Naruto Deserted Island

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Naruto X Kurenai X Anko

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Author's Notes:

Here we are, the twenty-seventh chapter of the Deserted Island series and it is using an idea that has been on passed to me on more than one instance. And that was to try pairing Naruto with Kurenai and Anko. The two ladies are friends though I have no idea if that is true in the manga and the anime but there's plenty of media that show them to be good friends.

And don't get me started on how many stories I have read that have Anko and Kurenai getting it on with Naruto. I know that by doing this, I am following a trend, but I figured making this should be for the satisfaction of those who have sent me this pairing request and those who might be harboring the desire to see me create the story in the first place.

Coming up with this story took some time so I hope that you guys are going to excuse me for the way this might be executed.

But this should be interesting either way, and let's be honest, who would not WANT to see both Kurenai and Anko getting it on with Naruto, or even each other before giving Naruto the night of his life. Now I might get asked why I did not have Hinata along like I had done on one of my previous chapters and in answer to that, I say that I might try that on a different chapter…but not today so don't ask me about it.

As for the situation of Asuma and Kurenai, let's just say that the two of them did not become intimate and as such, they were not married at all. But they are good friends, just not the kind of friends that can be called as 'friends with benefits' of course so don't ask me about it.

Now then, on with the story!

On a cruise ship…

Naruto groaned a bit as he moved his neck side by side, hearing the cracks of his bones and the sudden feeling of ease coming it. He had been feeling this way when he had been assigned for this mission. Tsunade had assigned him to fill in the gaps as many of Konoha's ninja were on many assignment and therefore they had to make due. Thankfully Tsunade's contacts outside of Konoha along with Jiraiya's own contacts had managed to track down a number of Akatsuki agents who had known of some held accounts owned by them.

These would help fund their efforts in causing more destruction and chaos in the world and more besides, these agents had to be caught and interrogated before they could escape. But with Konoha the way it was and with trying to keep track of other threats, they had to make due. The only ninja that could be spared were Anko and Kurenai, as well as Naruto. Naruto had no desire to do so but he was not going to win against Tsunade when she set her mind to something and besides, any trace of Sasuke and Orochimaru had gone cold so there was no way for them to be found and as such, he had nothing left to do.

They had spent at least a week chasing these guys and caught them with Anko and Kurenai doing the interrogation work. The Special Jonin was an expert interrogator in her own fashion while Kurenai was using her Genjutsu to add more power to the whole mix to the whole thing. He had no idea just what was it that the guys had in their minds that was worth it, but if it was going to prevent Konoha from being attacked and possibly locating Sasuke, then he was going to not bother with it. It took a while before the whole thing was considered over and soon the group were taken away from the place and sent to another ship to be taken to Konoha for more thorough testing by Ibiki and the Interrogation Squad for a while. They on the other hand were allowed to rest for a while and that was something that Anko was more than happy for and she was going to make the most of that situation.

And she did as she dragged Kurenai down to the bar and they were going to play catch up with drinks in tow. The very energetic Jonin tried to drag him along for the ride as well and while he could have refused the whole thing, Anko was being mighty persuasive. That is she called him not a man for not being able to go along with both her and Kurenai to the bar even though by ninja law he was already an adult. And as an adult he had the option to drink even though he was by most laws under-aged. Not the kind of man to be called a chicken, he finally caved in and here he was in the bar with the two Jonin and it seemed that Anko's actions were doing everyone a good deed.

Though he noted that Kurenai seemed to be a bit out of it, she did drink, but not so much and she seemed to have her mind on other things. He could have asked of course, but his experiences with women when he pried into their personal thoughts when he bluntly asked were hardly peaceful. And even Jiraiya had warned him not to ask the wrong questions, ironic advice coming from a man who was not only an outrageous flirt, but a seriously horny old pervert to boot. Still the advice was sound so he did not ask.

As the party wore on, both Jonin women were finally getting the chance to relax and soon they were drinking a good deal and loosening up. Naruto on the other hand was at least allowed to drink fruit juice and thankfully none of the stuff was spiked with alcohol. This allowed him to remain sober enough to listen in to the two Jonin.

It was here that he learned that both Kurenai and Asuma had not taken their relationship to the next level. He knew that Kurenai and Asuma were very close back in Konoha. Even though he did not get involved with either Jonin that much, he did hang out with them on a few occasions and he could easily see the two of them becoming a couple. After all, Kurenai was considered to be one of the most attractive of the Kunoichi in Konoha, and more than once when he was still in the Academy did he hear some of the younger male students express an interest in Kurenai though it was not to the level that warranted attention.

Add to that the fact that Kurenai had won a few competitions in the past when there was no missions to undertake back in Konoha, she was a knockout. This was balanced by the fact that she was also very intelligent and strong willed so not many men would approach her though she had cordial relations with many of the ninja in the village.

The reason of their not taking the relationship further still eluded him but he did notice that despite her admitting that it was not bothering her too much, it still did not sit well with Kurenai how things turned out between her and Asuma. Anko was quick to assure her that at least they did not become bitter about it and she had intentions to make sure that Kurenai did not become an old maid. To which Kurenai glared in a drunken fashion while Anko merely laughed a bit more at the glare she was getting. Naruto did not press his luck and decided to juts keep an eye on things. It was reaching the point that he finally saw both of them drop dead drunk and they were certainly not going to be able to leave. Naruto sighed as he knew that this was going to be the part where he helped both women to their rooms, considering how stone cold drunk they were. And that was why he was happy that he remained drop dead sober for this, he summoned his Kage Bunshin and soon managed to haul both Jonin away, while making sure to have some of his Kage Bunshin watch his back…just in case the men in the bar got any funny ideas.

As he moved through the halls, he and two of the Kage Bunshin had to work side by side to hold both women upright, and unfortunately for him, he happened to be in the middle of the women. And that was where things began to get…a bit too close for his own good.

"Ahhhh…man that was some good drink…remind me…to..hic…get the name of that bottle."

Anko was really reeling and while Kurenai was not being too vocal, she was more than willing to speak now as the alcohol was doing a lot to loosen her lips.

"I wish…Asuma had…told me…that he was seeing Uzuki a year ago…it would have…been…easier."

Naruto raised an eyebrow at that as he had not expected to hear that Asuma was actually seeing another woman. He began to see just why was it that she was not in very good terms with Asuma now, though not to the point of open hostility. They were still friends and colleagues though and that was a good thing in the blonde's mind, he managed to not say anything that could get him into trouble, even though he was still struggling with the weight of the two women, their closeness, and their breath.

"Don't…worry…so much…Kurenai….at least…you knew then…than now…it would have….been worse."

"I….hic….know….was I really that….hard to approach?"

"Non…hic…sense! You are just…fine, it's just…bad luck that Asuma…was seeing someone else. You're a very good person…right Naruto-kun?"

Naruto had wished that Anko had not gotten him involved in the conversation but he knew that trying to weasel his way out of it was not going to sit well with the two. If there was one thing he learned when dealing with drunken people, they were rather aggressive and saying something, no matter how simple that could ignite their passions, was asking for trouble. And that was naturally due to the fact that alcohol was going to be the one to loosen them up but also make them a bit more irrational than most.

"Yeah, I agree with Anko-sensei, you've done a lot of good things Kurenai-sensei and you care for people a lot. That's why Hinata-san, Kiba, Akamaru, and Shino respect you a lot."

That made Kurenai smile a bit more and he could tell it was a real smile and not one that was taken, which told him that he said the right thing to make her happy. And the fact that Anko was amused and in a good mood, he was in the clear, at least for the time being since there was no telling what else could happen. And sure enough, he was right as Anko was soon speaking to him in her still drunk voice.

"Nice to know you…agree with…me Naruto-kun …so, tell me something….hic…what do you…think of me?"

(Oh yeah…now I'm really walking on egg shells…)

Naruto had no idea how to respond to that without saying something that could be taken the wrong way. He knew of Anko's reputation well enough, and he still recalled that incident when she hit him with a kunai on the cheek. And afterwards, she licked his cheek a bit and smiled as she tasted his blood. That freaked him out a lot more than he let on and he was happy that it did not go any further than that. But he also knew that Anko was not that bad a person since she had indeed been a great ally to the village and that mission that got him involved with Shino and Ino which allowed him to meet Isaribi told him she was not all bad.

Still…what could he say that did not anger Anko while she was stone cold drunk?

"You are very much a skilled Kunoichi-Anko-sensei…and you are…exciting to say the least."

He hoped that it would work though he doubted that Anko would like that. But to his surprise, Anko grinned at that pressed herself to Naruto and replied.

"That's good to k now Naruto-kun, I hate to be considered boring and easy to predict…you really…know how to charm the ladies."

Naruto blushed at that and he could not help but notice that Kurenai herself was smiling right at him. That was something that tested the blonde a great deal and he was very happy that he finally got to their room. The two decided to share a room since they were friends and Naruto was not going to argue about it, even more so when he had to counter the less than pure thoughts that came to his head. As he managed to open the door, he guided them in and decided to get the two women to get some water to drink, he headed to the bath room and get some clean glasses to place the water in.

However, just as he got back into the room, he was greeted to a sight that most men in Konoha would have killed to see.

And that was both Kurenai and Anko naked before him. Apparently they had decided to strip their clothes rather quickly, showing that they were not too drunk enough to not know how to remove their clothes. Why they did it was beyond him as he was frozen like a statue with the glasses in his hands as he looked at the two naked Jonin. All form of rational thought and mental process had just gone out the proverbial window as he could not help but look on in awe at the beauty of both Jonin. The staring on his part continued until he realized that both of them were now looking at him, and they were smiling all the while as well.

Anko was very pleased at this and soon spoke to Naruto in a very seductive tone despite the fact that her drunken state slurred the words. That did not mean that they had less potent effects on the intended target.

"Naruto-kun, you are…real naughty for seeing us like this."

Naruto could not say anything, and that only served to make the drunken Jonin a lot more daring with that was it that was cooking in their heads. Kurenai was the next one to take a shot at teasing the still shocked and silent blonde Shinobi.

"Don't tell us that we look ugly to you Naruto-kun?"

THAT was enough to get Naruto to focus and realize that if he said something wrong, he was going to be in for a world of pain from the two women. Despite his thick headed nature, the blonde already learned that saying something wrong to women, even more so if they were drunk or in foul moods was an invitation to a world of pain. He was therefore quick to come up with a more than viable answer.

"No! You…You…b-b-both look very beautiful Kurenai-sensei!"

Anko smirked a bit and so did Kurenai as the two of them soon were on either side of Naruto, who was now blushing so much that it was a miracle that he was not yet cooking in his own fluids. The blonde's libido was on overdrive now, even more so when both Kurenai and Anko, in their drunken states, moved to press their bodies to him and despite his clothing, he could easily feel the heat from their naked forms and the feel of their breasts pressing on his arms REALLY got his emotions on overdrive. The state he was in was made all the more intense as he felt his manhood begin to get even harder and soon he felt the movement in his pants and he knew that he now had a hard-on.

He did not need to look down to know that his cock was rock hard right now, and he did not want to either, since doing so would get him in eye lover with the two Jonin's nubile forms. That and the fact that doing so would get him looking at their breasts as well convinced him not to look down, even when his perverted side was literally screaming at him to take one little peek down. He was silently praying that they would not notice it, but his luck, while potent to the nines when it came to gambling and learning new jutsu, was not the least bit effective when it came to women in the negative fashion. Both Kurenai and Anko despite being drunk as they were soon noticed his hard on and he knew now that they did and it was enough to make him gulp.

Both women looked at the tent of Naruto's pants and despite their drunk state, they liked what they were seeing. Both of them looked at Naruto and then removed the glasses from his hands, which happened without a single act of protest, verbal or otherwise from the blonde. They placed those glasses aide and soon dragged him to the bed that was there in their room, and as soon as the got there, the young man was made to sit down on the bed and soon lie down as both Jonin were now on either side of him and very close to him as well.

Kurenai whispered into his right ear gently and seductively as she could which made the blonde all the more aroused by the second.

"You really look nice Naruto-kun…do…do you mind, if we…have a chance to look at you?"


Anko pouted and replied.

"Now why would you ask us to stop Naruto-kun? Y-You're not being…fair to Kurenai-chan and me. Besides…you might say no but…hic…your body says yes."

Kurenai was quick to agree as well as she placed her face close to his own and replied.

"I…I have to a-a-agree with Anko-san…you're body is telling us otherwise."

Naruto wanted this to end as his control was reaching his limits, how badly he wanted this to be ended, yet in a way that would be good. Part of his moral side was telling him to get control of himself and get out before things got REALLY out of hand. The other part of his moral side, rather the immoral side that had been perverted very much by Jiraiya told him to just go ahead and let it all happen. Both women noticed that and decided to have fun a bit more as they took turns kissing his face and moving their hands to the tent in his pants.

They also got him to lie down on the bed and soon he found himself there on it and unable to do anything as both women were now on either side of him and kissing the hell out of him. They moved their hands to his clothes and were soon no doubt about to remove his clothes and possibly make him as naked as they were. But it was not long before fortune, or misfortune, depending on one's point of view came to the blonde's aid as both women were soon affected by the desire to go to sleep and soon they were on either side of him, half their bodies pressed on his own and he could feel them easily on him as well. It was taking all of his willpower not to take advantage of the situation as he finally managed to get himself free of both Yuhi Kurenai and Mitarashi Anko and he was now soon looking at their naked forms as they both were sleeping soundly.

He managed to get his brain working the right way and soon managed to get both of them into the right sleeping position. Not exactly the easiest thing to do in the world since they were bigger than him and weighed a bit more, not to mention they were both gloriously naked and every touch he made allowed him to feel their bodies. It was a miracle he even managed to get them in proper sleeping positions, but it was even more of a miracle that he did not do anything to them while they slept as well as not try to touch them.

