Naruto Deserted Island

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Naruto X Tsunade Senju X Mei Terumi

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This is going to be a good thirtieth chapter for the Deserted Island special and it has a very prestigious title….

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Not bad for a young Genin huh? Getting to be intimate with both the Kage of Konoha and Kiri is something that is going to be a riot!

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On a pier...

Naruto was currently looking over his gear and hoped that he had everything that he needed for what was to come. Here he was in the middle of a port and waiting for the guests to arrive, the ones that he had to escort for a meeting of sorts. And he could not help but hope that this meeting was not going to take forever, he had other things to do with his time, though a perverted side of him was happy for the fact that the company he was escorting was all worth it. He turned and soon enough the people in question arrived, and already they were getting attention as more than one sailor decided to look at them and some even whisper as best they could.

The people Naruto escorted were two women who happened to be very much the drop dead gorgeous types and they were certainly the kind of women who would really make any man get aroused and eager to either get one of them or both if they were lucky in bed. However, that was something that was akin to getting one's self beaten to near death. And the reasons for that were two fold. The first reason was because both women were Kunoichi and were high ranking ones with one being a Kekkai Genkai user and the other was one of the most skilled Medic Nin in the world and one of the Sannin. And the second was both of them happened to be the Kage of the villages of Kiri and Konoha.

The Mizukage was none other than Mei Terumi who was rumoured to have been on the few survivors of the purges that happened in the islands that made up the Land of Water. Though he had no idea why it was that she was made into the Mizukage, he felt that it was a very good sign as he recalled the situation with Haku. The pain that Haku went through growing up and dealing with his past was something that still grated on Naruto's mind and nerves.

Mei and Tsunade were both very attractive though he had a feeling that Tsunade would be the older one of the pair, but he was more than aware to not mention it. The last thing he wanted to happen to him was being socked in the face by Tsunade like this so early in the week. The one thing he wanted was to get the chance to go home and see if he could finally find Sasuke. The reasons were still the same though he hoped that he could finally convince his former friend and team mate not to let himself become even more consumed by darkness. The last thing he wanted was for that to happen as while he understood the reasoning behind Sasuke's actions, he could not let it end like this.

Most people would have called him foolish, heck, even Jiraiya thought it was a lost cause, but he was not the kind to give up that easily. If there was one thing to be said about him, it was that giving up was not in his blood. As soon as both Tsunade and Mei Terumi arrived to him, he spoke to Tsunade first to see just what was next on her mind. He knew that it was not something that he should be asking her, but to him it was needed since there was no telling just what was it she was going to do next. And he'd rather know about it now than later anyway.

"What's next Tsunade-obaasan?"

A vein appeared on the blonde Hokage's head and she was trying to resist smacking the blonde Shinobi before her. As much as she respected the blonde Genin for all his hard work and what he stood for, she was not all that kind to when she called him that. Even more so in public btu she decided to keep her cool and replied.

"We're heading home, and before you start cheering, make no mistake that you are going to have to make up for that comment."

Naruto knew already what was coming but he did not mind since he did get his answer and that was nice to know. Another reason was that he wanted to make Tsunade loosen up after all the long and no doubt boring as hell things she had to deal with on this conference thing she got into. He did like and care for Tsunade as she was a good person despite her less than reputable habits of drinking and gambling so getting her to loosen up was a plus.

Mei noted that and smirked a bit as she looked at the two blonde glaring a bit at each other before they all climbed onto the ship. She had only met Naruto recently when they got on the ship for this conference and already she liked what she was seeing. Naruto was a good man and despite their antics, she could see a great deal of respect between the two blondes and it was amusing and filled with a lot of potential in her point of view. For now however she was eager to finally put the days of work behind her and make the most of the trip with some much needed rest and relaxation.

She wanted to do her best to change how people in the Land of Water saw those with Kekkai Genkai, but she knew better than to run herself to the ground over it. What good would it do her as Kage is she was too stressed and tired to make the right decisions then they came to her hands?

As soon as they got onboard, all three ninja headed to their rooms to unpack their gear and get some rest, and both Kage were eager to finally get as much sleep as they could possibly get on such short notice. As for Naruto, he was keen to try and get some ramen, that is if the ship's gallery served his favourite food. But he had doubts on that and his doubts were proven right so he had to make due with some hot soup and some fruit juice. The food and drink was all right as the ship was soon underway. He decided to enjoy his food and once he was done with his food, he thought that it would be a good idea to bring food for both Mei and Tsunade though he had no idea what was it that the two women liked.

That was why he decided to wait for them to wake up and join him, he had saved a lot of money and while he was loath to spend it unless it was for what he wanted, he decided to use it for now. The money he saved was not just from his missions, but from some lotteries he had won with the luck he had, which Tsunade called as the luck of the devil on more than one instance. Even his perverted sensei Jiraiya called his luck more than human and the same could be said by Kakashi when he saw it. That also factored into his training as well, much to the relief of the two and even Yamato on occasion.

He did not have to wait long as both Tsunade and Mei finally arrived and he spoke to the both of them to find out just what they wanted to eat. The two Kage were surprised by that, but they also enjoyed the fact that Naruto was willing to spend his own money for them. Tsunade was eager to take advantage of it and she made that clear as she spoke to Naruto.

"Are you planning to buy sake as well Naruto-kun?"

Naruto knew that this was going to happen, but after all the things that he had to deal with as Kage, he knew that Tsunade deserved a break and he was going to protect her and Mei as well. He knew that his wallet was going to be stripped bare soon, but he could always get more money later on in missions and lotteries again. Plus he did show intelligence with his money as he always placed away a nest egg in several hidden compartments in his apartment and only he knew where they were.

"Of course Tsunade-obasan, you need to relax so I think having the chance to finally drink is going to do it."

Tsunade could not help but smile warmly as she could tell that Naruto was not lying in the very least. The fact that he was willing to pay for her drinks with his own money as a treat for her made her forget the name he used for her. She decided to show her appreciation and amuse herself at the same time as she hugged Naruto and made sure to press her more than ample bust into his chest. That show off affection caught Naruto off guard as he was not expecting to be hugged by Tsunade.

Even more so when he felt her more than ample breasts pressing on his chest, making him blush bright red as well. Tsunade noted that and knew that this was something that Naruto did not expect from her, but she did not mind as she did enjoy the moment as much as she could. As soon as she was done, she moved down and kissed the blushing blonde right on the cheek as she replied.

"Thanks Naruto-kun, you really made my day."

As soon as Tsunade left, Mei smiled at Naruto who was still blushing like mad as she touched him as she spoke in an amused tone.

"You really know how to make a woman happy Naruto-kun, have you already gotten a girl friend?"

Naruto managed to focus on the question directed to him by Mei and replied as soon as he was able to calm himself down.

"Uh...not yet, though I do love someone."

Mei raised an eyebrow at that and decided to let it lie for now and they soon got into the flow of things as the three of them decided to go and grab their food and drink for the day. And hours later, Naruto made good on his promise as he bought a large amount of sake, all for Tsunade to drink to her heart's content. She was soon joined by Mei who was also given some wine that she liked courtesy of Naruto paying for it. Needless to say, both Kage were very pleased that they both got the chance to enjoy good drinks while they were on this ship.

The three ninja were enjoying themselves for the duration of the trip and even though the buying of the sake and wine took a huge chunk out of Gama-chan, Naruto was not worried. After all he recovered his losses when he managed to win a ship born lottery and got back at least ten thousand ryo, nearly the same amount he had willingly spent for Tsunade and Mei. That made both Kage see that his killer luck was still on his side, and so far, all three of them were making the most of their trip back to the Land of Waves. That was where they were soon going to move to part ways and head on home to their respective lands and hidden villages.

They did not lower their guard however since there was always a risk of something happening to them on the trip. And sure enough something did happen. It was already half way into the afternoon in the fourth day of the cruise that the three ninja and the passengers of another ship spotted another ship moving alongside them. Only difference was that the ship in question happened to be carrying no flag and was certainly not designed in the natural way a ship that was built for cargo was made. This ship looked more like the kind used by a dedicated naval force...or pirates.

Mei's eye narrowed and Tsunade also looked at the ship in a very wary fashion, both of which were not lost to Naruto and that also got him on alert mode. The only way the two Kage would be like this was if they knew something was going on. Mei was the very first to reveal just what was going on as she looked at the ship even more.

"That's a pirate ship."

Naruto was wide eyed at that and spoke to the Mizukage.

"Are you sure about that Mei-san?"

Mei nodded and so did Tsunade as the blonde Hokage spoke next.

"Mei-san is not kidding Naruto-kun, go to the Captain and tell him to get the ship out of here fast."

Naruto wanted to argue at the idea of leaving both Mei and Tsunade alone, but he kept in mind that the two of them happened to be Kage and more than able to hold their own. So he decided to do as Tsunade asked of him and headed off to warn the Captain of the incoming attack. As soon as he got there and told the captain after the man told his security to let him passs, the captain looked with his binoculars and nodded in agreement. The ship indeed belonged to pirates, and the pirates happened to be former ninja as well as some of them actually leaped off the ship and walked on water towards them.

Naruto headed back to where Tsunade and Mei were to see them thrashing away several ninja pirates. Many were knocked down and out, and some were even dead but it seemed that as the ship they were on tried to get some distance, the pirates were not keen on letting them leave without a fight. And it was also there that he saw that the ninja, instead of being worried to facing two Kage level ninja continued to press the attack Apparently they were interested in besting both Tsunade Senju and Mei Terumi, and no doubt had plans for them as well, considering the lustful looks some of them gave both female Kage.

That angered Naruto as he joined the fight with his Kage Bunshin and began to flatten the ninja forces before him. He had no idea who they were or where they came from, but right now, he did not care at all as he had every intention of making them think twice when looking at the Kage. The blonde's attacks with Kage Bunshin along with them using different sizes of Rasengan was surprising to both Tsunade and Mei, but the results were worth it as the ninja attackers were sent flying away. However the pirates were not going to quit from the attacks they had planned as more came to force themselves on the ship. They came in swarms and some even used explosive tags and Jutsu to try and suppress them. But both Mei and Tsunade were more than ready to prove just why they were both Kage.

The fight could have lasted longer, but it was stopped when one of the pirates decided to use explosive tags on the hull of the ship. The explosion tore a large chunk off the hull and soon water began to fill the ship that the three were on. But that did not stop Naruto, Tsunade, and Mei as they finally defeated the ninja and soon began to help take the passengers off to the stricken ship to the now commandeered pirate ship. They were able to carry on with the evacuation but one last ninja pirate, evidently the leader and a Jonin ranked one, unleashed a massive blast of wind chakra that forced the three away from the ship as they were about to board it to escape.

The three moved back over the water as the last ninja unleashed another blast on them, forcing them back to make sure they drew away the ninja from the helpless passengers and crew of the now sinking ship they were once onboard of. Once they were in the clear, all three ninja attacked and soon the ninja was sent down into the drink dead by a combined attack from all three ninja. The victory was worth it but that did not mean that their struggle was over as in their efforts to get the crew and passengers, they had to leave the ship which was already moving away from them and was lost sight of in the heat of the fight.

That left the three ninja on the high seas and they had no way to locate the ship as the afternoon began to give way to night. The three decided to move and find a place for themselves to hide in. The sounds of thunder also convinced them to get out since the storm cell in the area might cause heavy seas and being in an area where lightning might hit was a bad idea. Thankfully Tsunade recalled that some islands that could serve as places of refuge were nearby and they headed in the direction she pointed out. It was nearing early evening as night fell that they finally spotted an island, and it had been at least four hours after the intense battle so they were all tired after all the water walking they had done as well as the chakra they used in the fight with the pirate ninja.

