Naruto Deserted Island

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Naruto X Mei Terumi…

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We now have the twenty-ninth chapter for the Deserted Island series…

And now we get to this delicious part of the series as we introduce another lady to the Deserted Island series, and just so everyone knows, this new lady happens to be none other than the newly appointed Mizukage of the village of Kirigakure. Now I know that she is new and it might be a while before I get more data on her but this is not tied to the anime or the manga anyway so why bother with too many details?

Besides, I cannot certainly say no to having her in the story now can I?

Okay, enough blabbering, on with the story!

In the deck of a cruise ship…

Naruto was currently enjoying the sight of the deep blue sky and had the desire to finally head on home and get back to his missions. The reason he was doing so was that he was waiting for the one he was watching to head back to the port that he was on for them to go home. The person in question seemed to be willing to take her sweet time in getting there, and for good reason as she was currently enjoying a nice meal in her hands.

The blonde looked down and sure enough, the person he was waiting for was now on her way to them. The person in question was a very high ranking ninja from the Land of Water, and the rank was that of none other than the Mizukage. The Mizukage in question was a Kunoichi by the name of Mei Terumi, and she was a woman who was very attractive and would have really gotten a lot of attention from any man who was not aware that she was the Kage of the village of Kiri. Her red hair was well made and groomed to show that she took great care of her looks and the top knot added a sense of authority and nobility as well.

Naruto had to admit that the one thing that got his attention when it concerned Mei Terumi but had nothing to do with her beauty and figure, was the fact that she was a Kekkai Genkai user, and had the ability to use three chakra types, Fire, Earth, and Water, along with having the ability to combine Earth and Fire to make Lava, while using Fire and water to make Boil release. He knew of the purges in the Land of Water, and had met one of the victims personally in his youth. Haku who he later learned was a member of the Yuki Clan and it was at least good to him to at least know what part of a clan his friend was from. He hoped that Haku was in heaven and was able to be with family despite the pain and anguish he had to deal with after all that happened.

So the idea of a Kekkai Genkai user being the Mizukage was unexpected but Naruto hoped that this would mean that there was going to be a change on how Kekkai Genkai users were seen by others. He placed that aside for now as he found himself looking a lot closer towards Mei than he liked to admit or show. Her face was very well formed and she was undeniably attractive despite the fact that part of her hair covered her face and hid one of her deep green eyes from view, adding the whole sexy mystery look to her.

He saw that her choice of uniform was very well made to show her beauty as the upper portions of her top showed her shoulders and the upper parts of her breasts which naturally got the attention of the men nearby, which resulted in some of the women giving the Mizukage a good number of disapproving looks, jealous glares, and more while threatening to give their confirmed boyfriends and spouses a serious talking to and no doubt a slap in the face. Mei did not seem to mind and she smiled at him and waved a bit as she boarded the ship and that was his cue to go down and meet up with her.

As he went down, he could not help but wonder why was it that he was the one called in by Tsunade to help escort the Mizukage of all people. He knew of course that every Kage in any village regardless of power had escorts with them, so why was it that the Mizukage had no escorts? Sure being a Kage meant that she was one of the best, but she still had body guards from her own village to watch out for her when in missions like this one. So why then was it that they were not around and why was it he alone was the only one watching out for her?

Not that it was a bad thing since he had to admit that she was very attractive once more and could easily take care of herself in a fight. As she boarded the ship he joined up with her and spoke with a friendly tone to the leader of the Hidden Village of Kiri.

"How did your meeting go Mizukage-san?"

Mei smiled and replied.

"It went well enough Naruto-kun, now we are going to go home to our respective villages, so let's make the most of our time on this ship."

Naruto was happy for that and soon they were on the deck to see the ship take off, and it was something that he was happy for as he was now going to get the chance to finally head back to Konoha and enjoy being with his friends. For now however, he had to also keep the Mizukage in a good and well entertained state of mind and in a fashion that was acceptable. He had no idea just how he was going to accomplish that but there was no sense in him not trying it out and finding a very useful solution that did not get him in trouble.

As for Mei herself she was eager to make the most of the return trip as the conference she had been forced to take part in for the sake of Kiri had been stressful. And a chance to unwind was certainly something she was looking for and she was going to get the most out of it. This conference was pretty demanding of her since she took the position of Mizukage only half a year and four months ago, but it was all worth it to her as this was the first step in showing to the people of the Land of Water that not all with Kekkai Genkai were to be feared and hated.

That was balanced by the fact that she knew that some of their hatred was justified with the Kaguya Clan being the most pointed example since they had waged war simply for the taste of battle, blood, and death. Even if that course of action eventually led to their clan's ultimate destruction. Those facts and a few others made her task a lot more difficult, and there was no doubt in her mind that there would still be those in Kiri and the Land of water who hated the very idea of the Mizukage being a Kekkai Genkai user.

The ship's travel to the mainland was pretty calm so far, but both Naruto and Mei kept their senses fully alert for any threat. They were ninja after all and despite the difference in rank between them, they were not going to take any chances. Still, the trip was not so bad since Mei was a friendly sort of person and that settled in well with Naruto. He was quite surprised to see that Mei was such a friendly person which was unlike what he had expected from the leader of the Village of the Mist.

They spent some time getting to know one another better, something that neither of them had done during his mission as her protector, and her mission as Kage. But now on the ship they could enjoy the week long cruise, but it was already half way over since the ship was not meant for long trips. So that was naturally the time it had to dock to one of the nearby ports and restock some needed supplies. Mei did not mind and neither did Naruto as the two of them were more than willing to make the most of their time on the ship, and when the ship left port hours later, they were pleased to be going home.

Naruto at this moment was enjoying the taste of some cold fruit juice while Mei was on the other side of the galley, enjoying a glass of cool wine as well as some finger food to go with the wine she was drinking.

Naruto was able to see her enjoying herself and he was pleased since Mei Terumi did indeed look very relaxed. But he placed those thoughts aside as she signaled to him that he should join her. He debated it briefly and decided to just agree to it without causing more delays since she was not demanding of him and showed him respect and courtesy even though she outranked him as a ninja. As soon as he got there, Mei spoke to him in a relaxed fashion.

"Tell me something Naruto-kun, do you drink?"

Naruto was surprised by that no one had ever asked him that before in his life, but he already had a reply in mind.

"No they have not Mizukage-san, but I am not yet at the age for that."

Mei laughed a bit and replied.

"You could just call me Mei-san, I might be the Mizukage, but right now, I am just a woman who wanted to have some fun Naruto-kun. So indulge me just a bit okay? Besides that, you are already fifteen going sixteen, by ninja law you are already an adult so I don't really see why you should not try even a tiny sip of wine."

"Well…I'm not sure that's a good idea."

Mei raised an eyebrow at that as she saw the blush on his face, wondering just what brought that on but she could tell that he had no intention to insult her. So there was possibly another reason for his refusal of her offer of wine to him, and she was rather curious what that reason was. She would not blame him if the reason was valid as well.

"Why is that Naruto-kun?"

"Well…I am underage and I also do not know how I might act if I drank wine since I never drank anything alcoholic before."

Mei had to admit that the reason was valid but she was sure that he was not going to suffer from having a tiny sip of wine. Besides, she had a feeling that his resident in his body would help counter the effects of wine. She had met Jinchuuriki before and she knew for a fact that in order to preserve the life of their host, the Bijuu inside them would protect them from any threat, including foreign substances.

"I see, but it will be only one sip, do that for me and that will be it Naruto-kun."

Naruto thought it over and decided that it would be better that he did not argue with the red haired Kunoichi and took the glass and looked at the wine there. The deep red liquid was a bit hard for him to look at, and his nose was not too keen on the smell, but he decided to just do it. The blonde moved the glass to his mouth and soon took in the wine into his mouth. The very second he did that, the drink hit him hard and he could not help but give a slight look of surprise, as expected since this was the first time he had ever taken a drink that was alcoholic.

Mei was able to see that he was still recovering from the drink and she helped him sit down as she let him recover better. As soon as he recovered somewhat from the drink, he spoke to the Mizukage.

"That was...pretty strong stuff."

Mei nodded and spoke to the blonde Shinobi.

"It takes some getting used to, but it can be enjoyed once your body gets used to it. Besides that, I think your resident can heal you well enough."

Naruto was quite surprised by that comment and wondered what that meant until Mei replied to the question she could see in the blonde's eyes.

"I know about you being a Jinchuuriki Naruto-kun, every Kage would know about such things and the Fourth Mizukage before me also happened to be a Jinchuuriki himself so there is no reason for me not to know. And before you ask who he was and how he became our Mizukage, it is a very sore subject for most of us back in Kiri so do not ask me who he was. Suffice to say, you have little reason to worry about me finding it out."

Naruto did not know how to react completely to that but he did feel that at least he did not have to worry about explaining too much of himself to her. It did trouble him that she knew about it but considering what she had just told him, it made some level of sense now. He gave her a nod and spoke once more to her.

"That's…all right I guess, by the way Mei-san, I need to go to the room and check my gear."

Mei smiled and gave her nod as he left for his room, he did need to get his gear as the ship was now leaving port. It took him some time to get to the room and soon get his gear in order. He had packed a good deal of gear for this mission, since there was a need to be ready for anything as this was his first mission escorting a Kage and by himself no less. As soon as he got his gear organized, he headed back t check on Mei Terumi.

Only to suddenly hear the sounds of screams and panic from other passengers, he rushed to the scene quickly and was surprised to suddenly see a large number of ninja who were actually wearing the symbol of Kiri ATTACKING the Mizukage. Mei was fighting back at them and doing well enough, but it still confused him as to why these ninja were attacking the leader of their village.

Unless these were renegade ninja!

Naruto wasted no time and quickly came into the fight, unleashing his Kage Bunshin and attacking them as they had thought that since Mei was alone, she would be easier to deal with.


The Kiri assassins came under attack by Naruto and he smashed into them, knocking a few of them aside as Mei knocked out one of the attackers and she was soon joined by her Konoha protector. The real Naruto soon joined Mei and spoke to her quickly to figure out what was going on.

"Mei-san, what in the name of the Kami is going on here?"

Mei replied to that quickly enough.

"They came on the ship while we were at port and just as the ship took some distance from the pier, they attacked me here. I know them as well, some of them used to be part of the squads of ninja that did the Kekkai Genkai purges back in the Land of Water."