Naruto felt every part of his body screaming in hormonal protest as he got out of the room and was soon in the hallway of the ship. Once he was out of the two Jonins' room, he high tailed it back to his old room and quickly tried to get some sleep on his own bed. And when he DID manage to get some peace, his dreams became all the more vivid when it concerned women, namely two women in particular. One thing was certain in the blonde Jinchuuriki's mind as he was now being hit by those dreams of his.

It was going to be a very LONG night…

The next day on the ship…

Naruto groaned a bit as he finally got out of his own bed in his own room and creaked his neck a bit and tried to make sense of what happened last night. The memory of what he had seen last night was quick to smash into his brain with the force of one of Tsunade's fists or Sakura's own fist and he blushed bright red as he recalled seeing both Kurenai and Anko naked while they were still stone cold drunk. He was happy that he had managed to tuck them in to bed and managed NOT to give in to his raging hormones and allow his body to go for it.

He placed those thoughts aside and hoped that they had managed to read the note that he had left in the nearby bedside table. As he got up and began to undress to his undies and head off to get a shower. Hopefully this shower was going to be a cold one since he NEEDED a good solid cold soak to stop his brain from recalling just what had happened to him in that room last night. The last thing he wanted was to wake up and find two sober and VERY pissed off women who were going to kill him the first chance they got.

He was happy to finally get his wish and despite shivering, the cold water was definitely enough to kill his raging hormones, so focused was he on enjoying himself that he was unaware that two certain people were now in his room. As soon as he was done, he got out to dry up…only to come face to face with Yuhi Kurenai and Anko Mitarashi. Both Jonin appeared to be more sober than before and they seemed to be a lot more focused, though he could tell that both of them were blushing a bit. Though in truth it was Kurenai who blushed a bit more and looked away while Anko being the forward woman that she was, whistled appreciatively and smiled with a very interested gleam in her eye as Naruto could see that she was giving a VERY serious visual examination.

"Wow…looking really GOOD there Naruto-kun. Kind of makes it somewhat even when you saw us naked last night eh? Come on, lose the towel so we can REALLY see you."

Kurenai however was quick to respond with a gasp and a glare at her long time friend.

"Anko! Thai s quite enough from you!"

"Oh come on Kurenai-chan, Naruto-kun's already seen US naked so why can't we even up the score a bit?"

That got Kurenai to blush again and glare at Naruto to NOT say a word, which Naruto was more than willing to do. Anko was very much amused by all of this happening before her and she decided to test the waters yet again, and she did it by moving towards the still shocked blonde Jinchuuriki and before Naruto could say anything in his defense, she began to run her hands on his chest, right in front of Kurenai no less. And naturally the red eyed Jonin was flabbergasted at the actions of her friend and she made that very obvious to everyone in the room.

"Anko! What in the name of the Kami are you doing?"

Anko grinned at that and replied to her friend's frantic question with a teasing tone.

"Nothing bad Kurenai-chan, I just want to get a feel of the young man's body…and my, you really have worked out the right eh Naruto-kun?"

Naruto did not know what to say to that as Anko began to touch his body again and he was like a man made of ice right now. He also looked to Kurenai who was still unable to say anything but was blushing like mad, and no doubt he was blushing the same way as well. It was not long before Kurenai managed to get her tongue as well her mental faculties back to working order.

"Anko-san! This is quite enough! You're embarrassing Naruto-kun!"

Anko merely grinned at that comment of Kurenai and replied in her very own seductive tone as she continued to run her hands and fingers on him. The area she was very keen on playing with happened to be none other than the waist.

"Yes I am, but I think it's only fair we get to cop a feel Kurenai-chan, and believe me, it's all worth it. Come on, try it, Naruto-kun certainly keeps himself fit and strong."

Kurenai blushed at the way that Anko was talking as she looked at Naruto who she admitted was certainly well formed and toned. But she was trying her best to resist the growing desire in her to touch Naruto as well but it was not something that she had an easy time of doing either. She soon moved closer and decided to give in a bit and touch Naruto's form. Just as Anko whispered into Naruto's ear.

"Let us do this for a bit, and then we will take our leave and we can talk about this later, once we have a good mea, okay Naruto-kun?"

Naruto nodded dumbly at what Anko had just told him and he did not do anything as both Anko and Kurenai were now touching him. This was the kind of fantasy any man would want, and he was one of them, all they had to do was remove the towel that covering him and the situation was now in reverse. Naruto tried desperately to come up with some way to stop this from going any further, but like before his mental faculties were officially out of order. All he could do was stand there was both Jonin continued to run their hands all over his naked form. This form of torture lasted for quite a bit and soon it was going to be mid morning and thankfully both women stopped and he was relieved. He saw that both of them were blushing bright red and seemed to have been very happy and soon they each bid him good bye and hoped that he was going to join them for breakfast so they could talk a bit more about what happened last night.

As soon as he was alone, Naruto quickly turned around and got himself yet another cold shower. After being fondled by both Kurenai and Anko who were both sober, he needed a cold shower to prevent his body from doing something wrong. It was freezing cold to him but after being touched by both Kunoichi with only a towel to cover his privates, he did not care if he got either hypothermia or frostbite.

As soon as he finally felt calmed down, he got out, dried himself again and soon got dressed to head out and find both Anko and Kurenai. As he got to the galley, he joined them and both women seemed to be a lot calmer this time around, though there was still a gleam in Anko's smile that told him that they did not forget what happened in his room. Kurenai was blushing a tiny bit as well when she looked at him. They soon manage to get their breakfast and they were able to eat in peace and Naruto hoped that this trip was soon going to come to an end for him and he was finally going to be able to take some time off and forget about what had happened.

The day seemed to show to him that it was going to work about as despite Anko's teasing, both she and Kurenai did not pursue the matter any further. That helped alleviate his feelings on what had happened and it made it less awkward for him to be around them. That did not mean that he was in a bad state with them as he did also enjoy hanging out with both Jonin. If they were willing to be close to him and not bring up what had happened between them, then he was not going to hold it against them. It was nearing lunch time that they headed back to the same place except both Kurenai and Anko decided not to drink this time around and just enjoy the time they had.

Naruto himself was happy that they were at least not on bad terms as they ate their food, though he had a feeling that sooner or later, there was going to be a rather interesting discussion to come between him and them. However he also had to be aware about the people in the place, even more so when he spotted a number of people eyeing both Kurenai and Anko once more and the stares were none too friendly or gentlemanly either. They did not appear drunk, but he was wary either way and hoped that they did not try anything that could be seen as dangerous.

However, it was not going to be that simple as the group did indeed head to their direction and it was made even worse when the group revealed that they were actually Sound Ninja! The three Konoha ninja were quick to spot the group as they drew their weapons and thus they realized that they were about to be brought into a fight. Anko and Kurenai quickly got to action as they both drew their kunai and Naruto quickly took out his own. The ninja forces clashed with one another and soon the fight was seen by the other passengers. Most of the Sound Ninja were more highly trained and ready for battle but so were the two Kunoichi and Naruto had grown a great deal since he had been young.

The three faced off with the twelve ninja and the battle was pretty intense as the two factions were more than willing getting at it. That was natural since Orochimaru's attack on Konoha and now it seemed that these ninja were there for a reason. That was the reason why Kurenai, Anko, and Naruto were keen on capturing them. At least four of the twelve ninja were soon sent down to the ground and the eight others were also getting injured as the battle continued. However it was here that three of the ninja suddenly began to retreat while the others slowed the three Konoha ninja.

Anko was quick to see that and knew that the only reason those Sound Ninja would retreat was if they had a plan in mind and she shouted to both Kurenai and Naruto.

"They are going to do something to the ship! Get ready to move!"

And Anko's warning proved to be accurate when the ship was suddenly rocked by a massive explosion. That was enough to get the attention of the three ninja just as the Sound Ninja who were still able to move and fight began to pull out, but not before making their moves to throw poisoned senbon into the necks of the wounded members of their team who could not move. And that naturally included the ones of their team that were out. Naruto and the two Kunoichi were not the least bit happy at this, Naruto even more so since those ninja could have been helpful in finding out where Orochimaru, and by extension Sasuke was.

But that was not going to help them now as they had to help evacuate the passengers from the sinking ship. Apparently the three ninja from Sound that had pulled back set off a large amount of explosive tags to sink the ship, and had killed some of the crew who had tried to stop them before they and their still surviving compatriots escaped. The only good news was that in their haste to leave, the group had not destroyed the life boats that were still intact.

Kurenai turned to both Anko and Naruto as she spoke seriously.

"We have to get the people off the ship and do it fast!"

Naruto and Anko exploded into action with Naruto doing most of the leg work with his Kage Bunshin while Anko did her best to deal with keeping the fire contained long enough for Naruto to get people out. They all had to deal with smoke as well as heat as Kurenai helped some of the still living crew in getting the life boats down to the sea. Once they were all able to do that, the hard part came for them to escape since they had to be wary of the possibility that the Sound Ninja that had tried to kill them might be down there to ambush them.

As soon as they hit the water and used their water walking Jutsu, they find that the Sound Ninja were not waiting for them. But not before one of them, an apparent Water Chakra Type sets a trap from a distance and causes a thick blinding fog to hit the three…similar to the Jutsu favored by the ninja of Kiri, and the one favored by Zabuza when he was still very much alive. This forced the three to change tactics and try to find their way out while still wary of possible attacks on them while they were on the move.

It was only hours later that the Jutsu as ended, but it was now already late afternoon and both Kurenai and Anko were getting tired. This forced Naruto to call on a portion of the Kyuubi's chakra and use it to power himself up. He summoned several Kage Bunshin to go out and search for any sign of land that they could go to, while he and two others helped both female ninja to their feet, similar to how he had to help them when they were both drunk only yesterday.

It did not take long before the Kage Bunshin ahead of the trio poofed away and had located an island, and soon Naruto and the others moved in that direction. Night had already fallen and they were all in dire need of rest, hunger could wait as they arrived in sight of the island and moved as fast as they could to get to the welcome island. Once they hit the sand, Naruto managed to hold it together and soon find a place to allow both Kurenai and Anko a chance to rest. The two women were all right, but were soon fast asleep, their chakra exhaustion already evident on their faces, which was seen by Naruto thanks to the moonlight coming in form above him and them.

He decided not to waste time and after getting a chance to get some dead branches nearby, he formed a primitive barrier with a pair of entrances. It was not much, but all he could do at such short notice at the very least. And he was willing to make the most of it as he finally allowed sleep to hit his senses and off he went alongside the two Jonin.

The next day on the island…

Naruto managed to finally wake up and get some his bearings back as he recalled the massive battle between his ship and that of the pirates that had tried to take over the vessel for their own needs and wants. As he sat up, he looked to see that both Kurenai and Anko were still sleeping and it was not too hard for him to look at the two sleeping women with a very interested eye. That was soon realized by the blonde and he was quick to turn his gaze elsewhere before it got to the point that he would not have been able to take his eyes away from the both of them. As soon as he did succeed in not looking at the two of them, he decided to go out and see if he could find supplies of food to eat for them today. The hunger he was feeling was not that bad, but he was not going to let it stop him from getting some food in his belly. He got up and began to move his arms to loosen them up and move his muscles to warm them up and as soon as he felt himself ready, he decided to go and get his kunai and go hunting for food and supplies.

The blonde Shinobi decided to move through the beaches and he soon spotted some coconut trees and decided to get the coconuts, namely those that fell down. He used his kunai when he climbed up the trees and once that was done, he sent some of the Kage Bunshin with him took the coconuts piled them up, just as Kurenai and Anko began t wake up. He had left the Kage Bunshin the message to tell the two on what he was doing and when the Kage Bunshin disappeared from the two, he learned that they were going to worry about getting the fire ready for when he could come back. That was something he was happy for and soon he moved on to see what else he was going to be able to find as sources of food for the morning.

It was not long before the Kyuubi arrived to his attention and spoke to him.

(("Well now, we are hip deep in it now huh brat? Just what do you plan to do now?" ))

(Get food for one, you plan on helping or hindering me?)

(("Well now, someone finally grew a backbone I see, that's good to know. But that's not enough to impress me just yet. But yes, I might as well help you since as long as you live, then I get to live. I might not like it, but it's better than doing nothing on my own."))

The Kyuubi kept it's word as it began to guide Naruto to look for animal tracks, and sure enough, Naruto managed to spot a large wild pig. The Kyuubi then guided Naruto to get ready and have his Kage Bunshin distract the pig and allow the two of them to get close enough to land a killing blow. Naruto however was worried that the thing might attack him, after all, Naruto had encountered a wild boar WAY back when he was younger. But thankfully he had gotten smarter and better with age even if it was not that high on his focus. The boar was soon killed and following the instructions of his resident demon, he gutted and dressed the animal. He took only the needed parts and left the rest behind since dragging the animal around while it was freshly killed was not the best of ideas. He managed to get a chance to clean up though and soon headed back where the others were.

He was soon able to see that both Kurenai and Anko were awake and they were surprised to see him carrying the dead animal with the aid of his Kage Bunshin. He greeted them with a smile and they did likewise, no doubt relieved that he was not missing. They managed to soon get a fire going and get the meat cooked as soon as possible and the smell of cooking meat was certainly welcome to them.

As they ate the organs first, namely the liver and heart they also took the time to figure out just what they were going to do. They knew that until they were found or they were able to signal for a ship to arrive, they had to survive as best they could.

The next few weeks for Naruto as well as Kurenai and Anko had been fairly hard but they were able to make the most of their circumstances as Naruto decided to use his Kage Bunshin to the best that he could to find supplies and also get them what they needed from the ruins of the ships that apparently had run aground on the island. There were a number of ships there and some of them appeared to have been weapon supply ships as there had been a number of items and supplies that they could make use of. The weapons were certainly a must since the island they had was not the least bit safe.

