Title: The Weakness of Man: Une sirène isolée
By: S.M.
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Jack, Norrington, Gibbs, some OCs
Warning: supernatural, m/m kiss; not much for this part
Disclaimer: I don't own POTC; all belong to Elliott, Rossio, etc.
Summary: It was time again to lure his prey.
A/N: This puts a bit of my own twist on the normal siren. :D I don't expect it to get too lengthy, but who knows?

Part One: "The Fires of Hell"

He shook violently as if he had been thrown into the coldest water imaginable. His fingers clutched the bed linens, his eyes were shut tightly, and he breathed heavily. The expression he bore looked like one of intense pain, occasionally finding a hint of relief bursting through.

Gibbs grabbed hold of the man's face and said sternly, "Jack, focus. Don't let it take ya yet. Focus. Come on."

Every now and then, Jack's eyelids opened to reveal feral and seductive black orbs. They were tainted with what Gibbs could only describe as the fires of Hell. He snarled like a rabid dog, making Gibbs yank on his hair.

"Focus, Cap'n. I need ya to hold it off. That's it. Just look right here at me."

Leisurely, the ferociousness dissipated. Jack's eyes returned to their natural color and calmness. He was left wholly exhausted in its wake.

"You're alright now, Jack. It's gone. It's gone."

A small whimper escaped Jack before he whispered, "It's time again, isn't it?"

Gibbs nodded. "Aye, it is."

"I see," he stated solemnly. "Set the course then."

The ship sailed into the distance, and the familiar feeling of utter loneliness settled upon him. He turned away from the shore and headed inland. The remote island had hardly changed in the past two months, if at all. There were plenty of trees and shrubbery to provide shade or refuge if need be, a fresh water spring was located near the center, and there was an abundance of fruit to satiate his hunger. What was not present with him was any sort of civilization.

He strolled the length of the island as he surveyed the horizon. There was not a vessel in sight yet, and he knew it would not be long before one came.

It began as nothing more than a whisper in the wind. The sound was pleasant to his ears, but it did not hinder him in any way. His men appeared to notice it as well, though they continued their duties diligently.

"Commodore, should we be worried?"

James Norrington lifted his head and closed his eyes briefly. "No, I don't believe so, Lieutenant."

As the minutes passed by, the song reached him more clearly. It sent a shiver down his spine and his anatomy tingled. He suddenly felt as if he had slipped into a trance, and he did not mind it whatsoever. It was entirely enjoyable.

The crew stopped and gazed upward as if to see the source. None of them realized that their ship's path had been changed; it now sailed on its own accord toward a pre-destined location.

Each of them was weighted down by their drenched clothing; their boots were heavy as they treaded out of the water to collapse onto the sand. The ship was wrecked, having collided with a large reef. The island had not been far, and they swam to it with the eerie song drawing them to it.

No one said a word. Many parted without agreement in order to search out the persuading voice.

James stepped foot on the grassy area and went deeper into the grove. Rays of sunlight cut through the trees' covers to provide an ethereal lighting. Onward he walked, his feet taking on a will of their own.

The wings are spread
He flies toward home
But where is he to go?

Left alone
He's lost his way
The sea has turned her tide.

It seemed so close, yet he could see nothing. He continued his trek as if being pushed. All at once, he spotted movement. His pace quickened in order to determine what was among him. The person walked slowly with his eyes closed and it was apparent that he was completely naked. There was a glow about him as if he were an angel. James crept nearer, taking caution to not make his company run.

The water's calm
The sails are full
The wind is in the West.

A compass rose
To show you home
It speeds you to your fate.

When James was mere feet away, the being suddenly stopped. The Commodore's breath left him. He watched with extreme anxiousness as the man turned around to face him.

The eyes were entirely black and would have frightened James somewhat if it had not have been for the gentle sparkle that lit them. His smile was filled with charm and seducement. James surveyed him unhurriedly from head to toe; the body was gorgeous, and it made him slightly aroused at the thought of ravishing it. He was coaxed to the man by a beckoning hand. He felt faint, but obeyed the unspoken command.

They were close enough to feel one another's breath on their skin. He stared giddily at the beautiful countenance before him, awaiting some sort of action.

Warm, soft lips pressed themselves to his before everything went black.

Part 2: "Can You Hear the Sailors Cry?"

Cold. Refreshing. It cascaded over his visage as if he were being baptized.

