Naruto Deserted Island

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Naruto X Hana Inuzuka

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This is the seventeenth installment of the Deserted Island Series and we are now back to the single woman concept.

And this time we are going to throw the meat to the wolves this time…

And if you don't know what that means, let me simply say the name of Naruto's new partner in the deserted island. The name is…Hana Inuzuka.

That's right, Kiba's sister is going to be joining Naruto on the boat and joining him on the island soon enough, some people had been asking this of me for some time so I decided to make this pairing so it would be something for the readers to enjoy. As for those of you who might not know much about Hana, here's the low down.

Compared to the rest of the Inuzuka Clan, Hana is more laid back, gentle-natured, compassionate, and kind hearted though she is more than willing to fight in battle to protect her family and the village, she has a trio of canine familiars with her in battle and they are loyal to her in many ways when she goes off in missions. She is a great medic in treating animals due to her position as a veterinarian though her domestic skills need some level of work.

Kiba cares for her as much as he cares for his mother and Akamaru, so how will Kiba react if he does find out that Hana and Naruto are going to be on the same island?

Find out!!!


In a large ship…

Naruto shook his head as he looked about to see just what was going on there on the other side of the ocean, this trip to the Land of Snow/Spring was something of a vacation for him that was requested of him by Tsunade, he naturally wanted nothing to do with a vacation and had argued with the blonde Hokage about it, he knew he was not going to get far with Tsunade but he was not the kind of guy to back down easily, even if he knew it was doomed to fail.

He loved and respected Tsunade, almost like a mother in this case and she treated him like a little brother or a son, but that certainly didn't mean he was going to be easily bossed around, so they had a loud argument about it, but when it was all said and done, he did it, and Tsunade was happy that he agreed with her request, besides he did feel a bit worn out with all the running about and he knew he would be of little help in fighting Akatsuki and locating Sasuke if he was burned out by all the things he was doing.

Of course, he was not alone as he had company; apparently Hana Inuzuka was coming along for a vacation that was placed by her mother Tsume. Hana had been working for a long time now in the village as both a ninja of her rank as Chuunin and a veterinarian of the village itself. Tsume insisted that she take the day off and go on a break and even Kiba agreed that his big sister would need to take a break, so here they were on the ship to the Land of Snow/Spring, as soon as they got there, Princess Koyuki had a small but official welcoming party for them.

It did his heart good that he was able to see just how much the land had changed years after he and his group had helped free if from the corrupt grasp of Koyuki's uncle. And it had been kind of surprising to see how affectionate the princess was when he was before her, and was something that made Hana laugh a bit as well. The time he spent there was really nice and the food was worth it as both he and Hana as well as her canine familiars were treated as honored guests of the princess. The vacation last at least a week or so and along the way, there had been no reports of attacks on Konoha while he was away.

After the long vacation, he was eager to head back to Konoha and get back to the usual things that he knew that he needed to take care of, it would be nice to see his friends once more and get back to dealing with Akatsuki and also finding Sasuke as well. As for Hana, she was eager to get back to her regular duties as while she had indeed enjoyed her time in the Land of Snow/Spring. He also was happy to be given some new supplies by Koyuki, and the supplies were then stored into his scrolls and those were also stored in a special back pack that was sealed by chakra that recognized his own.

He thanked Koyuki for the precious gift and they were now on their way home from the Land of Snow/Spring and he was eager to finally call it a day and get back into the grind of things, that in itself would have been weird, but he was eager to do something to get the blood flowing and also go back to finding Sasuke and see if he could save him. He had long wondered if he was going to succeed, but he reminded himself that he made a promise and he had to keep it. Besides, he wanted Sakura to be happy, he cared for her still, though he wondered if his feelings would be returned someday, or he might as well…

"Penny for your thoughts?"

The blonde Genin turned and there was none other than Hana and she was accompanied by the three canine familiars that had been there when she was born into the Inuzuka Clan, he could see that she was curious on what seemed to be occupying his thoughts for the moment and he replied since there wasn't anything wrong with him making an answer to her question.

"Nothing, just thinking about getting back to Konoha and getting things done there in the village."

"I see…that's good to hear, at any rate, in a few days, we should be there soon. As for me, I can only hope that my vet practice is still going well back there in the village, I trained my replacement well enough, but the incoming workload might be a bit much for him."

Naruto nodded and decided to relax a bit but found his eyes wandering to Hana, he had not paid too much attention to Kiba's elder sister when they first met, and that was when Akamaru got himself infected by that bio-weapon, and had become quite the handful, he recalled the time she had tried to fix his torn pants….much to his embarrassment. It was not too bad though and he had to admit that Hana was rather nice, and she could be tough and dangerous if the situation called for it. All in all, she was a nice person and it certainly helped matters that she was rather attractive…

The blonde quickly realized where his thoughts were heading and he quickly shook his head to get those thoughts out of his brain, after all how would Kiba react if he found out that he was having thoughts about his sister Hana? The last thing he wanted was Kiba getting himself in a bad mood because of that since Kiba and him were friends. Of course that certainly didn't mean that he was not going to stop looking as discretely as he could towards Hana.

However, Hana, being more experienced than Naruto as a ninja was quick to see his study of her and she couldn't help but be amused b y that. She recalled meeting him when he had to help Kiba with Akamaru as well as her helping fix his pants, though she admitted that she was not very good with that part of being domestic but she didn't mind all that much. He was rather cute and also funny in his own way. But he was brave and strong as well, as evident in his courage under fire and his willingness to risk life and limb to help friends and allies.

All in all, he was a very nice young man and wouldn't be bad boy friend material.

Hana smiled a bit more as she looked away for the moment to get those thoughts out of the way for the time being as she decided to look at the horizon on where they had last been to the Land of Snow/Spring and then looked at the other direction at the area where they would soon be home. She then looked at Naruto who seemed to be looking at a different direction, this allowed her to look at him a bit more clearly, she smiled at the whisker marks on her face as it made him more animalistic in a sexy kind of way since he had grown older.

Hana Inuzuka, stop that this instant!

Hana sighed a bit and that was enough to get Naruto's attention as he looked at her with concern in his face.

"Are you all right Hana-san?"

Hana smiled at that and replied.

"I'm fine, just thinking about something, listen, I'll go get my canines some food for the trip in the galley, I'll see you later Naruto-kun."


As Hana left and entered the ship, she decided to get her act straight, she was a little bit older than Naruto and so it would be a bit odd for someone like her to develop a relationship with one so young, not that it was wrong since they were ninja and as ninja there were different sets of rules for them, considering the kind of lives ninja lived in for most of their time, but it was wrong since she knew Naruto was not into that sort of thing, sure he was attracted, she saw that much in his not so secret once over of her, but she doubted that being in a relationship with an older woman was his thing…

Still, it wouldn't be a bad idea for her to try and tease the answer out of him when given the chance, but she was not going to make an issue out of that. However, just as she was going through the area to the galley, something whiffed past her sense of smell and that of her three canine familiars and that was enough to alert them as the smell was toxic and smelled….burning, that was the two things one did NOT want to smell when in the ocean in a boat of all things, as she turned to look for it, Naruto appeared and she was quick to get his attention and he was aware of the smell, no doubt due to some influence by the Kyuubi. The Kyuubi had begun to fine tune some of it's host's senses to aid Naruto in some fashion and it had proven effective to some degree as well.

The two of them quickly tracked it down into the cargo hold and to their shock they found a raging fire brewing near what appeared to be a puddle of chemicals, Hana realized that those chemicals had somehow leaked out of their containers and mixed together and they were very much able to ignite easily, the puddle spread to the two containers and somehow began to grow until the containers were leaking fast. Naruto tried to reach for some water but Hana knew that it was not going to work as she knew those chemicals were spreading too fast for them to put out.

"No Naruto-kun! It's too late! We need to warn everyone and get them off the ship now before it's too late!"

Naruto agreed and quickly unleashed his Kage Bushin and sent them through the ship to warn passengers and crew while Hana did the same thing with her familiars coming with her at the very same time as they warned the ship, at first the people they met didn't seem to agree wit them but when the smoke began to grow thicker and the smell of burning paint, wood and more hit their noses, they were more than convinced. The sailors who tried to respond realized that the fires had spread too quickly so they could only do what they could in order to ensure that whatever they could save was saved and the people off the ship before it was too late for them all to get to safety. Hana and her familiars along with Naruto helped as many as they possibly could and as soon as they were sure that they were able to get as many people off the ship as possible, they got on the last life boat though they also got their things quickly out of the rooms they had before hand and left the ship. As the ship burned down, the blonde quickly tried to look for any sign of the other life boats but as fate would have it, a large storm came and Naruto knew that things were going to get really bad for him and Hana as well as Hana's familiars. He hoped that they were able to weather this latest disaster as the storm hit them, and it hit hard.

Thankfully the rains were not all that bad and the wind didn't get too fierce, but they were soaked and the waves were not cooperating to say the least, however, despite the situation, Hana and Naruto managed to hold on as well as get the sail of their boat to work and soon enough, the winds sent them through the storm, however, without a map, they had no idea where they were going to go. That was when the Kyuubi awoke, apparently it had been so bored it decided to take a nap, but the activity was more than enough to rouse the sleeping demon fox.

(("What the heck is going on here?!"))

(You're awake?!)

(("Of course I'm awake you dunce!! How am I supposed to sleep with all this bloody racket going on out here?! What the bloody hell are we doing in a small boat in the damned ocean?!"))

Naruto told the Kyuubi everything and the blonde could hear the Kyuubi seemingly growling in annoyance.

(("I can't believe this….anyway, there's an island around here somewhere up west, head that way and we're in the clear."))

(How do you know there's an island there?)

(("I saw it when I was wandering the world out of boredom, and I know that place is safe for you and your friend so get going there and stop asking foolish questions!"))