They got on the beach and Naruto managed to have enough chakra to make some Kage Bunshin and get a shelter going around them. It was not much but it was better than nothing and soon they all went to sleep. They knew that they had to make the most of it and rest though it was hardly going to be comfortable for them.


The next day...

Naruto woke up and soon began to look around and find out just why he was lying on a large collection of soft green leaves and the same could be said for both Mei Terumi and Tsunade Senju. It was at this point that the memories of the attack on the ship came back to him, and he was less than happy that those rogue ninja had thought that they could stand up to both Tsunade and Mei Terumi. To the blonde, those guys were more than crazy to think that they had a chance on taking down both Kage at the same time.

However, he decided not to think on the attack and got to looking for food and water and he got up from the place they were sleeping in. He then checked his gear and he was happy that his gear was still with him and he took out a kunai to go looking for food. He moved around the beach and decided to be careful, this island might look uninhabited, but he was not going to take any chances. It was not long before he found a good deal of thick green plants there a good distance from the beach and it was here that the Kyuubi finally spoke to him.

(("Well now, we really stepped into the worst of it huh brat?"))

(Where have you been?)

(("Don't tell me you actually missed me brat, that just sounds weird. Anyway, enough horsing around, that large batch of plants you happen to be looking at happens to be a good source of water. If I recall right, they actually filter out salt water from the ground and convert it to fresh water, plus they also taste like vegetable."))

At the sound of Naruto's sigh of disgust, the Kyuubi growled.

(("Now is NOT the time to be picky brat! If it can keep you breathing, and alive, then eat it."))

(Since when are you so concerned about my health?)

(("I'm not, but if you stay alive, then I stay alive, it works both ways, so I have to keep you breathing. Just do it and get it over with. You'll a load better with that until we find a good source of fresh water."))

Naruto did just that and took some of the plants and found that despite the slight taste of cabbage which he had the misfortune of eating once, it was not too bad, and the water it had was certainly fresh as well. He took in as much as he could take and soon he gathered some for the return trip for both Mei and Tsunade. He made sure to gather as much as he could store and when he did, he moved to locate anything else that could be seen as sources of food. He soon found it when he spotted a large area that he recognized enough as a tidal pool. He got there and soon spotted a very large number of fish but he knew that he was going to need more than just his kunai to hunt them. This was where the Kyuubi once more spoke to him about how to make a good catch.

(("You still happen to have those senbon that pink haired team mate of yours gave you?"))

(Yeah, why do you ask?)

(("Make a spear out of it you blonde dolt, and make sure to have that wire of yours handy."))

Naruto was able to do so and soon he found a long pool of dried bamboo for buoyancy and used his kunai to cut it into a spear. And when he was able to finish making the spear, he then lodge in the senbon to make sure that the needles could keep the fish from trying to escape from the spear once he caught them, that is if he caught them. He got a good line of his metal wire to reel the spear back in and soon he was off, and it was all trial and error. Naruto was not the most patient of people but he knew that he had to do it since he needed to get food and soon before he could go back to both Tsunade and Mei.

Plus it was not going to be good to his mind if people found out that he did not take his survival training seriously. What kind of ninja was he if he did not learn from his mistakes after all? It was not long that he managed to spear some fish, several small ones and three fairly large ones as well. All of the fish required him to water walk and also he used his Wind chakra training to catch said fish by increasing the cutting ability of the senbon as well as using his chakra to increase his physical strength for a deeper throw than before.

Once the fish had been gained, he was about to leave when he spotted a small octopus in a smaller pool and managed to catch it. The Kyuubi then told him to chew properly since that thing was known to keep moving even after being eaten. Naruto had seen some guys in some of the restaurants he was dragged into by Jiraiya eating these things alive. That shocked the heck out of him and explained why was it that those restaurants had some hired medical personnel and even some hired medic nin on standby.

He asked Jiraiya about it and the man seriously replied, for once, that this was something of a test of manhood by some as eating this was risky. He explained that since the octopus was still alive, it could get stuck in the throat and could choke a person eating it. That scared the crap out of him and asked WHY they would agree to it, to which Jiraiya replied it was the danger that attracted people plus even if it did look like that, octopus did taste nice, but you had to eat it quick since leaving it alone for too long after it was dead would make it rot. He then grinned and replied that he had done it before and thankfully did not have to worry about choking on his own food. He did warn him however that should he ever tried it himself to eat one, he should ALWAYS chew hard to make sure that the suckers on it did not stick to his mouth and his throat..

Naruto gulped a bit and began to do it, and soon the he could see why Jiraiya gave him that warning as the suckers on the creature really stuck to his mouth's inner areas. Even his teeth were not spared from the suction and he had to really chew hard. Though he had to admit that it was not bad, a it slimy but certainly had a good taste to it. But he tempered that with the danger doing this entailed on him. It took a bit but finally he was able to eat the thing and took a deep breath to get used to it as the Kyuubi replied.

(("Not bad brat, you actually ate a live creature that could indeed kill you. You've just gotten yourself a TINY bit of my respect."))

Naruto sarcastically replied to that comment.

(Oh really? Thanks a lot then fuzz face, now let's get going.)

The two soon arrived and saw that both Kage were about to wake up, it was here that Naruto decided to send out some of his Kage Bunshin to gather fuel for a fire and it was not long before they did so. Naruto was soon able to get out some of the tools he thankfully had been given prior to the mission of escorting the two and with some effort got a fire going. The fish that he caught were soon being cook on spits while they tried to plants Naruto gathered. The plant food, the water in said plant food, plus the smell of cooking fish helped them all get their wits about them and soon they were able to have breakfast.

They also knew that while they were going to be on the island, they would have to work together in order to make it through their current situation.


The next few days that turned into at least two to four months had been pretty hard for the three but they were not too far from being uncomfortable. Since Mei had the ability to use three types of Nature chakra and fuse them to create two new elements, they were not too badly off. She used her Earth Chakra with her Fire Chakra to create a large lava dome with several slits on the sides to allow air to come in. The dome also had a hole there on the top to allow smoke t rise out easily. The dome was soon followed by several large walls of rock that could not be easily scaled by animals and people unless they were ninja or had gear to allow them to get over the ten foot high walls. This was going to be their home on the island for the time being and at least this helped them not waste too much energy in gathering wood and materials for house construction.

They also made sure to get wood for making small rafts for hunting for fish in the sea since there was plenty of fish to catch both near the beach and out of it. They would have used water walking techniques, but it was more economical chakra wise to do things this way. Plus the raft could be helpful for them to not only carry their catch but to also move around and look for any sign of ships. They made at least four of these with a lot of sweat and hard work since the island was too big a place for one raft to do all of that.

They also made sure to get signal fires made on the four corners of the island and to make sure that they found plenty of fuel there and keep the fuel dry and away from the wind and rain. This was where Mei's Earth chakra came in handy in making small but well made water proof huts that could store the fuel and get it for quick assembly and use. Naruto would make sure to go to these places and keep an eye out for ships and if he spotted them, he would be quick to light up the fires and go for rescue. No such luck so far, but he and the others were not going to give up any time soon.

In terms of water, they had located some very large springs of fresh and thankfully cold water, they did make sure to boil it once in a while to kill any bacteria but the water was clean so far. And since Tsunade had been able to test the samples herself, she said that it was good for drinking and that was good news for them all. Mei also managed to use her Water Chakra to move water to their spot every now and then for bathing and cleaning as well. So in the water department, they were very much well off for their time on the island.

Apart from hunting, foraging, gathering, and surviving the day to day routine, they busied themselves with other matters. Namely Tsunade decided that it was high time she got involved with training Naruto herself and while she knew that she was infringing on Jiraiya's place as Naruto's teacher, she did not mind. It was high time she got involved anyway. Her training was not limited only to how to control chakra more, but to also learn how to be able to handle politics and the like. If Naruto wanted to be a Kage, then he would have to learn the highs and the lows of the job.

The worst being the paper work that drove her to the brink of anger at times, as well as a few others that she preferred not to think about too much, lest she got really annoyed. She knew that this was a bit early since Naruto was still young, and a Genin as well, but better now than later in her mind. He was already getting closer to being Kage material. And she knew that despite his Genin rank, both Naruto and Sasuke were already Jonin material due to their increased skills and abilities. So as such, she had to prepare him for the rigors of being the Hokage, since the last thing she wanted to do was have his dreams dashed because he was not used to the pressures of the position he had wanted since he was a kid. There was no denying he had the heart and desire, but that had to be supported by knowledge and training, and she was going to be the one to give it.

As for Mei, she also helped out by explaining some of the things that came with being a Kage, though she made sure not to interfere with Tsunade's teachings since she was the Mizukage, not the Hokage. Besides, she had also dealt with the highs and lows of the job and after learning of Naruto's desire to be Kage, she decided to help him a bit in understanding the other needs of being the Kage of one's village. She had worked hard to be Kage of Kiri, not easy to pull off due to her status as a Kekkai Genkai user, but she knew that Naruto was more than eager for that chance since his friend Gaara of the Sand was the current Kazekage of Suna, he may no longer be a Jinchuuriki, but the fact he made to being the youngest Kazekage in known ninja history was a good sign.

The two women were not just doing that to train Naruto, but they were also testing him in his use of Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and even Genjutsu. This also would improve his chances as a ninja and also make him viable Kage material in the long run. Those facts, when explained to him were more than enough to convince Naruto to work with both Kage. After all, since when was it that one could receive training not from one Kage ranked ninja, but two?

Tsunade was not an expert on Genjutsu but she knew enough on how to dispel it, one of the things she helped train Sakura in and decided to help Naruto counter it, recalling his battle with the false Itachi when he and his team were sent to deal with Sasori and Deidara who kidnapped Gaara. She also helped in training Naruto in the improvement of his chakra control, not a very simple exercise due to the Kyuubi's powerful chakra flowing in the blonde's body, but it would help.

She also made sure to test him in Taijutsu and while it was risky, she was willing to take the risks as she wanted to make sure that when he took the position of Hokage, he was ready for anything and anyone. She also made sure that he had some rudimentary skills in using medical Jutsu, even though she knew that the Kyuubi would not let Naruto die easily


Survival was not the only concern that the three ninja had to deal with however, they also had to deal with each other, even though they did not say it out loud.

Naruto was busy with another haul of wild chicken that he decided to prepare post hunting after going with his catch to a nearby stream of fresh water. He got a fire going to boil some water and use it to help him in removing the feathers and clean the wild chicken. This way the food would be ready for simple cooking methods once they all got back to the place that they were resting in, which gave him time to think about his current situation when it came to being with the two female Kage.

And quite frankly, it was not an easy situation for him to deal with to say the very least. He was a young man after all and despite his denials on occasion along with his desire not to be caught, he was a perverted young man. After all, who would not want to be around beautiful women all the time, even if they happened to be older than you and could kick the stuffing out of you to boot?

The blonde Shinobi had to accept the fact that he had dreamed a lot of times about seeing women and that dream where he had seen a good number of them wearing only towels was a prime example of it.

In the case of Tsunade Senju, Naruto had managed to keep himself from looking at her too many times.

He knew of course that Tsunade was a lot older than him, but that certainly did not mean that he found her unattractive in the slightest. If she was like that in her early to mid twenties, it was no wonder that his perverted sensei Jiraiya was interested in her when they were older. And no doubt despite her fierce temper on occasion, there would have been men who would look at Tsunade with less than pure intentions and thoughts. Even he was not immune to it when he saw her, even more so when he saw her for the first time and could not believe that the woman before him and Jiraiya was that old.

Being around Tsunade was not too bad even when the two of them would be trading word barbs with one another, and her occasionally socking him one when his mouth got a bit ahead of itself. After all he knew that she cared for him a great deal and also respected him for his determination, and the fact that he was able to help her overcome her own demons as well as her fear of blood. That was something that he learned very much later in life before he went on the training journey with the Pervy Sage. And that was why his respect for her was there even if he annoyed the hell out of her with the name. And he knew that she cared about him and wanted him to accomplish his dreams and that was why he was entrusted her necklace which he realized also helped in keeping the Kyuubi from taking over him too quickly. But all of those facts hardly stopped him from thinking less than pure thoughts about the blonde Sannin and he knew that the very second she found out about, he was going to be in for a world of pain .