One of the ninja spoke out to Mei and there was indeed venom in the man's voice.

"That's right, you bitch…I and my team heard about you becoming Mizukage while we were out of the country, and we will NOT accept being led by someone with a Kekkai Genkai! You wretched animals have caused too much pain and suffering. Once we're rid f you, we can have a leader who is not like you warmongers!"

Naruto was angry at that and shouted back at the traitorous ninja leader.

"You fool! She's already trying to bring peace to your village and you want her dead? Who gave you the information on where Mei-san was going to be? You certainly did not get this information right off the bat."

"that's not your business brat! You may be a Konoha ninja but I am not going to let you stop me or my group! She dies here and now!"

Mei glared with her exposed eye and replied.

"Not this day!"

The battle between the renegade Kiri ninja, the Kage and her Konoha ninja escort was now at full swing and the ship was being hit hard by the fighting. However, even though some of the Kiri ninja were Chuunin and Jonin ranked, and numbering at least twenty, they were not going to have an easy time of their attack on Mei Terumi. The first reason was that mei was a highly skilled Kunoichi and a Kekkai Genkai user, and also the Mizukage which meant her skills were not to be underestimated. And the second was that desite his still present Genin rnak, Naruto's skill levels, abilities, and growing strength made him already Jonin material, and the fact the was a Jinchuuriki also helped.

It was not long before the Kiri assassins were dealt with and their leader was captured by both Mei and Naruto. But as they were about to demand answers he sneered at them and revealed a massive amount of explosive tags on his body as he replied.

"You will never get me, all you need to know si that ther are others like us in the Land of Water! You will not have an easy time in finding us all Kekkai Genkai using scum…because you die here!"

Naruto quickly summoned huge amounts of Kage Bunshin and quickly moved to cover Mei and get her out of the ballast zone. The tags on the man's body were pretty strong as it sent them all flying back from the ruined galley. And already the ship was taking some serious hits, no doubt showing that the tags on his body were not the only ones that were placed on the ship. The two landed in the water but the Kage Bunshin did their job and Naruto himself was fine. Both got up and headed back to the ship to try and help the people there.

Many were killed and more were injured but the two helped as best they could, a good number of the life boats on the ship were also destroyed so there were not that many boats left to use. But at least they were able to get the survivors into the ones that still worked. But with the ship they had been in already deep at sea as it was, and the fact that none of them had a map, they knew that they would have to find their own shelter. They might have a lot of chakra reserves left, but wandering about without a clue in the open ocean was a bad idea.

They left a message to the surviving captain that if they made it to the mainland, to send word to Konoha about the attack and to Kiri as well. They were going to find a place for them stay and await rescue once their respective villages were told of what had happened. The captain nodded and soon the ships were off in one direction while the two ninja went on another direction. It was already late afternoon when the attack occurred so there was enough light for them to move around and find a place to rest in.

Hours nearing night time, they soon found an island and headed there s fast as they could before daylight faded away. They got there well enough as night fell and both were tired, but not tired enough to find a dry place to rest in. Naruto managed to find enough wood to make a fire but felt too tired to make said fire. Mei saw that and replied to Naruto.

":Let me do it then."

Mei did the hand signs and unleashed a small but intense fire stream from her mouth and soon they got a fire going. The warmth was welcomed by the two of them as it helped counter the cold winds moving about. That and the fact they now had some protection against predators on the island, if there were any predators of course. The blonde gathered more fuel and soon they were feeling much better, and as they felt more warm, Naruto recalled the soldier pills they had.

He took them out and while they hardly looked the least bit appetizing, they were better thn nothing, they were still too tired to look for food and it was dark so little chance of that anyway. Both of them took the pills and soon went to sleep. Tomorrow they were going to need all the energy that could get.

The next day…

Naruto groaned a bit more as he finally opened his eyes when he felt the cool air hit him inside the number of trees that they had come in the night before. The blonde was happy that they had made it to some form of cover from the rain that came down, but now they had to focus on finding themselves some much needed protection from the elements, but for now his concern was to find more permanent shelter for the both of them.

As he looked about, it was here that Mei Terumi finally woke up, and she seemed to be getting her bearings alongside him. The Mizukage looked no worse for wear despite the close calls they had with those Missing Nin from the Land of Water. And despite her encounters with the rogue ninja, Mei Terumi did not seem all that bothered. No doubt she had been on the receiving end of attacks like that before becoming Mizukage.

She looked at him and smiled, seemingly happy that he did not get injured badly on her behalf, and he had helped her escape and deal with the missing nin.

"Morning Naruto-kun, are you all right?"

Naruto gave a slightly grin and replied.

"I am fine Mizukage-san, and how about you?"

"The same, though it is going to be a bit before I can finally say that I am fully fine. That attack was unexpected. I need to find out who sent them and then deal with them when I get back to Kiri. Those ninja did not act alone since I made sure to keep the summit something of a secret."

Naruto suspected as much but then he knew that they had to get themselves some shelter and soon. There was no telling just how long they were going to be on this island, so some protection from the elements and the possible predators that called this island home was certainly a priority. He also had to do it fast before they could go and get some food since the meals they had before were long gone.

He turned to Mei and decided to explain what was it that he had in mind.

"Mizukage-san, we need to get a shelter going first before e can find food. I'll need to go and get some supplies for that. Or we need to look for a place to turn into on for the time being."

Mei however had a solution to that as she began to use her Kekkai Genkai and after making the needed hand seals, the female Mizukage summoned a large amount of lava. That caught Naruto by surprise and he could not help but wonder just what was it that the beautiful Mizukage was up to with the lava that she had just made with her Kekkai Genkai. He got his answer as the massive amount of lava became a massive dome of stone. Once the stone cooled, the Mizukage then summoned a massive amount of water and fired it into one side of the dome. The steam that came out was showing that the stone was still hot and had to be cooled more effectively by the Mizukage. Mei then did the same thing to the other side and when the steam cleared, the dome was finished and looked like it was made from solid black stone which was smooth.

Mei then used some of her techniques with Earth to start carving into the dome to apparently make windows and wind channels before she turned to Naruto and smiled at the still stunned blonde.

"Naruto-kun, do you mind helping me out here?"

Naruto nodded and went to work in helping Mei do the work on their shelter as Mei also began to use her Boil Release to smoothen the walls of their place a lot more.

It was not long before the dome's inner area was finished and it seemed that the inner area was like a camping area. There was a fire pit in the middle and had some vents to not only let the smoke from the cooking fire out but to let fresh air in. The floor was still simple soil as the lava that was summoned by the red haired Mizukage made the dome and did not harm the soil there. It was here that the two of them began to gather large amounts of soft leaves and bushes to make the floor a lot more comfortable for them both. And soon it was over as the shelter was done and it had been a long and tough break for them.

On the outside of the dome, Mei then summoned yet another wall of lava which was then hardened and made very smooth to prevent animals from easily climbing over them. They on the other hand with the tree walking technique could scale the walls in question and make it down safely, though he noted that Mei had left a grilled section of the wall there. He watched as the Mizukage then did something else to form a deep depression that looked like an empty lake. She then summoned her Fire chakra to turn the soil below to very rock hard brick to make sure that it did not become loose and soon she summoned a large amount of water into the thing to make what appeared to be a bathing area with the soil below being hardened to the point it was like concrete.

Mei smiled at the results o her work and gave the same smile at Naruto as she spoke.

"There we go, the shelter is all done, now all we have to do is find some food, right Naruto-kun?"

Naruto nodded and was happy that at least they did not have to waste their energy getting a place built for them to be in until the time was right. They both moved out and soon they managed to locate some coconut trees and soon they gathered a good number of the ones that were just right for gathering. They placed those aside and it was here that the Kyuubi directed Naruto to some plants, to which the blonde was confused for and the demon fox replied.

(("That you blonde dolt happens to be a special herb that can release a poison to stun fish but not humans, crush that into a pool of water and all the fish come up dead."))

(That dangerous for us humans?)

(("No stupid, if it was the least bit poisonous to you, why the hell would I tell you about it? I might not like you, hell I loathe you but killing you is not going to be to my benefit now is it? So stop asking me questions and let's get to catching some food."))

The blonde did just that and soon both he and Mei were able to use the herbs to catch a number of fish and when they got enough for two people, at least two large ones and a dozen smaller ones, they headed back. As soon as they got there, the blonde gathered enough fire wood but decided to ask Mei not to use her Fire Chakra and allow him to get the fire ready. He used one of his kunai and a rock along with a good amount of dry grass and soon after some trial and error, Naruto got the fire going. He was happy that despite being dragged around the world by the perverted Sannin, he was able to get enough survival training from the white haired pervert on what to do on his own.

Mei was quite pleased by that and touched in the sense that Naruto had asked her not to use her chakra since it could be used for more important uses than starting a fire. She would have not been happy by being told off, but it was practical to save one's chakra for more important matters than just for regular needs. Plus she did not mind working with the blonde Genin since she was well aware of his abilities due to reading his profile, learning of his training with Jiraiya, his relationship with Tsunade (not the romantic kind…yet), and his status as a Jinchuuriki.

As soon as breakfast was done between the two of them, they decided to get some rest in their new shelter for a while. They needed to rest as there was no doubt going to be a lot do once they were fully rested and ready for what was to become a very long stay on this island.

The next few weeks which soon became at least a month and a half long was a bit of an adventure for the two of them thought not by much for a number of reasons. The first was the fact that they had shelter that Mei had made and also the security it gave them which was more than welcome in the minds of both Ninja. The fact that she had her Fire, Water, and Earth chakra types ready for use in whatever situation they would find themselves in was also welcomed, even more so when one combined his own Wind Chakra which Mei praised him for.

She pointed out that since he was one of the few of Konoha's Ninja to have Wind Chakra, he would be quite powerful in it's use in the years to come. And the praise was honest and naturally welcomed by Naruto and he was happy since he discovered he was a Wind Type like Asuma Sarutobi who had helped him with his training somewhat. The other reason was the fact that he still had his tools and weapons, and these would be very helpful for their survival on this island which apparently was about the same size as one of the largest island in the Land of water, but not as mountainous and also not as mist covered. This was something that Mei was thankful for and so was Naruto as the island was filled with viable materials.