Naruto decided to go with his gut and trust the Kyuubi for now, he never trusted the Kyuubi, but he had no choice and part of his mind told him that he should trust the Kyuubi this time around, so no matter how much he thought that it sounded just plain crazy he had no other option. They followed the direction and sure enough, there was indeed an island before them and they moved quickly to that spot before the storm managed to catch up with them and get them further soaked as well. Once they hit the beach, Naruto and Hana quickly got the boat onto the shore and lashed it tightly on a large outcropping of rock and looked for a place to get dry but not before taking what they could from the boat that would be of help to them.

They managed to do those things in time as the storm finally came on the large island and began to soak the place up with water and it was then that the two ninjas managed to avoid getting even more wet, however, they realized that their clothes would need to dry out more though Naruto was a lot more nervous at this point since this would be the first time he had ever removed his clothes in front of a woman. Hana however seemed to be more practical and removed her vest and her outer shirt, leaving her in a tank style under garment with a fishnet style tank top on top as well. Even so, it was more than enough to show to Naruto that Hana had a very ample bust and that made him blush even more.

Hana turned and spoke in a very authoritative voice to her companion as she knew that despite the situation, now was not the right time to be modest, she knew from her own time in the field that getting sick was the last thing they needed on this island.

"Naruto-kun….you need to take those clothes off and get dry!"

"Ah….are you…"

"Naruto-kun! Now is not the time to be picky! The last thing you need is to get sick on this place!"

Without waiting for an answer since she could already see the effects on Naruto, Hana wasted no time and began to remove his clothing, and she did it quickly to avoid getting into an argument with the blonde Genin though she knew just what was the reason he was not liking the idea of losing his clothing in the first place. Truth be told she should have taken a more conservative approach with this but she knew that time was of the essence and now was not the time to get all bothered, once that was done, she quickly took out a set of water proof flares and started getting a fire together and thankfully there were some pieces of dried wood there and soon they got a fire going.

The warmth was more than welcome for all of them as they huddled as close to the fire as possible while the rain continued to beat down on them. As soon as it seemed that the rain was going to let up, the blonde Genin decided to check his pack and to his relief, the items were all there and were still going to be useful for them all. The items included some food, several shuriken and some kunai as well as some storage scrolls and a small medical kit that was given to him by Tsunade on the off chance that he got injured and it would take too long for the Kyuubi to do it's thing.

These were enough as the rain began to lessen and as soon as it stopped, the two got out of their shelter and decided to look around for any other survivors from their ship that might have made it to the other side of the island itself, they moved out as the sun now returned to beat down on the island, it was getting hot and therefore they decided to move with their clothes back on after putting out the fire, they moved on the coastlines of the island first and sadly found no sign of possible landings by others, they moved on but it was not long before the heat of the sun became too much as there was no cloud cover above them, this forced Hana, Naruto and the three dogs to go and find some form of shelter or make some, they managed to find a good enough spot near what appeared to be a small stream of water that was fresh and therefore safe for them to drink. They managed to find some heavy braches and made a basic lean to for them to rest in and they decided to get some rest, with Hana resting first on the ground that they had been able to cover with some soft bushes for bedding while Naruto leaned back on one of the trees and closed his eyes.

As soon as they awoke they had learned that they had rested for at least four hours and soon it was going to be night time so they headed back to where the boat was and then build the same shelter but deeper into the land and was a bit more comfortable, this had taken them a bit longer to get ready since it was requiring more time and effort as well as materials, fortunately they had been able to do so since Naruto used his Kage Bushin to speed things up as well as them being watched over by Hana's canine familiars as they worked on their shelter. As soon as they were done, they got a fire going as night fell on them. They also made a move to look at the boat they had with them get some idea of what else they had to work with.

It was here that they found some extra tins of food as well as a larger medical kit which was going to be rather handy and thankfully some small tools and supplies as well as some rope and spare water proof flares. And the real bonus was a short wave radio and some spare batteries for emergencies. This would be very helpful indeed and these were taken in and stored away by the pair. As soon as they got back to their shelter, they got to eat some of the food and as soon as they were full, Naruto spoke to Hana about their chances of being found.

"What do you think Hana-san? Will we be found?"

Hana shook her head and replied.

"I honestly don't know Naruto-kun, this is a short range radio, at least three or four miles range at best, so we might have to use it only as a back-up as well as the batteries themselves. We can't waste them in fruitless attempts to signal any passing ships that might as well be out of range. But that certainly doesn't mean that it's going to be over like that, if we can hold on here and find a way to signal any passing by ships, then we have a chance."

Naruto nodded as he was not going to give up just yet and it was not long before the two of them got to see the stars and the moon in the cloudless sky, the light at night was more than enough to make them feel a bit more relaxed and the fire certainly helped. As soon as they felt sleepy, Naruto decided to let Hana get some much needed sleep and as soon as she was asleep, he decided to also get some sleep himself.


The next day…

Naruto got up and looked about in the shelter that he and Hana were able to make for the time being yesterday, he saw that the three dog allies were there sleeping on the ground outside the shelter. He looked at Hana and was happy that the young woman was all right and he decided to leave the camp that they were currently in, as soon as he left the three dog familiars of Hana looked at him and he spoke.

"I'm going to go see if there's food on the island, stay here all right?"

The dogs seemed to nod at him and Naruto hoped that they understood what he was saying to them as he moved out to the rest of the island to find anything that would be able to help them survive, as they moved on, the Kyuubi proved to more than adept in finding what was needed to ensure that they would live, they found some wild berries and those would do well since according to the Kyuubi, these would be fine to eat and were not poisonous. They also found some other herbs and lemons that were good for seasoning food though Naruto had his doubts on the idea of finding the kind of food that this would be best used on in this kind of location to begin with, but he took the food items anyway since there was no telling what else they could find.

Along the way, they spotted a house, Naruto was happy and tried to see if anyone was there, but to his disappointment, there was no one there at all, the house was abandoned and it was already breaking down, however he managed to find a large fishing net and some other things that might be of use, some still serviceable tools like a hammer, some saws that were stored in a box and both of the saws were safe. The Kyuubi then spoke to him seriously, at least it sounded serious to the blonde Genin.

(("All right kit, time to pack it up and get a move on, we need to get some food remember?"))

They moved on and there the blonde spotted a large school of fish in a large river…and he gasped at the sight of the fish as they were very large and healthy looking, the Kyuubi was naturally able to recognize the fish before Naruto well enough and spoke.

(("Salmon….hmmm, we're in luck kit, this must be their breeding season, come on, time to go fishing."))

( Are they safe to eat?)

(("You've never tried salmon before have you? You can eat those raw and right off the river and they are good to the taste so yeah, they are good to eat, now hurry up, we got to get moving before they get spooked."))

The blonde followed the Kyuubi's advice as he made several Kage Bushin and three of the summoned Kage Bushin moved across the river with their hands on one side of the net while Naruto and the others two held the other side of the net. As soon as the net was in place a large number of salmon made their way down to the trap and soon enough the six people were hit by what one would describe as a massive wave of fish and it took all their strength to hold onto the net as the fish they caught began to struggle hard on the net.

Naruto and his Kage Bushin groaned out in effort as they struggled to bring the net to the bank while the large fish continued to struggle in their trap, the blonde hoped that the net would hold long enough for him and his Kage Bushin to haul them out of the water. The effort really took out a lot from Naruto as he and his Kage Bushin took the net to the shore and then drag the fish to the riverside. Once that was done, the blonde began to kill the fish with his Kage Bushin's support with some of the kunai, once all the fish were dead, the blonde was instructed by the Kyuubi to find a strong and thick wooden branch with a lot of areas that could be sharpened by his kunai into spikes. Once he did so, the blonde began to hook the fish on the spikes and now had at least a dozen salmon on the make shift hanger.

His Kage Bushin also made the same poles and the six now carried at least three dozen of the salmon as they made it back to the camp site as dawn was already at full swing though Hana was still asleep. It was then that the blonde Genin decided to talk to the Kyuubi and figure out what was going on in the head of his demon resident.

(Hey Kyuubi….why are you helping me so much?)

(("Kit, it's fairly obvious isn't it?"))

(Try me.)

(("Oh brother…it's simple kit, as long as you're alive, I'm alive, so I need to keep you from dying, all right?"))

( I see….thanks.)

(("Don't get any funny ideas kit, I'm doing this for mutual survival, I'm not getting soft on you."))

(Well thanks anyway.)

(("Heh, fine, now let's get back to the task at hand all right?"))

Naruto mentally nodded at that as he worked on getting the salmon cooked as he gathered more wood for the fire that he started and soon he began to cook some of the fish by using a pole to roast the fish over the fire while giving the three canine familiars some of the salmon as well as he had seen them looking at the fish with hungry eyes. As the fish began to cook, the Kyuubi decided to have him look into the ship once more and there they found a large clean plate of metal that the Kyuubi then told the blonde to place over another fire to cook the fish properly when it was sliced. The blonde also used the lemons and herbs to make the fish more tasty as they cooked on the second fire. That was more than enough to wake up Hana and she smiled at the cooking fish and she naturally thanked Naruto for the effort he had put into this.

"Thank you Naruto-kun, this looks very good."

"No problem Hana-san, let's eat now."

The meal was very good for them all as the three dozen salmon that Naruto and his Kage Bushin had been able to find were going to be more than enough for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the rest of the day, the fish was not eaten yet were then dried in the sun for later eating while being season with some salt that they had salvaged from the stores in the boat. This was the best meal that they had though Naruto still wished that he was able to have some ramen with him on this trip, though he knew that considering the situation that he found himself to be in, he couldn't afford to get picky.