He knew now of what happened to his perverted sensei when he tried to peek at Tsunade when she was bathing so he was no mood to try anything. Even when the Kyuubi got it's jollies off by teasing the hell out of him to try and get a look at Tsunade naked when she was bathing either in the ocean or the rivers in the island, no way was he risking it. Even when he knew that the Kyuubi was able to heal him from most if not all injuries, he was not that crazy. That did not mean that his perverted brain did not torture him with a large number of ideas that got him and the blonde Hokage in the sack.

It was not just Tsunade of course who had been torturing his dreams but Mei Terumi herself. An there were plenty of reasons for the attraction he felt for her as well.

Mei Terumi was a woman who could easily get the eye of any man and he had no doubt that she could really drive any man crazy. She was undeniably beautiful and due to her skills and abilities as both a Kekkai Genkai user and a Kage ranked Kunoichi, she would have been quite the catch. It still boggled his brain that there was not a single man who had tried to court her, Kekkai Genkai or not. As far as he could see, Mei was very intelligent and capable as well as highly skilled and not just gorgeous and deadly, but very smart as well, which was why she made it to being Kage in his book. He also had to admit that he respected her a great deal, being a Kekkai Genkai user in Kiri was an open invitation to being hunted down and killed, yet she made it and thrived as well, almost mirroring the difficulty that his friend Gaara went through to become Kazekage, which was why he felt a rapport with the beautiful woman.

It certainly made things a lot harder when he included the fact that Mei would at times flirt with him as well.

Being around Mei was taxing on his self control since she was quite the beautiful woman and it was taking a lot of his self control to resist the desire to try and cop a feel. He knew that if Tsunade caught him she was going to beat the hell out of him and no doubt Mei would as well if she felt that he was getting too friendly with her and touched her without permission, and even though the Kyuubi was egging him on, there was no doubt in his mind that even if he could recover after a while, the beating he would get from both Kage level Kunoichi was going to be one he was never going to forget.

That did not stop him from staring though at Mei Terumi with less than pure thoughts and he was dying for the chance to put those images to rest.

Naruto shook his head as he went back to work, only for the Kyuubi to finally come to the fore and speak to him.

(("You know that those thoughts of your about those two gorgeous Kage is waking me up again brat. Why don't you do something about those images before they drive you up the wall?"))

(And get myself beaten to a bloody pulp? No thank you Kyuubi, I'll take discomfort and teasing from you than a whole day of pain any time of the day!)

(("I CAN heal you brat, or have you forgotten the time my chakra saved you from bleeding to death when that idiotic Uchiha brat shoved that Chidori through your body? I think I can handle healing your injuries if both of them decided to beat you up."))

(I am not going to do it Kyuubi, end of discussion!)

(("You have any idea how many guys your age dream about this sort of thing? Most guys your age would try to make the most of it and not act like they were stepping on eggshells. Don't tell me that you don't have any balls and the ones you have there are just for show."))

(I LIKE WOMEN ALRIGHT? The only reason I am NOT doing anything on them is that they can kill me and I respect them as well. Besides, there's no way that they would like it if I started doing something that is going to get me in serious trouble with either of them.)

(("Heh, who knew my container who threatens me in his own mind to pay up rent, fights some seriously dangerous ninja criminals AND flaunts authority in the face is scared of two gorgeous women. If I did not see this form myself all this time, I would be calling you a chicken and "No balls' as well."))

(You can say what you like, but I am not courting death just to get those images ut of my head.)

(("Heh, all right then brat, but I got say this much, you will never know what the future holds. One thing can be constant about that though. And that is that the future can turn out to be something that you have never expected."))

Naruto ignored that comment as he went back to work and when he was done, he headed off to the camp with his catch. He was unaware that he was not the only one who was currently thinking about the same things he was.


Tsunade was currently busy getting some water for a drink of her own and soon began to think about their current situation on this island. But this had something to do not with survival, but with the young man who was them right now.

Tsunade was already experienced enough to know that something was bothering Naruto and she already had an idea on what that was. After all, he was a young man and he was the only man stuck on an island with two women for company, so naturally things would happen to him. She did not find it offensive though since Naruto's behaviour was indeed normal and while she suspected that Jiraiya had his hands on corrupting Naruto into being a pervert, she was happy that even if he did become like a pervert, at least Naruto was smart enough not to act like Jiraiya. Jiraiya might be Naruto's godfather, but she was not going to let Jiraiya influence Naruto too much since she cared for him a great deal.

And that was the truth since he was someone who helped him remember what it was to believe in a dream and trust others as well. He was so like Dan and Nawaki, yet he was himself. He was unique and that was certainly something she loved about him. He was so like his father in terms of not just looks, but also his dedication to hard work, never giving up for any reason, and his ability to learn quickly enough. That was balanced by his mother's love for pranks, kindness, love for life, others, and also her bravery and willingness to put it all on the line to help people.

She knew of both Minato and Kushina since even though she had not been to Konoha for long, she had been there long enough to meet both Minato and Kushina. It still amazed her at times that despite having Jiraiya as a sensei, Minato had not become a pervert of his sensei's calibre, though she did recall that time Kushina spoke to her about how good a man Minato was in bed. That had been one conversation she decided not to speak of to anyone, let alone Naruto since she felt that even if he would have been amazed to discover his parentage, he would not want to be judged by his relation with Minato and Kushina.

Naruto had earned all of his skills and abilities through hard work and effort and he did teach Konohamaru to make his own path. So to be recognized only as the Fourth's son would grate on his nerves. The fact that he was actually becoming a very handsome guy was not lost at all to her as well; no doubt that if given another of years, he would be quite the eye catching man like his father Minato was in his day. That coupled with his personality made Tsunade wonder why was it that not many women have tried to approach him, with the marked exceptions of some of the girls Naruto got to meet. And if he was like his father in more than just looks...but physical performance...then that would REALLY make him utterly desirable.

The blonde Hokage shook her head a bit at those thoughts and wished that it was not always the case. But she also was mature enough to know that she did feel a level of attraction for him and she did care for him as well. She also could see that he was very tense and anxious around her and Mei, which was to be expected after all. She thought it over and knew that this was a situation that if left alone for too long, it would not be healthy for not just them but Naruto as well, though Naruto would be the more affected one since both she and Mei were more mature than he was and could have a higher level of control of their desires.

Besides, as long as she was able to help Naruto-kun it was going to be worth it and in truth it was high time that she finally got the chance to be with a man. She had already let go of her pain thanks to Naruto and it was time she did something to thank him.


Mei was currently working on some herbs that would help create a cooling balm on her hands to help ease the muscles in her hands. She was no Medic Nin, but she had the experience needed on survival to do her best in such matters. Once she was done with that she intended to do, she began to think about her situation on the island, it was not all bad, and she did have trust that they would soon be rescued. But she was also thinking about another situation that was there on the island, and it had something to do with the only man on the island with her and Tsunade Senju.

Naruto Uzumaki was quite an interesting young man in her point of view and certainly someone who was one day going to be well known in her mind. She might not show it, nor did she discuss it with either Tsunade or Naruto but she was well aware of who he was and what he had been doing for the past two years, he was the current student of Jiraiya, had summoned Gamabunta despite his young age, a feat that had actually gained a lot of attention from every ninja in the loops as it were since he was still a Genin at the time, mastered the Rasengan, and more besides. These things were more than enough to get the attention of anyone, and she was no exception to that as well. She had been curious about Naruto and had seen his picture when he was still younger, he was the only Genin from Konoha worthy enough to be put in a Bingo Book after all. That level of recognition was due to his battle with Gaara of the Sand, his battle with Orochimaru alongside both Tsunade and Jiraiya, and the other details that had been mentioned already. Some suspected that in the near future, Naruto Uzumaki would one day become Konoha's second Yellow Flash.

Such a thing would have sounded absurd to Mei Terumi in the past as she felt that no one could ever match the Fourth Hokage before and after he died. But this young man was becoming a close second in her point of view. And she knew that if given more time to mature and grow stronger, Naruto Uzumaki was going to be quite the eye catcher, and his more positive traits were already adding to the appeal he had. She knew of the Jinchuuriki and the lives they led and she was therefore impressed that apart from Kirabi of Kumo, and Gaara of Suna, Naruto had not allowed his status to make him have a hatred for humanity, though others said that not all Jinchuuriki felt that way at all.

Like Tsunade, she suspected that Naruto was having a good deal of stress in being the only man on the island with the two of them. And that amused her as she had seen him looking at not just Tsunade but her as well, and he tried his best to not show it which only served to amuse the Mizukage even more. She admitted as well that she took liked looking at the blonde ninja when he was not looking as he was not only handsome in face but in body as well. And she wanted to see just how good the young man was when it came to being with women in more ways than one. They were after all considered adults, even more so since she and Tsunade were older than Naruto and she had no doubt that if they were able to do this, the blonde Shinobi was going to be in for a real treat that any man would be happy to be given.


It was there that both Kage met at the hot tub for a good soak and there the discussion began concerning their current situation with Naruto on this island. Tsunade had suspected that Mei was on the same page as she was and she was happy that Mei seemed open to the idea. And after a while, they decided to test the waters when Naruto finally arrived in the camp. And once they did finish with their cleaning up, they got dressed and were ready to get things going as they moved up and spotted the blonde Shinobi in question.



As the chicken was being cooked over the fire as roasts, the three were happy to finally get the chance to have some food and rest. Naruto was not sure about something as the food was cooking though. He had noticed that both Tsunade and Mei seemed to be deep in thought about something and they were also looking at him as well. He had no idea what was going on but it did not feel dangerous so he decided not to try and second guess what was going on. It was not long before the chicken was fully cooked and soon they were able to eat along with some of the dried fish and fruits that they had with them in their stores.

They ate their dinner and just as they were finishing up, it was here that both Tsunade and Mei made their move with Mei deciding to take the first shot as it were towards Naruto.

"Naruto-kun, how have you been feeling so far while we have been on the island?"

Naruto naturally replied to that question.

"I feel very fine Mei-san, I don't have any reason to feel bad right now anyway."

"Good to know that then, but I want to ask you about what are your feelings towards being here on this island and being the only man in it with me and Tsunade-sama. It must be very HARD for you to be with us Naruto-kun right?"

Naruto did not know how to respond to that as he felt that there was something hidden in that question somewhere. But he was not sure what it was just yet, so he decided to tell them that being with them on this island was not actually something of a blessing since he would have been driven up the wall had he been there all by himself. He was fairly sure that they had not discovered yet that he had been having difficulties dealing with having to be in close proximity with them being the only man on the island with two very attractive women who were older than him. He did make sure not to comment on the age thing since doing so was an open invitation to a severe beating.

"Not really, I am actually happy that you both are here with me Mei-san, it would have driven me completely nuts if I was on my own."

Both women smirked a bit as Tsunade was now the one to take the lead.

"I can see that Naruto-kunb, but what we both want to know from you right now is if you have been having a hard time in keeping your eyes from looking at us for a lot longer than normal. And before you ask what exactly I am getting at Naruto-kun, I can say that I have seen you looking at me and Mei Terumi as well. So tell us again, is it hard for you to be with us all the time on the island?"

Naruto blushed as he knew there and then that they had caught him, and he should have suspected it from the start. After all, not only were both women Kage level Kunoichi, but had no doubt been looked at by men of all ages with less than pure intentions and thoughts towards them. So it would make sense that they would know about it, he had hoped that the focus on survival had affected that part of their attention,. But it seemed that his thoughts were misplaced to say the very least and he decided to own it up and get ready for what was to come.

