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Sasuke didn't remember being dragged out of Sakuras' room, or being thrown onto Tsunades' couch, he didn't even remember them bandaging up his shattered ribcage.

What he did remember was Sakura kicking him into a wall just when he was about to uncover her big secret. He inhaled slowly due to the sharp pains that throbbed throughout his entire body. He heard a cough and turned his head to see Tsunade sitting at her desk, giving him an analytical stare. He grunted as he tried to sit up to face her.

"Don't strain yourself Uchiha… Sakuras' blows are not things to be taken lightly… your lucky she didn't kill you…" she laced her fingers together and placed them under her nose.

"She…" he grunted and straightened up "she kicked me…"

"obviously…" she drawled. "…the entire building shook… the only reason your alive is because of your excellent physical conditioning…" Sasuke blinked… had Sakura aimed to kill?

Tsunade sighed "I healed you as much as I could… although it feels like I didn't do anything, you should be fine by tomorrow…" Sasuke felt his ribs, he looked up to thank her when Shizune burst through the door "Tsunade!" she screamed "A village in the west it-" she stopped when she saw Sasuke sitting awkwardly in the corner. She stuttered on her words and clutched a bundle of papers to her chest.

Tsunade stood up "Uchiha out!" Sasuke jumped up and staggered towards the door which was slammed behind him. The minute it was shut he could hear the muffled rantings of Shizune, she sounded panicked and frightened. He slowly walked down the hallway, his brain swimming with questions and hypotheses of what might be happening. He heard Tsunade yell something and several ANBU ran past him and into her office.

Now he was a little disturbed, he walked out of the tower and into the pale morning sunlight. Surprisingly the village was swarming with people, running back and forth, ANBU were meeting in groups by the gate and departing quickly. "What the hell…" he mumbled and turned in the direction of Narutos' house. His walked blending into a full on sprint as he saw more and more people running panicked throughout the village.


Naruto had his ear pressed to the phone, listening carefully to everything that Ino was telling him.

"they said that everyone was dead!"

"Everyone? Is that a joke? That village was huge!"

"I don't joke about shit like this Naruto! They have already called my team out to investigate…so I can't talk for long, are you with Sakura?"

"No, she is at her place."

"you should go to her… she probably doesn't know what's going on, and she is still the best medic in the village, maybe she can help…"

"yeah… but Ino…how the fuck do you wipe out an entire village without ever entering it?"

"I don't know Naruto… all I heard was that when they approached the mane gate it looked like a nightmare… everyone was dead… they came back as soon as possible, they were too frightened to enter the village…I'm being sent to check it out…"

"my god…"

"Naruto… I was thinking…"


"now.. don't get mad but… this seems like something that …well… that Orochimaru would do… you don't think that-"

"no… he wouldn't…"

There was a sigh… "All right then… well I have to go… Naruto?"


"In case… in case I don't come back… tell Sakura a love her…"

"…I will…"

"Thanks you… bye"

"be safe Ino" he hung up the phone and breathed out. He quickly threw on his black shirt and ran out of his apartment towards Sakura.

"Naruto!" Sasukes' throaty voice stopped him and he turned to see the Uchiha panting lightly with his hands on his knees.

"Sasuke! You-"

"Naruto what's going on?!"


The cold walls suffocated every living thing inside them. She breathed in and out but each breath felt like poison drying out her lungs. Her wrists were raw from being cuffed and dragged and her nearly naked body shivered, begging for warmth. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she stared at the dead body in front of her. She clenched her teeth together and suppressed a cry.

"you did an excellent job Sakura…" that venomous voice stung her ears and she clenched her fists. "this is exactly what we wanted of you, your reputation precedes you…"

"go to hell" she hissed.

"but you did such a wonderful job… you would make a wonderful addition to my community"

"GO TO HELL!" she shouted as she jumped up, swinging her fist towards the figure.


Sakura woke covered in sweat, her heart was dancing like a stallion. She was back in the darkness again… without an escape from her nightmares… her sins…

She whimpered and rolled onto her stomach.

*knock knock*

She lifted her head "hello?"


"Naruto!" she said, relieved that he was here now. "come in!"

She heard the door open and felt a gush of wind fly towards her as he ran in. She could hear Sasuke breathing.

"Sakura there's an emergency!" he grabbed her shoulders and hoisted her up.

Sakura was stunned for a moment "w-what happened?"

"one of our men went to a village just south of here and said that the entire village was dead, we don't know what's going on!" He was searching frantically for her shoes while trying to explain things.


Sasuke felt his heart rip….

This was it …

"When the time is right… strike at midnight…" Sasuke nodded and turned to leave.

Midnight… midnight tonight… He felt his heart icing over again and a small groan escaped his lips and he unconsciously grasped his heart.


Sakura could have screamed, she could have slit her own throat if she had a knife. An entire village dead… dead.

'I'm a murderer…' she thought.

She could hear Naruto scrambling around grunting something about shoes. She felt acid rising from her stomach but she swallowed it down, she could felt tears stinging the back of her eyes.

That was when she heard it, the uncomfortable groan from Sasuke. She stiffened and hatred filled her veins… Sasuke Uchiha…


Naruto had finally found her shoes and practically dragged her out of the room.

"Naruto where are we going?!" she gasped, trying to keep up.

"the council room, there starting a meeting now" he continued to sprint down the hallway with Sasuke running next to him.

