

"We are in charge, bro!" said the black jet, letting himself fall to Thundercracker´s recharge berth. "Do you know what that means? Free time!"

The blue Seeker tossed the data pad aside and turned off his computer.

"We will be on duty," he simply said.

Skywarp made a disdainful face. "Just at the beginning. Didn't you read Soundwave´s message? We'll have three complete cycles of rest after delivering the energon shipment. Three free cycles, TC!!"

"Still, you shouldn't take things for granted, Warp. It´s the biggest energon shipment that has been sent to Cybertron in years."

Skywarp smiled and looked at the roof above him. He put his hands behind his head, like a pillow.

"Yeah… and it was assigned tous," he said, as if he were talking to himself.

Thundercracker turned around in his chair and glanced at his wingmate.

"Direct orders from Megatron. It seems that he's very pleased with us lately."

"Logic, TC. We've had a seventy three percent success rate in our last energy riots. That, and the fact we practically took down those filthy Aerialbots by ourselves! Slagging pieces of junk, how they dare call themselves fliers?"

Thundercracker nodded his head slowly. He envied the permanent joy Skywarp always had. No matter the circumstances, the black jet was always relaxed and cheerful. Nothing ever seemed to worry him.

"Just two more cycles and we'll be out of this hole," continued Skywarp, his optics dimming slightly with delight as a huge smile crept over him.

Thundercracker would have liked to share in his enthusiasm.

Living eighteen thousand feet under water had its advantages. There were practically no possibilities of having encounters with human creatures and any attempt of an Autobot intrusion could be easily detected hundreds of miles away. Besides, and what seemed to be even more important to Megatron, was that being under the sea kept the annoying earth noise away. And even though there was an important number of sea fauna living around the Decepticon base, the tranquility provided by the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean was never disturbed.

However, for a Transformer flier, specifically a Seeker, things were very different.

But that night it wasn´t the need to fly what had kept Thundercracker awake. It was a single, repetitive thought. He had spent the last hours turning from one side to the other on his recharge berth.

He gave up, finally, to the possibility of rest for the night. He activated a mental command of the lights to his quarters to fifteen percent intensity, as light shadows reflected down onto his blue and grey body. Skywarp was right. Thundercracker always kept the intensity of the lights at very low levels. He had always felt comfortable within the darkness.

He slowly rubbed his hands on his face and got up. Like every Seeker, he was claustrophobic, and spending big amounts of time in a reduced space was unbearable torture. But this night, his growing feeling of asphyxiation didn´t have anything to do with his claustrophobia.

By pure instinct, without giving it a rational thought, he opened the door of his quarters and left the room, his steps leading him toward the launch tower of the Decepticon base.

His need for the sky was now an urgency.

After flying all night, Thundercracker came back to the Nemesis base right at dawn, a couple of hours before the beginning of his surveillance shift, the last one before his departure to Cybertron the day after.

Instead of heading to his personal quarters, he walked toward a big corridor beside the Control Room that leaded to a huge door that was always closed. But the Seeker knew that, despite the early hour, the inside of the room was full of activity.

He stood in front of the door hesitantly before pushing a red button that was on the outside.

He waited for several seconds. He had to push the button three more times until the door hissed open and the ill-humored face of Bonecrusher welcomed him.

"Ah… it´s you, Thundercracker. What do you want?" said the Constructicon.

"I need to speak with Hook," answered the Seeker uneasily.

Bonecrusher glanced at Thundercracker in silence for some seconds and then turned around to walk inside the huge quarters. Thundercracker followed him, his discomfort increasing.

They passed a huge table in which Scrapper, Long Haul and Mixmaster were working on some kind of strange device. As the Seeker walked by, three pairs of not very friendly optics glanced at him.

"We're busy, Thundercracker," spat Scrapper.

"Busy, very busy," repeated Mixmaster.

"It will just take a moment," replied the blue Seeker, avoiding Scrapper´s optics.

Bonecrusher stopped right beside Long Haul and started to analyze a blue print full of red marks. He motioned toward a door at the end of the quarters, signaling he didn't seem to care anymore for Thundercracker´s presence.

The Seeker walked toward the door, which hissed open when its movement sensor perceived his proximity. Hook was inside, leaning over a big motor.

The Constructicon adjusted a pair of circuits and tested them three times before addressing his visitor.