"Yes it was Tsunade-obasan, but I can't really say anything in my defence..."

"And you don't need to either Naruto-kun."

That surprised Naruto as he looked at both Mei and Tsunade who were now on either side of him and it was obvious to the grins of both Kage that his surprise was there all over his face.


"Naruto-kun, you seem to forget that you are a young man so there is no reason we would be offended entirely about you staring at the both of us. At the very least you happen to know not to be like that white haired team mate of mine. And I happen to like you a great so I don't mind and it actually makes me happy that even though I am older than you, I can still make you get aroused."

Naruto blushed at that and that made both the Hokage and the Mizukage smirk as they decided to make their move as Tsunade spoke once more.

"And besides we also happen to be women too with desires and we happen to have our own difficulties with being on this island and you happen to the only man. So we talked about it and since we are all adults by law now, we can do what we can feel is the best solution for all of us here and now."

Naruto was confused by that and his answer made that obvious.


Both women grinned and they replied at the same time.

"We'll let you have the chance to live out your fantasies, but we too get to have our turn to have our own desires fulfilled."

Before Naruto could say anything, both Kage finally made their move to pounce on him like a pair of lionesses after a meal. Or in this case a mate, and Naruto was the target in question as he was now being smothered by both Tsunade Senju and Mei Terumi.


In Konoha…

Shizune was busy running through the reports that were sent her way and she was hoping that soon Tsunade and Naruto, along with Mei Terumi would be found. The village had been working hard to get ready for the return of Tsunade and Naruto once the rescue team comprising of Kakashi, Yamato, and Sai would return. The fact that Jiraiya who had been recalled after Tsunade's disappearance was now currently serving as temporary Hokage until Tsunade came back was not something that everyone was used to in the whole of Konoha for their own reasons. Especially Jiraiya since he was always telling them that he was not a valid choice for Kage, even though they all knew that he was smarter than he looked.

So far she was being kept up to date by one of Sai's ink messenger birds and she hoped that the group would soon find Naruto, Tsunade, and Mei Terumi. Hopefully they had not gotten into trouble with one another while on their own since the last thing she and the people in Konoha needed was an incident. She had faith in them all, but she did worry about Naruto who could possibly have gotten himself in an incident between both female Kage.

She had no idea that Naruto was indeed between Mei Terumi and Tsunade Senju, but not in a bad way either!


(Lemon Time!)


Naruto was stunned as he looked at both the Hokage and the Mizukage as Mei Terumi and Tsunade Senju were closing in on him right now and both women were smiling at him like he was a full course meal, he tried to get some train of thought back into his head, but his brain was not working the way it normally should as both women were now on either side of him. He tried to speak but it was then that Tsunade decided to stop him from speaking by placing her finger on his lips, making him stop in his plans to speak as she spoke to him.

"Now is not the time for talking Naruto-kun..."

The blonde Genin gulped as the two Kages began to make their moves on him as they removed the rough leather hide shirt that he had on and removed the black shirt that he wore underneath, the two women then quickly removed his sandals and the pants he had on him, leaving him in his boxers, which showed the exact result of ho9w this sudden moment was affection him.

Both Tsunade and Mei looked at the tent in Naruto's boxers and both women smiled at the sight as they moved in and touched Naruto's body, they both had to admit that the young man was certainly a very well built and handsome fellow. The blonde's muscles were well formed and perfect for his age and built, perfect for a woman to look at to marvel the beauty of the male form. The two Kage then moved their hands to his face, then his body, smiling happily and even laughing gently as they watched Naruto squirm at their actions on his body. They then moved to the top of his boxers, gently taking their time to tease the blonde Genin as he squirmed at the pleasure that was hitting his body at the moment.

That was when Tsunade decided to let more than just her hands do the exploring of Naruto's body as she leaned forward to face him as she began to kiss and lick him, she nibbled his ear and blew on it, making Naruto gasp at the sensations, much to the amused delight of the blonde Hokage as she moved on with her actions to Naruto's cheek.

Not to be out done by her fellow Kage, Mei was quickly to move to Naruto's own body, using her lips to kiss and lick his neck and below his chin, gently nipping Naruto's Adam's apple with her teeth, she then moved her lips and tongue to his chest, gently licking her way to his own nipple, she then gently sucked on them, making Naruto moan out even more in pleasure.

The blonde had no idea just how he was going to survive such delicious treatment, but he was very much in no mood to resist at all.

The two women then decided to take a different place as Tsunade now moved to pleasure Naruto's chest and stomach with her lips, mouth and tongue while Mei moved to kiss and lick Naruto's face. The blonde Genin was in heaven as the two women were really doing so many pleasurable things to him that it was a wonder that he didn't burst into fire at this very moment at the actions to the two women.

The two Kages then upped the pleasure factor for themselves as well as Naruto as they gently rubbed their bodies on his own body, and the blonde blushed deeply as he could feel their bodies on his as well as their breasts which were really big and soft on his form. He knew that this was going to be one fantasy that many men would LOVE to be in no matter what age they were, he knew that his sensei Jiraiya would LOVE this moment and be more than willing to make a damn book out of it if he could.

However the two women then decided to take their actions to the next level as the smiled at one another in full agreement in what they were going to do. Before Naruto could react or figure out their intention, they both pushed their hands past the elastic of his boxers, taking hold of his now rock hard cock making him moan and just in time for the two women to look at his package. Naruto looked at the two Kage and he could see that both Mei and Tsunade were examining him VERY intently, and he saw that both of them were blushing and had very intent looks at him.

If someone told him that he was soon going to be naked before two of the only female Kage in the known ninja world and the most attractive women in his mind, he would have looked at them if they had been reading WAY too many of the Pervy Sage's books.

But now it seemed that the old saying that truth was stranger than fiction was true, it was about to happen and all he could do was stay there and look at the two of them.

For Mei Terumi, she could not help but admire the very well made form of the young man who was now naked before her. Naruto was by far one of the most interesting men that she had ever met and she was going to enjoy this night with him. She was already aware of Naruto's history and she was actually happy to know that he was the son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, and being a Jinchuuriki was not a bad thing in her mind.

He was more than able to prove himself a worthy man and more than able to hold his own as a Jinchuuriki in battle when he had to. She found him to be very much a man any woman would love to have as a husband and lover, and now she was going to see just how good he was. It was not a problem to her that Tsunade was with her right now, she had a level of respect for Tsunade, as they were the only known Kunoichi to rise to the rank of Kage in their respective village, and besides, she was not bothered by being with a man and a woman, she was curious how it would turn out after all.

For Tsunade, she could not help but feel her body begin to react to the sight of the now fully naked Naruto Uzumaki. A part of her was telling her that this was not right, she cared deeply for Naruto and wanted to best for him and more as well, normally this would have been considered wrong in many ways, but Tsunade had known that there were some things that made this less bad as it looked.

First, Naruto and her were not deeply related, in a way they were distant relatives but many times removed and thus a relationship between them was not wrong in any sense. Second, Naruto had risen a great deal from his old self and was now the kind of man any woman would find desirable and to be honest for herself, she wanted to finally to be with someone who could give her a good time and make her feel happy to be a woman. Naruto fit that requirement well and it was a bonus that she loved him deeply.

The two women enjoyed the sight of the blonde youth's body fully exposed to their eyes, but they deeply enjoyed the sight of his cock. And they had a very good reason to be very happy as they saw that despite the fact that it was not fully aroused, his cock was at least five and a half inches long. They were very eager to see what was his real length when he was fully aroused, that was enough to drive them to finally begin to remove their very own clothes. They had already seen Naruto naked so it was fair that they should be naked as well.

With that in mind, they began to remove their clothes slowly, they removed their respective jackets first, then they began to remove their outer garments, with Tsunade untying the sash that held the upper top of her choice of clothes, Mei herself did the very same thing even though she knew that the upper portion of her dress already revealed her arms, shoulders, and the upper areas of her breasts.

Once the sashes were well out of the way, the two Kage were quick to remove their own sandals and soon removed their clothes, at least their outer clothes at the moment. Tsunade was wearing a set of black undergarments and the same could be said for Mei, their bras and panties which were thankfully well made, durable, and comfortable were soon gone with the wind and joining the pile of clothes, leaving the two Kage fully naked.


In Naruto's mind…

(("Oh yeah….now this is a sight worth dying for! Take a good long look Kit! You had better now screw this up!"))


Back in the present…

Naruto looked at the two women and could not help but feel like his eyes were going to burn out and his heart was beating like a race horse. The two Kage who were right there before him were now totally bare of all of their clothing and he was seeing a sight that would have really been considered a view from heaven.

His gaze went to Tsunade first and while he knew that it was just Tsunade manipulating her body to be in her younger form, there was no denying the fact that Tsunade was a very beautiful woman. No wonder that Jiraiya had tried to peek at her when they were much younger and had paid dearly for it as well.

He looked at her blonde hair which was a shade or more lighter than his own deep blonde hair which was still in her two tails, with both of the tails on her shoulders right now. Her face had a blush there and it served to show her skin which was in a light crème colour and there was not a single flaw there and the chakra storage seal on her head added an air of power and mystery to her along with her beauty as well.

Her eyes were glowing a bit with of passion, affection, and desire, more than enough to make the blonde Genin aware that their relationship was soon going to change, and her lips were in a smile that had the very same emotions that were in her eyes. The blonde Genin could not help but find Tsunade to be undeniably attractive and there was no doubt that seeing her like this was something that very few men had thought about.

He moved his gaze lower to the rest of the blonde Hokage's body; he looked at her neck, then to her shoulders, all the way to her arms all the way to her hands and admired the strength in them. He then moved to her chest and naturally her breasts as well, when he had seen her for the first time, he was shocked that her breasts were actually that big and despite him trying not to think about it, he wondered greatly just how was it that Tsunade did not have problems with them. But that was the last thing on his mind as he could tell that they were well formed, full, and firm and moved naturally with each breath that she took.

Her nipples were also very much eye catching as they were deep red as her lips were and were hard and erect before his eyes and they moved naturally with each breath that Tsunade was taking at this very moment, making him stare at them very intently.

His gaze went lower on Tsunade's naked form and looked at her stomach which was well toned, her shapely hips, the triangle of blonde hair between her well toned and strong thighs, then to her calves. There was no doubt in the blonde Genin's mind that Tsunade was beautiful and despite the fact that she was using a Body Alteration technique, he could not deny the beauty she had as he looked at her from head to toe to make sure that he did not miss a single detail.

He then turned his attention to the Mizukage herself and he could not help but be amazed by the beauty that the Mizukage was given. How come she had never found a man to marry her he would never know, who would say no to her of all people? But that train of thought was placed aside as he looked at her from head to toe.

Her deep brown-red hair was still in the top knot style but the rest of her hair was all around her and looked to be a cape of red-brown silk. Her light blue eyes were glowing a bit with attraction and desire in them as he looked back at her. That coupled with the seductive smirk on her beautiful face which also had a blush which added an attractive contrast to her beautiful cream white skin.

His gaze went lower to the rest of her body, admiring her arms, neck, and shoulders as he could not find anything wrong with them and had no doubt of the strength and power that she had in her. His gaze when to her breasts and he could not help but be amazed at the fact that she was at the very same measurements as Tsunade. Her breasts were full, firm, and well suited to her build and height though he had to ask himself how she was able to move around with them. They moved easily with every breath that Mei took in and he could not help but enjoy the sight of her breasts moving like that.

Her deep pink nipples were also hard and erect, they were more than enough to make the blonde Genin look at them intently and each movement they made was entrancing to the young man.

He moved his gaze down to the rest of Mei's body, admiring easily her curves and swells, her toned stomach, shapely hips, the patch of red-brown hair between her shapely thighs, all the way to her calves. Naruto then moved back up and then repeated the process of looking Mei Terumi up and down, to make sure that he was not going to forget a single detail of the Mizukage's beauty.