As soon as they were done eating, they rested and Hana then decided to ask Naruto some questions about how he had been since the last time she had seen him ever since the time he had helped her cure Akamaru. The two were able to talk well enough and discuss things that were more than enough to make them laugh as Hana had to admit that Naruto's time with Jiraiya was somewhat amusing to her as well as impressive that he had grown a considerable deal since she had last seen him in Konoha. Naruto also asked her the same kind of questions as he was curious about how she had been when he had last seen her last. Hana was more than willing to talk about herself as well as her time in Konoha when he had left.

This carried on through lunch and all the way to the afternoon while they went out to gather supplies and food to add to what they had as well as locate another spot for a shelter that would allow them to get access to both protection and water. That place in the river was going to be a good spot at any case and also they were going to have to make sure that they were able to have paths in the area that would allow them to move about easily.


The next few days turned to weeks for the pair as they continued to do their best to survive while they were on this island. They had been able to salvage things from the house that Naruto had found, wiring, wood, left over clothing that was stored as well as some other useful materials as well as the tools that Naruto had been able to find before. They were able to make a shelter near the river that Naruto had fished on before and this would be their source of fresh water as the water came out from the volcanic rocks and was pure enough and safe for drinking, washing and cooking. The shelter was a simple hut with stones at the base to hold up the logs that they were able to bring in while the three canine familiars were acting as security for them to make sure that they were not attacked by any threats to their person. The roof was made with the use of some of the rope, wooden beams and branches with a covering of leaves and a tarp for water proofing as well as having a hole in the middle to allow the smoke to escape when they made a fire to warm them inside the shelter.

They also made sure to leave several gaps open in the shelter to allow the free flow of air in and out of their new home so that it would be all right for them to breath better.

They were able to find a large number of thorny bushes that they were able to take with them and form into a large ring around their camp as well as making a staked fence in the back by sharpening some branches and placing them around the camp to make sure that any wild animal with bad intentions were convinced to go somewhere else. The two were able to get the shelter done in a matter of days thanks to their combined efforts and the aid of the Kage Bushin that Naruto summoned every now and then.

The group would usually move about to recon the island to further figure out what they could of the island, they found a number of hide outs and hidden buildings, showing that in the past this island was inhabited at some point in time and that would explain the large number of animals that they were able to find on the island, they had found some wild pigs, goats, and chickens as well as some ducks and wild sheep, these animals were certainly going to be of good use for them though there were some times that they had to be careful.

They had managed to fence some of the goats in a corral that took them a bit longer but it was worth it for the meat, milk and the skin, the sheep were free to roam about since they ate a good deal of grass in the island and would be herded for the skin, wool, and the meat. The pigs were in the same category for their meat, and the same for the chickens for their eggs, feathers, and meat. It was rather messy work and it was going to be a while, but it was worth it. Apart from the animals on the island, they were able to hunt for food on the beaches such as shell fish, sea weed, and more besides as the Kyuubi was able to direct the blonde Genin on what to eat and what to avoid at all costs. They also got to find wild fruits like berries, lemons, grapes, wild musk-melons and wild water melons, one of the basic red flesh and the yellow flesh. These were very good to eat and the herbs there ere good for cooking though Naruto was not all that keen with the peppers.

They were also able to use the boat to fish for much larger fish and more in the ocean as well. The two were also able to create some radio towers, very basic but these would give their radio a much greater range than its current one. They had discover several large rock outcroppings that were good enough to establish the radio towers. They were not that big and were easy to assemble and disassemble so they didn't have to lug large things around with them on the boat, they would also bring the radio with them and hook it up on the radio tower. They limited those to at least one hour in each portion of the day, once in the early to mid morning, then at lunch and afternoon, and in the evening. They also managed to use the oil of the coconuts that were there to help ease their skin when they were in the sun and the coconut meat was worth eating as well, they even used the oil to cook with though Hana did most of that part of cooking.

While they did this together for the past few weeks to months, they were able to get to know one another a bit more. Naruto was somewhat surprised at how different Hana was when it came to matters that had nothing to do with either her veterinary practice or her training as a Chuunin, and it was something that privately amused him. He also was a bit sad about Hana not finding another guy in her life, no doubt due to the reputation of the Inuzuka for being fearless and aggressive, that was the reason according to Hana why her father left her mother, it was enough to make Naruto unhappy but Hana assured him that she was all right and so was Kiba since they were able to make it through their lives without their father as their mother was able to fill in the gaps of a father figure. She however admitted that getting a boyfriend was hard for her since her mother was very strict about this sort of thing, and not that many guys wanted to court the wrath of her mother since she was more than ready to bash their heads in if they tried anything on her daughter.

Naruto had no problem picturing that and sighed as he told Hana that she was lucky to have her mother either way and that was good in his mind. The elder Inuzuka knew full well what Naruto meant by that statement as she was aware that Naruto was an orphan and had no parents who were with him. It made her sad to know that fact but she told Naruto not to be sad about ti, she told him that she believed that he had grown up to be a very good man and was the kind of young man any parent would love to have as a son.

Naruto smiled at that praise and that made Hana a lot happier that she was able to make Naruto happy since she knew that he needed support every now and then. He was really a nice guy and was certainly good boy friend material in her mind. That was something that got her attention as she had dot admit that their time on the island while not as long as some relationships were made, was rather eye opening. Despite his dense nature at times, Naruto was quite perceptive when something got his full interest, he was not above asking for help when needed and more besides.

She had gotten to like him a great deal and she was more than willing to take a chance this time around, she was a woman after all and the time she spent there was also very difficult, there was an occasion on the time they spent here that she had managed to catch Naruto bathing in the river without much clothing on except his boxers and the sight of him nearly naked was more than enough to excite her as she had never been able to see a man like this before and despite the fact that her maiden head had already been worn out due to her life as a ninja, she was still very much a virgin and this was the first time she had seen a guy naked before.

And she had to admit that Naruto was quite a handsome man, granted he was a cute and mischievous kid back then, but now he was very handsome, why he never got into a relationship yet with his looks and inner nature was beyond her. And at this point, ever since then she had developed an attraction to the young man that made her smile a bit. Though she decided to think it over first so she should be able to make the right decision on how to best approach Naruto, one thing was for sure, she was starting to get attracted to the blonde Genin.

Of course she was not the only one in the same situation as well, Naruto also developed an affection for Hana though like her he too had seen her in a rather different situation, one day he had been hunting for some fresh chicken meat when he had spotted Hana sunbathing in the beach while her three canine companions were elsewhere nearby, he had been shocked to see Hana like that as she was very attractive indeed before his eyes and it took a great deal of self control to make sure he didn't do something that would reveal himself or do something that would make Hana angry since she could be very fierce when she was riled, that much he knew for a fact. As soon as she was done with her sunbathing, she took out the oil to lather her skin, further enticing the blonde's imagination.

He had hoped to catch Sakura in this kind of situation, not Hana, but his brain was certainly not complaining to say the very least and it had taken a great deal of his self control not to do anything bad. He got away and tried to forget the image of Hana in her undergarments bathing in the sun happily but that image was now tightly buried in his brain no matter what he thought of.

The tension between the two was naturally thickening as time passed and it was noticeable to the three canines due to their ability to see things in a very unique fashion than humans though they didn't do anything about that matter as of yet. Hana and Naruto tried their best not to look at one another too much or risk the chance of remembering the very intimate views they got from one another. It was inevitable that one of them was going to do something about it and it was none other than Hana herself as she decided to talk to Naruto soon.

The time came as they were eating some roasted chicken and fish as well as some melon at night, once they were done eating, Hana decided to speak first.

"Naruto-kun, are you all right?"

"Huh? Yeah, I'm fine Hana-san, why do you ask?"

"Well, for some reason, you've been avoiding me for a while now, something bothering you about me?"

The blonde was trying his best to figure out how to get out of this situation without doing something that would offend the woman but it seemed that his brain was not coming up with good answers, and the Kyuubi had not been of much help since the demon fox seemed to take a great deal of pleasure in needling him to no end. He sighed and replied.

"Nothing's wrong with you Hana-san….it's….hard to….ummmm…."

Hana couldn't help but be amused by the way Naruto was acting around her all of a sudden, he was acting very much like a bashful school boy as most people would describe it and she found that to be funny and somewhat endearing at the same time as she looked at Naruto and she decided to try and be more direct with her questions.

"You're having a hard time being on the island with me Naruto-kun? Am I not attractive to you?"

"I….it's not that you're not attractive Hana-san…you are….you are really attractive."

"Ooh, now it finally comes out eh? How attractive am I to you Naruto-kun?"

"V-Very much so….I…ummm…"

Naruto had no idea what to do in this kind of situation since he was still trying to figure out just what was going on here, he had a feeling that something was off on this entire conversation though for the life of him, he had no idea just what it was at the moment. He wondered if he should tell Hana about the time he had seen her in her sun bathing moment. But Hana beat him to it when she decided to tell him about the time she had seen him taking a bath, but not before she decided to help him relax a bit more.

"Naruto-kun, you don't need to be shy around me, being attracted to a woman is natural for a young man your age, I'd be kind of worried if you weren't attracted to women, besides, I happen to like you as well."


"You have grown a lot actually since I had last seen you and to be honest, I'm actually kind of confused as to why you've never had a girlfriend as of yet."

Naruto blushed bright red at that, much to Hana's amusement as she decided to tell him the event.

"Actually I got to see that maturity when you were bathing no less than a few days before, you were quite well formed Naruto-kun."

"What?! You….You….saw….me…naked?!"

Hana blushed a bit more and shook her head and replied while trying not to laugh at Naruto's utter discomfort.

"You weren't exactly naked so to speak…but you came close, at least you had those boxers on…though the idea of you wearing a frog themed pair of boxers is somewhat new to me actually."

Naruto blushed bright red at this, the idea that Hana had seen him like that was really something that made him feel like he wanted to just find a place to crawl under and hide. Hana noted that and spoke to him.