There were a number of dangerous creatures that called the island home after all, and they needed the weapons to keep them away. The creatures in question included a number of snakes which were evenly balanced between the poisonous and non-poisonous variety, some tigers that moved as a group, a few large crocodiles that made their homes in the swamps and rivers deeper in the islands, and even a pack of wolves.

Though the three of them were more than able to handle what could be thrown at them right now, they were not going to take any unnecessary risks or chances. That was why having these weapons was certainly something that they were thankful for. The tools were also very useful for them for the rest of the time on the island. The tools naturally ranged from sharpening stones, spools of strong metallic wire, and a few other odds and ends that could be helpful for them once they were able to get very creative.

Apart from the weapons they found, there had been some supplies for building but most of them were worn and no longer of much use to the two of them. The supplies that they did find that could be of some use to them were some clothe supplies that could use for whatever they needed, along with still viable wood, tools for carpentry and a few other odds and ends. These supplies and tools were helpful in setting up their rather large hut on the island and a good distance from the shoreline of the island. The wood for the hut came from both the island and from the ships, namely the sections of the ship that were not too rotten away by sea water, wind, and sand. He chose the best sections of the wood left on the ship which was not the least bit easy since most of the ship looked like the kind that would be used for fire wood. He also used his Kage Bunshin to move the sections of wood and used it to make the hut.

This was where Naruto's training in the use of his discovered Wind Chakra was handy as it allowed him to cut down the wood from their sources a lot more effectively. And he also made sure to use the things he learned in the reconstruction f Konoha to built the hut. It was hardly what one could call as a good looking home, but it was dry, comfortable, and well made. That was what counted in the minds of the Genin and the two Jonin. The hut was made to have some open areas to allow wind in to cool the place and also allow light in while having branches of coconuts and other thick branches with leaves to serve as a way to keep the place warm, along with a good amount of plastic tarp that Naruto and the others found.

They also had to use the wood to make walls around their place for protection since none of them wanted to suddenly have predators moving in and taking over their place. They were also lucky enough to find some herbs that when burned could release a sweet odor to their noses but seemed to drive the bugs mad and leave. This was certainly something to help them sleep better at night while on the floor as they took soft leaves and earth and covered it with the cloth that they had found.

It was also outside of the makeshift compound that they had a place to cook and they were near a large enough water source for cleaning and cooking. And another one that they used to gather water for drinking purposes. And the supplies they got from the ship wrecks were some portable containers to store water in.

The animals that called this island home were fairly numerous which was to be expected since the island that they were on was very large. There were some wild deer, wild cows, wild pigs, and also rabbits as well as chickens. Thus they had a very good source of meat and eggs on the case of the chickens, and also other things such as fur and leather which they were going to use when they possibly manage. And also there were wild birds that apparently were the kind that ate fruits though these birds did not look the least bit edible. And there were squirrels as well which Naruto discovered to have little meat, but the meat that they did have was pretty good to his taste buds, and the same could be said for both Anko and Kurenai when they tried th mean alongside him as well.

These coupled with the predatory animals was the reason why the animals had not reduced the island into a plant bare place. These animals could be hunted by the group with their very flexible array of abilities and they would also dry the meat, furs, and hides for their uses. The meat obviously would help ensure that they did not have to leave the camp too many times, and also reduce the need to hunt for more food.

They also were able to go fishing in the ocean since there seemed to be a lower amount of fresh water fish so they focused their hunting of fish in the sea. That was counter acted by the fact that there were some fresh water crustaceans that he and the others could catch when they could find them in their forays into the rivers to gather water.

Apart from animal sources, food for them came with the wild berries and vegetables that they could find as well as herbs. No doubt the seeds for the fruits had been brought there by the ships that carried supplies before they ran aground. And the fruits were eaten by the native birds and the seeds were spread out over the island, which would explain just why there seemed to be a fairly large amount of fruit tress in the area. The vegetables were no doubt spread out in the very same fashion though it was possible that the wild pigs were the ones who would spread out the seeds.

This ensured that the three of them had a very wide variety of choices when it came to food. It was also here that Kurenai showed her skills in cooking which was praised by Anko. Naruto himself was very impressed by the skill the red eyed Kunoichi had when in the kitchen and he was not sure why it was that she was not married just yet. As for Anko, she had some skill but admitted that she did not have a lot of time to cook more advanced and tasty food. As for him, he did cook every now and then, but not that much as well since cooking was not his forte.

The three of them also made sure to keep themselves busy and in high spirits as well as in good shape so that they did not let themselves get dull and bored. These things had to be avoided and while they did it by relaxing, taking quick dips, sunbathing, and swimming, they also had to keep themselves busy by training. That only meant that they spared with one another, on occasion it was between Anko and Kurenai, with him watching to see how they would do, and on other occasions, it would be him sparring with either of them, or on occasion, both of them at the very same time. This was not bad in many ways as both Jonin learned from their battles with Naruto, he might not be the smartest guy, but he can be very innovative and skilled, something they had seen for themselves, and also heard when Kakashi spoke with measure of pride on how Naruto proved to be very determined and creative when it came to training. In turn, they also taught him some other skills with Anko dealing with some of his Taijutsu skills, and both of them with his Ninjutsu and he naturally did not complain since being taught by two high ranking Jonin did not happen too often, though he had been helped in his training before. Namely by both Yamato and Kakashi who helped him discover his Wind Chakra as well as the special feature of the Kage Bunshin themselves when it came to training matters.

The only difference between that training and this was that both teachers were women and drop dead gorgeous at the same time. So it was natural that he was a bit more cooperative than with Jiraiya and Kakashi. Both Kurenai and Anko were more than willing to push him to the limit and he was willing to give as much as he could back to them as well. All three of them learned from one another, and while neither Kurenai and Anko had Wind Chakra, they knew enough of the basics and some advanced techniques to help Naruto get along with them.

Survival was not the only thing that the three ninja had to deal with, it also had to do with being close to one another.

Naruto still had very accurate memories of what had happened the night before on the ship when he had to deal with both drunken Yuhi Kurenai and Mitarashi Anko. The memories of how both women had actually tried to frisk him were still burned in his coconut and while nothing too serious had happened, he had to admit that what happened to him was no doubt something that most men would have gladly taken advance of. And the sight of both women touching him was utterly naked was a sight that would have REALLY tested him to his absolute limits. In fact at times he wondered just WHY he did not take advantage of the whole affair.

But he already knew just why he did not, not only because they were drunk at the time and not aware of what they were doing. But they were highly skilled and experienced Kunoichi and had they became aware of what was it that happened and learned that he DID take advantage of them, they would have really made his life hell. The last thing he wanted was to get himself in the vengeful targeting sights of two Kunoichi who he had seen in action more than once.

The next reason was naturally having the Kyuubi in him, he already had a fairly accurate idea that both Kurenai and Anko were aware of the Kyuubi in him, but that did not make it any easier either. It only made matters worse when the Kyuubi would not stop riding his case and tell him to just take advantage of the mess they were in and it would heal him. Besides that, the demon told him that this was by far the DREAM of any young man his age and he could not deny it since his memories and dreams of the two Kunoichi were evidence towards him. Sometimes he wished he did, but the two previous reasons still stopped him, along with the fact that he respected the two Kunoichi.

But that did not mean that it was the end of it, night after night on the island, he had to deal with very vivid dreams that went back to what happened on the boat and in the room with both women. And those dreams were driving him up the wall and making him a lot more anxious than usual, and that was hard to hide from both Anko and Kurenai, even more so when he began to get the urge to go and have a chance to bleed off the stress in his body.

To most people, that would have been easy to accomplish, but with the various dangers that were on the island, going out for some alone time, was not exactly the healthiest of ideas, and he did promise to stay nearby to help them so he could not break his word to both women at the same time and expect it not to matter. The only thing he could hope for was that they were soon going to be rescued before he did something that would reveal the tension and the growing attraction he had for both women.

He decided to go and get dinner ready and hope that both Anko and Kurenai would soon come back to the camp and he could get down to having dinner.

Naruto was not the only one dealing with the sexual tension though, both Kunoichi were also deep in thought on their own about the growing tension between them. And like Naruto they already knew what the source of said tension between them and him was, but both had different ways of seeing the whole situation before them all.

As Anko stretched out a bit more, she also looked over to where their camp was and she could already guess that Naruto was now cooking dinner. The Jonin could not help herself as she thought about how long it had been when they all got stranded here on this island, ands it was not like it was a bad thing since she was at least not alone on the island. The time she and the others spent here was worth every second since it was about time that she got the chance to have something of a vacation. And it was not the least bit bad that she was with Kurenai and Naruto since she had a good relationship with the two of them.

In Kurenai's case, she and the Jonin were close friends and she was not the least bit worried about some of the rumors that were circulated towards her and Kurenai on occasion. After all, she was very much a free spirited woman who did not hide what she felt. In fact she could say that she was all right being around men AND women in more than just friendship and she did not mind at all if people were surprised by it. She was not too happy that Asuma and Kurenai had not taken their relationship a lot higher than before, but she wanted to cheer her friend up and make her try being with another guy. As long as Kurenai was happy and smiling again, she was going to be happy for her and enjoy teasing her about her new found good mood.

As for Naruto, she did find him a great deal to be a very funny and energetic guy, and he was also rather nice on the eyes. She was quick to guess that in a few years time, the blonde teen was going to be a real heart breaker, made even better by the fact that he had a very well formed body and he had a lot of energy and vitality. Couple that with his creativity and innovative style of approaching problems and if he turned it to the arts of seduction he would certainly be one heck of a ladies' man. But that was balanced by the fact that he was very kind, compassionate, brave, and also very honest and open hearted. Those kinds of traits were pretty hard to find in a guy in her opinion, and it was also remarkable that he had not been converted by the Sannin Jiraiya. She was very familiar with the white haired ninja who was the team mate of the current Hokage and his reputation when it came to being a pervert, so it was surprising that unlike the man, Naruto did not do it openly.

She had no doubts in her mind that he was like any red blooded young man and she had caught him looking at her AND Kurenai as well. She was not angered by it, in fact she actually liked it and wanted to see if and when Naruto would make his move on one of them or either of them. She had no doubt that the reasons he did not do anything was because he knew the skills and abilities she and Kurenai had, and because of the fact that he respected them both as well as his burden of being a Jinchuuriki. Like all Jonin who lived now, she was well aware of the fact that Naruto had the burden of containing the Kyuubi and she felt that it was the reason he did not do anything to get into trouble with them.

She found that train of thought to be respectable and also somewhat endearing since it showed that Naruto was a lot more considerate than some would suspect. Still she was not bothered by those things since she liked the young man and also she was aware that they were all adults by definition of ninja law. And she decided that once she got everything in her mind organized, she was going to try her hand at convincing Naruto to enjoy his time here with them, and to also let Kurenai join in. Her friend might not show it or admit to it, but she sensed that like her, she was under a lot of tension, and possibly sexual tension to boot. Besides that, she felt that Kurenai did indeed already change while being here with her and Naruto though it was still up for debate on what the changes in question would be.

Anko was not the only one in thought however as Kurenai who was with her right now was also deep in thought about their current situation. She had gotten used to being on the island already and had to accept the fact that this was certainly the closest she got to a vacation. She had faith that they would soon be rescued though there was no doubt in her mind that it was going to take a while since there was no doubt that the people of Konoha had to search for islands in the area where they had sank.

She looked at the corner of her eye towards Anko and relaxed a bit as she saw that Anko seemed to be content, she might not be all that pleased with Anko's actions and antics, even more so when it concerned men but she did respect her long time friend. She knew that Anko was a very free spirited person and did not have too many inhibitions to speak of, which was a bit of a contrast to her. But she knew that if push came to shove, Anko could be counted on when the chips were down and she had the skill and experience to bring to bear in a fight. Also having Anko as a friend was not all bad, since Anko did know when to have a good time and knew just what could help to loosen one up. Though she had a tendency to go overboard about it as well when she got drunk, something Kurenai knew all too well from previous experiences.

She was well aware of the rumors that surrounded her friend and Anko did at times admit that SOME of them were true, but she did not mind. Anko was her own person and at least she was not going to hide those facts from anyone when she felt that hiding them was a bad idea to begin with. And she did appreciate the fact that Anko was also the one who could be called in to make life a lot more interesting when it was getting rather dull. She might not like the directions that Anko took to accomplish the goal she had in mind, but being Kunoichi, she knew that they were both taught to use any means needed.

On Naruto's case however, it was a rather different story. She had not been with Naruto that much, but she had to admit that he was certainly a good young man. She could easily see why was it that her student Hinata had a long standing crush on Naruto, and no doubt if given time to grow up properly, he would become quite the eye pleaser. It made things harder for her as she knew that despite her best intentions, and desires not to cause problems, she was getting attracted to Naruto. And the scary thing was for the Jonin, she was getting attracted to him while sober. She recalled what she was like when she was drunk and in that state, she was getting very interested towards Naruto, and when she got sober, she recalled the time she had been clinging very close to the blonde and now instead of losing that level of interest in the blonde, her interest in him was growing more.

That confused the heck out of the Jonin a lot. But there was plenty of evidence to make her accept the reasons for the attraction. Given a few more years and some proper dieting, Naruto would soon become quite the catch in the eyes of anyone, but even now he was rather attractive. And even she could not help but give him an appreciative glance every now and then when she was able to see him despite the fact she was older than him. She recalled how she was like when she was young, and she had no doubts in her mind that had Naruto been born in the time she was a teenager, she would have had her eyes on him already, And no doubt Anko would also like that as well. But she did admire the fact that Naruto was not acting out the way any pervert would, oh she had no doubt that he had fantasies of her and Anko, every young red blooded man would, but he seemed intent on not going out of his way to make it happen.