Gradually, James opened his eyes only to be blinded by a sliver of the sun's rays. He was soon cast into shadow as his caretaker moved into view above him. Another cup full of water washed over him, followed by gentle fingertips against his cheek. There was an instant where he took pleasure from the contact, but all at once the remembrance of the wreck showed in his mind. He bolted upright and glared at the man beside him.

"What are you?" he questioned firmly. "Who are you?"

Jack simply grinned and a flash of white went across his predatory eyes. The worry faded from James' expression, and he drowned once more in Jack's enchantment.

A low grunt escaped him as Jack straddled his waist. Having the man rub against him sent enormous spasms of ecstasy throughout his body. He wondered if he had the right to return the touch. With languid hands, he placed them on Jack's back and let them venture upward to the thick, dark mane of hair. Jack arched away from the palms at first, however he relaxed after a minute and released a delicious moan.

"I sense it too," Jack gasped near James' ear. "You know what you must do."

"What is it I must do?" He licked Jack's cheek before devouring the tanned neck with his mouth.

"You must kill him. Eliminate the threat, savvy?"

Jack pushed James to lie on his back and it was not long before he had the Commodore's trousers unbuttoned. James inhaled a shattering breath and shut his eyes. The heat from the oral cavity made his head spin. Jack drew him deeper into his throat and sucked with precision. The blissful noises that came from his prey was like fuel to a fire.

"Yes. I will kill him," James panted.

In short time, James exploded in Jack's mouth with a loud groan.

The blood on his hands was not something he was use to. Of course, being in battles here and there saw the red substance taint his clothes and skin, but it was never from one of his own men.

James stepped backward from the lifeless body, his eyes dilated with slight horror and his mouth open in astonishment. For an instant his rational side took hold of him, yet it faded quickly when the sultry voice sounded frighteningly close by.

"One's gone."

He spun all about to discover Jack observing him mere feet away.

"How many more are there?" he inquired nervously.

Jack strode before him and wrapped his arms about the Commodore's neck. "Hard to say, love." The last word sent a shot of heat through James' anatomy. "I feel two."

"Who are they?"

A conniving grin swept across Jack's features as he leaned forward to kiss James hungrily. The action made James almost crumple to the ground; he grabbed hold of the nude being to brace himself. A throaty noise emitted itself from Jack as he was immersed in pure satisfaction.

James was reluctant to allow Jack to pull away, but a reassuring smile that undoubtedly foreshadowed letting him have more later calmed his urge.

"You have to find them yeself," Jack stated smugly.

The blue eyes filled with puzzlement. "How will I-"

"You will."

None questioned the disappearance of the three men as days passed. It was easy to attribute it to the unknown demon that lurked beneath and atop the branches of the trees. Whenever one strayed from the group, a chilling tune echoed throughout the area and snatched the man's reasoning from his mind for a brief period. It caused him to have conflicted feelings of tranquility and the need for violence. The trance never lasted long, and he returned to his fellow Navy crew to tell the experience.

James took up sitting alone from his fleet. He eyed each of them with distrust. Four total had been done away with, making him believe that the problem had at last been settled. It was evident to everyone who looked at him in his solitude that his mind was seriously overtaken and warped.

Whispers declared it to be the Siren's doing.

As the late shift of the night watchers commenced, they constantly gazed from their spots on the beach to the foreboding forest that lay before them. They did not know of the pair of black, ominous eyes studying them from a treetop on the grass's edge.

The wind has died
The sun has left
Can you hear the sailors cry?

To home, they cannot return
So many have been hurt
Can you know of what they learned?

The sea's her own
She has dominions that serve
Calypso, please guide us home.

James could not feel his feet, or his legs, as they took him into the woodland. In the center of a small field, a stream of sunlight illuminated Jack's thin frame. He treaded to him timidly, breathing deep the words of the man's beautiful song. He remained silent until Jack finished, and as he was about to speak, Jack turned his sensual eyes upward to look at him; James was forced to his knees.

"You found them," Jack spoke softly.

"Yes. Yes I did. You were right. I heard mutters of mutiny and their names were attached to it."

A low chuckle came from Jack. "You don't have to stop with them."

"What do you mean?"

"You can get rid of them all. Who knows how long you'll be stuck here? They'll rob you of the resources, savvy?"