"Don't be ashamed about that Naruto-kun, you were quite handsome actually, and I have been trying to avoid thinking about it for a while which was why I tried to avoid doing something that would have gotten your attention. However, considering that fact that you've been doing the same things I have for the past few days…you didn't happen to have caught me in a compromising situation did you Naruto-kun?"

Naruto gulped loudly at that as he knew that now was the time for him to come clean with Hana since she had already figured it out though he wished that he had more time to organize his thoughts on the matter. He then spoke to Hana about what he had seen.

"I…saw you….uhhh…sun bathing actually."

Hana raised an eye brow at that and smiled a bit.

"Oh, you saw me in my underwear then…hmmm, I guess I can't be mad since I already saw you in your own underwear already. But I was kind of disappointed actually, you didn't come to help me with the sun bathing bit Naruto-kun, there were some places I couldn't reach and it would have been nice if you rubbed the oil there."


Naruto was speechless and blushing to the point he was amazed that he didn't unleash a fountain of blood at that moment. Hana decided to help Naruto-kun relax as she spoke once more.

"You don't have to be embarrassed Naruto-kun, I'm a grown woman so it doesn't bother me too much, though I must admit that I am attracted to you, you are quite a handsome young fellow so it's quite natural for a woman like me to be attracted to that. By the way…you know…you really shouldn't try to hide your attraction to a woman, especially when the woman can smell it, you forget that as an Inuzuka, I can smell things better than most humans."

Hana moved closer and decided to hug Naruto, making him blush even more at the closeness between the two of them and she whispered to his ear.

"You really need to lighten up Naruto-kun, you will live a lot better if you try and relax well every now and then. So…just relax and be calm."

As soon as she moved away, Naruto took some time to breathe and seemed to visibly relax, that was more than for Hana to make her move and gently kiss him, right on the lips, the blonde was so shocked by this sudden action that he didn't react at first until he began to feel his brain telling him to kiss Hana back as well. The kiss lasted for a few more moments until Hana moved away and she spoke to Naruto.

"Well now, that was good, you taste very nice Naruto-kun."

"Hana-san…I…are you sure you….ummm…"

Hana smiled and replied.

"I kissed you Naruto-kun, I think that should tell you my intentions. So, aren't you going to kiss me as well?"


Back in Konoha…

Tsunade sighed a bit as she finished making the list of things to do for Shizune and several of the selected Jonin that would be heading the Council for the time being while she and several others would go and look for Naruto and Hana, it had been already two to three months since their disappearance and while some who disliked Naruto were content, others who had gotten to know the blonde better were hoping that he was all right. That was why they were organizing yet another search and rescue operation, only this time, they were going to use a map that Jiraiya had been able to find.

During the wars of the past many maps were copied and destroyed to deny enemy forces information and these also included maps of islands that would serve as assembly points, hide outs and the like. Jiraiya was able to get a map and in it, there was the location of an island that could be the best site where Hana and Naruto were at the moment, it was a long shot to be sure, but since they didn't have much in terms of choice, then they were going to have to chance it.

The only good thing that came out of Naruto's disappearance, so to speak, was that Akatsuki and Orochimaru have been very quiet, something that would give the village plenty more breathing room and time to shore up their defenses on the off chance that things would happen soon enough. For now she was going to do her best to bring him back as well as Hana. As much as he would annoy her with him calling her Tsunade-obasan every chance he got when they would meet, the blonde Hokage cared for the blonde Jinchuuriki and the only son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki and she had no doubt he would make a good Hokage once he grew up, besides, he was chosen by her grandfather's necklace to be it's bearer after all and he was still there, and she knew that while there were still those who disliked him greatly due to the past, he was well liked by others, including the other members of his fellow Genin.

As she got her things together, she was met up by Tsume, Kiba and Akamaru, Sakura, Sai, Jiraiya, and Kakashi. They had no intention of not taking part on searching for the two missing ninjas of the village. Hinata herself wanted to come along but she had to deal with a new matter involving her clan and as such couldn't come along, though Neji volunteered to take his cousin's place in order to find Naruto. She only hoped that both Naruto and Hana were all right and finding something to pass the time.

Oh if she only knew…


(Lemon Time!!)


Naruto wasted no time as he kissed Hana deeply on the lips, making the woman moan out as his actions and she reached out to hug him tightly as he continued to kiss her. He had no idea how he had landed in this kind of situation, nor did her care at that moment as he continued to kiss Hana deeply, the blonde Genin knew that this was going to be something that he had never done before so he was somewhat nervous on the whole matter. After all, no matter how many times he had looked and read those magazines to perfect his Sexy No Jutsu, he had no idea how to pleasure adwoman though he knew that kissing was the first start of the whole process.

This was not lost to Hana as she responded in kind with Naruto's kissing and she reached out to touch his face, marveling at the strength there as well as the smoothness in his skin, she also made sure to touch the areas where his whisker marks were, knowing that these marks in question were the symbols of him being a Jinchuuriki. It made her feel sad for Naruto, considering the life he had lived for nearly all of his time in the village, however, she knew that he had family and friends that made his life worth living.

Besides that, Naruto was not the kind of guy to stay down for long, he was not the kind to back off from a challenge as he would just keep on fighting no matter what the odds were. But now, she couldn't help but be amused at his slight clumsiness in kissing her. Not that she wasn't immune to the feeling of it, besides that, this was also the very first time she had ever been kissed by a man in a very intimate fashion, so Naruto was in very good company….so to speak.

She had not lied to Naruto about being a virgin, while she was not as fierce as her mother or little brother, she could be fierce as well, that made a good number of young men rather cautious around her when they first meet her, and the reputation of her clan made it somewhat hard to find a date. She however began to find this moment with Naruto to be rather interesting to her as she kissed the blonde back, hoping that she would do all right.

The pair kissed one another deeply for a while longer and then it was where Hana was getting the hang of kissing the blonde Genin, while Naruto reveals his ability to also learn quickly in many things just like how he learned the Rasengan in only a week. Hana loved the sudden boldness of the blonde Genin as they hugged one another deeply while they kissed one another.

As soon as they were done, the two of them took in several gulps of air and the young woman smiled at the blonde Genin.

"You kiss rather well Naruto-kun."

"Thanks….you kissed well too."

Hana smiled at that as she then reached to play with Naruto's blonde hair for a while before moving on to removing the clothes that he had on him for the moment, Naruto naturally allowed Hana to do what she wanted to him and didn't resist her actions in removing his clothes from his body. The first to go was his forehead protector, then the jacket, then his sandals, followed by his pants, and then his shirt, leaving him only in his boxers, making Hana think back on her brief but heated examination of Naruto.

The Chuunin loved the look of Naruto in his boxers as she examined him, gone was the baby fat he had on him when he was younger, that was now replaced with solid and well formed muscle all over, he was not one of the bulky kinds of muscled men that she was not into but had the right build to be considered handsome, besides, she had already seen him half naked from the waist up so she could tell that Naruto was very strong. She also went lower to see his strong thighs and legs, marveling at them as they too were well formed and muscular. All in all, Naruto Uzumaki had become quite the female magnet.

Granted he was cute before in her mind back when he was still a rather young and hyper youth, but now that he was older, and more mature he was nigh gorgeous, it made her understand why Hinata had such a crush on him when they were young up to now, and she couldn't help but wonder just why no other women had found him to be rather handsome to look at. Hana went right back to Naruto's face, marveling at the blonde hair, deep blue eyes, the manly face, the whisker marks, and all the way back down to the rest of his body. He looked so delicious that he looked like the kind of young man that mothers warned their daughters about.

She wanted him bad…

Naruto gulped as he couldn't help but be somewhat intimidated by the way Hana was looking at him so intensely, he also blushed as well at the scrutiny he was getting and spoke.

"Hana-san….are you all right?"

Hana smiled seductively and nodded.

"I'm feeling fine…better that before in fact. Can I have some fun with you Naruto-kun?"


Hana could tell that Naruto was somewhat nervous and she couldn't blame him in the least, no doubt her intense study and staring of him had somewhat unnerved the young man, she smiled gently as she moved to kiss him once more, as she did so, the blonde also kissed her back gently, the kiss then became a lot more heated between the two of them and it was not long before they began to use their tongues, making things between a lot more heated and interesting. As soon as they parted, Hana decided to help Naruto calm down.

"Relax Naruto-kun, I am not going to hurt you in any way so don't be so jumpy. This is going to be a night worth remembering for the two of us."

Naruto nodded and smiled at her showing that he was a lot calmer now, much to Hana's relief and happiness, she wanted this not just to be a good thing for her, but also for Naruto as well.

With that in mind, the female Chuunin began to kiss Naruto's face once more, while also gently licking his cheeks with her tongue, as she did so, she also kissed the tipoff his nose, making Naruto laugh a bit at the rather playful gesture that she gave him. As soon as she was done kissing and licking Naruto's face, Hana then decided to move on to the rest of Naruto's body as she moved to kiss as well as lick his neck, all the while she used her hands to touch and caress his body starting at his back and shoulders, all the way to his stomach and chest.


Naruto moaned out in pleasure at what the sister of Kiba was doing to him with both her hands as well as her mouth and tongue as he had never done anything like this before in his life, as much as he wanted to give the same pleasure back to her, he decided to let Hana have her way with him for now to be kind to her.

Hana naturally knew that, and she appreciated what Naruto did for her own personal pleasure. She enjoyed the feel of his skin in her hands as well as tasting his skin with her mouth as well as her tongue as she was now using her mouth as well as her tongue on his chest and stomach, finding his taste to be nice to her, she moved away and smelled him deeply.

Naturally, as a member of the Inuzuka Clan, Hana's sense of smell was very good, equaling to occasion he smelling abilities of her own canine familiars, so it was not very surprising for her to pick up the scent of Naruto's arousal, she licked her lips at that as she decided to carry on making the blonde cry out in pleasure. She then made her move as she went back to licking and sucking his chest, namely his own nipples, she heard him gasp at this as she then moved her hands past his boxers, she touched his cock and couldn't help but blush when she felt his cock react to the touch of her hands on it.