They also found that some trash had floated here, plastic bottles and containers which when cleaned could be quickly used to store good water to drink, allowing them to use the water on the island for cooking, cleaning, and bathing. The wood on the island was somewhat varied and bamboo was certainly helpful since they could make spears, tools, cooking pots which was something Mei knew about and surprised Naruto with, and they also made a raft that could be useful for helping them gather fish and other sea food. They also had another raft made for gathering fish from the lakes there were deeper in the island itself.

In terms of food, the island was rather well stocked but not that easy to deal with, apart from that they could catch in the sea and the lake. There were some wild chicken that called this place home, along with wild pigs which were really feral and not afraid to attack, they were not alone as there were also some wild goats that roamed the place as well as some groups of rabbits. These animals were not the only ones as there were some predatory animals there on the island, namely several packs of wolves, snakes of both varieties, some wild bears, and several predatory birds to boot. No doubt the animals might have been to shipwrecked her and soon took this island as their home.

Most if not all the animals could be eaten and their skins, fur, and feathers would be useful indeed. The furs of the wolves and bears could be made into rugs and more when stuffed with feathers. The leather of the pigs could be used also as blankets and made into bags to carry their catches and more besides. The meat they got from the animals as well as the eggs from the chickens would be a good way to balance the plant food they found, and could be dried to serve as extra food so they did not have to hunt a lot for food.

In terms of plants, they did find a number of edible herbs which were pretty helpful, along with wild fruit and mushrooms, and Mei revealed that she knew how to cook as well. And the meals she made, while not like the ramen Naruto loved a lot, were still pretty good. So he naturally complimented Mei for such skills apart from being a Kage and a Kekkai Genkai user. That was more than enough to get the blonde Genin into the red haired Mizukage's good graces and she made it obvious when she flirted with him, making his blush to no end. Much to the woman's amusement and his embarrassment which seemed to make their time on the island a lot more tolerable for the both of them .They also made sure to train with one another to pass the time and it was certainly something of a learning experience for Naruto since Mei did not mind giving him some pointers despite the fact that she was not gifted with Wind Chakra.

And the training was certainly something that the blonde Shinobi was feeling happy to gain, even more so when the teacher was a Kage level ninja and a Kekkai Genkai user to boot.

That did not mean that they had a peaceful time on the island though, and it had nothing to do with survival and waiting for rescue alone. The concern was different for the both of them, but it focused on the same thing.

Each other…

Naruto was currently out of the camp hunting for some sea food to add to the food he had already collected for the soon to come dinner. And as soon as he spotted the two large fish in the sea, he dived in and managed to get one of them on one go. The fish was very large and would be more than enough for them and he soon got to going back to the camp. He knew that at this time, Mei Terumi was no doubt taking a hot bath, no doubt she had boiled the water in the pool they had in the camp and the water was fresh and clean.

The image of Mei Terumi naked was quick enough to get into his head more than once and it was taking a great deal of self control for him not to lower his guard. The last thing that he wanted to happen was to get himself in a situation that could lead to danger and a great source of embarrassment. The danger aspect was due to the fact that she might not take too kindly to his reaction despite her flirting since despite getting to know Mei a good deal while on the island, he had no idea how she would react if she caught her like this. The embarrassment aspect was if she was not angry, she could use it to make him all the more worried and she could even tell the others about it, even Tsunade who no doubt was going to be very curious about the whole thing.

Still, that did not mean that he did not find her the least bit attractive, he could not help but wonder just why was it that no one else in the male side of the village had tried to court and marry Mei Terumi/. She was not only drop dead gorgeous in face and body, but was strong, talented, skilled, and had a lot of power. Not only that, she was smart, compassionate, and intelligent, all the kinds of traits any man would be happy to have in a wife. He made sure to gently ask Mei about is and she was not happy about it either, to which he assured her that she would soon find the man she wanted to marry and live with for the rest of her life.

He said that there was no way the Kami would allow someone as beautiful as her to be unwed for the rest of her life. To which she actually blushed and smiled a bit in thanks since he was being very honest to her about it. The other reasons he did not do anything towards Mei was that she was the Mizukage and he was a Genin from Konoha, and that was not exactly a good idea since both of them were ninja from two different sides. Even more so since he was not exactly the kind of person one of her rank would associate with.

The other reason was still tied to the first, and that was due to the fact that while Kiri and Konoha were not at war with one another, they were not allies either. There had been no formal agreement of peace between them and the last thing he wanted was to do something that could drag Konoha and all the people he cared about in his village to be dragged into a conflict, all because of his hormones and what the Kyuubi was trying to convince him to do.

He was unaware that Mei was also deep in thought about their current situation, namely on the topic towards their situation with one another as man and woman.

The Mizukage was back in the camp and enjoying a chance to clean her body up with a good deal of water that she had brought into the hot tub. She was naturally naked and did not have any problems being naked since she was currently on her own in the camp.

Mei decided to try and ask just what the relationship between Naruto Uzumaki and Tsunade Senju was all about. She had to admit that when she saw Naruto and Tsunade argue, she could see that despite their antics, the two blondes had a degree of trust and respect for one another. She had a feeling that there might actually be something that be brewing below the two, it would sound strange since Tsunade was much older than Naruto, but she had always heard that some young men had a deeper interest with older women at times. And she had heard stories of men and women older by some years than the men developing a deep and strong relationship that could go into the romantic and sensual. She decided to see if the same could be simmering between the blonde Jinchuuriki and the blonde Hokage.

She had no problem with that being proven true at all since she could see why it would be possible. Naruto Uzumaki was a very handsome young man and no doubt would be quite the looker if he was able to get much older in time. She smiled to herself at the thoughts she had and wished to see how he would look once he was in his early or mid-twenties. She guessed that he would be quite the catch and in her mind, his compassionate, brave, and funny side would be enough to get a woman's fancy. Couple that with a body she had seen and the energy he had, he would no doubt make ANY woman utterly happy when it came to being in bed and driving one another to the limits of pleasure and beyond.

Her interest in him was coming very close to that level and she did not mind, she actually found the whole idea very interesting as well as delicious. She did not mind that he was a Jinchuuriki and the Nine Tails Jinchuuriki at that since she could tell that unlike the other Jinchuuriki with the marked exception of the former One Tailed Jinchuuriki and current Kazekage, the former Mizukage before he changed, and Kumo's two Jinchuuriki, Naruto was not depressed, loathing, and cynical. He seemed to all brightness, kindness and warmth, yet carried deep sadness and pain beneath all of that. Any woman worth her hormones would easily find a man like Naruto very interesting and more than that as well. If he was only a few years older, she would have loved taking him as a potential boyfriend and possibly more than that as well.

She wondered why was it that no other woman had tried to make any moves on him as well, for if the Kyuubi was not with him, he would have been quite the catch. The only other man she knew who was from Konoha who could be able to resemble Naruto Uzumaki was none other than Minato Namikaze, the former Fourth Hokage.

Just about everyone in the ninja world knew of Konoha's Yellow Flash and she had to admit that while she had never met the man in the flesh, she would have loved to get the chance. After all, she had seen the pictures and even though he was treated with such respect and fear, he was a very handsome man and carried himself as a worthy person. She had heard more than one Kunoichi in her younger days comment on how they would enjoy just for the chance to face Minato despite his willingness to kill ruthlessly. That to her showed that some female ninja were hoping that they could meet the man and not just in the battle field as well, and she was not immune to such thoughts either even while on the run during the purges in her younger days. When he was rumored to have finally been married she was disappointed and when he died, she was not the least bit pleased and saddened.

Come to think of it, she did notice some marked similarities between Naruto and Minato, though it was not sure why she thought that way. But for now, she was very interested to see what Naruto's current train of thought on how things were between the two of them while they were on the island was. And if she finally learned just what was, she might very well make her move, she had already seen the way he looked at her and she liked it as she knew that look. It might be wrong but she was already a mature woman and if there was a chance to be with a man, she was going to make the most of it.

And who knows, it might become a lot more than just a casual one time thing. All that however hinged on how well Naruto Uzumaki was able to please her. And she had some rather interesting standards as well.

Later in the camp…

Naruto wondered just what he was going to do if he was going to do as Mei was getting the fire ready and yet for some reason she had decided to start moving slowly and also begin to move in such a way that began to demand his attention as well as make him stare at her a lot longer than normal. His perverted side was definitely enjoying the view but he was trying his best not to look at the Mizukage as well, and was failing in that regard somewhat as the way she looked right now.

He did manage to get dinner ready though and soon they were off to eat though it was obvious that the way Mei was acting right now was something that concerned Naruto. It was not as if her actions were hostile to him, but they did set him on edge and that was something that he hoped to solve. For now however, he focused on eating their dinner and once that was done, he was going to hope that this could be explained tomorrow morning.

But it was not going to be that simple as Mei was the one who decided to take things at her very own pace as she spoke to Naruto.

"Naruto-kun, can I ask you something?"

He turned to face the beautiful Mizukage and to his surprise, she was right in front of him and he was at a loss for words for a minute or two until he decided to speak once more. Not an easy feat since she was rather close to him at this very second. And that allowed him to see all the details of her beauty whi9ch made him a bit more confused and aroused even though he tried to control his feeling of the latter.

"W- W-What do you want to ask me Mei-san?"

Mei smiled and replied.

"I was curious on how you were handling being on the island with me , do you find it hard to be around me Naruto-kun?"

Naruto blushed a bit more at the way that Mei was talking to him along with the closeness between them. He tried to speak to the Mizukage since he knew that not answering her was going to be for his betterment and continued good health.

"Um…yes, but it's not in a bad way or anything Mei-san! I am happy that you are with me right now. Being herealone is not something I would look forward to since being by myself for the same amount of time would make me slowly lose my mind."

"That's good to know Naruto-kun, but there is more to my question, do you like being with me and looking at me?"

Naruto gulped and he did not know what to say and Mei decided to spike the drink even more.

"You know you should not worry, we're both ninja here and adults now by the laws of being ninja. And what you did is actually accepted behavior by young men your age. It would have been really weird if you did not do that every now and then. And I do actually enjoy the attention from a nice and good looking young man. So tell me, do you like what you see?"

Naruto blushed bright red at that and he knew that since she knew about it but did not feel offended or angry, he should admit to it now and see what happened next. He nodded at that and Mei's smile became a lot more intense and a bit more…predatory.

"Good to know that, so if I said that I am giving you my permission to go ahead and have your fantasies come true, would you do it?"