"But I….I don't-"

He was hushed as Jack pressed his lips securely to his own. He did not fight when Jack lay on his back and pulled him down as well. James found himself to be wholly greedy; he did not ask for consent as he unbuttoned his trousers and shifted them off his hips. It did not seem to bother Jack. In fact, the man was thrilled at the Commodore's actions.

Jack snaked his legs about James' back and kept his knees near the Navy commander's head. He panted with anticipation; his skin burned from desire.

He moaned loudly once he felt his company penetrate him fiercely. It was as if a madness unleashed itself within James; he thrust powerfully and relentlessly, arousing the most exhilarating noises to pour from Jack's parted mouth. He dominated the trembling body beneath him with only the thought of finally claiming the ravishing man for himself to motivate him.

But it shattered in an instant.

It was unmistakable – the dreamlike state he had been trapped in burst, leaving him to return to his normal self. He surveyed the area around him anxiously, but a choked whimper caught his attention. He gazed down at the person under him and ceased to breathe for a moment.

The rich brown orbs of the man were fraught with confusion, trepidation, and extreme fear. His breathing accelerated as a sense of desperation engulfed him. He stared at James and tears filled his eyes. It was very evident that Jack had no idea where he was.

James removed himself from the male and moved away. Jack began to crawl backward, never letting his gaze leave James' face.

The anger the Commodore had for the Siren faded as he watched Jack's terrified visage. The demon had vanished; in its wake it left a vulnerable, weak man.

"It's alright," James said soothingly. "I won't hurt you."

"What's…..Who are you?"

"My name is James Norrington. I am a member of the Royal Navy." He paused before asking, "Do you know what you are?"

Jack swallowed several times until he at last nodded his head.

"You brought me and my men ashore."

He wanted to say more, but yells filled with rage sounded. Jack's features clouded with utter panic and it was not long before he got to his feet. He ran from the shouting, helplessly searching for a place to hide.

James stood, buttoned his trousers, and attempted to stop his men, though it was to no avail.

The prey had started their hunt.

Part 3: "Come Alive"

The island was overrun by men who had become animals. They united for the same cause and would share in the same reward.

James simply ran alone to find Jack before his crew did.

The yelling seemed to echo everywhere around him, but there was no one in sight. He continued on with no clear idea where he was headed.

He traveled a good distance, but came across nothing. With a sense of failure, he made his way back to the beach. When he arrived, the angered voices sounded from furious faces.

They were gathered in a circle, cheering, and let their fists and feet collide with whatever they had surrounded. James treaded nearer; once he was on the outskirts of the group, he could hear pained whines mixed with sobs.

"Anyone want him?!" someone proposed energetically.

"You should like being fucked!"

James peered between a few of the soldiers; his entire anatomy shook from a chill that went through him. Red streaks adorned the sand with more droplets falling from Jack's nose and mouth. He was being beaten violently; thrown from one person to another to be struck horrendously. Several of them held him strongly and let their hands venture over his bruised body. He could not help but emit a tiny moan or breathy gasp whenever they fondled his manhood. The amount of utter humiliation was conveyed on his bleeding, battered countenance.

"Stop this madness!" James exclaimed furiously. He attempted to shove the assembly away. "Release him! Now!"

Several of them pushed him back, some departed in fear of disobeying a higher officer. Most continued their enjoyment with no thought to anything else.

James inched his way closer to where he could see Jack's face plainly. He felt it within himself first – a realization that it had returned. It was confirmed when he looked into Jack's eyes. They rolled upward and his mouth opened in a silent scream of agony. Suddenly, he gazed directly at James; the eyes were wholly black. The wrath was soon to be unleashed.

"Gentlemen, let him go," James said in a quivering voice. He never broke contact with Jack's unwavering stare. "You must listen to me. Let him go now."

It happened so quickly, he had no time to react properly. In a flash Jack severed the three men's grips on him with a swipe of his fingers. There were spurts of blood as the arms were cut from the bodies. The Siren's hand had transformed into what James thought to be the talons of a ferocious winged creature. The crowd speedily dispersed, leaving James to stand by himself to witness the oncoming slaughter. He was frozen; not only did the shock keep him rooted in place, but the fear of being noticed by the fiend from Hell contributed greatly to his immobility.

The claws sliced with ease across flesh and inserted themselves into the abdomens of the soldiers; they could be seen poking out from their backs.

Within seconds, the three had fallen to the ground in an appalling, lifeless mess.