Hana loved that as she wasted no time running her hands on Naruto's cock as well as his testicles, she loved the feel of her lover's sex on her hands so much that she began to make sure that she was going to make him cry out her name even louder. However she knew that it would make Naruto very uncomfortable if she was doing this with his boxers still on. She then decided to liberate her lover's cock from it's confines and quickly without destroying this, as much as her more primal instincts told her to just stop wasting time and tear off the boxers, she knew that Naruto would not like that and she was in no mood to have bad tempers dampen the evening.

With that in mind she quickly made Naruto lie down gently, she then pulled away his boxers quickly before he could do anything, this allowed his cock to finally appear, and the very second she was able to lay her eyes on Naruto's cock, Hana gasped and her blush grew even deeper as she looked at Naruto's now totally naked form and his cock was the on that got the majority of her attention, and who could blame her as she looked at Naruto's manhood.


Hana was briefly worried about taking Naruto's cock into her as she looked at it, Naruto was nearing the age of sixteen in a few more months, and he was naturally not hitting his full growth, yet as she looked at his cock, Hana was amazed at what she was looking at, Naruto was quite….well packaged for someone his age. He was a full nine and a half inches long and over one and a half inches thick.

I guess the Kyuubi affected Naruto-kun in MORE ways than one.

Naruto gulped as he was being studied intently by Hana and he couldn't help but blush deeply at the way she was looking at his cock right now, this was after all the very first time he was completely naked before a woman. It was then that Hana spoke to him in a very seductive tone.

"My Naruto-kun….you are so big."


Hana looked at Naruto with a very happy smile on her face at the endearment that she heard Naruto give her, with that in mind it was high time that she become fair with Naruto as well, after all, he was already naked and the evidence of his desire for her was already there for her to see with both her eyes, so why shouldn't she give him an eye full of her own naked form as well?

"Now Naruto-kun, do you want to see me as well?"


Hana laughed and replied.

"I've already seen you in ALL your naked glory so it would be fair to you if I let you see me in mine after."

Hana wasted little time as she removed her Chuunin vest, then her outer shirt and then her sandals, leaving her only in the fishnet undershirt and her short pants that hugged her hips up to between her thighs, she then removes her sandals quickly and then, just for Naruto to see, she removed her short pants as well her fishnet under shirt, tossing them aside as she freed her hair from her ponytail as well.

The end result was Hana was now utterly naked before the blonde Genin, and Naruto's reaction to the now naked woman was very much obvious as he gasped at her new fully revealed beauty and said only one word that very summed up everything in that one single moment.



In Naruto's mind…

(("Hmmm…..nice body…..heh, you're lucky that young friend of yours didn't see you doing this, he'd probably kill you for doing this with his big sister….emphasis on the word big by the way."))

The Kyuubi laughed a bit at that as it had to admit that the young human female was quite attractive, not as attractive as some of the female demons he bedded himself over the years, but attractive either way.


Naruto couldn't help but gasp at the sight of Hana naked, while he had never been around Hana all that much in the past, the first time he had met her, he admitted that she was rather attractive in a way. But now….he was seeing a very beautiful woman before him.

Hana was well formed and fit, not a single area of her body had any fat where it was not needed, her skin glowed a healthy glow in the firelight that was coming from the fire in their location, making her appear to have a flight bronze tinge to her skin, adding a more exotic look to her fully naked form, her hair was like a dark brown river behind her now that she had freed it from the ponytail she normally had it in. Her face was beautiful in the firelight as well as her softer facial marks, plus her eyes were like deep pools of black that threatened to take him into them as she continued to gaze at him.

He moved his gaze lower, marveling at her shoulders, neck, and long, well formed arms as well as her hands, remembering the feel of them on his body as well as his cock and testicles, he then looked at her breasts which were well formed and firm, fitting her current age. The blonde felt the desire to touch them as well as her light pink nipples with his own hands to make Hana cry out his name in pleasure in the same way that she was able to make him cry out in pleasure when she cried out in pleasure. Her nipples and areoles begged for his touch as he looked at them, and he was more than willing to give them that, but focused his attention to the rest of her naked form.

He looked at her flat stomach, her curves, and her hips as well as the patch of dark brown hair between her thighs, he then looked at her well formed legs which were definitely muscled and were certainly worth looking at. Naruto moved his gaze back up to Hana and repeated the process once more to make sure that he didn't miss any more of her beautiful features. Naturally his very intense staring at her was not lost to Hana in any fashion.

Hana smiled at Naruto's face as she spoke to him.

"Like what you see Naruto-kun?"

Naruto nodded and Hana loved the honest response as she then moved closer to Naruto, swaying her hips in an undeniably sexual fashion that had the blonde Genin entranced from the get go, as soon as she was close enough to Naruto, she wasted no time as she kissed him deeply once more, only this time she was going to make him feel more than just her mouth, tongue and hands. She proved that to be true when she began to rub her breasts on Naruto's chest, making moaning sounds as she kissed him due to feeling his skin as well as the heat from his body on her breasts and nipples.

The result was not limited to just Hana, as Naruto moaned at the feel of the elder Inuzuka' breasts on his chest, which was very much something that he had never felt before in his entire life. He might have read stuff about this before, but never in good detail. However Naruto was not the kind to let himself be left out of anything, so he reached out and took hold of Hana's breasts. The result of his action was heard as Hana cried out a bit at the feel of his hot and rough calloused hands on her breasts as well as her nipples.

"Mmmmm….my….you're becoming quite forward Naruto-kun."


As Naruto was about to speak but Hana placed her finger on his lips, telling him to stop talking right now.

"Less talking for tonight Naruto-kun, we have other things to think about for this night….please?"

"All right…"

"Good….now use your hands slowly on my breasts, remember, they are sensitive so don't be too rough on them."

Naruto nodded as he began to move his hands slowly on Hana's breasts slowly as he understood what Hana had told him, while he was no expert on how to touch women's breasts, he was able to remember that if he did it wrong it would cause pain to a woman, and the last thing he wanted to do was hurt Hana. However he then decided to measure the cries she would make to determine how he was doing when it came to pleasuring her.

He felt the weight in Hana's breasts as he weighed them before running his palms on the undersides as well as the sides while also using his fingers to touch her skin as well as her nipples. He couldn't help but feel very aroused by what he was feeling as he continued with what he was doing, hoping that he was doing the right actions to finally give Hana the kind of pleasure that he felt she wanted him to give her. His actions were also giving him the results that he wanted to get as Hana moaned out and spoke words of encouragement for him to hear.

"That's it Naruto-kun….mmmmm."

"Yes….just like that…"

It was not long before Naruto was now getting the hang of using his hands to pleasure a woman's breasts as Hana offered more words of encouragement for his actions with his hands on her breasts, he could also feel her nipples hardening under his palms as he touched them as well, he moved his hands away a bit to gaze at Hana's breasts, marveling at the look of them before him, and it was here that he decided to take it to the next level, though he could only hope that Hana herself would be all right with that he was about to do.

He then gently pushed her back down to the bed, Hana didn't resist him as he did this to her, that was a good thing in Naruto's mind as he was now on top of the naked dark brown haired female Chuunin. As soon as he was in position, he began to move his head to her right breast and nipple, he began to kiss the hard bulb slowly, making Hana gasp a bit at his actions. He took that as a good sign that his progress was all right as he lavished kisses on Hana's breast and nipple, making her giggle a bit at his playfulness. He took it further as he opened his mouth, using his tongue to lick her breast and nipple as well, Hana moaned out at that as he began to lavish his attention on her breast.

Hana felt a large wave of sensation hit her body in that moment as Naruto began to use his mouth as well as his tongue on her breast as well as her nipple, she reached out and held his head gently while running her fingers through his hair, marveling at the feel of it while also touching his shoulders and back at the same time. She naturally was happy at Naruto's sudden initiative and boldness and she vowed to pay him back soon enough, but for now she was going to let him have her way with her breasts while she gave him the encouragement that she knew he was going to need.

"Mmmmm….you are forward Naruto-kun."

The blonde mentally smiled as he continued to use his tongue on her breast and nipple, he found out very quickly that Hana loved him to be balanced in his actions as he also gently sucked her nipple in his mouth, making her cry out even more in pleasure and surprise at his actions on her body.


Naruto then moved away from Hana's right breast as he then directed his attention to her other breast and nipple while using his hand and finger to caress her right breast and nipple to make sure that while he was now on her left breast and nipple, he had not forgotten it's twin He had managed to figure out how to properly pleasure Hana and he could tell that his efforts were working as she continued to encourage him, besides that, he had gotten quite used to the taste of her skin, and he found it to be very good.

"That's it….."

"Yes….suck it like that Naruto-kun….."


Hana was in heaven as she felt Naruto lavish attention to her breasts, she could feel her vagina becoming wetter with each action that Naruto did on her body, it was amazing to her that she was getting all the more aroused by this with the blonde Genin, but she then decided to make her own move first, and she found a way that would really make things between the two of them very equal. But first, as much as she didn't want to, she would have to stop Naruto from his current course of action on her body.

She then spoke to Naruto gently despite the fact that her tone was made very deep due to the sheer pleasure that was flowing in every corner of her body at this moment.

"Naruto-kun….I think it's my turn to pleasure you."

"Hai Hana-chan, do what you like."

Hana smiled as she took Naruto and made him lie next to her as she was now the one on top of him, she started slowly by running her hands on his face while licking and kissing his face at the very same time, making Naruto blush, much to her personal delight. As soon as she was done, she made Naruto open his mouth and stick out his tongue. Once he did that, she licked his tongue with her own, then took it into her mouth, suckling on it, making Naruto moan as they kissed deeply while Hana decided to rub her naked body on her lover's own naked form.