If anyone told him that he was going to be naked on a deserted island with two of the only known female Kage in the ninja world, and he was about to have sex with them, he would have looked at the person and commented that he or she was utterly out of his or her mind.

But here he was and he was doing just that right now, and he could not help but feel his body react even more to the sight of the two naked female Kage. His blush was growing more intense, his heart beat faster, and his body was becoming hotter by the second. And naturally his cock was the most obvious sign of his arousal towards the sight that was right there before him.

That was not ignored by the two women as they smiled even more as they saw Naruto's cock now at full mast. If his cock was exceptional even when not fully aroused, his cock at full arousal was VERY good. His full length in their eyes was at seven and a half inches, and was an inch thick, on an adult man, that was very good, but for a young man at Naruto's age, it was like a gift from the Kami themselves.

Mei smiled at this and spoke to Tsunade.

"He is very well gifted isn't he Tsunade-hime?"

"Oh yes..."

Naruto could not help himself as the two women before him soon began to get a lot closer and now they were on either side of him. Before him were two gorgeous women who were totally naked right in front of him and now they were going to move in on him and do who knows what to him. He got his answer when both female Kage sat on either side of him and now he was treated to the undeniably erotic sight of two gorgeous women who were naked and also happened to be the most endowed women he had ever seen in his life.

Both Mei and Tsunade decided to start things slow and they used their hands to get things started to make sure that Naruto got a very special treat for this day.


Naruto could only stare at the two women as both Mei and Tsunade were currently running their hands up and down his cock slowly while he was face to face with their breasts and seeing them this close was more than enough to get him more aroused. This went on for quite a bit as the two Kage were enjoying this as they could tell that the blushing blonde Genin was now in heaven because of them. Tsunade and Mei moved their hands slowly, moving up and down, using different speeds and grips to make sure that Naruto was getting all the right amount of pleasure.

Tsunade decided that now was the right time to take the whole thing up a notch if possible, she did just that as she moved in between Naruto's legs to place his cock right between her breasts and she pressed them together, making a soft, warm, and firm vice around Naruto's cock. Once she did that, she began to move her breasts up and down and she could easily feel the reaction of the blonde as his cock twitched and hardened even more.


She smiled warmly at the reaction from Naruto as she continued to move her breasts up and down on her lover's sex. Mei was not far behind as she moved to kiss Naruto while also pressing her breasts on his arm while also moving her breasts up and down. The female Mizukage continued with her kisses and used her tongue as well to get Naruto in a very aroused state. Tsunade noted that and did nothing as she allowed her fellow Kage to give the blonde the pleasure that she knew that Naruto not only deserved but craved.

This went on for a while as Tsunade also decided to kiss Naruto's cock when it appeared from her breasts and she enjoyed the rather amusing yet erotic sight of his cock's light pink tip appearing from her breasts. The blonde enjoyed that along with Mei's own actions as she moved her hands to one of his own, taking his right hand and allowing him to touch her breasts as well as her nipples, allowing Naruto to use his left hand to gently touch Tsunade's head at the very same time, enjoying the feel of his hand on her hair while she did not mind at all, at least for now.

Tsunade did not mind feeling Naruto's hand on her head as he moved his fingers in her hair, as long as he was now pulling on her hair unexpectedly, she did not mind feeling some slight pain, but not at right now and she wanted to enjoy this for all that it was worth. She looked at Naruto and she had no problem seeing the pleasure all over his face which was now red and his eyes were glowing with arousal and pleasure, much to her own delight.

She then looked at Mei and she had no problem seeing that she was enjoying it as well as she and Naruto were kissing one another and occasionally using their tongues in duelling with each other while Naruto continued to massage, and squeeze her breasts as well as her nipples, much to the Mizukage's enjoyment of the whole situation

It was here that she spoke to Mei.

"Now I think it's your turn."

Mei parted from Naruto and nodded as she smiled at the idea of using her own breasts on the young blonde Genin, she gave Naruto a parting kiss before moving away. Naruto moaned at the lose of contact from both of them as they changed places, but that moan of disappointment was replaced with a moan of pleasure as Mei quickly took hold of his cock and then placed it between her very own breasts while Tsunade was on the left side of Naruto's body and she now was placing Naruto's left hand in her own and guiding to her breasts to allow her to massage her breasts and nipples while she also began to kiss him. The blonde Shinobi also moved his right hand to Mei's hand and played with her hair and moaned into the kiss with Tsunade as Mei began to move her breasts up and down on his cock.

Naruto knew that he was in a situation any man would kill for, and this was but only the beginning and for once, he was happy that he was now stuck on this island since something like this would never happen again. The blonde was not going to be kept hanging for very long as he looked at Mei as she pressed her breasts together a bit more and thus allowing him to feel the firmness, smoothness, and heat of her very large boobs, and the sight of the female Mizukage doing this to him was more than enough to make the blonde Genin happy.

He moaned into the kiss between him and Tsunade at the very same time and she was more than willing to let him use his left hand on her breasts while kissing him senseless as well. Tsunade also enjoyed this and he knew that what he was doing was something that no one had ever done, before and lived to dream of and he was going to make the most of his situation.

This went on for a while and Mei was using her mouth in the same fashion as Tsunade had done much earlier to his cock and it was also worth seeing as he could when he and Tsunade moved away to get some fresh air and she began to lick and kiss him while nibbling on the fleshy part of his ear. The two women were enjoying themselves a great deal when Tsunade spoke once more to Mei.

"Maybe it's now time to make Naruto-kun scream no?"

Mei looked at Tsunade and her eyes shined with seductive glee as she nodded in agreement, the blonde Hokage moved away from Naruto and before he could say anything, he was stunned to see the two women move in a way that they were on either side of him, and then pressed both their breasts together and his cock was now between four large, firm yet soft, and warm orbs of female flesh. The sight of his cock being sandwiched by the breasts of both Kage was something that really made Naruto nearly faint.

But thankfully for him and the two Kage he did nothing of the sort and stayed awake as they smiled and they soon began to move their breasts up and down and all Naruto could do was see the tip of his cock appear between Mei and Tsunade's breasts each time they moved their busts down. It was an utterly erotic sight and that was made to be even more erotic when the two would routinely kiss and lick his cock every time it appeared, first it was Mei, then Tsunade and sometimes the other way around happened as well. Not that he was going to complain at all for the treatment that he was getting from the two gorgeous naked women.

Tsunade and Mei looked at Naruto and they were both enjoying the way the blonde Genin moaned and groaned with each passing second of their actions on him. They also had to admit that they were also getting very aroused by the feel of Naruto's now iron hard cock moving in and out of their breasts as the sight of his now fully aroused cock and imagining it in their respective pussy and mouth seemed to make both women very hot and eager. They could already feel their sex begin to get hotter and wetter, yet they were not going to rush this and make the most of their current situation before they were going to feel their lover's cock in their sex.

For now however, they were going to give him a sight that no one was ever going to see at all, and they were going to enjoy it.

And enjoy it they did and so did Naruto as he used his hands to cares their heads and backs while they continued to place his cock in the vice of their breasts. To see his cock between their breasts and feeling the results, it was a wonder in his mind that he had not just unleash all of his cum right there and then, but it seemed that both Tsunade and Mei figured that out rather easily as they moved slowly at first and then sped up. Just as he was about to cum, they stopped and allowed him to recover, and they repeated it again. It was amazing and he doubted that he was ever going to find anything in the Pervy Sage's novels that could compare to what he was feeling right now.

But Naruto was going to be in for a real treat when the two Kage decided that now was the time to use not just their breasts on Naruto but something else entirely. They moved their breasts away and before he could find out why, Naruto was treated to yet another delicious sight as the two women moved their mouths to his rock hard and hot sex.



Naruto's scream was understandable indeed as he was now seeing both Mei and Tsunade using their mouths, and tongues on his cock at the very same time. The sight of the blonde Hokage, and the dark brunette Mizukage running their tongues and lips on both his cock and his testicles was something that he was not going to forget any time soon. He could not

Naruto could only watch in absolute awe as both Tsunade and Mei were covered in his cum, and they did not seem to mind at all being hit by his seed. There were some on their faces, their necks, their breasts and nipples, between said breasts and nipples, and their stomachs. It was a sight that was very erotic, made even more so when the two women took turns cleaning each other's body. Mei went first and licked his cum off Tsunade's stomach, and when the Mizukage was done, the Hokage then licked the cum off her breasts and nipples. Mei then cleaned off the cum on Tsunade's face and when she was done, Tsunade lapped up the cum on Mei's own breasts and nipples. Mei then licked the cum in between Tsunade's breasts and when that was done, Tsunade then lapped off the cum from Mei's face and then the cum between Mei's breasts. They did this and soon swallowed the cum they had cleaned off each other and once they were done, they looked at Naruto, utterly pleased to see that his cock was still rock hard and ready to go for more


The blonde Genin could only stare as the two Kage were now begun to play with one another before his very eyes. Mei was first as she kissed Tsunade right on the lips while playing her the bust Hokage's breasts and nipples. Tsunade responded in kind as she kissed Mei Terumi back with the same passion as was being shown by the Mizukage while also caressing the brunette Mizukage's breasts and nipples. The blonde Genin could only look on in awe at the sight before him and he felt his cock go to full mast as the sight of the two Kage like this was truly a sight.

One thing was sure in his mind, if Jiraiya or any other man who was interested in women, they would have willingly done anything to be in his shoes right now. The blonde Shinobi could not help but look on until the two women parted from one another and it was here that Mei spoke to him.

"Come here Naruto-san, you can only enjoy this if you come closer."

Naruto said nothing and was soon closer to the two women and he could not help but see that being closer was indeed a very good move. Tsunade moved to lick and suck on Mei's breasts and Naruto was right there to see the whole thing play out right in front of him and he felt his dick heat up and harden even more as he was glued to the sight of Tsunade sucking on the Mizukage's nipples and breasts. He also saw her move her mouth away and use her tongue to lick Mei's nipples as well as the blonde Hokage was moving from one breast to another.

Mei was hardly idle as she was running her hands up and down Tsunade's body and soon she also began to use her hands on Tsunade's breasts and nipples as well. The pleasure that was being shown on Mei's face was very interesting to Naruto as he watched eagerly what the two women were going to do next or would he see Mei do the same thing to Tsunade. The answer turned out the be the latter one as Tsunade moved away and now Mei was the one lavishing attention orally to Tsunade's breasts and nipples, all of which was right there for him to see as Tsunade also used her hands on Mei's body as well as her breasts.

Naruto enjoyed the sight before him and soon watched in ever increasing arousal as Mei moved away from Tsunade's breasts and soon moved her attention lower, right to Tsunade's thighs and parted them to reveal to Naruto who was looking intently the female Sannin's undeniably wet sex, Naruto could see a thin sheen of liquid coming from Tsunade's pussy and he swore he could smell something musky but nice and undeniably feminine not just from Tsunade's sex, but Mei's own as he could bet easily that she too was wet.

Mei smiled and soon revealed her own pussy for the blonde Genin to see, confirming his thoughts on her being just as wet when he saw the sheen of moisture on the outer lips of her sex. The two women decided to get things going as Tsunade moved her fingers to mei's slit as Mei did the very same thing as well with her fingers. Both women were blushing yet smiling as they had no trouble seeing that they had Naruto by his balls as he watched what it was that they were going to do next.

They gave him the answer as they began to slowly push their fingers in and out of their respective slits, and their moans were more than enough to show their audience of one that they were enjoying every second of this.