The Siren surveyed the destruction, but abruptly turned his head to face James. A devilish grin swept across his features as he started to walk swiftly toward his witness. James was sweating profusely. He was entirely afraid of what the man might do.

He did not even realize he had taken a step backward until a questionable, sinister expression swept across Jack's eyes. He immediately ceased all movement. A lustful tint returned to the black orbs.

"You don't need to fear me, love," Jack whispered hotly. "You're the one who makes me come alive."

His eyes closed and he fell limp. James caught him before he collapsed.

The unconsciousness faded away at a leisurely pace. He wanted to lie on his back; however, he found himself to be bound tightly on his side with some rope and articles of clothing, while the sand served as a pillow.

Gradually, he opened his eyes to greet the evening. Nonchalantly, he looked about, noticing the huddled men now watching him closely. Their taunts and abuse rushed to his mind, making him quickly turn away. A person sat next to him the moment he did.

"You're awake," James stated before scrutinizing Jack's face.

"It's not here," the man replied softly.


A glance down at the bondage from Jack caused James to speak again.

"We had to. The men….They felt more secure with you like this. And I agree."

"It's understandable." The voice sounded weak, and the expression in his gaze conveyed exhaustion.

"What is your name?"

"Jack Sparrow…..Captain Jack Sparrow."

"Captain? Oh, well, I'm James Norrington."

"Aye…I remember. You're a Commodore, ay?"


"That's just wonderful. I'll be in even more trouble," he said with a grin.

"Why do you say that? I haven't mentioned anything about persecuting you-"

"You didn't notice?"


"On my arm – I'm a pirate, mate."

James fell silent and an uncomfortable period settled on them. At last, Jack broke the barrier.

"I have a proposal, Commodore. If you do not hang me, I will grant you and your mates safe passage to an island with civilization. Then you're free to return to wherever it is you came from. Savvy?"

"I suppose I could accept that."

"You all have been the first to ever capture me here. We usually leave them to their own devices for a week or so."

"So I should consider us lucky, then?"

"Indeed you should."

James cocked his head and studied him intently. "How long have you….When did you know you were a Siren?" The last word was spoken with caution as if it would conjure some evil doing.

Jack sighed heavily. "I've been one ever since I can remember. My parents tried everything: they hauled me to confess my sins almost everyday, baptized me with Holy water on numerous occasions, had the Priest bless me and attempt an exorcism, and they even did one trick of holding my head underwater for lengthy amounts of time. They thought that if the sea was corrupting me, perhaps forcing me to almost drown would prevent it. Eventually, it never went away and they abandoned me."

"How awful."

"It wasn't that bad. I was free to do and be whoever I wanted…..It used to take hold of me every week. I finally gained the strength to have it only come every two months. It'll be in and out over the next few days as it dies away."

James merely nodded his head as he let the words sink in. It was becoming harder to blame Jack for his actions.

All at once, Jack's eyes shut tightly and he grimaced in pain. A faint moan came from his parted lips as he started to breathe rapidly. James panicked, having no idea what to do. More whimpers filtered from Jack's mouth and he began to writhe about in an attempt to liberate himself. Warily, James placed his hand on Jack's forehead and let his fingers run through the thick hair.

"It's….It's all right," he assured in a shaking voice. "You have the strength – let it pass."

The eyelids shot open to expose the hellish, black orbs. James hurriedly crawled away and observed in terror. In several seconds, they closed and soon re-opened to show the tired ones of Jack. Slowly, the Navy man crept to his side once more. The pirate was gasping for air.

"Is it gone? Is it gone?" James asked anxiously.

Jack nodded. "Yes, it's gone," he panted.

"Can I get you anything? Anything at all?"


Without another word, James was on his feet racing for his canteen. When he returned he knelt beside Jack and presented it only to find the man asleep. A minute smile pried the edges of James' lips and he remained close to Jack for the rest of the evening.

Part 4: "Afraid"

Low voices remained within the circle of soldiers. Hateful glances in the pirate's direction alerted Jack that they were indeed discussing him. He did not mind as much whenever James came to sit beside him for company. He indulged in the man's conversation, delighting in the fact that he felt somehow connected to the Commodore.

The time spent with Jack did not go unnoticed by James' men, nor was it welcomed.

"How much longer do you anticipate being here?" James asked the bound man.

"Not much," Jack replied quietly. "They should be here any day now."

The Navy man nodded. "I'm relieved to hear that."