The contact between their bodies was more than enough to make them moan out in pleasure, but Hana was now going to make her move on Naruto's body and give him the pleasure she knew he wanted while allowing him to give her the very same pleasure that she wanted as well. With that in mind, the Chuunin made her move as she moved off of Naruto but straddled his head and was now facing his cock with the blonde Genin's head between her thighs.


Naruto wished he could come up with a better word to describe the sight before him as he was being straddled by Hana, he could see her vagina before him and it was deep pink, glistening with some liquid as well as a smell that somehow excited him even more. The blonde then recalled that this smell coming from a woman's vagina was the sign of the woman's desire and should be savored by a man.

And boy was he savoring it as he smelled it, even reaching up w by propping himself on his elbows, allowing him to be closer to her vagina, he could smell it even more, and it was a smell that really got his blood flowing in his veins as well as feeling not just his blood but his body's energy move all the way to his cock which he could tell was already very hard.


Hana couldn't help but smile happily at the feel of Naruto's breath on her vagina as well as her clitoris, not to mention the fact that Naruto was close to her vagina. She then decided to make her move to see just how willing Naruto was in his desire to make her happy.

"You like my smell Naruto-kun? If you do, please lick me."

Naruto wordlessly did as she asked, and the results of his action of obeying Hana was very much obvious to the two of them as she gave out a very aroused cry.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! Just like that Naruto-kun!!!!"

Naruto did it again, emboldened by the cry that she gave out as well as the fact that he personally found the taste of Hana's juices to be very delicious to his taste buds, he did it slowly, moving his tongue slowly over Hana's outer vaginal lips, he also pushed his tongue past her lips to taste more of her juices which made him feel even more aroused by the second. He then moved his tongue slowly over her vagina once more as he could hear the moans coming out from the female Chuunin.


"Move slowly Naruto-kun….ahhhhhh!!!"

Hana then spoke once more to Naruto while using her hands on Naruto's cock to pleasure him as best she could before she would make her own move.

"Naruto-kun….do you….do you see the bulb there near my….vagina?"

Naruto looked at the place and saw the bulb as he spoke to Hana.


"Good, that is….very sensitive Naruto-kun…please be gentle if you touch it."

Naruto nodded as he began to gently kiss, suck, and lick her clitoris as well as her vagina, the very second he did those things to Hana, the female Inuzuka was moaning out deeply, making him very happy, he also moaned out as she began to move her own hands on his cock, moving her hands up and down his cock as well as touching his testicles with her hands. The blonde loved the sensations that he was getting from Hana's hands and he reciprocated with his increasing actions on her vagina as well as her clitoris, making her cry out in pleasure at the same time.



Hana then decided that now was the right time for her to finally make Naruto happy, he had already done a fine job on her vagina, so she should repay him by doing a very good job on his cock as well. She leaned forwards until she was close to her lover's cock and she began to gently kiss it with her lips, she started from the base to the tip, gently kissing Naruto's cock as well as getting used to the taste and feel of it on her lips as well as her tongue, she also does the very same thing to his testicles to be fair to him. She fondles them gently as well as placing them into her mouth gently while running her tongue on them to get the feel of them in her mouth as well as on her tongue.


Naruto cried out as he felt Hana kiss and lick his cock as well as his testicles, making him all the more eager for more pleasure as well as the desire to make Hana happy as well, this drove him to thrust his tongue deeper into her vagina. As soon as he did that with his tongue, Hana moaned out in pleasure at his actions, making him all the more eager to pleasure her the right way as he then used both his fingers as well as his tongue on her vagina as well as her clitoris. He used his fingers slowly on Hana, unsure if she was all right with this sort of thing. And it seemed that she was as she moaned out encouragement to him.

"That's it Naruto-kun….oooooh!"

"Mmmm….move slowly…."

"Ahhh….there, you found my spot…..mmmmmm!!!!"

Hana then decided to take the final step as she opened her mouth, and took in Naruto's cock into her mouth, but not before lavishing as much attention on it as she could manage, as soon as she was done licking Naruto's cock as well as kissing it she continued where she left off and took it deeply into her mouth. The feeling of Naruto's cock in her mouth was something that Hana loved, it was the first time she had done this with a man and she couldn't help but feel happy that it was with Naruto and not someone else.

Despite Naruto's considerable length and girth, she was able to take him deeply into her mouth as well as control her body's natural gag reflex as she took in all of him. As soon as she was able to do so, she couldn't help but feel like she was going to orgasm right there and then. However she managed to control herself as well as relax in order to get used to the feeling of Naruto's cock in her mouth while using her tongue to continue to pleasure his cock.


Hana found the cry of Naruto's pleasure to be very arousing to her as she finally felt her body relax. She then began to move her head up and down slowly, making sure that she was able to get used to the feeling she had with Naruto's cock in her mouth and on her tongue. She moved up first, then went down again, taking Naruto's cock deeply into her mouth and throat once more. She continued doing this for a while, using her hands to pleasure Naruto's testicles at the very same time to make sure that they got good attention. As soon as she got a rhythm set up for her actions on her lover's cock, the elder sister of Kiba wasted no time to finally bring her young lover to full orgasm.


Naruto was awed the first time he felt Hana take his cock deep into her mouth, and he was more than willing to pay her back as he used his tongue as well as his fingers by licking, kissing, and sucking to make the young woman cry out even more…and his efforts were already making some very good results as Hana would increase her actions on his own cock as well as she moved at a much quicker pace as well as moving off his cock to lick and suck on her testicles.

Both of them continued to pleasure one another with their mouths, tongues, and hands in the position that they were in at the moment. Hana felt Naruto's fingers and tongue move deeply in her vagina as well as pleasuring her clitoris, making her feel even more alive than before while Naruto himself felt every wave of pleasure that came from his cock and testicles due to Hana's actions, move through his body, igniting his nerves deeply.

The two continued with that they were doing to one another as the smell of sex filled their camp, along with the sounds of their actions on each other's respective sex continued to grow even more. It was not long before the two of them finally reached their respective limits as they made the last move on one another that finally made them orgasm.

Naruto moaned out deeply as he was still pushing his tongue into Hana's vagina just as she hit her orgasm, unleashing her juices at that exact moment, and his moans were more than enough to sent even more pleasure all over her body. He took in as much as he could of her juices, finding them to truly be delicious to his taste buds.

Hana herself managed to take in the very first stream of her lover's cum into her mouth, and she loved the taste of it all. Naruto's cum was sweet, slightly salty and spicy at the same time, no doubt due to his diet of ramen of various flavors as well as the other food items that he normally ate. The cum was also hot, and thick to her tongue, more than enough to make her love the taste.

Both lovers took in as much as they could manage into their mouths as they continued to orally pleasure one another. As soon as they were done with their actions on one another, the two of them moved apart with Hana now on top of Naruto, and facing him this time, she rubbed her body as well as her breasts on his chest once more, Naruto moaned out at that action done to him by Hana as they kissed one another.


The two could taste one another's respective juices together, that was more than enough to get the two of them to a much higher state of arousal as they began to explore one another's bodies with their hands as well as their mouths and tongues. They loved the growing pleasure that they were giving to one another so they would be ready to go to the next level. Hana was the first to do so as she spoke to Naruto while gently caressing his cock with one hand while using her other hand to caress his face.

"Are you ready for the next step?"

"Hai Hana-chan…"

Hana smiled as she then decided to let Naruto feel some more pleasure first to get him more into the mood before they finally did this together. She started out slowly as she ran her hands on his body, taking the time to follow the movement of her hands with her tongue and mouth, as soon as she was done with pleasuring Naruto's body she used both her hands on Naruto's cock to get it back to full mast, and considering that she was able to do the actions that she now knew would arouse Naruto, the blonde's cock was now more than ready for the soon to come pleasure.

As soon as she was sure that Naruto was ready, she lay before Naruto, lying on the nearby pillow that was made from leaves and soft earth which was wrapped into soft cow skin and tied together with sinew and hard vines. As she relaxed, she then parted her legs allowing Naruto to see her dripping wet sex and clitoris once more as she spoke to him in a very husky and aroused voice.

"Naruto-kun….come to me….make me happy."

The way Hana spoke to him along with the undeniably sexy way she was acting at the moment as well as her position was more than enough to get Naruto fully aroused and ready for the soon to come joining, he moved towards Hana, gently kissing her thighs first, making her moan as well as giggle somewhat from the sensations that he was giving her as he started at her knees, making his way to the inner parts of her thighs. Naruto then moved upwards as he trailed kisses on Hana's stomach, all the way to her breasts, rubbing his face on them, making Hana laugh a bit at his playfulness. All the while Naruto was moving his cock into position, hoping that he was going to hit the right spot that would allow

She then moaned as he once more lavished loving attention on her breasts as well as her nipples, Hana ran her hands on his head, moaning out in pleasure as she looked at Naruto as he was now before him, he looked so adorable as he was blushing while looking at her. He then spoke to her.

"Are you….?"

Hana didn't hesitate to answer with a smile.

"Do you really have to ask Naruto-kun?"

Naruto saw that Hana was indeed ready for him so he gulped a bit to get the nervousness that was in him out of the way. He then moved his hips forward, he then felt her outer lips part as the tip of his cock was now entering her sex, he gritted his teeth to control his urge to thrust deeply into her vagina, he kept in mind that this was not just hid first time but also Hana's own first time as well so he had to make sure that he was going to make it good for not just himself but her asll well. He could already feel the way Hana acted as he continued to push his cock into her fully.


"That's it….oooooh…."

Naruto relished the cries of pleasure that came out from Hana as he also felt the wetness of Hana's inner sheath as he now pushed past the inner folds of her vagina which was releasing more of her juices for him to feel as they soaked his cock deeply; the heat in his lover's sex was enough to make him feel like his cock was going to melt in her. As soon as he was deep in her, he then pushed a bit harder, making sure to fill Hana to the brim.