Naruto was gob-smacked at that and wondered just what was he going to say to that kind of suggestion. But he did not have to remain silent for long as he got his brain to work after a moment or two.

"Are you…s-s-serious Mei-san? I mean won't this be a problem?"

"Not to me, in fact I would rather enjoy it, I am a woman with needs Naruto-kun, and I need you right now, and I am giving my consent for you to do the same things to me as well. Now let me have my fun and I will let you have yours as well this night."

In Konoha…

Tsunade did not know why she suddenly sneezed while reading a report, but it was something she expected since her brain needed something to wake it up. She had been very busy dealing with numbers of reports for months now and something to get her brain to wake up and help her avoid being driven nuts was welcome. The only way she would sneeze unexpectedly was if someone was speaking of her specifically. She only hoped that the speaker in question was Naruto. There was already a rescue team looking for the blonde and the Mizukage and while she had no doubt that they were fine, she was hoping that they were soon going to be found.

She had been getting reports from Kiri that they were already working on their own ends with their own rescue fleet to find both Naruto and the Mizukage. And while she was sure that finding Naruto was not really their priority at this moment, she was happy for the assistance that they were willing to give the village. She also made sure to have some of the ninja of the village working side by side with the rescue group on the same ship to help with the search. Shizune was her liaison along with Kakashi, Jiraiya, Sai, yamato, and Uzuki Yugao as well. All she had to do now was wait for their report as the ship was soon going to be nearing another island that ciould very well be where Naruto and Mei Terumi had managed to reach after the attack.

The rogue faction of Kiri ninja were already being hunted down and she hoped that they would be caught and interrogated to see who else was in on the assassination attempt on the only Kekkai Genkai using Mizukage of Kiri. She only hoped that Naruto was not going to get himself into trouble with the Mizukage since she was well aware of Naruto's habits.

But she had no idea that Naruto was currently in a situation that had little to do with trouble.

(Lemon Time!)

Naruto couldn't help but stare at the Mizukage with some considerable surprise at the way she was coming towards him with a very seductive smile on her face and he naturally couldn't help but feel as if he was going to be in for the night of his life and for some reason, he had a feeling that his thoughts were going to be right on the target as the crimson-brown haired Kunoichi was now slowly removing his clothes, he tried his best to get his brain to work once more and come up with some sort of plan to stop this, but a part of his mind was trying to stop him dead cold in his tracks and just enjoy himself.

He tried to resist but it seemed that Mei was aware of his thoughts and spoke to him in a very seductive tone.

"Don't be so shy around me Naruto-kun, I won't bite."

Naruto took a deep breath and tried to get his head back on track, however his perverted male side was beginning to win the war for his brain. That was obvious to the Mizukage as she began to remove the last of his clothing, as soon as she was done with her actions, she looked at him as he was now only wearing his boxers and she licked her lips a bit.

(For a teen, Naruto certainly keeps himself in very good shape.)

Such a thing was normal as all ninja were naturally conditioned to be physically strong, but still, Mei could not help but feel herself enjoying the sight of Naruto now bare of his clothing. Like all young men who had undergone the training to be ninja, Naruto was well built, a balance of speed, agility with strength and endurance, totally needed in their respective line of work. She also noted the way he looked aesthetically; his blonde hair had a nice look and feel to it and no doubt would be quite a sight if it was allowed to grow longer. His face was well formed and also had a strong lupine, feral quality in it due to the whisker marks yet very much handsome so she was a bit surprised why not many women took notice of him, given a few more years to mature nicely, Naruto would have been a very handsome young man.

And she was happy that he was showing it all off to her, his muscles were all well formed and all in the right place, which to her was a very good thing and certainly worth remembering in good detail.

She looked to his stomach and saw the seal on his stomach, she was very much aware of the meaning of the seal and she could not help but look at Naruto with some level of compassion along with her desire. The lives Jinchuuriki lived from what she knew first hand was hard and brutal so it was something to her to see that despite such a life, Naruto was such an honest, kind, funny, brave, and compassionate young man. He was hardly perfect in every sense of the word, but he was certainly a good man.

That was soon placed aside as she soon saw the tent in his boxers, showing that even though she was not yet naked herself, her presence was already having a more than potent effect on him. She smiled at the way Naruto was blushing bright red at her and she decided to see just how far she could take this whole thing.

Mei started by running her hands on his near naked form, enjoying the feel of his hot male skin, along with his rock hard muscles underneath her hands. She could not help herself as this was something that she had not done in a very long time and it seemed that the time away had not dulled the pleasure this brought her. The feel of the blonde's body served to increase the red haired Mizukage's desire to make him moan her name in pleasure.

She decided to run not just her fingers, but her body on him to REALLY get a rise out of the young man. Mei moved in and pressed her MORE than ample breasts on her lover's chest and already he was blushing to the point his face was like her hair in color. That made her all the more happy and seductive in her intent as she began to gently flick her hands and fingers on the tip of the tent in his boxers. That action she did made him moan out deeply and roll his head around like he was drunk.

And that was more than enough to convince Mei that the time for teasing the young man had ended. It was time to let him see her naked as well and she was going to enjoy seeing just what his reaction was going to be. He was about to see her fully naked, something that no man had ever been able to see back in Kiri and something that she wished had happened at least once. But now it felt good for her to finally be with someone who she felt deserved to see her in her naked glory.

She removed her outer clothing patiently and sensually, making sure that she had the blonde's undivided attention on her the whole time she was doing this for him. Once she was now down to only her mesh clothing, she removed that as well, and Naruto got to see her fully naked. And the reason for that was Mei liked the feeling of being naked underneath since she was not always liking the feeling of undergarments.

And Naruto was soon given an eye full as Mei Terumi was now gloriously naked before him…and what a sight it was.

In Naruto's mind…

(("Helloooo…now THIS is a sight worth seeing…you better not screw this up kit, cause I swear I will make your life miserable if you do!")))

Back in reality…

Naruto felt like his eyes were going to either burn up, or pop out of his skull or all three at once as he was looking at the now naked Mizukage.

Mei Terumi looked absolutely stunning when she was wearing clothes, and it was not the least bit surprising that many guys, including him were looking at the crimson-brunette Mizukage. But seeing her in her pure nakedness was something else entirely. The only one he felt that could match Mei Terumi in the looks and breast department would be Tsunade Senju herself

Her hair was still in the same top knot as her beautiful face was revealed to the blonde. Her eyes which were like blue-green in color, were now shining with desire, arousal, and more as she looked at him, telling him that she had a VERY interesting set of plans for him. Her lips were deep red like her hair, looking so kissable and her seductive smile on her face was more than enough to get Naruto's attention, attraction, and lust.

His gaze moved lower and he looked her very well formed body, the strength in her slender arms, her shoulders, everything. Her well balance white toned skin looked utterly right for her and his eyes now went to her breasts and he could not help himself at all as he looked at the more than ample bust of the Mizukage. How she had managed to have those and not be bothered by them was something that he could not picture, then again, there was Tsunade herself who would equal Mei Terumi. Her breasts were very attractive as she carried on breathing in and out slowly, moving with each breath naturally and her nipples were deep red, very attractive to the eyes.

Naruto's gaze went lower as he took in all the details of Mei's naked form and he could not help but admire every swell and curve on her body. Her form was perfect and her skin was very nice to look at as well, her hips were undeniably woman and her thighs were well toned and also sleek looking. There was no patch of hair there on the place above her sex but it served to add an air of sexiness and power to Mei Terumi as she allowed him to gaze at her. And the blonde Jinchuuriki made sure to look at her up and down to make sure that he did not miss a single detail on her body.

How she was not able to find not one man who interested in her in her very own village boggled the blonde's mind. Who in their right minds would say no to someone as beautiful and strong as Mei Terumi? Whoever they were, they were either crazy or was not men at all to begin with in Naruto's mind as he could feel his body react to the sight of the naked Kunoichi before him.

Mei could not help but love the way that Naruto was gazing at her, sure there was lust in his eyes, that was to be expected, but there was also awe and wonder. Those emotions were all there in his blue eyes that glowed in the fire light and made her all the more pleased. She also noted the more obvious evidence of his arousal as his cock was now at full mast.

And she loved the fact that when fully aroused, the blonde Shinobi was at eight inches which in itself was something that most men would aspire to have. For a regular adult man, that was more than impressive, but on a young teen like him, it was a godsend and certainly more than enough reason for any woman to sit up and take notice. She licked her lips as she soon moved to be on top of Naruto and she enjoyed the way she was now moving on top of the young man.

Naruto could not help but feel like he was going to pass out from the sight of Mei Terumi on top of him fully naked and crawling on her hands and knees on him. Her exposed eye were gazing at him like a large predator that had cornered the meal of the day…or a very desirable mate Naruto was not sure which but he was not going to complain either. He did not have to wait long as Mei began to move to kiss him deeply, making him moan. That moan was soon joined by even more as Mei was now on top of him.

If anyone told him before all this happened that he was going to be like this with the current Mizukage of the village of Kiri, he would have called them idiots and perverts. But here he was doing just that and of his own free will as well, and the woman in question was more than willing to do it with him. Had the Pervy Sage heard about this, he would never have a moment's peace, all the more reason he was happy that Tsunade had kept this a secret from Jiraiya since who knew what the results would have been.

The feel of her breasts pressing on his chest were wonderful and so unlike anything he had ever felt before in his life, the feel of her body on his was also good, and the fact that his cock was rubbing her stomach made not just him moan but Mei as well. The way she did it told him that she was very much pleased by the feel of his sex on her skin and body and that was a good thing. She then decided to make her move on the blonde Genin and see just how far she could take him before he would finally reach his orgasm.

"Naruto-kun, do you mind if I have my way with you?"

Naruto nodded and that made Mei smirk even more as she began her actions on the blonde. She had every intention to make him shout out her name in pleasure before she would allow him to make his own moves and her. And then she would see if he could do the same things to her as well and make her moan out his name in the same way that she was going to make him moan out her name.

Mei started by kissing Naruto once more and made sure that she was going to use all the techniques that she knew and it was working. She could see that Naruto was utterly under spell as she continued to kiss him. She started slowly and gently to make sure that he was going to get used to her kissing and once that he was ready, she was going to ramp it up and really kiss him. She did just that as she then used her tongue on his lips, making him open his mouth and as soon as he did so, she pushed her tongue into his mouth and began to rub on the inner walls of his mouth, his teeth, and his tongue.