"She's the most beautiful thing you'll ever see, Mr. Norrington."

"Please, call me James, if you wish."

"Alright…James. When she comes on the horizon, you'll know."

"What do you call her?"

"The Black Pearl."

James smiled. "The name alone is beautiful."

A grin swept across Jack's face, lighting the tanned countenance with happiness for the first time for James to witness. "Aye," he whispered contently.

His eyelids soon closed as he drifted to sleep.

It started as a small speck on the horizon, but leisurely grew larger as it headed toward the abandoned island. The broad smile that showed on Jack's features gave James the confirmation of the ship's identity.

The Black Pearl. They were saved.

The soldiers hauled Jack to his feet and carried him to the long boat. Unbinding him was not something any of them were willing to do.

"Good to have ya back, Cap'n," Gibbs greeted as Jack was placed on the deck of his ship. The sailor glanced at the unknown men before adding, "I take it ya got caught."

"Aye," Jack mumbled. "Put them in the brig for now. Except for him." He nodded in James' direction. "He can stay up here or with me. Just take me to me cabin, savvy?" he said exhaustedly.


Gibbs passed the order on before transporting Jack to the man's personal quarters. After some encouragement from the pirate captain's mouth, James followed into the room. Gibbs laid Jack on the bed and began untying the ropes and pieces of fabric. Jack sighed happily from the liberation and moved beneath the covers to hide his nudity.

"You all right, Jack?" Gibbs questioned.

The pirate nodded. "I'm fine, thank you."

Gibbs gave a stern look at James before turning to leave the room.

"I don't believe he trusts me," the Commodore stated with a smile.

A gentle laugh came from Jack. "I'm just hopin' I can trust ya, mate."

"I'm a man of my word, if that's what you're worrying about."

"Good to know, love."

The name made James open his mouth to protest, but he closed it the instant Jack began to whimper quietly. His breathing accelerated as he panted; the eyes were shut tightly and his expression revealed intense emotion.

"Jack? It's here, isn't it?" James asked, frightened. "Fight it off; I know you can."

The pirate's back arched, raising him from the bed for a brief moment before he fell to rest on it once more. The whines turned into passionate moans, and James blushed from witnessing an event similar to an orgasm.

Jack continued to move about and create delicious, enticing sounds. Though he felt as if he should leave the room, James was unable to stand without swaying, let alone tear his gaze from the enjoyable sight.

Several minutes passed until Jack calmed and lay still. He went entirely silent, save for the soft breathing that filled the Commodore's ears. The slender man was utterly tranquil; he was suspended in sleep.

"Jack?" James placed a hand on the man's shoulder and shook it. A groan was the response.

Feeling compelled to stay, James settled in a chair nearby. His gaze never wavered from the figure peacefully resting on the bed.

Jack exhaled a small breath before turning to lie on his other side. The feeling of a slackened arm to allow him to move made him furrow his eyebrows. Someone was holding him; for whatever reason, he did not know. He wearily opened his eyes to discover it was James who kept him company.

A smile crept to the pirate's face and was mirrored quickly by one on James' visage.

"What are ya doin'?"

A tiny hue of red came to James' cheeks. "I had nowhere else to go. I was feeling tired too."

"Mm, call it what you like. You're quite a sneaky one, Commodore."

There was a pause before James questioned, "Is it finally gone? Completely?"

"Aye, it's gone. At least for another two months or so." Jack scrutinized the man's face mere inches from his and his brown eyes softened. "Are you afraid of me, Jamie?"

An expression of confusion swept across James.

"You can tell me."

James licked his lips and glanced downward. "Yes, a little. What you are-"

"You don't have to be."

James stared at the captain directly and noted the seriousness on his countenance. He had no idea why, but he found himself speechless from the statement.

As if suspended in a dream, he suddenly felt smooth lips gently pressing themselves to his. The kiss was kind, sincere, and inviting. He closed his eyes, ready to lose himself completely. A hand brushed against his cheek and ghosted through his hair.

Suddenly, he was brought back to his senses. He pulled away abruptly from Jack, leaving the pirate somewhat crestfallen. A minute smile quirked Jack's lips after a brief moment, while his eyes never strayed from the crystal blue ones.

"I understand," he whispered. "Being a Commodore and all."

The Navy man's mouth fell as if to speak, but he decided against it. Hurriedly, he rushed out of the room, leaving Jack to curse himself alone.