"Will they let us in?" Sasuke asked. Naruto glanced at him "that's why I brought Sakura"

Sakura grunted, she hated the council meetings, but she had attended almost all of them. Her position as top medic and right hand girl of the Hokage made her a must have at these meetings. Sasuke glanced at her but quickly tore his eyes away. Looking at her made him feel guilty…


The council room was crowded and smoky, it was dead silent as the council members spoke to the crowd which listened with desperate interest. When Naruto burst through one of the side doors gasping loudly with Sakura in tow and Sasuke close behind, no one even glanced at them. Naruto stood on his tip toes, craning his neck, looking for Tsunade. "there she is" he whispered. "C'mon Sakura" he whispered again. They walked silently to where she stood. She had spotted them and nodded, mouthing the word 'hurry'. Sasuke stayed behind, he leaned against the wall and closed his eyes, meditating, trying to figure out this knot in his brain. He knew what he had to do… but now that it was crunch time… he didn't want to do it.

Naruto handed Sakura to Tsunade who put her hand on the girls shoulder proudly. Naruto walked back to Sasuke and listened to the council.

"From what we were told…" an old raspy voice echoed throughout the room "when the men approached the village… everyone was dead… but there was no sign of struggle or conflict…" He coughed into his hand, the stress was evident on his withering face.

A unanimous voice from the crowd called out. "how exactly did the victims look? Were they asleep?"

The old man paused "that… is the troubling part… the villagers all seemed to be dead in different ways… the tower guards were seen lying on the outside of the gate… there bodies crushed… most likely from a fall…"

There was a thrum of whispers. "A fall? Trained ninja don't just fall…" Naruto whispered in Sasuke's ear. Sasuke ignored him, listening to this… listening to all these people talk about how horrible this was…

They all grimaced at the idea of an entire village dying… but Sasuke… he almost felt…


It was like being back with Orochimaru… like standing next to a lightning bolt. The sheer power of it was enough to mesmerize anyone. And to Sasuke, it was like a drug… Thinking about how the entire village of Konaha… one of the greatest in the world, was now completely stumped, Sasuke almost grinned.

The ice was back…

The old man coughed again "they said that when they looked inside the walls people were lying in the streets, some had blood all over themselves and others seemed to have fallen as well…"

"so they were murdered?" another voice called. Sakura stiffened.

"well… that's the other issue… no one had even entered the village…there was no sign of struggle…"

Several people stood up, all yelling questions at the same time. Tsunade stood "Quiet!"

The room fell into silence again.

She looked around "we sent people to investigate… when they return tomorrow we will decide what to do… but the last thing we want is to panic!" several people nodded and mumbled in agreement. "so… tomorrow we will take action… for now… take care of your families… your homes… be prepared for anything…"

The council was dismissed and everyone left in silence. Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura walked out of the building slowly, neither of them saying a word for some time... Sasuke mumbled something about being tired and Naruto agreed. "Sakura your staying with me tonight… is that okay?"

"yeah that's fine.." her eyes had been burning for the past two hours, she could practically feel the flames eating away at her flesh. But she didn't flinch or scream. She deserved every once of pain… she deserved to die…

The trio went separate ways, Sasuke sauntered off to his dark home and Naruto quickly cleaned his house, shaking the food off of his bed before letting Sakura in. He then plopped himself onto his couch and closed his eyes… he felt his heart crunching together… his village… the place he loved… could be in extreme danger…

But Tsunade was right… right now they needed rest… So he slept…


Ino inhaled sharply as she approached the village, her two companions did the same. One was a tall male medic named Hideki, the other was a redhead named Miho.

Hideki shook his head "how is this possible?"

Ino frowned "lets go" she walked through the gates followed by Miho and Hideki. It was like a nightmare, so unreal and inhuman that the only thing it could possibly be was a dream. But Ino knew it was real…

Bodies littered the streets, even small children were seen lying lifeless on the ground. Miho had covered her mouth, her hands were shaking as she looked around "who killed them?... who could have done this?"

Hideki frowned "this smells like Orochimaru… not even the Akatsuki are this sick…"

Ino nodded "Akatsuki wouldn't even bother with this… they aren't interested in villages like this…"

"but… why would-" Miho was cut off by Hideki.

"That's just how Orochimaru is… I was once sent on a mission to eliminate some of his followers… when we found the base they had occupied … well… lets just say it looked a lot like this…" Ino grimaced, she had heard from Naruto where Sakura had been found… it was starting to sound a lot more like the work of Orochimaru.

Hideki continued. "my guess is that he got some sort of new weapon and wanted to try it out… test his power…" disgust was dripping from Hideki's words.

"Allright… we need to search for survivors… but I doubt were going to find any… lets start by searching the-"

I high pitched scream interrupted her and she turned to see Miho writhing on the ground screaming bloody murder. She ran over to her and grasped her shoulders. "Miho! What's wrong?!?" she shook her shoulders but the girl only continued to scream. "Hideki! Get a sedative from my bag!" he rummaged through her backpack until he found the needle. "Here!" he handed it to Ino but it was too late. Miho reached into her own pocket and pulled out a kunai, lodging it into her own throat and ripping it to the side, nearly severing her entire head. Ino screamed and jumped away, she could hear Hideki breathing hard "she killed herself! She killed herself!" he gasped, grasping his head. "Hideki we have to get out of here!" she turned to run when she heard a loud groan of pain. She turned to Hideki who had fallen to his knees. His nails were digging into the sides of his head and streams of blood were flowing down his face. "Hideki no!" she screamed backing away from him.

He ground his teeth together and slammed his head down into the earth and started screaming. "Oh God!" Ino cried as she ran as fast as she could back to Konaha.


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