Despite being older than Naruto and having lost her maiden head when she had been younger due to her training as well as her time on missions, Hana was still feeling some discomfort of being filled by her lover's cock in her sex, but that discomfort was soon to fade away as Naruto pushed himself deeper into her body.


Hana was awed as she felt Naruto's cock thrust deeply in her vagina as she looked at Naruto who was also in awe at the feeling of being buried deeply into her vagina. The feeling of her lover's cock deep in her was overwhelming to the young woman's senses as she felt him stay there deep inside of her. She relished the feeling that Naruto was giving her body as she then moved forward to hold onto him tightly as she drew him closer to her and kissed him deeply.

Naruto kissed Hana deeply as well as he felt his cock deep in her vagina, the feel of his cock being surrounded by her inner walls was something that made the feeling of his tongue being in her sex before seem a bit lacking, as soon as the kiss between the two of them was over, he began to move his body, he started slowly to make sure that he was not making a mistake in his actions.

"Oooooh….that feels good Naruto-kun…."

Hana loved the pleasure that soon hit her body in that moment and when Naruto thrust his hips forward, plunging his cock deeply into her as he began to pick up speed and momentum as well as establish a pace for his movements. The female Chuunin moaned out deeply as she felt her lover's actions on her body as she also ran her hands on his own body with a great deal of desire in her actions. She also moaned out deeply as she felt his cock move in and out of her vagina as she heard the sounds of their lovemaking with one another.




"Faster Naruto-kun!!!!!!"


Naruto relished the pleasure he was feeling as he continued to thrust deeply in Hana's sex, and he began to thrust faster as well as deeper into her sex while he looked down to see the deep red blush on Hana's face as well as her sweat covered form moving in time with each of his thrusts. He looked at her breasts as they moved in time with his actions, the sight of Hana's well formed and firm breasts moving with each of his thrusts was enough to make him all the more aroused along with the cries of pleasure that she made.

He then moved to suck on her breasts, making Hana all the more aroused as she quickly held his head in her hands to keep him on her breasts, she however made sure to allow him to be able to move to allow him to lavish good attention to her breasts. The pleasure he got from sucking and licking Hana's breasts and nipples.

The two lovers were feeling more and more pleasure as Hana was now moving her own hips in time with Naruto's thrusts, her actions allowed Naruto to feel each movement a lot more than before while Naruto continued to speed up his actions. It was therefore not long before both Naruto and Hana reached their orgasm as Naruto moved away from Hana's breasts and that allowed the two of them to finally cry out in pleasure.


Naruto cried out deeply as he felt Hana's inner walls milk his cock of every drop of his cum, the pleasure was almost enough to make the blonde orgasm once more. He was able to relax himself as he stayed there to allow Hana's vaginal walls to milk him to his very limits while his cock also continued to fire more of his cum into her body, and he could tell that the young woman that he had just given his own virginity to also enjoyed that they had done. He looked at his lover, gently kissing her as she panted.

Hana responded to Naruto's kiss willingly as she felt her lover's cock fire more of his hot and thick cum into her vagina, the feel of the hot and thick liquid filling her vagina made her feel like she was going to faint as she felt her orgasm as well as feeling the streams of her lover's cum hitting her walls, sending even more delicious sensations all over her body. She relaxed herself as she felt the blonde Genin above her shudder at his release.

As soon as the two of them felt a lot more relaxed, it seemed that they were finally done, however, Naruto was far from finished as he then lifted Hana to him, surprising her a bit as he then gently kissed her on the lips, making her smile at his still present strength as well as his energy to do even more than before. She kissed him back as their kiss soon turned into a more passionate one with their tongues dueling with one another as well. This lasted for a while until Naruto then made her turn around and he gently pushed to the mattress.

Hana wondered just what was going on in Naruto's mind but she didn't resist as she leaned down with her facing away from Naruto, she then used her elbows to steady herself as she moved closer to the mattress, as soon as she did so, Naruto took hold of her hips and it was there that Hana guessed just what was Naruto up to, and she was amazed at the sudden boldness that the blonde Genin had just shown, she was about to say something when she suddenly felt him enter her once more at full power, she couldn't help but cry out in happiness as he did it to her once more.


Hana was utterly amazed that Naruto was still willing to go at it with her once more, apparently the stamina that he was supposed to have in massive amounts was all true and not some rumor that was started around Konoha. She had head that he was a living bundle of pure energy and action, but she naturally suspected that it was just youthful energy….now however as Naruto now buried his cock deeply into her vagina with great force until she felt herself being full to the brim once more, she decided that she might every well would have to change her opinions on the matter.

The two of them remained in this position for a while in order to get used to it, Hana herself felt as if she was doing something that was very arousing, she was no stranger to this position at all as she had seen animals do this position before in her younger days as well as the fact that she was a veterinarian, she was not the least bit offended that she was now doing this position with Naruto in fact she was wondering when they were going to do this together.

As soon as the two of them felt a lot more comfortable with this position, she turned to speak to Naruto in her undeniably husky and aroused voice.

"Naruto-kun….you want to do this with me?"

Naruto gulped and nodded as he spoke.

"Yeah….but if you don't want to…."

Hana smiled seductively and replied.

"Oh but I do….come on Naruto-kun, make me cry out your name!"

Naruto then gave her a smile that spoke volumes of his now passionate and lustful intent as he pulled back his hips, taking his cock out of her vagina, this action made her moan out deeply as she felt his cock move, as soon as he was nearly out of her sex, he drove all the way back in, the pleasure he got from the angle this new position gave him was more than anything he had felt before, the same could be said for Hana as this position allowed her to feel the pleasure in a whole new fashion that made her all the more aroused as well as make her release more of her juices. The two of them were more than willing to cry out the names of one another to show that the pleasure for the two of them was worth it in every sense of the word.



As they relaxed, the blonde Genin was now ready to go on at full tilt as he moved back out of her vagina, then thrusting deeply once more as he began to establish a rhythm for his movements, it was not long for the two lovers to get into the spirit of things as Naruto began to move faster and deeper. Hana was undeniably happy as the pleasure continued to move all over her body with each thrust that Naruto made to move his cock in and out of her vagina. She loved the pleasure as she stayed there in that position that she was now in.

She was now on her elbows and knees as Naruto continued to move his hips as well as his cock while he leaned forward to use his hands on her breasts and nipples, making her feel even more pleasure as her lover also kissed and licked her shoulders as well as her neck, making her all the more aroused as she spoke out to him.

"Harder!!!! Oh kami…..Harder!!!!"

"Faster….ahhhhhh…..feels sooooo good!"

"Oh Naruto-kun!!!!!"

Naruto himself was not immune to the pleasure as he also cried out in turn as he felt Hana's inner walls move all over his cock as he continued to move his cock in and out of her while caressing her breasts along with using his mouth and tongue on her body.

"Hana-chan!!!! You feel so good!!!!!"

"Yesssss!!!!! Mmmmmm!!!!"


Both lovers relished the pleasure that was flowing all over their bodies as Naruto continued to move faster, thrusting deeper and harder into Hana's vagina was still making sure to pleasure her breasts at the very same time while he continued to lick and kiss her form, namely at the shoulders, her neck as well as her ears, gently nibbling on her earlobes….these actions were more than enough to make the brunette female Chuunin moan out in pleasure as well as happiness for her lover's playful actions on her body which also mixed with the pleasurable thrusts that he was giving her.



"HARDER!!!!! DEEPER!!!!!"


The lovers carried on with their actions on one another and Hana then turned to face Naruto and when she did so, the two of them gave a very deep and passionate kiss to one another in that exact moment. The kiss was something that also happened to match the very same actions that Naruto was doing to Hana with each thrust of his cock in and out of her dripping wet sex.

The two continued their deep kiss with one another as Naruto carried on in thrusting his cock in and out of Hana's wet sex, making her all the more aroused as she released more of her juices from her sex as the sound of their actions on one another was heard and Hana could smell the scent of their love making at the very same time, and so could Naruto, the scent was more than enough to get them all the more eager for their release at this final moment as they continued to cry out to one another.

It was not long before they would finally reach the release that the two of them craved a great deal, and when they did get it, the two of them were more than willing to cry out to the heavens and to each other to show that they had finally reached it once more as soon as they parted from the deep kiss that they had with one another.


Hana felt her body be soaked once more in the heat and pleasure of her orgasm as she could also feel the flowing juices coming out of her vagina, that feeling was also joined by the feeling of her lover's cum filling her to the brim once more, she could feel the heat and thickness of her lover's cum mixing in with her own juices as he fired several more streams of his cum from his cock, and the combined heat made her all the more aroused by what they had done, however, she was somewhat tired and hoped that now was the time to get some rest, but if her blonde lover wanted to go one more round with her who was she to complain?

However, it seemed that Naruto had also reached his own limits as well, he relished the feeling of her inner walls once more milking him for all he was worth as well as the feeling of her hot juices covering his cock as well as the feeling of his own release that send waves of pleasure all over his own body. The heat from their combined juices was also something that really felt very good to his senses. Though he had felt it already when they did this the first time it was still something that really made him happy that they were able to feel it once more. However, as much as he would have wanted to go again, he was already tired and he felt that they should rest for the time being.

With that in mind, he slowly moved away from Hana, gently moving to her side and then kissing her as she lowered herself down to the mattress that they were on. Hana moaned out as she felt her body begin to relax, she then spoke to Naruto.

"That was… good…."

"I know….you were amazing Hana-chan…."

Hana smiled and replied.

