Sasuke returns to Konaha only to find that this once bright and cheerful place now has a bleak outlook. One of the most precious things to him, was destroyed and now he has to fix it.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Naruto walked towards the bridge, he was about half a days walk from Konaha. He looked down in his hand and examined the letter, had he come to the right place? What if it was a trap.

About a week ago Naruto found a bird sitting on his window sill with a letter tied around its foot. Messenger birds were usually sent to the bird tower and at first Naruto thought it might be a trap. He carefully unwrapped the letter and almost immediately he started to shake.


Its Sasuke, I need to come back.

Back to Konaha, no I haven't fulfilled my revenge and I haven't killed Orochimaru. Orochimaru has decided not to wait and wants to have my body now. I cant have that happen just yet, and I have no where else to go. I would like it of you would meet me at the bridge that goes over The River Tam (just made up the name) Well talk there.

Sasuke Uchiha…

P.S. don't tell Sakura

Naruto clenched his fists how could he do this? He planned on just using them again. Of course he wouldn't tell Sakura… he couldn't. Not after all she had been through. Just the thought of Sakura made his heart twist. He even felt tears begin to slide down his cheeks. He had tried to resist crying whenever he thought of her but it was too hard. So now, he just cried.

And here he was standing on the bridge waiting for Sasuke. He didn't even say goodbye to Sakura, if he did she would have asked where he was going, And he couldn't lie to her, no one could…

He heard steps behind him and he didn't have to look to see who it was. "Sasuke…"

"Naruto" Came Sasuke monotone voice. Naruto turned to him and studied him. He was still wearing Orochimaru's uniform. Naruto didn't know what to feel , hatred or happiness. "Say something" Naruto said.

Sasuke sighed as if he was annoyed. "what do you want me to say, you read my letter didn't you? It was all in there…" Naruto fumed

"so now what?!? You just wanted a fucking escort back to the city?" his blue eyes flaring

Sasuke glared at him. "do you think that their just going to let me walk back in?"

-0-0-0-0-0-0-0- Entering KONAHA -0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-

Tsunade stood by the gate. Naruto had spoken with her about the situation. Of course he had to if he wanted to leave the village. She waited patiently for the whole day. How would the town react? What about Kakashi… what about Sakura…? The thought of Sakura made her want to vomit. An alternative to crying…

Tsunade dozed off thinking about happier times, times with Sakura, training in the woods and pummeling Sakura with different techniques. Before she knew it Naruto was standing in front of her with an all too familiar person at his side… Sasuke.

Tsunade had planned on civilly welcoming him back but all the anger she had felt for the last two years suddenly exploded out of her and she could barely control herself "Welcome back" She said through gritted teeth, She glared at him so intensely that even Sasuke felt a shiver go down his spine. 'why is she so pissed at me?'

"Naruto.. bring Sasuke to my office.. and … tell them he is back…" she said with restraint.

Naruto looked up at her. "everyone…?"

She looked at him with glassy eyes "yes Naruto… we have to"

Sasuke eyed the two what the fuck was going on?

The walk to the tower was a long one. A long quiet one, so quiet that even Sasuke couldn't stand it.

"so how is every one..?" he said quietly

"fine… Gaara's in town right now.." Naruto looked at the ground

"Aa… is he at the hokage's tower?"

"yeah… He visiting someone…"

"soo… do you still eat the that ramen place, wasn't the name Ichi.. something.."

"I haven been there in a while… " Naruto never lifted his head.

Sasuke watched him… what happened here? When they approached the tower Sasuke spotted Neji and they shared a glare. Or at least Sasuke glared… Neju looked at him with the slightest hint of amazement, but it quickly turned to disgust. Neji turned to Naruto and gave him a questioning look. "He came back Neji.. isn't that great?!" Naruto said, for the first time showing at least half of a genuine smile. Neji nodded lightly… "does he know?"

Naruto's smile immediately faded "no.. I'm about to show him…"

"Ill go with you then…"

Sasuke looked at them "do I know what? Whats going on with everybody?"

Neji shook his head "Well show you…"

They walked through a long hallway, several people were in it, some of them Sasuke used to know, but they barely spared him a glance, they all seemed dazed and lost, not wanting to move. At the end of the hall was a door, with a small window in the middle of it. Sasuke saw Gaara walk into the door.

Then it hit him.. a sick feeling suddenly filled Sasuke's stomach.. "Naruto… where's Sakura?"

Naruto watched has Gaara stepped out of the room, he smiled at Naruto and then looked at Sasuke "hn" he said with a hint of distaste. Naruto stepped closer to the door and looked through the small window. "look in here Sasuke.." Sasuke stepped closer to the window and looked through it. "Sakura…" He whispered.

There she was, her hair was just as short and just as pink, she sat in the middle of a room with a large coy pond in it and several other things. She was wearing her Haruno clothing and sitting in the edge of the pond with a dead fish in her hands. Sasuke recognized the green glow around her hands. Naruto gently knocked on the door and Sakura turned her head. What Sasuke saw made him want to turn around and run back to Orochimaru.

Sakura looked towards the door, but not with her eyes…., a white cloth was gently tied over her eyes.

"What is this?" Sasuke said hoarsely.

"She's Blind Sasuke.."

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