Naruto could only watch as Tsunade's fingers were sliding in and out of mei's wet sex and mei's fingers doing the very same thing in Tsunade's own sex. He could see the pleasure on their faces, as well as the sounds of their fingers moving in and out of their vagina. The smells from both of their sex was getting stronger and thicker, and he could not help himself as he looked closer to them. He looked at them and saw that both Kage were smiling, showing to him that they were more than willing to let him take a VERY good look at their most sacred parts.

He also could not help himself as he took a very good smell of their sexes, the scents mixing together was something he could not come close to describing at this moment as his sex addled brain was deep in trying to make sure that it was recording every second of this whole situation before him. Naruto could not help but feel the desire to do something as his hands moved to his own cock and soon he was rubbing his own cock right in front of the two women.

Both Tsunade and Mei looked with amusement at that but decided to enjoy it for a while and they might even learn how to pleasure Naruto's cock with their hands better after this. The three of them continued until Tsunade moved to Naruto and spoke to him in a gentle tone.

"Stop that for now Naruto-kun, we have something to show you."

Naruto did just as Tsunade asked as he was eager to see what they were going to do, and he got his answer as the two women moved their fingers way from their partner's respective pussy. Their fingers were soaked with their juices, which they promptly licked from their fingers with Tsunade licking away Mei's juices from her fingers, and vice versa. They soon moved their bodies to face one another and had one leg over the other, Naruto watched in awe as they squashed both their soaking vagina on one another and soon began to move their hips in a rubbing./grinding motion.

Naruto looked on as both women were now gripped in pleasure as they were moaning and crying out to one another. They started slowly, moving deliberately to allow Naruto to see not just their outer lips rubbing one another, but their clitoris on one another as well. He could not help but look at the sight of Tsunade and Mei's sex rubbing on one another and the sight was more than enough in his mind to drive him to even more levels of arousal. He wondered if he was going to go blind or fall unconscious from all the sexual overload he was getting.

One thing was certain, if the Pervy Sage ever wrote this scene for his perverted novels, it would have sold out in mere minutes and would have raked the man a fortune ten times over.

Naruto placed that aside as he listened to the moans and cries of the only know female Kage in the lands. Their cries grew in intensity as just their movements continued to increase, the gyrating motions that they were doing right before him made so many erotic noises as he looked on as Tsunade spoke to him in a voice filled to the brim with pleasure.

" this Naruto-kun.?"

Naruto nodded and Mei spoke next.

"Good...enjoy it...because when this is to pleasure each of us."

Naruto did not argue as he looked on and soon the two women finally hit their limits as the two tensed up together and Naruto watched their bodies tense up and he saw their respective snatch become hotter and wetter he could see their juices flowing out and mixing together with one another. He said nothing as he saw both Kage smile at him and soon moved away as Mei got some distance and Tsunade smiled as she beckoned for Naruto to come to her first.


Naruto did not hesitate to say the very least as he was soon next Tsunade and the two blondes kissed one another senseless. He could taste Tsunade's unique taste easily enough, but noted a faint hint of something which he guessed was Mei's juices from when Tsunade licked her fingers clean of the brunette's juices. He did not mind it at all as he kissed Tsunade deeply as she then ran her hands on his body once more which he did the very same thing.

Once the kiss ended, Tsunade spoke to Naruto once more.

"Now you can do what you want with my body me what you can do."

Naruto as more than ready for that as he quickly moved to kiss his way to Tsunade's chest, starting first with her lips, moving to her neck, kissing and nipping her skin, making her chuckle warmly at his actions. He moved soon to her breasts and without any hesitation, he began to lick and suck on her breasts as well as massaging them, much to the blonde Hokage's enjoyment.

To her surprise and arousal, the blonde Genin moved to straddle her and place his cock between her breasts, she pressed them together and soon Naruto was moving his hips back and forth. She enjoyed that action from her lover as she now longer had to move her breasts as Naruto's thrust were doing all the work. Tsunade enjoyed the feel of Naruto's rock hard cock moving slowly in and out of her cleavage at first, and even more as she felt his hot manhood move faster and harder. She could feel her breasts moving along with his actions and bouncing around even more, to be dominated like this was not a bad thing for her, something like this turned her on a bit more than normal and she was happy that the man doing this to her was a man she loved a great deal.

As for Naruto he was very happy as he looked down to see Tsunade's breasts moving back and forth with each thrust he made with his hips. Her smiling and blushing face excited him as he saw his cock moving in and out of her very large breasts. He knew however that this was but the prelude to the next part of him pleasuring Tsunade the right way.

Once he felt that he was about to cum, the blonde stopped himself reluctantly, the images of his cum on her breasts, nipples, face, neck and even hair would have been rather nice, but he felt that something like that can be done for a better time. He moved his mouth to her breasts and nipples, kissing, sucking, and licking them while also massaging them at the same time, he lavished equal pleasure to both the blonde Hokage's breasts, much to her enjoyment and once that was done, he began to move his attention to her stomach. He kissed and licked his way to her lower body, caressing her thighs and hips. As soon as he got to her thighs, she parted them and he now saw her exposed sex and he could not help but see the wetness that was there.

Tsunade watched eagerly to know just what was it that Naruto was going to do and she was not disappointed at all as she saw him move closer to her sex, his eyes were intent and his breathing was there, making her sigh as she felt his breath caressing her skin and her sex...making her all the more eager for what was soon to come. Her pleasure increased the very second she felt Naruto begin to lick her sex.


Tsunade cried out as Naruto was now licking and sucking on her wet sex as well as her clitoris, the pleasure that came from the contact made her moan out deeply at the sight. The sight being her blonde lover between her thighs and very close to her pussy, something that served to make her all the happier. She could feel his tongue moving slowly, as if he was licking clean her juices, which no doubt was what he was doing at this very moment. She enjoyed that and soon he stopped his actions, showing that he had licked her clean of her juices and that of Mei's as well.

It was there that Naruto moved back to her wet yet clean sex and clit, he licked the fleshy outer lips slowly, making her moan at his actions. Those moans came back louder this time as Naruto began to lick her pussy lips harder as well as suck on them as well her clitoris, making the blonde Hokage cry out in pleasure.

Naruto did this slowly as he used his tongue and even his fingers, he used his tongue as well as his fingers to part Tsunade's sex, allowing him to see the pink flesh underneath as well as allow him to smell her juices. That was intoxicating to the Jinchuuriki as he carried on with his ministrations, thrusting at times his fingers, his tongue, and at times both into her pussy. The feeling of her inner walls around his tongue and fingers was incredible, making the thought of how it would all feel around his dick even more enticing to him. He explored Tsunade's inner sheath and taking in more of her juices as they flowed out from her. The cries from Tsunade were more than enough to tell him that he was doing fairly well at this point and he decided to take it one step further to try and find her supposed G-spot. He had heard of Jiraiya saying that it was the best part of a woman's body and finding it was the best thing a man could do for a woman.

Naruto decided to put that to the test and he soon found it when Tsunade screeched out his name louder than before.


Tsunade was in heaven, she had hoped that he might find her G-spot and he did which explained her loud cry. She could not help herself as she gripped his head as he continued to pleasure her sex as well as her G-spot. She wondered how he had found it but placed that aside as he began to find out just how to make her cry out in even more pleasure as well as make her body become hotter and shiver.

(He's playing me like a fine instrument...looks like learning Jutsus rapidly is but one of the things he can learn quick.)

Mei was impressed as she continued to play with herself as she could guess from her fellow Kage's reaction; their lover had found her G-spot. And now she could only stare as Naruto Uzumaki was playing Tsunade Senju like an instrument, it was not degrading in her eyes as it showed that he was a VERY gifted learner in the ways of making a woman happy. It was not long in her mind when those two would reach their limits and sure enough they did. She watched the blonde Hokage cry out and become as stiff as a board in a moment, showing to her that she had hit orgasm.


Tsunade was in heaven as she finally reached her orgasm as she gripped Naruto's hair tightly, not too tight but close enough as she felt her body become stiff as a board. She looked to see that Naruto was still there and she could feel him lapping up her released juices, much to her happiness as she lay back and allowed him to do what he liked. She was going to take a good rest before they would all move to the very next step of the night.

As for Naruto he continued to lick up all of the juices that Tsunade had released from her vagina after her powerful orgasm, he was happy as he saw from his vantage point the effects of her orgasm. Her inner walls were able to massage his tongue and fingers quite easily and the pleasure he got from that was enough to make him nearly orgasm himself but he controlled it well. He lapped up as much of her juices as he could manage and soon moved to face Tsunade.

The two blondes kissed one another deeply and Tsunade even licked her own juices off Naruto's face once they had parted from one another. Tsunade smiled warmly at her blonde lover, and hugged him deeply while whispering to Naruto.

"You were great go and make Mei Terumi happy."

Naruto nodded and moved away as Tsunade took some time to rest herself and he moved to the brunette Mizukage, he knew that he was now fully ready to pleasure the Mizukage and hoped that he was going to do a good job.


Mei Terumi smiled wickedly at her blonde lover who was now there before her and she was not going to hesitate as she kissed him ravenously. And like before, the blonde Genin was able to taste not just Mei's unique flavour, but a faint hint of Tsunade's own juices, the results of Mei licking her fingers clean of the blonde Hokage's juices earlier. Once the kiss ended between the two of them, the brunette Mizukage spoke to her lover deeply.

"You did a very good job in making your Hokage cry out Naruto-kun...I am impressed."

Naruto blushed at that and Mei smiled warmly at that and replied.

"Thank you Mei-chan."

Mei smiled and nodded as she spoke once more.

"Now then, let's see if you can make me scream out your name in pleasure."

Naruto smiled at that and the two of them kissed one another deeply. Mei enjoyed the contact and she was more than pleased with the way that Naruto was kissing her. He was so passionate yet shy at the very same time

Once the two were done kissing the blonde Genin moved his attentions to her breasts and nipples. He sucked and licked her breasts as well as her nipples deeply, enjoying the taste of her skin. Mei moaned at that and looked at Naruto as he lavished attention on both f her breasts, and she was pleased when Naruto moved off and soon straddled her body and placed his cock right between her more than large and well formed breasts.

Mei smiled as she then pressed her breasts together to form a vice around her lover's dick, enjoying the feel of his hot and hard sex between her breasts. She watched as Naruto was soon moving his hips back and forth, making her breasts move in time with each thrust that he made. The Mizukage was more than happy with what she was being subjected to as she felt her lover's sex move in and out of her mounds slowly, and soon picking up speed.

Naruto himself enjoyed this immensely but he was sure that he should at least try something different with Mei to make things interesting as well as have some variety in his actions. With that in mind he moved his right hand down to her hips and actually made her part her thighs, it took some exploration for him to find her wet slit and he began to use his fingers to pleasure her slit by moving in and out of it. That was enough to make Mei moan even more as the feeling of her sex being filled by her lover's fingers while her breasts were being fucked by his cock at the same time was something that she had not expected from her lover.

That was also obvious to Tsunade who was able to see what was happening and raised an eyebrow at Naruto's inventiveness and boldness, she liked this and wondered when she would get a chance to see what else Naruto could do. For now it was going to be Mei who was going to be experiencing the whole situation before her. And she was going to enjoy the whole situation before her so that she would be ready when they made another move on Naruto.

It was not long before Naruto managed to rein in his arousal as he moved away from Mei's breasts and nipples, removing his body off on her own as well as his cock that was between her breasts. He moved quickly to her parted thighs and soon he was between Mei Terumi's hips, looking right at her soaked sex. Mei moaned gently as she watched him get closer and begin to lick away at her juices while his breath tickled her skin as well.

Mei enjoyed that as she moaned gently her lover's name, feeling him licking away ever trace of her juices and no doubt tasting some of Tsunade's juices as well. Once he stopped she was assured that he had cleaned her of her juices, she waited for him to make his move on her now fully aroused sex. She did not have to wait for very long as Naruto was done looking reverently at her sex, he then made his move to finally bring Mei Terumi to the orgasm that he knew she desired right now.