"I could say the same for you Naruto-kun…"

As they relaxed in each other's arms, Hana moved to hug Naruto closer to her sweat soaked body as she panted after the latest orgasm that floored her body. As they did so, they then closed their eyes to get the sleep that they both needed


The next day…

Hana woke up and she couldn't help but feel a bit surprised by the slight aches she felt in her body, but as memories of last night came back to her, she couldn't help but smile a bit more as the pleasure of last night came back to her. She couldn't help but look at the sleeping blonde man who was sleeping right next to her and see just how cute he was when he was sleeping there, without a care in the world marring his face.

She couldn't help herself as she gently licked his cheek, making the blonde moan out a bit at her actions as well as opening his eyes, in time for the still naked Chuunin to kiss him gently on the lips. Naruto might have been groggy waking up but he rapidly responded to the kiss being given to him by the beautiful Chuunin. As the two of them parted from kissing one another, the blonde then spoke to Hana who moved away from the kiss.

"Morning Hana-chan."

"Morning to you too Naruto-kun, how was your sleep?"

"All right….by the way…we need to talk."

Hana nodded as she moved away as Naruto sat up to face her, as soon as they did so, the blonde Genin spoke to Hana.

"I have to know….was it really good for…."

Hana smiled as she hugged Naruto.

"You were wonderful….I always wanted to know how good it would be for me the first time out, and you made me happy."

"Thanks….but I want to know if you are all right with what we did? I mean….you know…"

Hana was a bit confused at first until she recalled the things she learned from Naruto, while he had changed a number of people as well as make a number of good friends as well as supporters, there were still those who considered him to be the Kyuubi container and he would have to live with that for the rest of his life. There was also the fact that her family would be surprised by all this as she had no idea how her mother would react to the news that she had just lost her virginity to Naruto, not to mention that there was the possible reaction that Kiba would have. While she knew that her little brother was friends with Naruto, she had no idea how he would act if he found out his friend had just taken her virginity.

However, she was already an adult by ninja law, and she had finally found a man she respected, cared for, trusted, and honestly loved. Naruto might not exactly be the smartest man, but he was very talented in his own right, as well as possessing untapped potential as a ninja, which was why both his sensei Kakashi, and the two Sannin cared deeply for him as well as those who were his friends, and now she was joining them in caring for the young man. Now she had to prove to the young man that what they did was not just a fling but something very special to her.

With that in mind, Hana reached out and hugged Naruto, bringing to him to her as she gently kissed him once more, with him responding. As soon as they were done kissing one another, the elder sister of Kiba and first born daughter of Tsume spoke seriously to her lover and new boyfriend.

"I don't regret what we did, not for a second, you are a good man Naruto, yes you are the Jinchuuriki who holds the Kyuubi, but you are not it. No matter what they say, you are your own person. By all rights you had every reason to hate people who treated you badly, but you didn't, you made them change their views of you and you care for the people that are close to you. That makes you human and not a demon."


"In MY eyes, you are a man who is strong, compassionate, brave, honorable, and full of potential. You might be dumb at times, and clueless, but you never give up no matter the odds that are stacked against you, and I have no doubt that you are much smarter than people take you be. And I have grown respect and love that, do you understand me?"

Naruto gulped at this yet felt a great deal of happiness in his heart as well at what Hana was telling him as he could tell that she was telling him the whole truth at this very moment. He felt happy at all this and couldn't help but smile warmly at Hana.

"Thank you Hana-chan."

"Now it's my turn to ask you this question, do you regret what we did together last night Naruto-kun?"

Naruto naturally shook his head, there was no way he could say that what the two of them had done together and to each other last night was something that he regretted.

"I don't regret it."

Hana smiled as she hugged him once more as she whispered into his ear.

"Good and as for my family, I think we can find a way to make things work out, so let's just enjoy this day for all it is worth."



Naruto was busy cooking some fish and some of the beef that they got from a wild cow before on the other day, The fish was covered in the juices of some wild lemons and herbs while the meat was seasoned with some of the same juices as well as some herbs, the smell was heavenly as Hana was busy giving her three canine siblings a much needed bath for the day at the lake near their camp as well as get a bath for herself.

The two of them spent some time touching one another as well as kissing one another very deeply before they went off to do what they could for the day, as Naruto decided to get breakfast going.

It was then that the Kyuubi spoke to him.

(("So….how was last night?"))

(Good….I haven't felt this….)

(("Good? Well, at any rate it's about time you got those hormones to calm down and you're no longer a virgin at least."))

(You sound relieved.)

(("Of course I am relieved, you have any idea how embarrassing it is for a demon like me to have to know that it's container is a virgin, if any of the other bjiuu found out, I would never be able to show my face to them."))

(Okay….best I not ask anymore.)

(("By the way, you've gotten bold with that position, I like that kit, but I think you need some pointers on how to pleasure her better."))

( What makes you think I need advice?)

(("Kit, I've taken human form before you know, and I HAVE been with women before as well, so I KNOW how to pleasure women, even more so than that perverted sensei you have at the moment, anyway, I did make sure to keep you from getting your lady pregnant."))

(Eh? Pregnant?)

(("Hold on….you mean you don't know WHERE babies come from?!"))

(I do you dirty minded fox!!! They come from women!

(("But do you KNOW exactly HOW women have babies?"))

The silence coming from the blonde was more than enough of an answer to the Kyuubi's question as it sighed.

(("I don't believe this…all right kit, let me explain, what you and Hana did last night has the chance to make a woman pregnant. You got that?"))

(You mean….oh kami…. If anyone in Konoha finds out…I'm dead!!!)

(("Hey there kit, slow down, you didn't get her pregnant."))

(How can you be so sure?!)

(("For one thing, she said it herself that she wasn't fertile, that means that she didn't have a chance to be pregnant, and I made double sure to make your cum infertile for that night. As much as I would have loved to have seen the expression on your face, I don't think you're ready to be a daddy. Not to mention the fact that if your friend Kiba finds out that you just took his sister's virginity, he is going to go on the war path."))

Naruto knew that to be true, and the last thing he needed was to make enemies with those who were friends of his, namely Kiba though he would not blame Kiba for losing his temper even if Hana was older than him.

(Thanks I guess.)

(("Don't get soft on me yet, you had better take the needed precautions just in case you and your lover decide to do it again, just in case I'm sleeping all right?"))


As soon as the discussion was over, Hana and her canine familiars came back and Naruto got to work providing the three dogs with breakfast. After breakfast, the blonde got the chance to take a much needed bath and was joined by Hana who contented herself to washing him as well as keeping him company for the time being. When they were done, the group moved about to the points of the island to see if there was any sign of a ship nearby for them to light the signal fires that they were able to make as well as maintain and also use the radio for the day.

They were in luck when they spotted a nearby ship only an hour or so before they would head back to camp for lunch, the ship was large and they wasted no time lighting the fire…hoping that they were soon going to be rescued, and when they tried using the radio to attempt contact, they were greeted by the sounds of several familiar people and a certain canine familiar.



Naruto was currently training in a nearby open field, well away from the village yet close enough to make it back there if there was a need for him to be back there. It had been some time since he and Hana along with her canine familiars had been rescued by the rescue ships sent by Konoha, it was good reunion between Hana and her family as far as he could recall and it was good for him as well to be with the people who were close to him.

A week later, Hana talked to him to come and visit her mother to talk about what happened in private and truth be told, he was rather worried about how Hana's mother would react to the fact that he and her daughter had just become a couple.

Thankfully, despite her fearsome demeanor and reputation, Tsume showed a good deal of compassion for them, telling Naruto that she was well aware of their relationship and told him that she was actually happy that Hana now found a man who she cared deeply about, despite the fact that she was older than said young man by a few years, and he was the container of the Kyuubi, showing that Tsume was well aware of the secret he had in him. However, she respected his abilities as well as his actions in helping out the village so she was not the least bit worried by it all as he was a good man at heart. Though she naturally agreed to keep their relationship something of a secret from others to avoid causing a commotion, even more so if Kiba was involved.

As soon as he was done, he decided to go to the hot springs to cool off, so absorbed was he with the idea of taking a good hot soak in the hot springs that he was unable to see where he was going and ran into someone, and considering the fact that the shout was that of a female, he was quick to realize that unless he was able to explain himself, he was either going to be in trouble.

However his worries were unfounded as he recognized the voice of the woman who spoke to him.

"My…you're being rather forward Naruto-kun."

He looked to see none other than Hana Inuzuka herself and she had a very warm smile on her face, much to his relief. He then spoke to her with a very sincere and apologetic air.

"Sorry, I wasn't looking."

"I can see that, so where are you going Naruto-kun?"

"To the hot springs. I was hoping to take some time off to relax for the day after all the training I had been doing for some time now."

Hana smiled at that and then Naruto spoke something that he had not been able to think on clearly.

"Though if you like you…."

Hana smiled even more, blushed a bit and laughed as she spoke.

"Why not?"

The two then made their way to the hot springs and were soon soaking in, and to Hana's happiness, it was Mixed Bathing day for the hot springs she was able to be with Naruto, and when they were good and relaxed, she secretly removed the towel that she had wrapped on her body and moved to kiss Naruto.

The blonde gulped awakened from his resting state and he reached out to find Hana already naked, just as she spoke to him in a very seductive tone.

"Are you ready?"

Naruto smiled at that and Hana beamed.


In Naruto's mind…

(("Nice….this just got interesting to say the very least."))

The Kyuubi grinned as it watched the festivities get underway between the two of them, this day just turned into the mundane to something really good.


To be continued…


Author's Notes:

Wow….Naruto being intimate with Hana Inuzuka and she in turn loved every moment of it, Kiba's big sister, hehehe, makes me wonder what would have been the results in Naruto's social life if I had just allowed Kiba and his family as well as the rest of Konoha to find out what the two of them had done together on that island huh?

Anyhow, Hana is the newest addition to the women that have been introduced to the Deserted Island series, but she is not going to be the last either. There are others as well who will soon be gracing this series.

As to who they are….that is a secret!