This was something that was impressive as like Anko she was well aware of Jiraiya's reputation when it came to ladies, and had heard all the stories as well herself. Which was why she was a bit concerned that Naruto would follow his perverted sensei's footsteps and act like a full blown pervert around them when they were not looking at him. But he seemed to be avoiding that and did his best to remain on good terms with them. No doubt due to his knowing of their skills as Kunoichi, but also possibly due to his burden of being a Jinchuuriki, something that she and all Jonin knew well. But Naruto had proven that he was anything but a monster which was why she could not help but be impressed by him.

But the facts were there that the attraction was there and she was hoping a great deal that before this could get out of hand, they would soon be found by the people in Konoha and soon be allowed to go home. There it might give them the chance to properly talk about this since being on the island only made the attraction a lot more intense and thicker by the second to boot. And for that reason, she was hoping that it was going to not go any further. But she knew that Anko was not going to leave this alone and she knew that sooner or later, it was going to come out.

As soon as both of them were fully relaxed and were ready for their trip back to the camp, it was here that Anko decided to speak to Kurenai.

"Kurenai-chan, we need to talk."

"About what?"

"About how we should deal with Naruto-kun ever since we got stuck with him on this island."

Kurenai raised an eyebrow at that, which Anko was amused to see since she already could guess that Kurenai was going to try and deflect the question away from her. She knew to expect that from her friend but wished in a way that Kurenai did not act too many times like a prude.

"What exactly do you mean by that?"

"Oh you know what I mean Kurenai-chan, after all, this would be the extension of that conversation we were supposed to have with Naruto-kun before those idiots from Sound got in the way. We were about to tell him, or rather you were about to tell him that he should forget that it ever happened."

Kurenai blushed bright red at that as she knew that Anko was right, she had hoped that she could talk to Naruto and convince him not to speak of what had happened between them and try not to speak of it. She wanted that to happen to not only avoid causing trouble in Konoha, but to also be fair to Hinata who had a serious crush on him for a very long time, possibly bordering on love as well. The red eyed Jonin did not know what to say at this very second but she managed to get her thoughts back into working order and spoke to Anko.

"I haven't forgotten that, and I have no plans on changing my stance on the matter Anko."

Anko pouted a bit though she made no effort to hide the amusement in her eyes, which Kurenai had no problem seeing at all and the energetic Jonin spoke once more as she was not going to let this go away.

"But it's not like it's a mistake Kurenai-chan, we're all ninja after all and we're all adults by law. And let's not forget that Naruto-kun is already a very good looking guy. You know it and I know it, and we both have to accept the fact that we are getting attracted to Naruto-kun. And besides that, we should not forget that we have already been naked before him and we know that he LIKED what he saw, and we saw him naked as well, though not without the towel that he had on him at that time, and we both have to admit that we like what we saw as well, didn't we?"

Kurenai tried to deny it but she knew that Anko did have a point and she nodded in the end as she spoke.

"All right, I admit, Naruto-kun is rather attractive, but where exactly are we going with this?"

"Kurenai-chan, we're the only women on the island here and Naruto-kun is the only guy with us as well, you really don't think that he is being stressed out by being here with us? Even more so when we include the fact that he has already SEEN us in our naked glory? And we've already seen him naked as well so you already know that we're affected as much as he is. We have to at least let this come to an end and make things easier for all of us. And who knows, we might actually like it and so will Naruto-kun if we can talk to him about it."

"Are you sure we should do this?"

"I know we should, for not just our sake but Naruto-kun's own as well so we can all be better off and who knows, we might not ONLY enjoy it, but take it further as long as we are honest with each other and Naruto-kun."

Kurenai thought about it seriously and soon gave her friend his answer.


Naruto was happy to finally see both Kurenai and Anko as they had been out for a while, the time they had spent outside had worried him a bit since it was already going to be night time. He was getting ready to leave some Kage Bunshin to hold the fort and look out for them, and if they came back as he was gone, the Kage Bunshin he would leave behind would then disappear and inform him that they were back and he could go back. But before he could get to that point, they came back and it was to his relief as well as their own, though he could not help but notice that they seemed to be a lot more…focused on something.

He placed that train of thought out of his head for now as they got to cooking their dinner and soon they were able to enjoy a nice dinner side by side. Naruto still had a feeling that there was something going on but decided to let it slide since trying to force the issue with the two women was not the best of ideas. Once their food was cooked, all three Konoha ninja were happy to finally be able to eat their dinner as the night began to come over the island. Both Anko and Kurenai were silent as they ate their food and he was more than willing to let it slide, thinking that his previous suspicions were unfounded.

But as soon as they finished their dinner and drank their water for the night and allow themselves to relax, he was going to find out that if he felt that something was off, he had to take it seriously as he finished cleaning up his food, the two Jonin were now looking at him. And he had a feeling that there was something that they wanted to talk to him about, and it was Kurenai herself who spoke to him.

"Naruto-kun, we need to talk about something, are you willing to listen to us?"

Naruto raised an eyebrow and decided to test the waters as he nodded afterwards.

"Sure thing, what is it you and Anko-sensei want to ask me about Kurenai-sensei?"

Anko grinned a bit more and she looked at Kurenai who sighed a bit and nodded to Anko to convince her to go ahead with what they had been talking about. That seemed to be more than enough to convince Anko that she can now go ahead.

"We wanted to talk about how you are feeling being with me and Kurenai-chan, after all, being on an island with two beautiful women must be REALLY hard on you."

Naruto began to feel something crawling on the back of his neck as he heard that but he was not sure about what that feeling was as he spoke to Anko.

"Well…it's not too bad after all, truth be told, I actually am happy that you and Kurenai-sensei are here with me Anko-sensei. If I was left alone on this island, I would have gone completely nuts by now. So having you here, surviving alongside you both, and actually getting trained by both of you certainly made my time here very good."

Both women smiled at that and Anko was quick to speak again.

"That is nice to know Naruto-kun, being told that by a nice guy is something any woman would love to hear. It's more of a bonus that said nice guy happens to be very good looking at the very same time huh?"

Naruto blushed at that and Anko soon nudged Kurenai by the arm and she looked at Anko with a slight glare as she spoke to Naruto.

"Naruto-kun, Anko-san and I were talking about what had happened between you and us back on the ship. And I have to admit that our time together on the island has made this subject, a lot more unique for all three of us. Naruto-kun, I wish to ask if you have been having difficulties with being the only man here on the island with Anko-san and me. And it's not just on the things we talked about just now. I am talking about the physical attraction between a man and woman, even more so that there are two of us and you are the only man here. Can you honestly tell me and Anko-san if you have been thinking about us in a less than gentlemanly fashion?"

NOW he knew just what was going on and he was utterly stunned at this, he looked at both Anko and Kurenai, seeing that they were dead serious and they were waiting for an answer. He did not know what to say, but if there was one thing that was true about him, when he knew that telling the truth was important, he was going to tell it as it was. He looked at both of them and nodded slowly as he spoke to them in a calm tone, despite the fact he was shivering inside.

"I have done that Kurenai-sensei, Anko-sensei, I have looked at you both like that and I will not lie about it. I know that I might get pounded by you both, but I am willing to accept that I did look at both of you in a perverted fashion."

He expected the worst, but got a surprise when Anko laughed a bit and replied.

"About time that came out Naruto-kun, see Kurenai-san? He is a healthy young man and at least he IS attracted to us women."


Anko smiled and then moved to Naruto's side to hug and spoke to him.

"It's all right Naruto-kun, you are a young man after all so such things are to be expected. The only difference here is that you happen to be a very nice guy. And regardless s of what you hear, nice guys do not finish last. And truth be told, Kurenai-chan and I look at you as well, we're both regular red blooded women too so we do admire a well built and attractive man as well. And you fit the bill well, it's a bonus that despite the fact you did think of us like that and no doubt had dreams too, you were a gentleman."

Naruto looked at Kurenai who sighed a bit and nodded with a smile as she spoke.

"What Anko-san said is true Naruto-kun, we also look at you the same way so you have no reason to be embarrassed about it. And we have talked about this a bit more before we came here, and came to a decision. And that is we are going to let each of us have a chance to act on your desires and also allow you to act on your respective desires. We're all adults here by ninja law so there's nothing wrong with what we are feeling and we agreed to let it happen."

Anko grinned at that and replied.

"What Kurenai-chan is trying to say is that if you want to have your fantasies come true and have wild passionate sex with either of us or both if you want that, then we're giving you the chance to do just that here and now. That's only fair since we're also going to make sure we get to fuck you silly as well Naruto-kun."


Naruto was struck dumb by that as Kurenai looked at Anko with annoyance to which she grinned back and she sighed a bit as she spoke.

"I might not…use that style of speaking much, but Anko-san is right, we are going to do that with you and let you do what you want with us with our consent."

If Naruto thought his brain froze and then heated up at Anko's very blunt explanation, the fact that Kurenai was also willing to go along with her made his jaw drop. He did manage to get himself focused and spoke to both Anko and Kurenai.


Both women smiled a bit as they blushed as Anko replied.

"Why don't we just SHOW you how serious we are then?"

In Konoha…

Tsunade was happy to finally get work from Kakashi that he, Yamato, Sai, and Jiraiya had finally locked in on the most likely island that the three missing Konoha ninja had possibly landed on. It had been tough in trying to keep things in Konoha going on as normal since there were two teams not moving out. Kurenai was not around to handle her team so it meant that Kiba, Akamaru, Shino, and Hinata were busy with other matters. And the went for Naruto's own team as well. The only reason neither teams were there to find Naruto, Anko, and Kurenai was that they had their own matters to deal with. The matters in question were the kind that neither of them could ignore without serious ramifications on their clans even if they could have asked others to do it for them.

The captain who had come to them and informed them of the attack on their cruise ship by the ninja of Sound was enough to get on the nerves of her and everyone else in Konoha who were there. And that further ensured that they had to locate Orochimaru's bases even more now to prevent this from happening. Tsunade was not all too sure about why such a move was made, but Jiraiya had reported that he had heard that some of Orochimaru's people had been moving around more frequently in search things, and even people. No doubt something was up and this group must have decided to take out Kurenai, Naruto, and Anko to prevent them from being able to make it back to Konoha.

All she could hope for now was that the last island that the group were going to could be the one that all three Ninja were in. They had to be alive and hopefully Naruto had not gotten himself into trouble with both Kunoichi. The blonde Hokage knew first hand how Naruto acted when he was impatient and the last thing she wanted was to find out that he had driven both Anko and Kurenai up the wall.

She had no idea what was going on at the island right now.

Lemon Time!

Naruto was still trying to figure out how to react but he had little time to do anything as Anko, being the more daring of the two women moved in and gave him a deep one right on the lips. He gasped at that and as the kiss between him and Anko became a lot more intense by the second, he could not help but react as he began to kiss Anko back deeply.

This did not shock the Jonin, rather it made her smile deeply at his sudden ferocity and it served only to turn her own even more. But she knew that she would have to be fair to her friend Kurenai as well, it was fun being with a man with an audience along for the ride to be sure. But she knew that it was a LOT better if the audience participated in the whole affair. Besides, she knew that Kurenai was getting into this well and doing this was going to be something that she doubted her red eyed friend was going to forget anytime soon.

It was not long before Kurenai got into the situation and moved to kiss Naruto, just as Anko parted from him at the very same time. The red eyed Jonin would have refused to do this, but she was a woman after all and it was nice to finally be with someone, even though she knew that having her friend Anko around was going to make things a load different from before. The red eyed Jonin had to admit that Naruto was a good man and was certainly someone who any woman who got to know him to be considered a good catch.

As for her, she had to admit that this was different for her as she knew that Hinata cared deeply for Naruto, so it seemed wrong to her. But she had to admit that she was very eager for this and wanted to make the most of it and they would soon figure something out before the end of the day. Besides that, she was a woman who wanted to be with a man deeply and Naruto had certainly proven himself to be more than able to deliver what she felt was a good thing for a woman.

As the red eyed Jonin parted from the young man she had been kissing, she and Anko decided to strip Naruto clear of his clothes. They were not wasting time in doing that either and got to removing first his jacket, leaving him only in his fishnet outer shirt, and his black cloth undershirt. Once that was out of the way, they removed his sandals so that they would have nothing to stop them from removing the rest of his lower clothes. They soon removed his two shirts, followed by his pants and then removed his boxers while the two of them smiled a bit at the sight of his boxers.

But when they were now able to see his fully exposed body, they smiled even more.

Naruto had lost a lot of the baby fat that was there, in it's place was hard muscle and strong healthy skin, he was well built and not the overtly beefy kind of build, nor the lean build of a runner, but a fusion of both, though leaning more to the runner's side due to being a ninja. The two women loved the look of his body, Anko loved the look o a well build healthy male and the same could be said for Kurenai, though they did wonder just how he managed to get this healthy without eating all the proper foods and only eating ramen. Their little study of the naked blonde went up a notch as they then looked at his sex.

Both women were pleased and amazed to note that despite not being fully aroused yet, he was really well gifted for his age at five and a half inches. On a regular man who was a few years older than Naruto, that would be good, on a young man his age, it was a gift and they wondered if maybe he got this from his father's side of the family. That thought was more than enough to make them very eager and they soon decided to strip off their very own clothes.

Naruto could do little but look on as the two women were now stripping away their clothing right in front of him. It was not long before the two women were finally naked before him and all he could do was stare at them as he felt his whole body react.

In Naruto's mind…

(("Well now…this is INTERESTING…how are you going to handle this kit? You might have seen them naked before, but that was when they were drunk. Now that they are drop dead sober, this is going to be a REAL manly test. So DON'T YOU DARE FUCK THIS UP!"))