Naruto moaned into the kiss as he had NEVER been kissed like this before in his life, it was more than enough to make him really get aroused as he then reached out to hug Mei. As soon as he did so, the Kunoichi licked his tongue while still rubbing her body on his own. The dual pleasure that his senses was making him all the more aroused as he felt his cock begin to harden even more and it seemed that Mei knew it as she moved away from the kiss and spoke in a very seductive tone.

"You're dick is rubbing my thigh Naruto-kun, and all from just a kiss, you're really not used to this are you?"

"N-No…I am not…Mei-chan…"

Mei grinned and whispered into his ear as she began to run her fingers all over his body until her right hand touched his dick, The very second she felt the hardness, smoothness, heat, length and thickness, she licked her lips even more. The feel of it was very good to her senses as she spoke to her very much aroused lover.

"Good…because I am going to make you feel very good."

Mei was more than willing and able to make good on her promise as she continued to move her hand up and down on her lover's shaft, while kissing and licking his body. Mei made her way down while also rubbing her breasts and now fully hardened and erect nipples on his body at that very same time and there was no doubt in her mind that this was going to be a very good thing for both of them. She enjoyed the feel of his hot skin and the feel of the rock hard muscles that were underneath the same skin and she rubbed her body on his own as well.

That action made Naruto shiver in pleasure at her actions and she knew it to be true, which was why she carried on until she finally reached her destination. She smiled and blushed when she felt her lover's cock touch her navel, right above her clit; she was tempted to rub her lover's cock on her more than wet, hot and eager pussy. That could wait for now as she had other plans in mind. She got things under way by running her hands over Naruto's cock, moving them slowly while also gently kissing around the blonde's more than eager and ready sex. She wanted to see just what the exact limit of Naruto's reactions to her touch on his cock as well as his balls, and it seemed that he was already very eager and ready.

Mei moved from using her hands as she now began to look at Naruto's penis in a more detailed manner and she liked what she was seeing. She also recalled the pulsing there when she used her hands and it made her all the more eager so she decided to start things by gently rubbing her face on it, namely her cheeks first. And doing that allowed her to feel the warmth and hardness there which she enjoyed and looked to see that her lover was looking at her intensely, just as she hoped he would.

Naruto saw that and he could only gasp as he could see the Mizukage rubbing her face on his cock, the feel of her skin like that on his dick, and knowing that she enjoyed it made him become even more aroused. So much so that by all rights he would have caught fire by now, he was so hot that he should be cooking in his own body heat. But all he could do was watch as Mei continued to rub her face on his cock, running her lips on his cock on the sides and on the underside at the very same time.

Mei decided to reserve using her mouth for a moment as she decided to give Naruto a very special treat as she knew that he was at times looking at her breasts. She decided to surprise him as she stopped rubbing her face on his cock and when he looked, she moved his cock right between her breasts and she saw his face become even redder and she smiled as she felt the hardness and heat of his penis more than desirable length. The feel of it was more than enough to make her just as aroused as her lover himself and she took her time to let him see this for as long as he wanted.

The blonde Jinchuuriki could not help but look at the sight of his cock being sandwiched between Mei Terumi's more than ample breasts. He could feel the firmness, softness, and warmth of her mounds all around him and he felt like his cock was in between a vice that did not hurt at all. Mei saw this and she spoke huskily once more to him.

"You like your cock being between my breasts Naruto-kun?"

Naruto nodded without hesitation and she liked that as she spoke again.

"Good…now then, here we go."

Mei began to move her breasts up and down while holding them carefully to ensure that they were all around Naruto's cock. She heard him begin to groan out in pleasure and she liked that a good deal and decided to let some of her spit flow out and land where Naruto's cock was. That served to make the whole process a lot easier for the both of them and it was something that she enjoyed and could tell that Naruto enjoyed just as well. She started slowly to make sure that she was comfortable and so was Naruto. And as soon as she was sure that he was comfortable and the same went for her, she decided to ramp it up.


Naruto's reaction was utterly understandable as Mei was now using her more than ample breasts on his cock. She was more than happy to do that to him and the pleasure that was flowing through him made it all worthwhile. He looked down to see his cock being sandwiched by Mei Terumi's breasts, moving in and out of her fleshy mounds slowly and in a very arousing rhythm. And that was something that made him even happier as Mei was moving her breasts up and down slowly and she also moved to lick the top of his cock with her tongue, along with sucking on it gently.

That was more than enough to make Naruto feel like he was going to pass out from the waves of pleasure that was going through him. The sight of the utterly naked Mizukage doing this to his cock was going to be deeply ingrained in him as he allowed Mei Terumi to carry on. The Mizukage then decided to make more moves on the blonde Jinchuuriki as she sped up the movements of her breasts while also moving to lick and suck on Naruto's cock at the very same time.




Naruto felt like he was going to pass out and come ever closer to climax, and he had to admit that the idea of seeing Mei covered by his cum had a very erotic look to it.

However, he was about to see a sight that would have driven most men right up the wall as Mei decided to move her breasts away and she began to take in his cock bit by bit into her mouth and soon she was able to take in his cock, all the way to the base. Naruto looked at the sight of the beautiful woman who had taken his cock into her mouth while also using her tongue on his cock. All he could do was look on with awe and desire in his face and hoped that this was going to be just the beginning.

And he was right as Mei looked at him and there was a blush on her face as well as a very warm twinkle in her eye.

Mei did not mind the way this looked as she enjoyed the feel of Naruto's cock in her mouth as she managed to counter her body's gag reflex to do this. And she knew that Naruto was utterly pleased by her action as the blush on his face was any indication. She stood still and allowed her mouth to get used to the feel of it. Once she did get used to it, she moved her head back licking and sucking on Naruto's cock while using her free hands to caress his balls.


Mei mentally smiled at the way Naruto moaned out and as she got to the tip, she moved her mouth away and allowed Naruto to see her suck the tip of his cock, and then run her tongue on the head as well. That lasted for a bit more until she took her lover's cock back into her mouth once more. She did it slowly and carefully until she reached the base, and then repeated the process once again. She did the whole thing slowly to make sure that she was used to it and establish a pace with her actions before going all out.

Naruto was in utter heaven as he reached down with his hands to play with Mei's beautiful hair as she soon went to full throttle and all he could do was look on in utter arousal as the deep brown/red haired Kunoichi was now moving her head back and forth, driving his cock into her mouth and throat. He could tell that she somehow countered her gag reflex and the pleasure he was getting as Mei Terumi was really taking his cock all the way to her throat drove him closer to orgasm by the second.

He knew that he had never done anything like this before in his life, nor did he ever feel anything like this before in his life as well. And it was taking a good deal of his self control not to lose any and all control he had left in his body. He also was more than willing to voice out his enjoyment of the whole thing between him and Mei to the woman who was driving him to utter ecstasy with every movement she made.

"Mei-chan….feels….so good…."


"Oooooohhhhhh Kammmmiiiiii…."

"So hot….I am going to die…"

Mei heard that and moved her mouth off of his cock, moving her breasts back into play as she rubbed her more than ample mounds on her lover's wet and sleek cock, and she spoke to him in a passionate and yet teasing tone.

"Don't die yet Naruto-kun…it would be really sad if you left me like this. You still…have to do the same thing to me after all. And besies…you have only felt my mouth and tongue as well as my breasts…you have you feel my sex all around you."

Those words were very arousing to any man and Naruto's face said it all as Mei moved to rub her beautiful face on his cock while licking it at the same time as she spoke.

"Think of it Naruto-kun…you buried deep in me…hot and wet, tight and soft…all for you…so don't die yet. I want you to enjoy this so I too can enjoy it."

With that out of the way, Mei decided to go back into using her mouth on his cock, taking it in without even a single amount of difficulty and soon she was moving her head up and down. The pleasure for her was flowing down her mouth's nerve and through her body as her pussy also became rather wet by the second. The feeling of her arousal was hard to resist but Mei did not become Mizukage for lack of control, namely on her own body as she focused on what she was doing to her lover.



Mei relished those moans and did not resist Naruto when he moved


Mei moaned out deeply as Naruto was now caressing her naked body with his hands and she enjoyed the sensations that she was getting from her lover. She allowed him to do this and when he moved to kiss her again, the Mizukage was more than willing to let Naruto kiss her. She enjoyed his boldness when he kissed her passionately and used his tongue as well on her own tongue at the very same time. She was more than willing to kiss him right back and her actions only fueled the passion in her and in her lover at the same time.

Once the two of them parted to get some air, Naruto began to kiss and lick his way to her neck, making her blush as Naruto's actions were passionate and pure and she loved that. She enjoyed the feeling of his hands on her body alongside his lips and tongue until he reached her more than ample breasts. She smiled at him and nodded slightly, showing to him that she was more than willing to allow him to touch her breasts and do what he wanted to them.

She was not the least bit disappointed in what her lover was going to do as Naruto directed his attention to her right breast and nipple first. That was more than enough to make her moan out as he began to kiss his way to her nipple. And once he got there to the peak, he could not help himself as he began to lick, kiss, and suck on Mei's nipple. The way that Mei moaned gently with his actions on her nipple made him more than eager to pleasure her and he did just that. He lavished oral attention on Mei's breast while using his hands to caress her other breast and nipple along with touching the rest of her naked form.

Naruto then moved to her left breast and nipple replacing his mouth and tongue with his hands on her right breast and nipple. Mei enjoyed the action and she moaned his name several times as he also used his hands on her hips and thighs, sending pleasure through her body in those moments. Naruto enjoyed that and decided to move to the nest step as he move4d his hands to both of Mei's breasts, he then pressed them together and lavished oral attention on both her nipples at the very same time, and it was more than enough to make Mei moan a lot louder as well as smile at the boldness of the blonde Jinchuuriki.

As soon he was done licking, caressing, and sucking both of Mei's breasts, he moved to lavish kisses on her body, moving her breasts apart a bit to lavish kisses in the inner parts of her breasts, making Mei smile warmly at his actions. Once he was done, he moved to kissing her stomach and hips while using his hands at the very same time, making the Mizukage smile at his motions while running her hands on his hair and face, showing her eagerness for him to carry on with his actions.