Mei cried her pleasure out as she looked to see that Naruto was now licking and sucking on her wet and hot pussy as well. She enjoyed the fact that Naruto had driven her to such a delicious orgasm and did it in a way that truly gained her approval. She shivered as she felt his tongue licking away all of her juices as she lay there as her body released more of her juices. She also felt him use his tongue as well as his fingers, as he began to look for her G-spot.

It did not take long for her to hiss out in surprise as he found her G-spot and he began to pleasure it with his tongue and fingers, thrusting them in and out of her pussy, while also

As for Naruto, he was utterly happy that he was able to bring Mei Terumi to orgasm and her juices were very good to his taste buds and more than enough to drive him to take in more and more of her juices until he could not take in anymore. Once he moved away from her sex, he was greeted by Mei as the Mizukage grabbed him to kiss her very deeply. He did not offer any resistance as they kissed, once she parted from him after a very erotic duel in their mouths with their tongues, she began to lick her very own juices away from his face and lips. She blushed deeply as she was doing those things which served to tell Naruto that she was very pleased with what they had done together.

Mei made that obvious as she spoke to him.

"You did very well Naruto-kun. I am very pleased with your actions on me."

"T-Thanks Mei-chan."

Mei smiled as the two of them were soon joined by Tsunade who said nothing as she was close to them. The silence from the blonde Hokage however did not last for very long as she then whispered something in Mei's ear. Once that two stopped talking, both Hokage were grinning at him in a more than seductive manner and he wondered just what was cooking in their heads right now.

He was soon going to get his answer the very second both Kage moved themselves into a position.


Naruto could not help but look at the sight of the two Kage like that with Tsunade Senju right on top of Mei Terumi, the blonde Hokage looked at him and so did the Mizukage. They smiled seductively at him and Tsunade spoke.

"Come on Naruto-kun, let's see if you can pleasure BOTH of us at the same time."

Naruto did not need to be told further on what to do and moved close to the two women and he was looking intently at the sight of the two women's vagina being right on top of one another. The sight was very arousing to him and the combined scent of the two women's respective sex is more than enough to make his cock become harder and eager for more. He moved closer until he was right there to see the pink fleshy lips of their sex. He took a deep sniff and made his pleasure known to the two Kage.

"You both smell wonderful Tsunade-chan, Mei-chan."

Both women blushed a bit at that as they could hear the pleasure in his voice, and the feel of his warm breath on their sex added to the sensations that came through their bodies. They were eager for Naruto to finally make his move on the both of them, and they were not going to have to wait for very long as Naruto made his move.


Both Tsunade and Mei cried out as they looked to see Naruto as he used his fingers on their respective sex which was hot and wet right now. The blonde Genin was really figuring out how to drive both of them wild and they loved it with all of their might. He had managed to figure out where their G-spots were in their sex and figured out just how to pleasure it the right way, in only minutes after making them orgasm separately and it was heaven to the two women.

Naruto himself looked at the two women and what he saw added to the pleasure he was feeling right now as he continued to use his fingers on their sex. He could smell the scents coming from their bodies as well as their wet sex and it was intoxicating to him and he could not help himself as he decided to taste them again just to remember. He moved his right hand away from Tsunade's sex and licked his fingers clean of her juices, making him moan out as he moved his fingers back. He then did the very same thing as he moved his left hand away from Mei's own dripping wet sex, he then licked his fingers clean, enjoying her very own taste and he then moved his fingers back to her sex once more.

Both women moaned at this and enjoyed the pleasure they were getting as Naruto was really bringing it on for the two of them and they were not going to forget the pleasure for a very long time. It was not long before they were reaching their limits that Mei spoke out to Naruto in her undeniably pleasure addled voice.

"Naruto-kun, use your tongue now on us...please?"

"I...I will, but I want to pleasure both of you."

Tsunade smiled and so did Mei as the blonde Hokage spoke to their lover, they were already in the right position for him to do that and all they had to o was tell him. And it was Tsunade was the one who said it to the blonde Genin

"You can do it now Naruto-kun, so go for it already. What are you waiting for?"

Naruto answered the question not with words, but with action as he began to lick both Mei and Tsunade's pussies at the same time. He also used his fingers as well as his lips to devastating effect as both women cried out in absolute joy at the pleasure now running all over every nerve in their bodies. They moaned and cried out with each action Naruto used on them. He would sometimes use his tongue to lick the outer lips of their sex, and they enjoyed it when he would also lick in between their sex and hit their clits together as well. That action was more than enough to send more lightning bolts of pleasure up and down their spines.

He would also use his fingers in conjunction with his tongue as he used them to plunge deep into their sex to bring them to full orgasm as well as to taste their juices at the very same time. The two women were in heaven and so was he as he continued to use his tongue and fingers on their sex. He also licked the combined juices they released when he had stopped, and tasting both Mei and Tsunade's juices at the very same time and feeling their inner walls as they milked either his tongue or his fingers and he could not help but imagine what it was going to feel like when he finally used his cock on the two of them.



The two Kage were moaning deeply as the pleasure for them grew as they felt their sex release even more of their juices by the second and it was not going to be long before they reached their respective orgasm once again. They were very much looking forward for that and they were also sure that Naruto himself was looking forward to get into the last part of their night together. And they were right on the money as they felt their bodies finally reach their limits as the both of them finally reached their respective orgasm and they cried out deeply at that exact moment.


Both women tensed up quickly and they felt their body get hit by a massive wave of heat and pleasure and they felt their respective sex unleash what would be like a river of their juices and they sensed that Naruto was more than ready and very eager to take in as much of their juices as he could possibly manage. Tsunade could not help but feel very happy at the pleasure that she was feeling once more and she was naturally eager for the rest of what was to come. As for Mei, she was very pleased that she finally met a man who she was willing to be with and eve though she was older than him normally, he was already a man in her eyes. Not to mention a VERY proficient lover which was something that she felt was a trait that was utterly welcome in a man.

As for Naruto he was taking in their juices as well and the combined taste of Tsunade and Mei's sweet juices were more than enough to drive him to a higher level of arousal. He took in as much as he could when he moved away to lick both their slits and once he was able to handle the flow of their juices, he thrust his tongue deep into Tsunade's pussy first and enjoyed the feel of her inner walls milking his tongue, then he moved away to do the very same thing to Mei as well. He enjoyed it and hearing the moans from both women were enough to tell him that they too enjoyed it as well.

Once he moved away, Tsunade got off of Mei and they both moved in to kiss Naruto deeply, not caring for the fact that they could taste one another on the blonde Genin's tongue, lips, and mouth. In fact, they enjoyed the taste and they were eager to get down to the part that they knew they and Naruto were more than eager to get to. As the three of them parted from one another, Mei moved away and allowed Tsunade to move to be with Naruto, which was more than enough to show that she allowed Tsunade to have the first go.

Normally she would have wanted to be the first, but Mei had to admit that she was eager to see just how capable Naruto was when it came to driving a woman to the very limits with his cock. He had already done a more than admirable job with his tongue, and hands when it came to pleasuring a woman and even bringing the woman to orgasm.

For now, it was going to be Tsunade who was going to get the very first taste and when she was able to see just how capable Naruto Uzumaki was when it came to pleasuring women, and then she was going to get her own chance as well.


Both blondes were now face to face as Tsunade was now positioning herself to allow Naruto to take the lead but the blonde Hokage watched him intently to see for herself just what was it that Naruto was going to do.

She did not have to wait for very long.

Naruto kissed Tsunade deeply and she responded in kind as they were now kissing one another deeply, this kiss lasted a while and then they parted, with Naruto quickly moving his rock hard cock into position and Tsunade was very eager indeed for this. After making Naruto orgasm once tonight, she knew that he now would be able to handle things better. The fact that despite having released a large amount of his cum earlier, the blonde's sex was still hard and eager, that and knowing of his endurance and stamina made the blonde Hokage all the more aroused as she nodded at him once he was ready.

Naruto smiled and did not waste a single moment as he placed his cock in front of Tsunade's dripping slit and knowing already from his previous forays into her slit; she was not a virgin he began to push in. He started things slowly at first to get used to the feel of her inner sheath all over his cock, and it was a feeling that really made the blonde Genin cry out in joy. The feeling of her sex all around his own was not going to be something he was going to forget any time soon, already he could feel her inner walls all around him and it was unbelievable in his mind.

The same could be said for Tsunade herself as she could not help but moan out deeply as she felt her pussy begin to stretch to take in Naruto's cock deep into it. The blonde Hokage had to admit that it had been a VERY long time when she had ever felt a man's sex deep in her own. It was pleasurable to be sure and a bit painful though not by much. The pain was there since it had been a very long time and the feelings of being penetrated was something that she was getting used to. Either way she was utterly happy with the feelings that were now going through her.

She looked at Naruto and could see the pleasure that was on his face and she leaned forward and spoke to him seductively.

"Go ahead Naruto-kun, bury your cock deep into my sex, I want it now."

Naruto looked at her and did just what she asked while grinning in an undeniably perverted manner.

"All right then Tsunade-chan!"

Naruto did just that, thrusting his cock deep and hard and soon buried his cock deep into Tsunade's pussy, all the way to the base as well. He cried out deeply at the pleasure that came to him and the same went for Tsunade as well as the blonde Hokage was more than willing to shout out her happiness at finally being filled to the brim by her lover's sex.


Tsunade felt the pain that was there fade away and only the pleasure of being filled by a man's sex after so long remained. It was something that she was not going to forget any time soon, and it did wonders for her to know that the man who was doing this to her was someone she cared very deeply about. There was no doubt now that this act was going to change the relationship between her and Naruto as well, but she did not mind at all as this was worth every moment of it.

The two enjoyed the closeness between the two of them and soon Naruto was making his move as he began to move his hips back, allowing Tsunade to cry out as she felt his cock moving back out of her sex. She felt her vaginal walls caress her lover's cock as well as feeling the need to feel him back inside of her sex again. Naruto moved until he saw that his cock was nearly out of Tsunade's sex. He then thrust his cock deep and fast back into her pussy all the way to the base.


Tsunade tensed up with happiness as she felt Naruto's cock being buried deep into her inner sheath and she felt her body sing with that action. She looked at Naruto and held onto his arms tightly at the pleasure that slammed hard and fast into her body. But she knew that this was but a taste of what was to come and she looked at Naruto, silently pleading to him to do that again.

Naruto was more than willing to oblige his lover and began to move slowly in and out of the Hokage's sex. Her deep gasps of pleasure was more than enough to tell him that he was doing a very good job so far. She looked at her fellow Kage and Mei was very much enjoying the sight and she did not mind having an audience as she allowed Naruto to take his pace for the time being.

The blonde Hokage was given more pleasure as Naruto began to pick up the pace and it was more than enough to send a lot more pleasure to her. Tsunade missed the passion and power that came with being with a man like this and she made sure to contribute as she began to use her muscles in her hips and near her sex to massage Naruto's cock. Her actions added more to her pleasure and to Naruto's pleasure as the blonde Shinobi's cries mixed with her own.

Mei watched at the sight before him and she enjoyed it deeply, she could see the sweat moving down the blonde Genin's well toned and muscled body, giving him a more masculine and attractive look, his hips moving at a rapid pace and thrusting his sleek cock in and out of Tsunade Senju's pussy. The fact that even after all the orgasms he had thus far, he was able to keep going added to it. She also saw the pleasure on Tsunade's face as the blonde Hokage and Sannin was crying out deeply and was gripping the bed tightly in her hands, her breasts moved in time with each thrust of the blonde's dick into her wet slit, her body moved with great energy in time with each thrust Naruto made, and her sweat soaked face looked like it was going to shatter in pleasure.