"What, Thundercracker?" he asked, his optics focused on the circuits he had adjusted.

"I need a favor," replied the Seeker.

Hook´s right hand stopped right before adjusting another pair of circuits. His optic visor narrowed.

"A favor?"

The blue jet nodded.

"A neutral disguise… for tomorrow," he said casually.

Hook´s attention was caught. He folded his arms across his chest, tapping the tool he had in his right hand against his forearm.

Thundercracker bowed his head. "I know it´s sudden but…"

"We are very busy here. Besides, I don´t think I need to state that personal favors are not my forte," Hook said, returning his attention to the motor.

Thundercracker´s uneasiness grew. He glanced at the motor that Hook was repairing. As always, the work of the Constructicon's perfectionist was impeccable.

"If that's all you wanted…" continued the green and purple crane, watching the door.

"I really need this, Hook."

The Constructicon returned to his work. "Why don´t you go with Swindle? Perhaps he can help you."

"I need a complete disguise, not that bunch of junk Swindle could get me. Something that allows me to be… unnoticed."

Hook glanced at Thundercracker again. His mouth began to form a grin.

"Unnoticed, huh? Are you planning to get into enemy territory during your stay in Cybertron, perhaps?"

Thundercracker frowned. He didn´t want to give too much information to the Constructicon, even though he was the only one who could help him at that moment.

"Something like that," he muttered.

Once again, Hook tapped the tool he was holding, this time against his leg.

"Come back tonight. Your petition will be ready," he said, returning all his attention to the motor ahead of him.

Skywarp and Thundercracker walked out from the space bridge module on Cybertron. Skywarp did it effusively, looking at the somber Command Center of the Decepticon base at Polyhex like if he were watching a paradise.

"Back on Cybertron, TC!" he said cheerfully, poking Thundercracker´s chest. "Three entire cycles after we secure the energon shipment! I won´t be sober for an astro second, I tell you!"

Shockwave glanced at them coldly from his eternal post in front of the huge computer of the Command Center.

"The transfer of the energon shipment has been successful, Shockwave. No cubes were damaged during the trip," informed Thundercracker.

The voluminous purple robot nodded in silence and typed a large sequence of numbers on the keypad of the computer. At the moment, a little army of identical drones started to carry the energon cubes out of the space bridge module.

"By orders of Lord Megatron, you have been authorized to be dismissed for three cycles. You will be given the exact hour of your departure when the drones finish securing the energon. Be sure of coming back on time for your return to Earth," Shockwave said coldly, still typing huge ciphers on the computer.

"We will, One Eye, we will…" said Skywarp waving a hand and dragging Thundercracker by one arm.

Some minutes later, the fresh air of the Cybertronian eternal night welcomed both Decepticon Seekers.

"This is what I was talking about, TC! Back to the old Cybertron! I was so tired of that slagging bunch of organic garbage!" Skywarp said, his happiness clearly revealed in his huge smile.

Thundercracker glanced at the tall buildings surrounding them. He was surprised not to feel at least a little amount of the excitement of his wingmate. After all, he hadn´t been on Cybertron in more than four million years.

Skywarp rubbed his hands with delight as an evil grin appeared on his face.

"Do you know where we should head, TC? The night is young!"

"Primus, Warp! We just got here and you're already thinking about getting over energized?"

Skywarp cackled. "Actually, I was thinking about femmes. But now that you mention it, it wouldn´t be a bad idea to start with a couple of cubes of the best high grade energon around. Come on, let´s not waste more time here."

Thundercracker stood still. "I´ll catch you later. There are a couple of things I want to do first."

Skywarp stopped in his tracks. There were few times which Thundercracker had used that tone. The black Seeker looked at his friend deeply, his curiosity awakened. However, he knew perfectly well that if his friend didn´t give details about his activities, it meant he didn´t want to be questioned about them.

"Huh… TC… Will you be OK? I mean…"

"If I need you I'll radio you, Warp."

Skywarp glanced at Thundercracker hesitantly for a moment, and then smiled. "You better, because we are…"

Thundercracker rolled his eyes.

"Come on, TC! We are…"

Thundercracker sighed. "Best friends," he muttered.

"That´s right, bro!" yelled Skywarp, palming his wingmate´s back with more strength than any normal friendship would require.

Yes, definitely Thundercracker would have liked to share Skywarp´s enthusiasm.

To be continued.

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