In the real world…

Naruto could not help but stare in utter shock and desire at seeing both Jonin utterly naked before him. He knew that from what he had been able to hear both intentionally and unintentionally, that a lot of men in the village were very eager to see what the two women looked like. Anko was considered a sensual but dangerous woman while Kurenai was seen as an unapproachable goddess which was why not many men were willing to reach out to them.

During his time with them, he found them to be very good people, Anko was a good person despite her personality and history with Orochimaru, and Kurenai was a good down to Earth person despite her undeniably beautiful looks.

But one thing was certain, they were definitely attractive as his cock was getting rock hard at the sight of them like this for a second time.

He was looking at Kurenai first and could not help himself as he could see yet again just why a great deal of the men in Konoha and no doubt anywhere would consider Kurenai as a Goddess. Her hair was still in the very same fashion, which was in what one would call elegant disarray. Her face was very beautiful as there were now flaws on her, and she had a blush on her face that served to make her cream white skin look pink and beautiful, the blush also made her deep red eyes look even more attractive along with her deep red lips as well.

His gaze went lover to Kurenai's well toned female form and he had no problem seeing the beauty that Kurenai had been given with growing up. His gaze went to her arms, enjoying the sight of them now out of those wrappings that she normally had them in and admired the feminine way they looked despite him knowing that she was a strong woman in her own right. His gaze then went to her chest and naturally he saw her breasts as well and he was naturally captivated by those fleshy orbs. Kurenai was well endowed in the bust department, and no doubt the only reason that was not fully seen was due to her choice of uniform as well as her chest bindings though he was still confused on how she was able to tolerate wearing those things for so long. He recalled that when he asked her about what she was like growing up, she said that she did not mind showing her being a woman, but did not like having every man letch at her breasts and not look her in the eye.

And he could not blame them as while she was now as developed in size as Tsunade, Yuhi Kurenai's breasts were certainly well formed and perfect for her height and build. They moved naturally with each breath that she took and her deep red nipples, matching her lips as well as her own eyes were certainly eye catching, even more so when they were hard and looked aroused as they were a this very moment.

His gaze went lower and he noted Kurenai's flat stomach though there were some small scars there which did little to undermine Kurenai's beauty. He saw her well formed thighs as well and could not help but stare at them as well as the well trimmed patch of black hair between them, all the way to the Jonin's calves. There was no doubt about Kurenai being a beautiful in ever sense of the word, and also in the inside as well as the outside.

He soon turned his eyes to Anko herself and he could not help but see that the Jonin friend of Kurenai was very attractive and certainly someone that any man would like to be with. Most men back in Konoha would have talked about them being willing to go out with Anko, but not many were willing to do that in real life since her reputation was not the most friendly one would hear about. But he knew that it was hardly the case, sure she was wild and a bit dark, but not all bad, now however, he was getting to see her naked once again.

He looked at her hair which was still in her usual fashion choice of hairstyle, her eyes were gleaming with seduction in them and they were certainly attractive, couple that with the mischievous and attractive smile on her face, then Anko was someone who would know just what was the best way to catch a man's eye and drive him to distraction.

He then directed his attention to the rest of her, his gaze went to her arms and shoulders as well as her neck, taking in all the details including her skin tone. It was not long before he was looking right at her breasts and he could not help himself as he looked at Anko Mitarashi's now fully exposed bust.

It was well known that Anko was not the kind of woman who would not care if she was being provocative in appearance and attitude in public. That was fairly obvious considering her sense of dress and actions, but few would have guessed that she actually only wore a mesh shirt underneath her choice trench coat and not much else...she did not even bother to wear a bra of ANY kind as well. The only reason her breasts were not seen through the mesh shirt completely was the fact that the shirt did not have very large holes in it. She did wear bras, but only if the mood struck her and Naruto was happy that she was not wearing one as her breasts were now revealed. Her breasts were around Kurenai's own size and her light brown nipples were hard and erect as well and her breasts moved gently with each breath that she took in and let out so it was something that he enjoyed looking at.

He moved his gaze lower, right to her toned stomach, her well shaped hips, the well trimmed patch of her between her shapely thighs and her calves. He looked at every detail of the naked Jonin's body, hoping that he was not missing any details before moving back up.

If someone walked up to him one fine day in the past and told him that he was going to be naked with both Yuhi Kurenai and Anko Mitarashi on a deserted island and they were about to have sex with him, he would have considered the guy utterly nuts and ignored him.

But the old say that 'seeing is believing' was true and his body was reacting to the sight in the way all men would have had the men in question be in the same place as him. The two women noted the way Naruto was looking at them right now and they could see that their nakedness had an effect on him as they could see the look on his face and the most evident sign that he was fully aroused was that his cock was fully aroused and hard. And they were quite impressed by what they were seeing as his cock was at the length of at least seven and a half inches.

For any man, that was a very respectable length, but for a young man who was in Naruto's age range, it was a gift from heaven. And for the two women, it was something that served to make this whole situation a lot more entertaining for the two of them, even more than when they got to see him fresh out of the shower on the ship and when he was bathing while they were on the island. Anko licked her lips like a lioness sizing up a very delicious meal, or in a more human case, a very entertaining mate. And while Kurenai made no such actions, her wide eyes and the gleam in them as well as her parted lips was more than enough to tell anyone that she found the sight VERY interesting indeed.


It was here that Anko spoke in a very mischievous tone.

"Hey Naruto-kun...have you ever wondered what it's like to see two women being intimate?"

That got Naruto to blush bright red but admittedly he was rather curious about it, he had heard rumours about that sort of thing going on between women, and even Jiraiya had told him a good deal about that, but he had never seen it before. He shook his head at Anko and a seductive and mischievous gleam in her eye was there as she looked at Kurenai who was blushing a bit at that as she spoke.

"Do we really have to Anko?"

"Come on Kurenai-san, there's nothing wrong with that and besides, it's not everyday a young strapping guy like Naruto-kun sees that happen in front of him. Let's give him a very wonderful show and we get to do it for ourselves too, everyone wins."

Kurenai sighed and nodded as she looked at Naruto and spoke to him.

"Promise me that we will never speak of this back in Konoha all right?"

Naruto nodded and that was enough to get the ball rolling as Anko was quick to show the firs phase as she made the move to press her body right on Kurenai's very own naked form. Though Kurenai was a bit taller than Anko, that was only by a very small margin and they were in the same height and that allowed them to really press onto one another. Their breasts were pressing into one another and their faces were pressing together as well while looking at Naruto. Their bodies were pressed together so well that a strand of hair could not have passed through them.

The sight of the two women like that was something that Naruto had only seen in some of those magazines that he had seen during his trips with the Pervy Sage, and the stories that Jiraiya had made which made it's way into his hands. Seeing it for real was a heck of a lot better than simply reading about it in his own mind. He however knew that this was merely the beginning and he was right.

Kurenai and Anko then moved their faces away from one another and the adventurous one of the pair started kissing the red eyed Jonin slowly. This made Kurenai moan as well as Anko and Naruto could not help but suddenly feel a flash of heat run up his face, through his chest, down to his stomach, and then to his dick as he looked at the way the two women were kissing one another.

Anko enjoyed this and so did Kurenai though the younger Jonin was still a bit unsure about how she would react to this completely. They continued to kiss as the passion behind it all began to grow a lot more intense by the moment. They then used their tongues on one another as well, their actions were undeniably erotic since Naruto could see their tongues there moving in over one another's tongue and on their cheeks as well. The two soon parted from the kiss, but that was to allow Naruto to see their tongues actually moving over each other.


That moan coupled with a few others and the sounds of their tongues moving over each other was more than enough to get Naruto really aroused. And he marvelled to the fact that he had not actually have an orgasm right there and now. He held on as best as he could and was soon rewarded b the sight of the two women moving down to the floor/bed of their camp and moving towards him.

The closeness allowed him to see their very erotic kissing in more intense detail and he was entranced by it. The two soon parted and Kurenai decided that now it was her turn to take a more aggressive action on Anko. She got that started by moving forward and made Kurenai lie down and she began to lavish kisses and licks on Anko's body, starting a her neck and then to her breasts as well as her nipples.

The red eyed Jonin was getting more into it as she began to suck, kiss, and lick her partner's breasts and nipples with greater intensity, much to Anko's approval and Naruto arousal. This went on for a while as Kurenai was doing a very good job in her actions as Anko continued to moan out as well as run her hands on her fully naked partner in bed.

She then looked at Naruto as she smiled wickedly at him as she spoke.

"Enjoying the sight Naruto-kun?"

He nodded without making a single comment and Anko enjoyed that as she was soon given the chance to do the same thing to Kurenai as the red eyed Jonin moved away from her breasts and nipples. Anko did not waste any time as she was now doing the very same thing to Kurenai's own breasts and nipples, sucking, licking, and kissing them, all the while making sure that the blonde Genin was allowed to see all of his right before his eyes.

Naruto could only watch in utter awe as Kurenai's face was flushed with her blush, her breathing laboured, and her hands running on Anko's head, hair, and back as her friend was sucking, licking and kissing her fleshy orbs one at a time. He looked to see Anko looking at him while licking Kurenai's left nipple slowly and she smirked at him while Kurenai was blushing deeply with her friend's actions.

Soon both women parted from one another, but not before Anko got Kurenai into a position that allowed them to pleasure one another. Kurenai was lying down at and angle on the side with her left leg held up by Anko and she was rubbing her sex on Kurenai's own as Kurenai's other leg happened to be in between her own legs. The woman moved her hips slowly, grinding her sex on Kurenai's own, making the two of them moan deeply. Anko started things slowly to let Kurenai get used to the situation that they were on, and to make sure that Naruto did not miss one single detail of what it was that they were doing with one another.

Anko continued with her actions, speeding up her gyrating on Kurenai's hips while rubbing her own sex on her partner/s. Soon those actions became a lot more heated and intense as Naruto watched Anko and Kurenai, the intensity of their actions made a good deal of noise as both women were really unleashing all that they had as Kurenai was now gyrating her own hips in time with Anko.

Both women were also more than willing to shout out their pleasure to ot just one another, but to their undeniably captivated male audience of one.




The sight of the two women deep in pleasure as they continued to rub their pussies and clits on one another was utterly shocking and arousing to the blonde Genin who was glued to the sight. Both women were getting even more intense with their actions on one another it was not long before the two finally cried out in orgasm.


Anko and Kurenai panted as they felt their bodies being hit by waves of wetness as well as heat, they looked to see that their respective sex were wet with their juices which no doubt had combined together when they were reaching their orgasm and right after they reached their limits. The two looked at Naruto and saw that his cock was still rock hard and it served to make them blush at him. Kurenai could not help but enjoy the sight of Naruto like that while Anko herself was very happy and eager to see just how capable the blonde Shinobi was when it came to using his dick to drive a woman right to the brink.

The two soon parted by not before they got into another position that allowed the two of them to lick one another clean of their respective juices, all for Naruto to look at. Kurenai was right on top of Anko and licking away her friend's pussy and clit while Anko was leaning upward and doing the exact same thing to Kurenai's own sex and clit as well.


Naruto could not come up with anything else as he watched both women in that position, Kurenai between Anko's thighs, licking her pussy and clitoris with Anko doing the very same thing to Kurenai's own sex and clit. They were licking their respective juices clean and as soon as they were done, they got to face one another and for him to see, they kissed one another briefly in the same fashion as before with their tongues duelling with one another in their mouths.

Naruto gulped but he was no longer a spectator as both women parted with their combined juices on each other's face and then moved to kiss him together. He could not help but join in as he kissed both women right back, and in doing so, he was able to taste them both in more ways than one, the taste was very different from what he was used to and he had no doubt that he was not going to find anything that would come close to matching the taste that he had been allowed to have from the two women.

As soon as they were done, Naruto was soon on the bed as both Anko and Kurenai were ready to make their move. Kurenai was on his left side with Anko at his right side, all he could do was watch as both Jonin were there naked before him. He could do nothing as they began to kiss him again, starting slowly with their kisses to make sure that he was able to keep up with the two of them. They soon continued to move their actions on the rest of him as they each licked and sucked on his neck, his collar bones, all the way to his own nipples. The blonde gasped as both women were really bringing it on, Anko was doing things deep and passionately while Kurenai was slow and methodical yet seductive.

He watched as they moved closer to his stomach, running their hands on the sides while kicking and kissing his muscles. Both women enjoyed the fact that despite being rather young, he was already very fit and well toned for someone of his current age. They also gently kissed and licked the place where his seal was, he was not self conscious of the seal even after knowing the truth on why he had such a seal on his body. They traced it slowly with their fingers, and then with their tongues. But to really throw a bone into his imagination, Naruto saw both Anko and Kurenai actually run their breasts and nipples on the patterns of the seal.

The sight of that was...beyond odd, but he was not going to complain, and no doubt neither would the Kyuubi if that furball of a demon saw that.. His gazed was still transfixed on the two female Jonin as they moved now to his cock. He watched as Anko looked at his cock with a very feral grin while Kurenai was wide eyed at it and her blush grew even more. Anko was the very first to comment on his now fully aroused dick.

" are certainly WELL equipped Naruto-kun."


Kurenai's word to describe him was short, but rather accurate as Anko spoke once more to Kurenai.

" Naruto-kun is certainly well gifted when it comes to the manhood area. Not bad for someone so young as he is, eh Kurenai-chan?"

The red eyed Jonin gave a nod and soon the two of them began to use their hands on his cock, he groaned as both Kurenai and Anko were now moving their hands up and down his cock slowly, while also massaging his testicles with their hands gently though Anko squeezed his cock a few times,. She did this to make sure that he did not orgasm too early for her liking, there was so much time for them all that letting Naruto orgasm too early was not the best of options in the female Jonin's mind.

Naruto did not have to look at their hands for too long as Kurenai and Anko were now using their mouths on his cock. He could only stare in utter awe and arousal as both women were kissing his cock from base to head and back again, and all he could do was look on at the two of them. He wondered what they were going to do next, and he got his answer as Anko and Kurenai moved from using their lips, to using their tongues.