It was not long before he finally reached her lower hips and saw the patch of red hair there between her legs and he could not help but notice streaks of wetness there on her thighs. He could not help but feel that his body was getting hotter and more anxious by the second. He naturally also smelled her wetness and the scent of Mei's wet sex was more than enough to add more fuel to the fires in his body and loins. Before he could stop himself, he moved closer and actually took a very good smell of her arousal.

"Mmmm….you like my smell Naruto-kun?"

Mei looked at Naruto with a good deal of happiness and when he nodded at her question, she decided to reward him for both his quick answer and honesty by parting her legs. That allowed Naruto to finally see Mei's fully exposed sex and he could not help himself as he looked at the wet pussy before him. He gulped as he moved closer, his eyes glued to the sight of the woman's sex like this before him.

She wanted him to use his tongue and hands on her sex since she was very eager to see if he was able to do that, and she was not the least bit disappointed as Naruto move closer to her pussy until she felt his warm breath on her sex. That made her very happy as she shivered in pleasure as she waited for him to do what she wanted him to do.

Naruto himself looked at her exposed sex and could not help but smell the scent of Mei's wet pussy and clit. The smell was more than enough to get his full attention as he felt his cock become even harder and his body become even more aroused. He moved closer until he was breathing a bit on her slit and the bulb of flesh, the actions he had done in that moment were more than enough to make Mei moan out as she enjoyed it. That was more than enough to encourage Naruto as he finally kissed her clit. That made Mei moan out a bit more loudly than before and he was happy that he was able to make her moan like that. He kissed her clitoris once more and then directed his attention to her pussy lips and kissed them as well. Mei moaned out even more and he was able to taste her warm juices and he could not help but lick the wetness on his lips.

He found the taste to be very good and had somehow increased the passion that was in his body and that was more than enough to convince him to use his tongue. The first gentle lick of his tongue on Mei's sex was enough to make him enjoy the taste of her juices and made the Mizukage in question also enjoy his actions. Naruto tried this again slowly moving his tongue up and down on Mei's sex, enjoying the warm juices that came out as well as the feel of her pussy lips.


"Mmmmmm….just like that…

Mei was in heaven as Naruto was going this to her sex, he was doing things carefully, no doubt doing it like so in order to see if he was doing it right, and also giving her the pleasure she desired. And he was not disappointing her in any way as the pleasure continued to grow, she wanted more and had to rein in her desire to demand more from her young lover. Mei wanted this to be a defining moment for the two of them…after all, if one were to take things into account, both of them were about to lose their virginity to one another.

Naruto decided to try a random idea and then thrust his tongue deeply into Mei's pussy, the feel of her inner sheath all over his tongue in that moment was unlike anything he had ever felt before, and it seemed that Mei enjoyed his action as she caressed his face with her hands.

"Mmmmm! You are really getting into this Naruto-kun!"

That was a good form of praise in Naruto's mind which served to encourage him as he began to move his tongue in and out of her pussy very slowly, enjoying the taste of her pussy juices as they came on his tongue. He took in all that he could along with also feeling her inner walls all around his tongue. The idea of how that would feel all around his penis once he was able to push his cock into her was more than enough to make his cock all the more eager and hard as he lapped up more of Mei's juices and also used his fingers on her sex at the very same time.

He continued with his actions for a while and then directed his attention to Mei's face to see just how Mei was taking it. And the way that she was blushing, along with the increasing moans from her as well as her juices continuing to come out of her sex was enough to tell him that he was doing a good job. Naruto relished that fact as he continued to thrust his tongue and fingers in and out of her sex while she also helped his head in her hands, moaning out to encourage him to continue with his ministrations on her sex.

Mei was in heaven right now and she wanted this to last as long as possible, Naruto was not the best lover yet, but his rapid understanding of just how to pleasure her was a good thing. Any woman would love to have a man who was this talented in pleasing her in bed, plus his other traits were also enough to make him a very good catch. And she personally had every intention that when they got to the final moments of this night, she was going to sink her hands into him and hold him close to her heart.


"Lick it like that…."



It was not long before Naruto finally brought Mei to the every limits of her body as she tensed up and finally gave out a very loud but slow moan. That was the only warning that Naruto was going to get from Mei as he was soon able t taste a much thicker and hotter stream of her juices. That was soon coupled by the feeling of her inner walls creasing both his tongue and his fingers at the very same time. The motions were utterly erotic to him and imagining the feelings of that around his cock was enthralling as he carried on with lapping up the Mizukage's wetness.

As soon as he was done, he moved to look at Mei and he could see that she was very much pleased by his actions. Her face held a very passionate smile, glowing with the after effects of her climax, making her look all the more beautiful. Her green eye was shining brightly like an emerald held before a lamp and her body moved slowly with each breath she took.

Mei did not waste any precious seconds as she then reached out and kissed Naruto deeply, unmindful of the fact that she could taste her very own juices on his lips at the same time. In fact, that only served to make her all the more aroused as she kissed him deeply running her tongue on his as their kissing was like a sex act on it's very own way. Once the kissing was done between the two of them, she looked at him and saw that his cock was back to full hardness, she loved that and nodded to Naruto.

The blonde did not need to be encouraged by that as he moved between her more than well formed and toned thighs and then positioned his cock at her hot and wet pussy entrance. He started things slowly enough, rubbing the head of his cock slowly on her pussy, teasing her outer folds while moving on to rub his dick on her clit at the same time. That made Mei blush at the wanton playfulness of her blonde lover and she approved of it.

She looked at him and saw that he was also blushing hard as she was, and there was no doubt in her mind that all he had to do now was thrust deep into her. But this was her first time and she wanted to savor each moment of her being filled by his more than ample penis in her vaginal sheath. That was more than enough to convince her to speak to him gently and in a very aroused and husky tone of voice.

"Now Naruto-kun…go slow for both of us…I want you to feel what it's like to be like this with a woman. And I want to savor…this moment for a long time."

Naruto was more than willing to obey that command as he would have to be utterly stupid to say no to that. He pushed his cock in slowly first moving past her outer folds, feeling the wetness soon mix with the heat, tightness, and softness, the feelings were glorious. As for Mei she was very much enjoying the moment as she felt her pussy being slowly filled by her lover, the sensations flooded her senses and made her all the more aware of what they were about to do.

The sight of Mei like this as he slowly pushed his cock into her more than eager pussy, seeing his cock slowly be engulfed by her sex, it was wonderful to the blonde Shinobi and Jinchuuriki. And he could feel her pussy take in his cock sending more and more pleasure throughout his body and mind. All of his nerves were on full alert and ready to take in every delicious sensation that they could get.

As for Mei, the feeling of being filled bit by bit of her lover's sex was more than she could handle. The slowness of his push into her pussy was more than enough to feel like utterly delicious torture to her, but she was not going to say no to the feelings either. The pleasure flooded her body in moments and her nerves were all alight with sensation and pleasure and she was going to enjoy every feeling of it.

Both of them moaned out at the very same time to show to one another how it felt.


This went on for a while longer until Naruto was buried half way into Mei's sex. The two could not help themselves as the looked at one another deeply, enjoying the sights of one another like this. The smell of their respective arousal was thick in the air and the pleasure was twice as thick for them. And soon, Naruto made it all the way in, giving one slight faster thrust of his hips, showing that some of his control had finally broken. Mei did not mind it at all as she was eager for it as well and she was more than willing to speak out her pleasure as she felt herself now filled to the brim.


Mei cried out as she felt Naruto's cock go deeply into her vagina and she could help but enjoy the fullness that came with the whole action. She relished the feeling of Naruto's cock which was now buried deeply in her sex and she watched her lover carefully as he was utterly enthralled by what they had just done, she smiled happily as she spoke to him in a very pleased tone as well.

"You…are so deep in me Naruto-kun…."

"Mei-chan…it's soooo good."

"Mmmmmm….yessss….you are so hot and thick inside me right now…how does my pussy feel to you?"

Naruto gulped and replied.

"It's so warm, tight, Kami, I can't describe it clear enough! All I know is that….I want this to last…."

Mei did not complain in the least as she wanted this to last too. Nothing that she had done, her own fingers, and some toys could ever compared to feeling the REAL thing inside of her. She wanted to stay like this and indulge the moment of oneness with her lover but she knew that this was only the prelude to something even greater than before.

"I know Naruto-kun….but this is jus the beginning…do it, let your instincts guide you. I want you to go with…what you want. Make me your woman Naruto-kun. I want it! I want it now!"

Naruto did not need any encouragement, even though he did not want to listen at times to Jiraiya, the perverted white haired Shinobi insisted that he understand just how it went between men and women when they finally got to the physical part of sex. And for once listening to the pervert was paying off, though he was trying his best not to lose himself completely as he moved. He started slowly as the pleasurable sensations ran through his body, straight from his cock all the way to his toes, fingers, and hair, all of those elements were enough to make him feel very aroused.

He saw the very same things in Mei's own form and face, she visbly trembled with his moving his cock out of her wet sex and her face was flushed with red as she looked at him, licking her lips seductively as she did so. He did not hesitate to lean forward and kiss her lips and she responded in kind as he was nearly out of her pussy.

He did not break the kiss at all as he then plunged his cock right back into her sex and he did so slowly, both of them moaning into each others mouths at the same time. He was soon buried deeply into her as he began to relax, before moving his hips once more, drawing himself out of her hot sex and then moving back in. Naruto then moved back to now kneel as he then took up Mei's hips with his hands to angle her body in a way that granted them the best pleasure possible. That was something that Mei had no problem appreciating at all as she smiled at him and nodded as he began to thrust his cock in and out of his sex, starting slowly and thrusting in deeply.



Mei was happy as she finally was able to feel her lover moving his cock like this in and out of her hot sex. Her inner sheath was doing it's best to keep Naruto from moving too fast and the pleasure that hit her served to only make her pussy a lot hotter than before and it was something that they both loved as Naruto was also moaning out his pleasure at what they were doing.


"Feels so good!"

The two started things slowly, but it was clear that the mounting passion between them was not going to be quenched with just slow actions. The blonde Shinobi began to move faster and deeper which made the pleasure for him grow even more and the dark brown haired Kunoichi was more than willing to show her pleasure to him as she cried out and hugged him tightly to her body. Naruto could not help but look at the sight before him as he continued to increase his thrusts bit by bit. And what a sight it was to him.