Naruto cries were understandable as he was seeing the sight most men would have killed for back in Konoha, Anko and Kurenai kissing and licking his cock. They also took their time in taking his cock into their mouths as well, and they even made the move to suck his cock while moving up and down along with using their chakra on their tongues and fingers to add even more pleasure to the blonde's body. He lied his head back and cried out both their names at the very same time.



Both Anko and Kurenai were looking at Naruto to see how he was handling himself and they were enjoying the sight of the blonde being wrapped up in all the pleasure that they were giving him. They also found out that they liked having his taste in their mouths as they carried on with what they were doing to him. This went on for a while longer until it was here that Kurenai decided to take a different approach as she moved away from Naruto's cock. Anko could not help but wonder what was it that Kurenai was up to, she got her answer as Kurenai placed Naruto's cock in between her breasts. She laughed gently at that and spoke to Kurenai as well as Naruto who was looking at Kurenai in utter surprise.

"Oh...I like this side of you Kurenai-chan...go on, give Naruto-kun a very beautiful show."

Kurenai did just that as she began to move her breasts back and forth on Naruto's cock, the feel of his cock in between her breasts was unlike anything she had felt before or read about. But there was no doubt that she enjoyed every second of this. As for Anko she enjoyed the sight a very good deal and it was something that she was hoping to do on Naruto soon.

Naruto on the other hand could not help himself as he continued to look at the sight of Kurenai using her breasts to massage his cock. If anyone in Konoha found out about it, he would never hear the end of it, but for now, he was happy that no one would and he was going to enjoy every second of this moment for as long as possible. He moaned out Kurenai's name with each time she moved her breasts up and down, she also made sure to lick and kiss the head of his dick whenever it was there for her to reach with her tongue and lips.

It was not long when Kurenai moved her breasts off of Naruto's cock and before he could complain to the sudden loss, that was stopped as Anko was quick to allow his cock to be between her breasts which she pressed together to create a vice on her lover' cock. Once she was done with that part, she began to move her breasts up and down as well, Anko had read on how it can be done well and she was more than happy to make the most of what she learned.

And the pleasure that she was getting and what Naruto was getting made the whole effort very worthwhile. She was going to make sure that Naruto was going to get the time of his life while she was going to get the enjoyment of having him under her power as well as having him get even more eager for the night's festivities.

The blonde Genin was treated to the sight of Anko using her breasts on his cock slowly while also using her mouth, and tongue on the head of his dick as well. Kurenai was not sitting idly by as she was using her left hand to caress his testicles while kissing his stomach and using her right hand to caress him at the same time. Naruto could not help himself as he carried on looking at the two women and wondered briefly what they were going to do next.

He got the answer to that same question the very second Kurenai moved away from her actions and soon pressed her breasts on Anko's own, both women were now moving their breasts up and down on his cock at the very same time. The sight of his cock in a vice of soft, hot, and firm breasts from two women nearly drive Naruto onto full orgasm right there and then. Feeling either Kurenai or Anko's breasts on either side of his cock was immeasurably good already, but their breasts all around his dick at the very same time was unlike anything he had ever felt before.

All Naruto could do at this point was cry out his pleasure at what the two women were doing to him inch by inch as their breasts were all around his cock. It was something that was going to be in his mind for a very long time, along with all the other things he had seen already, and there was no doubt that if anyone in Konoha saw this, they would have been shocked and more. And he had no doubt that if his sensei Kakashi and the Pervy Sage saw this, he would never hear the end of it all.

But yet again, the two women decided to throw a real show as they soon moved their breasts away. He wondered what they were going to do next and to his surprise, they were now in a variation of what they had done for him before. But this time he saw that his cock was right between their respective pussy and he could not help but feel that apart from the softness and heat of their sex, but the wetness as well. This was a way for him to realize just what it was going to feel like when he was going to use his cock on their sex.


Both women smiled at Naruto as they began to move their bodies up and down slowly, making sure that they were doing it bit by bit to make sure that they got a rhythm set up, get comfortable for themselves, and to make sure that Naruto was enjoying the actions that they were taking. This was something that the two of them had read about much earlier and while Kurenai was unsure of the position being effective, she was willing to try along with Anko.

And it seemed that Naruto was enjoying the pleasure immensely as he cried out with each action that they were doing in sync.




Naruto felt like he was going to pass out as the sight of the two Jonin on either side actually rubbing their vagina on either side of his cock, he was not penetrating either of them but the feeling of his cock being surrounded on either side by the two undeniably attractive Jonin's sex was more than enough to give him a very good idea what it was going to feel like. The wetness from their sex was getting thicker and hotter all around him as they continued their actions, only this time at a faster pace.

Anko looked at Naruto, enjoying the pleasure written all over his face as she spoke to next to Kurenai.

" Kurenai-chan."

Kurenai did that and she also smiled at the sight of Naruto's face all contorted in a mask of utter pleasure as Anko replied.

"Let's make him cum hard."

Kurenai nodded at that as they carried on with that they were doing, their position was demanding on their arms and legs, but they were fit due to their training as Jonin as well as their way of taking good care of their health and bodies. That was why they were even able to do these things with Naruto at the very beginning and they enjoyed the whole thing immensely and soon they were greeted by the shout of the blonde Genin finally reaching his limits.


Naruto could not help himself as he unleashed a large amount of cum from his dick which was still rock hard despite the fact that he had just hit orgasm. He could only look as several large wads of his seed flying on either side and land on the two women. He looked to see several streams land on Anko and Kurenai's thighs and hips, their stomachs, then their breasts along with their nipples and even some of the streams that came to their faces. He looked at the two women as they smiled at what he had done, they soon moved from one another and were now on either side of him.

And he was soon given a very good sight as Kurenai began to lick and clean off his cum that was on Anko's body. She started on Anko's thighs and hips, moving to her stomach then to her breasts and nipples, with Kurenai licking off the seed from her friend's face. She then swallowed the collected seed and she enjoyed it very much, he was soon able to see Anko do the same thing to Kurenai, but her actions started on Kurenai's face, then to her neck, her breasts and nipples, her stomach, and ending with her licking off the cum on Kurenai's hips and thighs.

Both Anko and Kurenai enjoyed the still hot and thick taste of their lover's cum and found Naruto's seed to be sweet and musky in terms of smell. They enjoyed the taste of the cum as it was not as bad as they had read about. Despite her reputation and some of the rumours that circulated around the village about her, Anko was not the kind to sleep around all the time. And despite her friendship with Asuma, Kurenai had not done anything like this as she had been very focused on taking care of Hinata and her team. Both heard about some women who disliked doing it and did only as a favour, while others who enjoyed it, and now they could say that they were among the latter.

Naruto was stunned by the sight and felt his dick even more aroused as well as become harder. This was easily seen by the two women and they enjoyed the sight of that as they then moved to the blonde, they then hugged Naruto rubbing their naked bodies on him and after a while, Anko spoke to Kurenai as she was in the mood to get her time with the blonde Genin to see just how good he was when it came to being with women.

"Now then, I will take the lead, do you mind Kurenai-chan?"

Kurenai smiled and nodded.

"Go ahead."

She then turned to Naruto and spoke to him seriously though with arousal and gentleness.

"You be nice to Anko-san Naruto-kun."

Naruto nodded at that as Kurenai moved aside and soon it was just him and Anko herself. She was also very eager to see just how good Naruto was with women since she knew that it was going to be her turn with him after all.


Naruto could not help himself as he kissed Anko deeply and she was more than willing to respond in kind as she was now allowing him to be on top of her. The blonde was eager to finally make Anko scream out her name, not something some men would have thought of doing but he did not care as he continued to kiss Anko. The blonde Genin and the violet haired Jonin soon parted from one another in order to get air into their lungs and Anko could not help but smile at him and spoke.

"You have really become quite the kisser Naruto-kun, now let's see just how capable you really are."

Naruto smiled at her and soon started to make his move as he began to kiss Anko's neck while also gently biting her skin, leaving behind hickeys on her skin. The Jonin smirked at that as she enjoyed the mixture of pleasure and pain, doing nothing to stop Naruto at all. He continued to move his oral ministrations to her collarbone and neck, those actions made by Naruto was enough to make Anko laugh gently at his actions gently as well as moan at the pleasure/pain combination that came to her. It was not long before Naruto reached her breasts and nipples, he started on her right breast, licking and sucking her breast and nipple while he used his hands to massage Anko's other breast and body.


Anko enjoyed the actions being done by Naruto and as she was there, she spoke to Naruto.

"Bite my breasts and nipples Naruto-kun. Do it slowly so I can tell you if you...oooooohhhh...are doing it right."

Naruto did just that and began to gently bite Anko's breasts all over as well as her nipples. He made sure not to bite very hard, only enough to make Anko moan and he made sure to relax and be gentle on Anko when she told him to stop his actions. The blonde listened to Anko's moans to see just how she enjoyed the actions he was doing, and he could tell that he was doing a very good job as she was moaning his name in a very aroused fashion.

Anko loved the actions being done to her by Naruto and she was very happy with the pleasure she was getting mixed with a little bit of pain as well. Naruto was more than willing to show the same attention to her other breasts and it was more than enough to make her all the more aroused as Naruto continued with his actions on her breasts. She was more than willing to use her hands on Naruto as she massaged his head and back along with keeping his head there to her breasts so he could continue to provide pleasure to her body.

It was not long before she released him to move his ministrations to her lower body; Naruto was doing a very good job right now to her estimations as she felt him continue to kiss and lick all the way to her hips, as soon as he got there, Anko was more than willing to let Naruto pleasure not just her hips and thighs. She made sure to tell him to gently bite her flesh at the very same time with his kisses and licks. Naruto was more than willing to do just that, making her very happy as the pleasure/pain combination that she was getting made her all the more aroused and wet as well. That was obvious not just to her but to Naruto as well and she was eager to see just what she tasted like.


Anko moaned out as Naruto was now licking away at her vagina and clitoris, starting with her sex's outer lips along with the bulb of flesh above it. Naruto also parted her sex to see the pink inner walls of her sex, making Anko smirk at the way Naruto looked at her now exposed sex, the smirk was soon replaced by a smile of pleasure as Naruto also began to thrust in his tongue into her pussy while also using his fingers to touch her sex, as well as rub her clit between them. Anko loved that as she felt her body release more of her juices and she felt that Naruto was more than willing to take in more of her juices, meaning that her lover loved her taste.

Naruto did indeed enjoy the taste of Anko's juices as it was a bit salty as well as having a slight sweet taste as well. The scent also served to fully arouse the blonde Genin as it was somehow able to get him even more aroused by the second and made him go all out. He looked at Anko and he could already see that she was in the grip of pleasure, that was more than enough to make him go even further to finally bring Anko to full orgasm. The chance to see Anko in orgasm once more and knowing that he was the one who brought her to full orgasm made him even more determined to do his best.




Anko could not help herself as she felt her body and mid go deeper towards heaven but she was going to hit a second wind when Naruto managed to find her G-spot. The very second he began to pleasure that, her entire body screamed in pleasure and she was more than willing to show to Naruto that he had just struck the holy grail of her body.


That was more than enough to make Naruto realize that he had just found Anko's sweet spot and he was MORE than willing to exploit that as he increased his actions on pleasuring her. He used both his tongue and fingers even more to finally bring the Jonin to her very limits, and it was not long before Anko finally reached her limits. The blonde Genin had no time to react when Anko Mitarashi finally reached her limits as her body tensed up and she cried out in a very loud voice.


Anko gripped the bed sheets hard as her body stiffened up and she felt her mind and body seem to shatter and float in a sea of pleasure and heat. She enjoyed that greatly and she looked at Naruto who was still there between her thighs and moved her hands to caress his hair, enjoying the feel of her lover's spiky mane as she felt his breath on her pussy and clit as well as his tongue and she could not help but feel very happy.

As for Naruto, he enjoyed the taste of Anko's juices as she released even more of it from her pussy and the feel of her inner walls caressing his fingers and tongue made him even more eager to feel his cock deep into her pussy. He managed to take in as much of her juices as he could and soon moved away from her thighs when she finally moved her hands away and allowed him to move. He moved to face Anko Mitarashi and she was more than eager to kiss him as she grabbed his head, gently brought him to her face, and without any hesitation she kissed him deeply.

The Jonin did not mind in the very least the taste of her own juices as she had masturbated privately and at times publicly so she was used to the taste of her own juices. The private masturbation thing was done in the privacy of her home, and the public ones were merely very short but good and while she could have been found, she was quite capable of evading anyone who might find out. The only 'evidence' of her hidden indecency was when some people, male and female suddenly felt hot when they were in the places she had her orgasm in.

Once the kiss ended between them, Anko looked at Naruto and spoke to him in a very seductive tone.

"Now Naruto-kun…use your cock on me."


"I want you to do it, do it hard and fast Naruto-kun."

Naruto did not go against Anko as he soon moved himself into position in between Anko's thighs. He looked at her pussy as it was released a bit more of her juices and he decided to rub his cock to lubricate his sex a bit. He knew from some of the things that Jiraiya said were right plus that source of action was enough to make his cock feel good. Anko moaned at that when she felt the head of her lover's cock rubbing her pussy lips as well as her clitoris. And once he was sure that he was ready, he wasted no time and began to push his rock hard cock into her sex. His cock parted the outer lips of Anko's slit, the heat and wetness that came with that course of action ran through his cock, spreading all over his body from his cock all the way to every nerve ending of his body. He managed to keep himself from hitting orgasm too early and continued to push in and soon inch by inch of his cock was going in.

Anko moaned out deeply as she felt her pussy begin to stretch out and the feeling of her pussy being filled up made her even happier as this went on. She enjoyed the pleasure as Naruto continued to thrust his cock into her sex, she then used her legs as she wrapped them around Naruto's waist and used them to make Naruto thrust his cock all the way into her pussy. The very second that Naruto was buried to the hilt into her vagina, Anko tensed up as she felt her inner sheath begin to stretch and the pleasure that came was more than enough to make her cry out her lover's name.


As for Naruto himself, he could not help but feel his body shiver with utter delight as the softness, wetness, tightness, and heat of Anko's inner walls all around his penis made him even come close to orgasm. He was able to control himself before he did orgasm as he knew that he still had to make Anko Mitarashi orgasm again. He started slowly since he was still trying to get himself used to the situation he was in, and it seemed that Anko was willing to let him do that as she did not use her legs on him nor did she tell him to speed up with his actions on her sex as well.

The two moved slowly with Naruto moving his hips slowly back and forth, moving his dick out of Anko's slit until only the head of his sex was left in Anko's pussy. Then he would thrust deep and hard into her pussy again. Anko enjoyed that a great deal as she then ran her hands on Naruto's back, her nails moving on his skin, not enough to draw blood or anything in that level, but enough to send shivers of rather light pain to Naruto which mixed rather well with the pleasure that he was getting from his cock moving in and out of the Jonin's hot sex as more of her juices were coming out. He moved down to kiss and lick Anko's breasts and nipples, gently biting as well as sucking them to give Anko the pleasure/pain sensations that Anko seemed to enjoy greatly.




That was not lost to their audience of one as Kurenai looked on to see that both Naruto and Anko were really starting to get into the spirit of things between the two of them. There was no mistaking the pleasure on Anko's face as well as Naruto's own face as they carried on with what they were doing to one another.

It was not long before Naruto decided to make a move of his own on Anko. He moved to lift her off the bed, sat on it in a lotus position and was soon moving his hips in a grinding/thrusting motion, driving his cock deeply into Anko's sex. The Jonin enjoyed that as the position allowed Naruto to thrust even deeper into her sex while also adding more sensations as he cock was hitting her G-spot right where she wanted it to be hit. The pleasure that came to her body was more than enough to make her lean into Naruto as he continued to move.




The two were enjoying themselves with each action that they were doing as Anko also began to move her hips up and down Naruto's legs. She could not help herself as she finally leaned in and bit into Naruto's shoulder, the bite was harder than the last ones, and since her canines were there, they were able to pierce Naruto's flesh and spill some blood which she was more than willing to lick up.

Naruto gasped at the sudden sensation of his skin being pierced by Anko's teeth, the pain was there but it was being mixed with the pleasure that was all over his body. He felt the need to react and he was more than willing to do just that as he bit on Anko's neck as well, his canines, having been affected by the Kyuubi's chakra since he was a baby were sharper than most, allowing him to cut Anko's skin and draw blood as well. It was not too deep a bite and not was it deadly but it was enough to make both of them react as they tasted each other's blood.

The combination of pleasure and pain was intense as both carried on with their actions and it was there and that the two of them finally reached their orgasm.


Anko could not help herself as she finally hit her orgasm and soon she felt Naruto's thick and hot seed fill up every corner of her body in that exact moment. She enjoyed it and already the pain from her bite from Naruto's canines was fading into the sea of pleasure that was there in every corner of her body. She knew that she deserved the pain for biting Naruto, but she was all right with it and she planned to heal herself at a later date. For now she decided to be fair to Naruto as she gently licked and kissed his wound as he could feel the Kyuubi's chakra already healing it.

Naruto himself could not help but feel Anko's sex milking his cock with everything that she had, he could feel her sex become hot and wet and it was a good feeling. The pain from her bite on his flesh was fading rapidly due to the Kyuubi's chakra healing him and was also being drowned by the pleasure of his release. He felt his cock fire a few more streams of his cum into her sex and the fact that she was gently licking his wound showed to some degree that Anko was trying to apologize for it, though he had some doubts in that regard.

As they parted from one another, the blonde Genin and the Jonin looked at one another while still enjoying their release and soon Naruto was the first one of them to speak to the other.

'Why did you have to bite me Anko-chan?"

"S-Sorry, couldn't help myself, but you do taste nice and don't worry, I'll...make sure to only bite you if you want me to."


Anko smirked at the way Naruto looked at her and soon she slowly removed herself from his lap, happy for the fact that despite his orgasm, the young man was still rock hard and apparently ready for yet another round. She was very tempted to do it again, but she could tell that it was not Kurenai-'s turn and she saw that her friend really wanted to have a chance at being with Naruto, and who was she to deny her friend that privilege?

She then nodded to Kurenai with a smile and moved away from Naruto, the blonde was quick to guess what Anko's intention was and directed his attention to Kurenai. Anko herself decided to rest a bit and watch what was going to happen between Naruto and Kurenai.

Kurenai moved closer and soon she was right in front of Naruto, he could see that his wound was already mostly healed as Anko's bite marks were already fading away from his skin. The red eyed Jonin could not help herself as she kissed him deeply, and she began to enjoy the deep kiss between her and Naruto as their tongues continued to duel with one another. Once the kiss between the two of them, the red eyed Jonin looked at Naruto and caressed his face gently as she spoke to him.

"You are indeed a good kisser Naruto-kun, you can really make a woman very happy."

Naruto blushed at that and smiled, much to Kurenai's amusement as she spoke to him once more.

"But do not try to bite me Naruto-kun, I am not the same as Anko-chan so there is no reason to do that. Do you understand me Naruto-kun?"


The Jonin smiled at that and that was more than enough to make her relax as they once more began to kiss one another deeply. The two of them were not only kissing one another as the two of them used their hands on one another, with Naruto using his hands on Kurenai's back and sides while Kurenai used her hands on his chest and head. It was not too arousing but it helped give them a good feel for each other's body.

Once they were done with the kissing, Kurenai leaned back and allowed Naruto make his move on the naked female Jonin. Naruto could not help but go to admiring the beauty of Yuhi Kurenai and he was eager to finally make her moan and cry out his name in pleasure. He hoped that he was going to do a good job on pleasuring Kurenai and making her happy as he knew that Anko and Kurenai were two totally different people.

He moved to kiss her skin and enjoyed the taste of her flesh while Kurenai moaned at his actions as she used her hands to hold him there for the time being. Naruto was more than willing to make the most of the situation as he moved his lips and tongue to her collarbones, he gave them a few gentle kisses then moved to her breasts. His hands were not idle at all as he moved to caress her sides, enjoying the feel of Kurenai's smooth skin underneath his hands, and he soon began to kiss, lick, and suck her breasts and nipples, much to Kurenai's delight. He made sure to do things slowly to see just what was it that Kurenai liked, using her moans and the shivering of her body to determine if he was doing the right thing on her.

Kurenai enjoyed the pleasure that was coming to his body as she felt her heart beat go faster as well as feeling her body become warmer. She reached out with her hands as she ran them on Naruto's back, doing it gently until she reached his butt, squeezing them in her hands, making the blonde moan in surprise at her actions, she was hardly finished though as she also ran her hands gently up his spin, and down all the way to the end, sending pleasure up and down his spine.

She moaned out his name gently and with ever increasing levels as his actions gave her even more pleasure from before. And she was happy that Naruto was quickly able to find out just how she liked her breasts and nipples to be pleasured, he was quick to learn just how to pleasure her and that was something to love about a man.

Naruto soon moved his attention from Kurenai's breasts to the rest of her body, he ran his hands down to her hips and he moved into position as she parted her legs when she saw his actions. He was now between her legs and he then did something to her sex as he lifted her lower body, this surprised Kurenai as she found Naruto was now on his knees while he had lifted her hips to look at her pussy. She had no idea what he had in his mind right now, but she was not going to stop him from what he planned to do.

The blonde Genin looked at Kurenai's wet sex, taking in the smell and look of it all. He then made his move as he licked her pussy lips slowly, making Kurenai moan, and he made her moan even more when he sucked one of them into his mouth gently, before moving his attentions to her clitoris. He started the process slowly to make sure that he was doing it right, using Kurenai's moans as well as the shivers she made to judge how he was doing. The Jonin gave out several moans as she enjoyed the actions he was doing, encouraging him as he also began to thrust his tongue in and out of her sex.




Anko looked at that Naruto was doing and she smiled warmly at what he was doing as he was certainly creative with his actions on Kurenai. She had to give him points for creativity and she could not help but admit that he was quite gifted in learning things very quickly. That made her all the more eager on how he was going to bring Kurenai to the orgasm that she knew her friend wanted a great deal.

Kurenai herself enjoyed the pleasure as the position allowed Naruto to really go deep into her sex as well as it allowed her to feel the pleasure running through her body at an even faster pace. She could not help herself as she moved her hands towards Naruto and despite the position, she was able to reach her lover's cock. The very second she touched it, she began to move her hands on it back and forth, just like what she and Kurenai had done the last time that they were pleasuring him. That action was something that Naruto enjoyed and he was more than willing to reward Kurenai by increasing his actions, placing her legs on his shoulders and that naturally freed his hands.

That allowed the blonde to use his hands on her breasts as well as running his hands on her butt as well. He made sure to do things slowly with his hands and it was more than enough to make him see that Kurenai enjoyed what he was doing to her. As for him, her actions on his cock with her own hands made him very happy though he could feel that it was going to take a lot more than that to make him orgasm this time around, and it might be him who was going to bring Kurenai to her orgasm as he increased the speed and tempo of his actions.

It was not long before Naruto's assumption was proven to be right as he was able to finally bring Yuhi Kurenai to the orgasm she wanted. The very second it happened, he felt her entire body shake and shiver as well as him tasting a brand new amount of her juices that came along with the orgasm.


Kurenai felt her body shake with the effects of her orgasm as she felt Naruto continue to lap up her juices while using his tongue and fingers on her body to send more shivers of pleasure through her body. She felt the position to be a bit hard on her neck but thankfully Naruto decided to lower her body down gently while continuing to lick and kiss her pussy as well as her clit along with licking her juices.

Once he was able to lower the Jonin's lower body, he moved away and soon he was there in front of Kurenai. The Jonin enjoyed the pleasure she got from Naruto and she was quick to start licking his face and lips, tasting hers very own juices and did not mind at the very least. Once she was done cleaning her lover's face and lips, the two of them kissed one another and she was able to taste herself on Naruto's tongue. They kissed one another deeply and when they parted from one another. Naruto got himself into position, moving back to her pussy and he began to think of a way to end the whole thing.

He had an idea and then moved to take Kurenai's legs to his shoulders and soon leaned forward to get into position. Once that was done, he thrust his cock deep and hard into Kurenai's sex. That course of action was more than enough to make the red eyed Jonin cry out in pleasure at Naruto's actions on her sex as she enjoyed the feeling of her pussy being filled by her lover's cock.


Kurenai could not help herself as she relished the feel of Naruto's cock now deep inside of her sex. The sensations of being filled up as well as feeling the heat and hardness in her sex. It had something that she had wanted to feel for a very long time and now that she was feeling it, she could not help but admit that it was worth every second.

Naruto looked at Kurenai as he positioned himself to make sure that he was not going to accidentally placing unnecessary weight on her body. Once he was sure that he was sure that he was comfortable along with Kurenai, he began to move his hips back and forth, he did it slowly to make sure that both he and Kurenai were used to the position that they were now in. He withdrew until only the head of his dick was there in Kurenai's sex, the pleasure that he got from his action of pulling back was easily matched by the moans Kurenai made as well as the expressions of happiness on her face.

He then moved his cock back in, feeling the same pleasure as before though it lasted longer this time around, and the same pleasure was there on Kurenai's face. He repeated his actions again and again, slowly building up a pace and rhythm and Kurenai herself enjoyed the pleasure as she held his face with her hands and he managed to kiss and lick her nipples when he was close enough to reach them.

Kurenai was more than willing to also cry out her pleasure with Naruto's slow and deep thrusts which she enjoyed immensely as the position also allowed him to rub her G-spot as well.





Naruto did not make much sound as he continued to enjoy the pleasure that was moving through every fibre of his being and he was happy that he was able to make Kurenai very happy as she enjoyed his actions as well. He then moved his actions away from her breasts and directed his attentions to Kurenai was they were once more kissing one another and the way they kissed one another would have qualified as a sex act as well.

The two lovers were taking their time and Naruto would also increase the speed and power of his actions to make sure that Kurenai was enjoying every moment. And she did as she shivered with each thrust of her lover's cock as her juices were coming out even more from her pussy. That was not the only thing as Kurenai began to use her muscles to increase the actions of her inner walls around Naruto's cock which was more than enough to make the blonde Genin feel even more pleasure.

Anko looked at the whole scene with relish as she could see that Naruto and Kurenai were really getting into the spirit of things. And the pleasure that they were getting from one another was more than enough to show to her that they were getting closer and closer to their respective release as the sounds of their acts were all over the place along with the smell of sex coming from them.

And sure enough, they did as Naruto thrust hard and deep into Kurenai's pussy as he was hit by her orgasm. And Kurenai was in the very same boat as well as she cried out deeply as her body shivered in release as both of them cried out their respective orgasm.


For Naruto, the feeling of Kurenai's inner walls milking his cock along with unleashing more of her juices was worth it all. He could not help himself as he thrust a bit more to enjoy the pleasure that was flowing as he felt his cock unleash more of his seed and to see Kurenai in the grip of her very own orgasm was worth it.

The same could be said for Kurenai as she looked at Naruto as he too was in the grip of his orgasm while she felt his cock unleash more of his cum into her pussy. And she loved the heat and sensations that were flowing all through her body. It was worth it as she also made the move to kiss Naruto before he began to move away from her and allow her to lower her legs onto the bed to let her relax.