Mei's hair was around her like a brown wave of silk, her well formed face all flushed with red, her eye glowing deeply with arousal and pleasure, her mouth parted with each breath she took and the cries she released, her beautiful figure covered in sweat and glistening in the light of the torches in their shelter, her more than full and firm breasts moving hypnotically with each movement of her body and her nipples moving along as well, and the sight of her wet sex being filled by his cock and releasing more of her juices. All of that combined together was more than enough to drive the blonde Shinobi to the limits of his lustful imagination.

As for Mei herself she was enjoying the pleasure for all it was worth and it was certainly worth every second in her mind as she looked at Naruto. He was doing so well and each deep, hard, and fast push of his hips sent his cock all the way into her, the pleasure from that action was more than wonderful in her mind and she was not going to let each moment go to waste.



Naruto was soon moving at a much faster and deeper pace than before and already the sounds of sex was filling the room in a much louder and more intense way. Naruto could not help but move like a piston as his cock was moving in and out of Mei's wet sex and Mei herself could not help but hold on as she looped her legs around Naruto as he continued to drive hard and deep, just the way she loved it. Her form was covered in sweat and her pussy was releasing more and more of her juices by the second.

Naruto was in heaven right now as he continued with his actions and could tell that Mei herself enjoyed every second of it all as she was now playing with her more than ample breasts and nipples before him. The sight of her doing that fueled Naruto on until he decided to try something else in terms of position, something he hoped would be all right to Mei. He started the whole thing by moving her legs apart and then lowering her left leg and soon moving over it on his knees while his cock was still buried deep inside the Mizukage's sex. Her right leg was still on his shoulder as he began to thrust deep and hard into her sex once more and the pleasure to the two of them was soon growing hot and fast once more.

Mei did not mind the change in position as she was more than willing to go ahead with what Naruto had in mind and the pleasure from this new position was more than favorable to her. She watched as Naruto would also move his hands to her breasts and nipples as well as her clit to stimulate them, making her all the more pleased by his passion and boldness. The two lovers were once more moving as one as Mei was not going to let him have all the fun as she moved her body in kind. They were also more than willing to make their pleasure to one another very well known and they were more than vocal about the whole thing to boot.







The two lovers knew that sooner or later, they both were going to reach their respective limits but they continued with what they were doing as they desired to finally reach their orgasm. Naruto was hammering away into Mei's sex as he felt her inner walls massage and caress his cock pulling on it as if not wanting it to leave. And then taking it all back in once he thrust deep and hard into her once more and it was a =n utterly delicious feeling. Mei herself could not help but feel her pleasure reach a much higher level as she felt Naruto's cock move out at first sending waves of sensation and bliss through her whole body down to her bones. And when he drove his cock back in, the pleasure doubled each time for her.

The two of them naturally had never done this before with anyone, Mei in the sense that she had always been trying to hide and survive during the Kekkai Genkai purges in the Land of Water. And for Naruto, it was in the sense that as a Jinchuuriki, he was not sure how to act when others who did not know him fully learned of his burden. Thus they were soon hit their limits just as Naruto then placed down Mei's right leg and moved to be back in their previous position and thrust his cock deeply for the last time. Both of them finally reached their orgasm and both of them were able to scream out both their lover's names at the very same time.



Mei felt like her body had just been shattered and was now floating on a sea of warmth and sensation as she felt her orgasm slam into her. That was also when she felt her lover's cock twitch in warning as she soon felt a wave of hot and thick cum flow from her lover's rock hard cock into her pussy. The feel of the thick and hot liquid seed from her young lover made Mei all the more pleased as she relished the feeling of being filled by Naruto's cum. She made her happiness apparent as she licked his lips and then passionately kissed him, as she felt her inner walls milk his cock of all of his seed at the same time.

Naruto himself felt like he had just reached the end and was now moving in a sea of heat and sensation, all of which were more than welcome. He kissed Mei Terumi back and enjoyed the feeling of being held by her as he also felt her inner sheath moving all over his dick. He felt his cock release more of his cum into her pussy and her inner walls were milking him for all he was worth. The pleasure that slammed into him was very much going to be buried in his mind for a very long time, of that he had little doubts at all right now.

As soon as they parted from the kiss, they moved away from one another and without any worries on her mind, Mei moved down to clean Naruto's cock of their combined juices, enjoying the way that Naruto moaned a bit as her unexpected but hardly unwelcome move. Once she was done cleaning his cock, he did the same to her pussy, and did not mind the mix of their respect juices on his mouth.

They soon kissed one another deeply when they faced one another and soon sleep claimed the two of them. They were going to need the sleep, that much was obvious to the two of them as they had a lot to talk about tomorrow.

The next day…

Naruto could not help but feel like he had been drained of a great deal of energy and he wondered just how that happened to him. He looked around and to his utter surprise he found himself on the bed fully naked and the Mizukage, Mei Terumi was right next to him, fully naked and sleeping with an utterly happy expression on her face. The sight of the naked Mizukage right next to him shocked the heck out of him and he wondered just how the heck he was in a situation like this.

It was here that all the memories of last night came right back into his brain like a flood. And he could not help but blush bright red at what he had recalled doing with and done to the Mizukage, as well as what she had done to him at the same time. He was so focused on what had happened that he was not aware that the Mizukage was awakening, not until she was now pressing her body on his own. That was more than enough to get his full attention as he turned to see her smiling at him.

"Good morning Naruto-kun, I am happy to see that you are awake."

"I am happy to see you here as well Mei-chan."

Mei could tell that Naruto was very tense about what happened between them and she could easily understand why. After all, she was the Mizukage and he was a Genin from Konoha and while their villages were on cool terms with one another, the idea of someone of her status being intimate with a Genin of Konoha was going to raise concerns and questions. There was a chance that it could be used to blackmail either her or him and that was something that she was not keen on letting Naruto endure. He did not deserve it and neither did she, but she had to admit that Naruto had proven himself to be someone that she very much liked…and to be honest, lusted for.

She liked the fact that until last night, he was a good man, perverted at some point, but considering who had trained him for the past many years, totally expected, yet had a heart of gold and was QUITE the partner in bed. Give him a few more years and some more training, he would not only be as handsome as his father, but just as talented in pleasing a woman in bead and she liked the idea of being that said woman.

"Naruto-kun, we need to talk about some matters."

"I know that Mei-chan, I mean…I don't know…ah…"

Mei laughed a bit and spoke gently to him.

"Relax Naruto-kun, last night was to be expected, I was very eager to finally relieve the tension and frustration, and you were finally able to stop thinking or dreaming about it and do it yourself. We're both ninja and by law, you are an adult, and I am already a grown woman, with needs. To be honest with you, you were the very first man I have been intimate with in my whole life, since I was a user of Kekkai Genkai and at the time had to be dodging away from people back him who wanted to kill people like me. And even when I became Mizukage I was not sure I was going to find a very good man to spend my life with."

"I understand Mei-chan, but I find it hard to believe that a man would say no to you. You're beautiful, strong, gifted, kind, you are very much able to take care of yourself and other, and…"

"VERY good in bed Naruto-kun?"

Naruto blushed bright red and nodded, which made Mei smile even more and kissed him on the lips as well. Once she was done, she spoke once more.

"Thank you Naruto-kun, you are very kind to say such wonderful things to me, and I know that you mean them as well since you are not the kind of person to lie. But the truth is tha I always wanted to finally find a good man to settle down with and I think I have finally found him."

Naruto blushed bright red at that as he had a very good idea on what was it that she was getting at. But it was something that was so unexpected that he could not say anything right away. The Mizukage was actually suggesting that she was willing to marry him. Him, a Konoha Genin and a Jinchuuriki no less as well and it was something that he was trying to make sense of in his head. But thankfully he had managed to recover at least some of his wits as he spoke to Mei.

"A-Are you being serious Mei-chan? You…you would marry me?"

"Yes, you are not a child anymore Naruto-kun, you are a man now by ninja law and tradition, and I could not think of a better man to be my husband. You are kind, brave, dedicated to a fault, you are compassionate to others, you are strong as well and not just because you are a Jinchuuriki, but of your own merits. Truth be told, there had been rumors about you in the other villages though not very wide spread."

"Huh? What rumors Mei-chan?"

"You are a student of one of the Sannin, you mastered the Rasengan in a week, managed to defeat Suna's current Kazekage in a straight up fight, alongside none other than the leader of the Toad Summons, Gamabunta-sama himself. And you have managed to defeat some of Akatsuki's members as well as master a powerful number of Jutsu. Some say that if given time and training, you might very well become the new Konoha's Yellow Flash."

Naruto could not help but be surprised to know that such things were being said about him, and he spoke to Mei to find out if that was all true.

"Is that really true Mei-chan?"

Mei nodded and replied.

"They are, and I can say that while some of them might be slightly exaggerated but I know first hand that you are certainly going to be a fine Shinobi. I have no doubt that once you are at your best, the village will recognize you as one of the best of your village. And if they also knew just HOW good you are in bed Naruto-kun, you would be getting offers left and right from any women."

That made Naruto blush bright red at that and Mei enjoyed the sight as she decided to kiss him again before speaking.

"You don't have to agree right now though Naruto-kun, I will let you decide when you will say yes and I can bet that a lot of people will be surprised. But I think that if that were to happen, this would improve ties between Konoha and Kiri, something that I think will be beneficial in the long run for both sides. And I don't care what most would sa since I am a grown woman and I am also in love."

Naruto gulped a bit and he smiled as he kissed her back, making her moan out at that action he had done as he spoke to him once they parted.

"I'll not make you wait too long Mei-chan."


As Naruto was currently moving the two large fish over the spit in the rock fire pit that was made by Mei weeks before, the blonde Genin could not help but sigh with satisfaction as he began to enjoy the memories of what happened between him and Mei Terumi. He enjoyed it for all it was worth and went back to cooking the food as Mei was currently in the hot tub she made with her Lava Element, enjoying a warm bath as she used her Fire Jutsu to heat the water in the rock hot tub to the right temperature.

The blonde could not help but recall with a very fierce blush what had happened between him and the female Mizukage and he was trying his best not to do something foolish. The last thing he wanted was to either injure himself or ruin breakfast by thinking too much about what he and Mei had done last night. But that certainly did not mean that he was going to have an easy time of it either as the memories of what they had done was very much burned into his brain.

It was also here that the Kyuubi decided to get into the act.

(("Well now, nice to see you are still very much among the living brat."))

(What do you want Kyuubi?)