As he got off of Kurenai, he lay back on the bed and it was here that both Kurenai and Anko moved to be close to him. He was soon hugged by the two women who placed their sweat covered forms very close to him. He was given a surprise as both Kurenai and Anko kissed him at the very same time, once the kiss ended between the two of them, they decided to go and get some much needed sleep.


The next day…

Kurenai and Anko woke up slowly and soon the two of them began to sit up and try to find out why was it they felt exhausted even though they had a great sleep. Once they were awake, they were quite surprised to find that the two of them were utterly naked. It took only a moment or two before the two of them finally managed to recall just what was it they did together, and with who as well. Anko was the one who spoke first and smiled warmly at the memories of that night and gently ran her hands on the places Naruto had pleasured…and her smile became even more pronounced as she felt the nearly faded bite marks while running her hand on the place there Naruto's canines had actually pierced her skin to taste her blood.

"Now that was a VERY good night…Naruto-kun was amazing wasn't he Kurenai-chan?"

"I...I guess so, and I think that it was very much worth every second of it."

"I agree...and at least we got what we both wanted, he is really a great man...more than able to equal his father. Don't you agree Kurenai-chan?"

Kurenai nodded at that and she spent some time talking to Anko about how they were going to handle the fact that they had gotten this far with Naruto. The two Jonin were able to finish their discussion and just in time as Naruto finally came into the hut. He was dressed up in his shirt and short pants which he had cleaned the night before and had some food in his hand. He had woken up early and had spent the time looking at both Kurenai and Anko and soon got some food ready for the two Jonin. The food in question were some roasted wild sheep meat and some hot soup which was made from onions and some of the same meat that served to flavour the soup even more.

Both women smiled at the blonde and even giggled a bit as he was actually blushing and looking away from them. They both knew why he was doing that as they were very much naked after all, they took the food and he sat next to them and he took out a pair of glassed made from carved wood, something he did when they needed containers for the water they were able to boil down and then allow to cool.

The two finished their early meal and soon drank the water and when they were done, Naruto spoke to the two of them.

"Are you both all right?"

Kurenai nodded at that and spoke to the blonde.

"We are fine, and we have something to talk about Naruto-kun."

"W-What about Kurenai-chan?"

Anko spoke next on that exact moment.

"About what we had done together last night Naruto-kun, do you mind?"

Naruto shook his head as he sat on the bed and soon was before the two Kunoichi as Kurenai spoke to him.

"Anko and I talked about how things were going to be after what...we did, we enjoyed what we did with you a lot..."

Anko smirked and replied.

"MORE than a lot, you were able to make us VERY happy, and we loved that a VERY great deal."

Kurenai nodded in agreement with Anko's statement and continued with what she was trying to say.

"And we agreed that we both want to be close to you, we can't obviously tell the others in Konoha that we did this here, who knows what the results would be and we don't want you to be pressured by anything."

Naruto nodded at that and replied.

"I can...understand that Kurenai-chan...but what will happen afterwards?"

Kurenai then replied with a slight smile.

"We will continue with that happened, like Anko said, you were amazing and truth be told, we both want to do that again with you. And we do like you, you are such a good man in many ways and you deserve to be happy. And if we do...well, get pregnant, we will be willing to be married to you if you will take us."


Anko could see that Naruto was blushing bright red at what was happening before him and she enjoyed that as she spoke to him.

"Of course Naruto-kun, you have to be responsible if we do get pregnant after all, you are after all going to be the father of our children if me and Kurenai-chan get pregnant. You don't plan on leaving us and your children alone do you?"

Naruto shook his head at that fervently and replied.

"No! I would never do that...I might be surprised and all, but I would not leave you behind, what kind of man and future Hokage would I be if I don't become responsible? That would be wrong and I would never forgive myself too."

Both women saw that he was serious and smiled warmly at that as Anko replied.

"Don't worry Naruto-kun, if it does happen, we would be very happy anyway, you are a good man, not too smart in some areas, but you can be very smart when it counts. That and the fact you are a very good and decent man adds to the charm. And being quite the lover certainly helps since you really do know how to make a woman screech like a cat in heat."


Kurenai was shocked by that a bit as Anko pouted yet grinned as well.

"It's the truth after all Kurenai-chan, so let's agree, we can do this together discreetly until Naruto-kun is ready and older. And if it does happen that we wind up being mothers to be, then we will marry him. He is an adult already by law after all, and besides, he can become Hokage soon enough considering how far he has come. And if you ask me, if Naruto-kun becomes Hokage, then he certainly deserves to be Hokage."

That made Naruto smile and both Kurenai and Anko smiled at that as they decided to snuggle up and be close to Naruto before they decided to do what they can for the day.



Naruto was currently stirring the pot filled with meat, herbs and some wild vegetables, it was going to be their lunch time and it was going to be worth it. Apart from the soup that was being made, there were also four large river fish as well as a skinned rabbit. Naruto had gone hunting along with the two earlier to get the food and now it was going to be worth the effort, and the water that he had gathered and boiled earlier was now cooled and ready for drinking.

Both Anko and Kurenai were busy taking a much needed bath in the river which they were looking forward to after the hunt for food. And since it was only a few minutes walk from their area of operations, they were very happy for the break before lunch. They left Naruto to handle it and he was all right with it as that gave him the time to think about what they had been talking about earlier in the day.

It was here that his long time resident spoke to him and he could tell that it was going to be a very interesting conversation.

(("Nice to see you wide awake kit, so, I take it that you have been rather busy with the two babes in question?"))

(Why are you so curious?)

(("Just figured I would ask, after all, I have already heard the idea those two hot Kunoichi had thrown in your direction...and as much as I hate to say have impressed me a bit."))

(What are you saying?)

(("Don't act like that kit, and don't play dumb, you're smarter than that you know. Think about it, you managed to not only bring TWO adult women to orgasm and make them love it, but they also think of you highly enough that they want to do it again with you discreetly, but they actually want to MARRY you as well. I'd say that's a serious achievement for anyone your age don' you think?"))

(I...guess so, why is it you sound so happy anyway?)

(("Apart from the fact that you managed to score with two attractive women and you actually made them willing to have sex with you again and willing to marry you if it happens that they get pregnant with your kids? You actually grew a pair and became a man, I still hate your guts, but I do respect you and that level of respect rose when you did that, not enough for me to give up the idea of taking over your body of course, but enough for now."))

Naruto shook his head at that and replied.

(Fair enough, and I am willing to let that slide.)

(("By the way, I took the time to make sure you did not knock them up last night, the last thing I think you need is to try and explain to your fellows there in Konoha how they got pregnant since you're the only man on the island. As much as I would love to needle you for being a father at this age, but I am not in the mood for that right now and neither are you."))

(Uh...thanks, I think.)

That was when the two women came back and soon they were able to get a chance to eat their food. It was a very good meal and after they took the time to rest, the two women were more than willing to cuddle up and kiss one another. Once that was done, the two women decided to drag Naruto to the river to give him a bath and he did not resist as that resulted in the three of them finally having a very hot session and also a repeat of what they had done last night, but naturally they tried some new tricks. And when they were done with the second bath and love session, they moved around to look for any sign of a ship with Naruto using his Kage Bushin to look by sea while the two Kunoichi looked above at high places with binoculars.

It was not long before the three spotted a large ship and one of Naruto's Kage Bushin lit the torch in it's hand. The black smoke on the torch was soon joined by the smoke from the others as the other Kage Bushin moved in to get the attention of the ship

As soon as the ship moved in their direction, the Kage Bushin moved back and soon tossed their torches to the ground, quickly gathering fuel and more to burn to finally show their location. As the Kage Bushin were soon sent back, Naruto, Kurenai, and Anko looked at the coming ship and soon smiled at one another. It looked like they were finally going to be able to go home.


Naruto yawned a bit as he headed back to his home, it had been quite a training regime for him earlier and he was looking forward to taking a much needed break. He and both Kurenai and Anko had arrived back in Konoha over two weeks ago and it had been a good thing in their respective mindset. They had managed to keep things a secret from almost everyone in Konoha, the only exception was none other than Tsunade herself.

As soon as they arrived, the Hokage noted something was off with both Kunoichi and Naruto, and after getting all three of them alone, she managed to get the truth out of them. Needless to say she was shocked at what she had learned when it concerned Kurenai and Anko as well as Naruto, she looked at the two Jonin and then the blonde Genin intensely and asked them to explain themselves again in detail.

As soon as it was over, Tsunade sighed and could not help but look at Naruto and shake her head at what had happened. She had expected that sooner or later Naruto was going to get himself into a situation that was going to be hard to imagine. Now that she had an idea of what exactly happened she asked them two if they were dead serious about their choices, when they both said yes, she then directed her attention to Naruto and asked him if he was all right with the situation that he was now in.

He nodded and showed his willingness to accept the consequences and never back down, making Tsunade sigh at this once more, she then told Naruto that he was always a source of headaches and worry for her...but she let that be since he one of the people she cared about, to the point she saw him as a son, or grandson if they were going to talk about her real age. With that, she decided to allow it in secret but told him to be responsible if it happened that he managed to become a father. She also told both Kurenai and Anko to take good care of Naruto as she was going to be keeping a close eye on this.

One false move from either of them and they end up hurting Naruto, then she was going to put a stop to it...and she was dead serious about that as well. Both Anko and Kurenai agreed and promised the blonde Hokage that they would not treat Naruto badly and they would care for him with every fibre of their being. After she got that, Tsunade nodded and reminded them that while they got her consent, it was still not the best reason for them to get careless and expose the truth.

Naruto was happy and asked Tsunade right out in the blue if she would not mind being asked by him to be the godmother of his kids if he ever got either woman pregnant and with child. That made Tsunade sputter and look at him as if he had just allowed the Kyuubi to possess him and when she saw that he was serious and not joking around with her, she sighed and nodded an that was that.

As he got into the apartment and made his way into his place when he used his key, he was surprised to find that his place was actually very clean and smelled very fresh. He had no idea how that happened but he was sure that he had left the place locked. He looked around carefully and moved into the living room and saw something that surprised him to the core.

There was Kurenai and Anko in his room, and they were not wearing their usual series of clothes but instead were wearing aprons, and not much else. They were totally naked with only the aprons covering their bodies and he could only look in awe as he felt his body react to the sight of the two Kunoichi like that. It was not long before the two of them saw him and they smiled. The placed down what they were doing with Kurenai placing down the last dishes on the table while Anko placed down the pitcher and they moved to greet him with Kurenai being the first.

"Nice to see that you finally managed to come home Naruto-kun, we were hoping that you would come home today."

"Uh...not that I...don't mind having you and Anko-chan here Kurenai-chan in my home, but what are you doing here...dressed like that?"

Both women smiled a bit as Anko turned around to reveal her naked back to Naruto and then spoke to him.

"You don't like what we're wearing Naruto-kun?"

Naruto shook his head at that and replied.

"I do like it Anko-chan! It's"

Both women smiled as Kurenai laughed and replied gently.

"We decided to dress like this for you and you alone Naruto-kun. You might be the only man we will ever allow to see this. Besides that, it might give you an idea how we might surprise you if it ever happens that you have to marry us someday Naruto-kun when you are older and become Hokage."

Anko nodded with a smile as she too spoke.

"That's true, and besides that, if you do end up being Hokage, and judging by how far you have come, you will make it there soon, you can bet we will be doing this again, only this time, we might be doing this in our birthday suits. You would really like that wouldn't you Naruto-kun?"

Naruto gulped at that as he was already seeing the images of him being treated to the sight of both Anko Mitarashi and Kurenai Yuhi. He could not help but find the image of both Kunoichi naked like this in his home for him alone very tempting. And the idea of the two bearing his name and having his children willingly and legally married to him made him smile even more.

"I would Anko-chan, I would like that very much."

Naruto then moved to kiss both women at the same time and even caressing their butts with his hands while kissing them passionately. Both Kunoichi enjoyed the sudden boldness of their lover and potential husband to be and allowed him to do that and afterwards, they decided to head to eat dinner. Naruto enjoyed the food as both Anko and Kurenai showed their cooking skills that they apparently had been perfecting somewhat when they had gotten back to Konoha, and they also enjoyed their own cooking while drinking some of the wine and sake that both Kurenai and Anko brought respectively.

The three ninja soon drank the drinks and before Naruto knew it, he was feeling hot and aroused, and the same could be said for Kurenai and Anko as well. Both women moved around the house to lock it down and Kurenai used some Jutsu to make sure that there was no sound coming out from the room and when that was done, the two women decided to let Naruto have some REAL fun with them as they all moved to the living room and soon it was time for a very fun time together.

Besides, it took a bit of planning but finally Kurenai decided to bring in someone who would be very happy for this, and that someone was a certain heiress. It was going to be a while but if it worked out, she would enjoy it and there would be less chance of conflict between her and her student.

Besides that, there was a chance that it was going to fulfil a fantasy that men Naruto's age would enjoy being seen fulfilled.

To be continued…


Author's Notes:

Now I am happy that this chapter in the Deserted Island series is now over, and I can now move on with the other chapters that need to be made. I have to admit that doing the story with both Anko and Kurenai being with Naruto was very entertaining and arousing.

The part of me letting Naruto and Anko have sex in which they actually bit their partner to the point to draw a slight amount of blood...was a bit much, but I figured that it would be all right. Remember that Anko had a bit of a blood thirstiness in her and she DID lick some of Naruto's blood when she 'accidentally' hit him with a kunai, so I figured that a bit of rough sex was right up her alley.

Don't worry, they only took a VERY small amount of blood from one another, not enough to REALLY be bad or anything, and it was in the neck area. They are not vampires or anything, just figured that it would be nice there for a change. If you want to make me do some changes to this idea, then send it my way.

As for Kurenai, I hope that the way that I made her time with Naruto be all right for all the readers involved. It was not too radical and was certainly worth every moment to me and I hope that it would be good for all of you readers as well.

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