(("Don't be such a wuss, I am just pleased you did not die since if you did, I would too. Though considering the events of last night, I would have to say that what happened was a pretty unique way to go won't it?"))

(Uh huh, I guess you would say that and thanks, I didn't know you cared.)

(("Hah! Don't think I am getting sentimental or soft brat, I am just pleased that you decided not to do something stupid like die. Though I can bet that this is going to be something that you are not going to forget any time soon and hopefully it stays that way. It's not ever day you lose your virginity to a very attractive or rather deliciously endowed woman who apparently seems to want to take it a bit further. You should be proud of that achievement brat since I doubt this is going to be a regular occurrence for you. Add to that the fact that she KNOWS your o status as a Jinchuuriki and is not repulsed by it to say the least. That in all accounts is a bonus as far as most people are concerned."))

(Yeah, I'll keep that in mind.)

(("Good to know you're not as thick headed as others thing, anyhow, I should tell you that you dodged the proverbial kunai to the head last night."))


(("She was not fertile last night you idiot! Which considering your status is a very lucky thing since you have no idea about the slight problems of being a Jinchuuriki. In simple terms just in case you slept in that time in biology class, which knowing you, you probably did, you did not get her pregnant, and while I would love to see you struggle being a father, I doubt you are ready for it along with the consequences."))

(What do you mean?)

(("Yech…I can't believe this, all right, let me fill things in for you and you had better be paying attention. First off, she happens to be the Mizukage and you are a Genin of Konoha, so the idea of you knocking her up is going to be a really delicate situation since you two are not technically married in human terms. That alone is going to get a lot of people in Kiri less than happy with you, and even though she does have a Kekkai Genkai, you can bet that a LOT of men who have a crush or more for her from said village are going to be REALLY angry with you. Second is that since you happen to be a Jinchuuriki, there will be a lot of people interested in getting to the both of you, namely since you already have more chakra than even high ranking Jonin and that's your natural chakra. Mix that with mine then you have come really potent chakra and mix that with her Kekkai Genkai, you can have some very potent kids who might be kidnapped specifically for that. Are you getting me so far?"))

(Yeah, I can see your point.)

(("Good, make damn sure you don't forget, but if you two do manage to make it official, then you both can make some pretty good alliances and I think even those Akatsuki pussies will think twice if trying to take you out can have both Konoha and Kiri on their asses. Besides that, you can bet that the very least things for you are going to be all right. Now then, if you will excuse me, I have some memories to look at, and I might even be nice…and give you some tips."))

That was the end of the conversations between the Biju and the Jinchuuriki, just as Mei arrived and was wearing only her mesh clothing for now. The two took the time to relax as they ate their breakfast and also try to plan what they were going to be doing for the rest of the day. Once that was over, Mei decided to tell Naruto to take a bath in the same place she had and he did not argue.

Once they got there, Naruto sent out some 0of his Kage Bunshin to keep an eye out for any sign of ships where Mei's use of her Kekkai Genkai had made some natural telescopes. As he got into the springs naked he enjoyed the warm water, showing that Mei had reheated the water for him and that act was very much welcomed by the blonde

As soon as the massive geyser that served to make colored steam was released, both Mei and Naruto watched for the ships to make their way to them. As they saw the sails getting closer and the ships now looking at larger at the horizon, they knew now that rescue was coming. Both Mei and Naruto looked at one another and smiled a bit as they were now going home. But not before they were going to find a way to make this situation work out for the both of them.


Naruto had no idea what was it that was so important that Tsunade had called him to go to a private meeting with the Hokage residence at this hour of the night. He had just gotten back from a mission and was looking forward to some rest when he had been told to come there. As he made his way to the Hokage residence, he wondered even more what was going on and hoped that this was not going to turn into something that was going to give him nightmares for the rest of his life.

It was not that he distrusted Tsunade, far from it, he respected her and considered her a very important person in his life. But that hardly meant that he was not wary of her less than admirable traits. This was why he was rather wary on what was the reason he had been called to her residence.

It had been nearly half a month since he and Mei had gotten off the island where they had stayed for quite some time and just as long as he had heard from the Mizukage. So far they had kept what happened between the two of them something of a secret and he hoped that it was going to stay that we, who knows what could the results be for everyone in either Konoha or Kiki if they found out that he got Mei pregnant.

That was one thought that Naruto managed to shake out of his head since now was not the time for such things as he arrived and knocked on the door. He briefly wondered if Tsunade had been drinking again and he would be in front of the door for a while before it was going to be opened. He was out of luck when the door opened and there was Tsunade herself, though to his surprise, the blonde Sannin was not the least bit drunk. In fact. She was downright sober and seemed to be in full control of her mental faculties.


Tsunade sighed a bit and glared at Naruto, making him recall just how much she disliked that nickname he used on her. But instead of whacking him hard to the next day, the blonde Hokage spoke to him.

"Nice to see that you finally came here Naruto-kun, come in."

Naruto did so and he could not help but admire the place that was the Hokage residence. There were some well made and maintained furniture, the floors were made from well maintained and cleaned marble tiles, the walls were also well made and the lights were nice. He followed Tsunade into the living room and to his surprise, he found out that Tsunade was not alone in her house…there was none other than Mei Terumi there and the Mizukage was dressed up in her usual choice of clothes. As soon as she saw that he was there, she smiled warmly at him and spoke to Naruto in a rather friendly manner.

"Hello there Naruto-kun, nice to see that you finally arrived at this time, I was hoping that you were going to make it before the night was going to be over."

"Mei-san? What are you doing here?"

Tsunade then replied to that question.

"She asked to come here due to an important matter that concerned you Naruto, she and I had a VERY interesting discussion both as Kage and as women. Now sit down and let's get this out before you start cooking up any ideas."

Naruto did not argue at all and as soon as he was sitting on a chair, he was facing both Kage. The chair was soft with fluffy inner stuffing and soft smooth leather and normally Naruto would be enjoying it, but facing both beautiful Kage who were looking at him was more than enough to distract him as he was now facing them.

He wondered just what was going to happen to him and what they were going to say to him, and Naruto did not have to wait for too long as Tsunade spoke to him.

"Mei told me about how things were between you and her when you both were on that island. It was nice to know that you were taking good care of not just yourself but her as well."

"Uh…yeah, she is a Kage after all and I would be a poor future Hokage if I could not prove that I can help others."

Mei smiled at that and Tsunade nodded as she knew that what Naruto said was the truth as he was indeed that kind of person who cared for others more than himself. She decided to also talk a bit more to see just how long Naruto could keep up with what she and Mei had in mind for him at this very night.

"She also told me that you told her about you being a Jinchuuriki."

"Uh…yeah, I know that it was supposed to be a secret and all…"

"It's all right, you don't have to apologize for that Naruto-kun, since Mei's village was ruled by a Jinchuuriki like you, there was nothing that could be done to hide it, and she did make sure not to mention anything about it to others. And it was good that you two managed to get along rather well on that island."

Naruto was happy that at least this was not going to be a bad situation for the rest of the night. However that was when Tsunade decided to make her serious move.

"However, I had no doubt that it was not easy for you…keeping your perverted self under control right?"


Naruto had NO idea what was going to happen now as both Mei and Tsunade left the couch they had been sitting on from before to leave him alone inside the living room. He could not help but feel that they were up to something, though what that was still escaped him. When he heard that Tsunade had been told by Mei about what they had done, on the island together he was stunned completely.

He looked at Mei and could not understand why was it she told Tsunade that, but he was not going to wait for too long when Mei spoke to him.

"You're Hokage had long since suspected something when we came back to Konoha a month ago Naruto-kun. She asked me to give her the full story on what happened, and eventually I told her."

Tsunade nodded and she then spoke to him.

"I suspected it when I saw the aura that was going out from the both of you and it did not take very long for me to guess that could have happened. So Naruto-kun, is that what happened?"

Naruto finally nodded and when Tsunade asked him if he enjoyed it, he blushed bright red and refused to answer, but Tsunade did not press on anymore and could already tell from the massive blush on his face that he did enjoy it. She then asked him if what he said about her to Mei in their time on the island true, and Naruto nodded and he begged her not to get mad as he did not mean anything bad by it.

Tsunade did not get mad at all, in fact Naruto swore that there was a gleam in her eyes along with a slight smirk on her face as well. And before he could do or say anything else, the two women got up and left the room and now here he was, sweating a bit and hoping this was not going to become a bad thing.

Before he could react, both Kage walked back and his attention was square on the two of them and for a very good reason.

They were both naked…


Tsunade smiled and replied.

"I have to admit that knowing that you thought of me that way was surprising and a bit odd. But I should expect that since you are a young man after all. And the fact that you were honest about it makes me happy to know that despite the fact that I am old enough to be your grandmother in real life, I can still be seen as attractive, and I do happen to find you a good looking young man and I do care about you despite the fact that you sometimes drive me to the wall with your antics."

"So I guess I should remedy that and let you have your chance at doing what you want with me, and at least you should be able to have someone to make things a lot more interesting, don't you think?"

Naruto gulped as he looked at both Tsunade Senju and Mei Terumi began to walk towards him in a very sensual way and before he could do anything, both of them were now sitting on either side of him on the plush chair that he was on.

One thing was certain…this was going to be one hell of a night.

All the while, the Kyuubi was enjoying this and already there was a plan forming in the bijuu's mind to take advantage of this situation and have a lot of fun and at least get something to watch in his time inside his Jinchuuriki's body.

To be continued…

Author's Notes:

There we go, I have just done the chapter that a lot of guys had asked for, to place Mei Terumi into the Deserted Island series. I have seen Mei in the manga and now in the anime and she is undeniably hot. I could certainly be called an ass for NOT putting her in this story. I have to admit that the idea of Naruto getting it on with Mei was certainly impossible to ignore and I hope that this chapter that I have made is enough to do the idea justice.

Now keep in mind that Mei has already known of the Kyuubi and Naruto's status of the Jinchuuriki for the Kyuubi as she is a Kage and has known of one of the previous Mizukage was a Jinchuuriki and she knows how things are for those who carry the Bijuu so she has some understanding for their fate. This is why she has those thoughts towards Naruto so I hope that this corrects the whole mess.

And with that out of the way, we will move to the next chapter…

And I have a special plan in mind for the next chapter and if you have read the ending scene of this chapter, then you have a very accurate idea on what is cooking around in my head.