It was beautiful and she had no problem in seeing herself in the very same position as her fellow Kage. There was no doubt in her mind that sooner or later, she too was going to be in the very same place as the blonde Hokage was. There was no doubt that Tsunade was going to reach her limit and so would Naruto in the Mizukage's mind, and sure enough, her thoughts on the matter as both blondes cried out a the same time.


Tsunade cried out deeply as she felt her orgasm smash into her very hard and very fast and she was wrapping her arms around Naruto as buried his cock deeply into her sex. She could feel her lover's thick and hot cum flowing into her sex, filling up every part of her as she felt her inner walls milk his cock. That was the final hurdle between them as she knew that she no longer could see Naruto as just someone she cared about, but loved and desired deeply. It had been so long since she had ever found someone she loved a great deal and while there was a part of her that was sad that she was rather old now and not as young as she used to be, she was happy that she found that person either way, and she planned to make the most of it. And she felt her lover's seed flow in her and seemed to make her feel more alive that before.

Naruto was also in heaven as he felt Tsunade's inner walls milking his cock hard and strong, it was almost like his cock was in a vice, but not in any painful way. He looked at Tsunade and loved the way she looked as her face was still covered in sweat, an expression of bliss there along with her deep blush, and her body in the grip of release and covered in her sweat with her breasts looking like that. Naruto however felt that now was not the right time to end it and already he could feel his energy coming back and a wicked idea came to his brain.

He leaned down and spoke to Tsunade.

"We are not done just yet Tsunade-chan."

Tsunade looked at Naruto and was confused a bit by what he had said, wondering what that meant. She got her answer as Naruto was quick to left her up and lean back and now she was still impaled on his cock and now straddling his hips. She smiled warmly at Naruto and she was quick to guest just what was it that came to her lover's mind and she responded to that. She started by moving her hips up and down and at this angle, she felt her lover's cock hit all the way to the neck of her womb and that was more than then enough to make her cry out.


Mei watched in arousal as she could see from an angle that Naruto's cock was still rock hard and ready for more. That was something that very much impressed the Mizukage and she was eager to see just what as going to happen there before her while she busied herself with her fingers on her pussy as well as one hand lifting her right breast to her mouth.

The blonde Hokage had no problem in making her moves as she began to move her body up and down, allowing her lover's cock to go all the way to her womb and she was eager for more as her own reserve of energy was coming back to her at this very moment. Tsunade looked down to see Naruto also enjoying the pleasure as she began to pick up the pace slowly, she loved that and wanted to savour every second of this night, the pleasure she was getting from allowing her lover's cock to be buried deeply into her sex, and the pleasure etched all on her lover's face.

Tsunade was more than willing to go further as she began to move her hips faster and deeper, making the pleasure for her increase and for Naruto as well. The two blondes were deep in pleasure as Naruto also used his hands as he ran them up and down her hips, the sides of her stomach and then to her breasts. The blonde Genin was more than happy to pleasure the Hokage's breasts and nipples and he could see that his actions were more than welcome to Tsunade as she cried out with each action he took on her breasts as well as her dripping wet vagina.





The blonde Hokage moved even more and now the sight of the blonde Hokage moving fast and hard over her lover's cock was more than enough to arouse anyone. Naruto himself was more than willing to cry out as Tsunade continued to thrust her body down on her lover's hips. The blonde Kunoichi's juices which were still mixed by Naruto's seed from his very first orgasm into her sex were flowing out and the smell of their combined juices served in igniting the heat and desire in their bodies and served to make them go even more.

It was not very long before the two of them reached their second orgasm for the night. Tsunade tensed up and cried out just as Naruto thrust his hips up in time with her last thrust of her hips down.


Tsunade was in heaven as she felt her lover's cock unleash yet another blast of cum into her body and it was more than enough to make the blonde Hokage relax and sink into being with her lover. She then leaned forward to Naruto, allowing him to kiss and suck her breasts and nipples. That was more than enough to send even more shivers of pleasure up and down her body and make her newest orgasm all the more delicious to her. She then moved the kiss Naruto as she felt him fire several more amounts of his seed and she also enjoyed the fact that despite having undergone another orgasm, the blonde Shinobi was still hard and eager for more.

She had no idea where he was getting the energy, but she was not going to complain at all, in fact, it made her VERY happy indeed. As for her, she felt her body become even more alive as more of her lover's seed entered her body, she had no idea why she felt that way, but she was not going to complain as she stayed there. She looked at Naruto and saw that he was soon getting his energy back and she sensed that his latest release of his delicious milk into her body was done for now. That was when she made her move as she moved away from him and before he could say anything, she merely replied.

"Come on more time."

Tsunade managed to get enough energy into herself to make her stand on her hands and knees as she looked at Naruto and the blonde Hokage smiled with happiness as she saw that despite her lover's orgasms, he was more than ready as his dick was still hard and ready. She turned to see that Mei was enjoying the sight and was awed that the blonde Genin was more than ready for so much time with a woman.

The blond Genin was now moving at a much faster pace in and out of the blonde Hokage's sex and the sounds of each thrust he made to drive his dick deep into her slit was reverberating all over the place and served to make the two of them even more eager to drive each other to the orgasm that they both craved and felt was going to be their very last one for the night. The blonde Hokage was not idle as well as she moved her body in the reverse of her lover's actions and moved forward when he pulled back and thrust backward when he thrust forward. That allowed the pleasure for them to be magnified and even more so as the angle allowed Naruto's penis to rub Tsunade's inner walls in the right way and hit her G-Spot at the very same time to boot.

And they were more than willing to be very vocal about the whole experience as well as their cries and moans were all over the place. Naruto also used his hands, mouth, and tongue on pleasuring Tsunade, he used his hands on her breasts and nipples, squeezing and massaging them just the way she liked him to do it, while lavishing kisses and licks on her back, shoulders, and neck. The blonde Hokage would also turn her head and allow the two of them to kiss one another, their tongues duelling with one another in their mouths.

There was no doubt that they were soon going to reach their limits.

And sure enough the orgasm that they knew was going to come finally arrived as Naruto thrust deep and hard into Tsunade for the last time just as she did the very same thing as well.


Naruto felt his orgasm smash into his body in full force and he enjoyed it one more as he held onto Tsunade's hips as she had arched her body back when she hit her orgasm and this allowed him to hug her and to kiss her just as he continued to release more of his seed into her sex while he also felt her inner walls milking his cock for all he was worth.

As for Tsunade, she could not help but feel that she had reached her limit and she needed to finally calm down and recover her strength and energy. She knew that now was the right time to let Mei take her turn and let her get her energy back while allowing her to see if Naruto still had what it took to bring a woman to the end after all that he had been through this night. After what he had done with her though, she had no doubt that he was up for the challenge.

Tsunade felt her body relax and she moved down to the bed to get some rest, she looked to see that Naruto's cock was still hard and she smiled at that. She gestured Naruto to come closer and he did just that. He groaned out as she moved to his cock and actually licked his cock clean, enjoying the taste of her juices which were saturated by his cum as well. The combined taste that came to her tongue was more than enough to excite her but she was in need of rest and to enjoy the feelings that she had experiences as she then spoke to Naruto while directing his attention to Mei.

"Now...I think it's your time to pleasure the Mizukage Naruto-kun."

Naruto nodded as he could see that Mei was utterly ready, she had managed to pleasure herself well and despite not reaching her very own orgasm for the night, she was more than ready and willing. He wasted no time as he moved towards Mei and soon was able to get very close to her.


Mei was very eager to get this underway; she knew already that she was not a virgin in the full sense as her maidenhead had long been removed due to her life as a Kunoichi. That was why she was very eager to finally feel her lover's cock in her sex and after seeing how Naruto was able to bring Tsunade to at least three orgasms in one run and still have the energy to go with her; she was more than eager to see just how she was going to handle him. Right now the blonde Hokage was currently resting a bit to recover some of her energy and so it was indeed her time to shine.

She kissed Naruto passionately to which he was more than willing to respond in kind and when they finally parted from one another, the brunette Mizukage spoke to him.

"Now then Naruto-kun...give me a night to remember."

Naruto grinned as he replied to that.

"As you wish Mei-chan."

Mei liked the endearment from her blonde lover and she was not disappointed as Naruto took her legs into his hands and parted them in a V shaped pattern to his shoulders. That exposed her truly to him and she smiled at his boldness, she loved bold men with hearts of gold and Naruto was the ONLY man who had that description on him in her eyes. She watched as Naruto quickly rubbed the head of his dick on the outer lips of her pussy as well as her clit, making her moan in contentment as the pleasure went through her body. And her moans grew even louder the very second he then pushed his cock all the way to the base.

She enjoyed the feeling of her sex being filled to the brim, she had always wanted that and now she knew that her fingers would not be enough to match the feeling of her lover's dick filling her deeply. There was some tinge of pain there, she expected that as she knew that it was her very first time being penetrated by a man's cock in her slit. The feelings of pain faded quickly away as the sensations of being filled to the brim hit her fast and hard and she enjoyed every bit of it.

Naruto then began to move his hips slowly back out, doing it as such to make sure that Mei was all right, the tightness there and knowing that she had never been with a man made him do things slowly. The fast thing he wanted was to get on Mei's bad side after seeing her Kekkai Genkai in action, another reason he was moving slowly was also due to the fact that he wanted to make sure that he did not prematurely orgasm, that would have really been bad.



"There...just like that..."

The moans from Mei showed to Naruto that he was doing a very good job so far and he also made sure to move things up a bit more as he began to increased the speed of his thrusts bit by bit. And it was not going to be long before he would finally take things to a much faster pace, he also made sure to kiss and caress Mei's thighs as well as her breasts with his hands. And the pleasurable sighs from the Mizukage were more than enough to show that she enjoyed his ministrations on her body.

The blonde's actions began to pick up speed and it was not long before Mei was crying out very loudly as he began to move faster and harder. Her breasts moved up and down with each movement of her body and it was not long before she was crying out loudly as Naruto looked at her. He could see her body move with each of his thrusts, he could not help but enjoy the sight of Mei like this. Her breasts and nipples were moving up and down with each thrust he made, her face was covered in sweat along with a deep blush on her face that added to the look of pleasure on it, and the blonde could not help himself as he continued to increase his thrusts as the brunette egged him on.





Mei was in heaven as she continued to feel wave after wave of pleasure and she had no doubt in her mind that if the blonde Genin kept this up, she was going to reach her full orgasm. She did not mind as she was looking forward to that happening VERY much. The pleasure he gave her was so wonderful and addictive that she doubted that she was going to forget the pleasure nor would she want to forget in the first place. She knew that she was soon going to reach orgasm and she encouraged her lover by using her muscles in her hips to massage her lover's cock, milking his cock deeply as he continued to thrust deeply into her sex.

It was obvious that her actions were more than enough to make Naruto happy as he was crying out deeply with each thrust deep and hard into her undeniably hot and tight pussy. The two of them finally reached their limits and both of them cried out just as Naruto thrust his cock deeply for the last time.


Mei tensed up her body as she was hit by her newest orgasm and felt her lover's milk fill her sheath to the brim, she was awed by that for several reasons that managed to be in her now orgasm addled brain. The first was the fact that despite ALL he had done, he was still shooting a large amount of his cum into her, second was the fact that despite having this orgasm Naruto's cock was STILL rock hard in her pussy, and the last was that his cum seemed to make her feel a lot more alive. She wondered if Tsunade felt the very same thing but placed that aside as she enjoyed the feel of her lover's cum filling every part of her sex while feeling her body react.

As for Naruto, he was amazed that he was still able to release so much of his seed, though he did not have any reason to complain as he could see that Mei enjoyed it immensely. He was still happy that he was rock hard and he had a feeling that he was still going strong. He was happy that his stamina and vitality was strong and still there despite all that he had done and wondered slightly if he got such vitality and stamina from his parents. He might not have known them but he thanked them for it. His cock was being milked by Mei's inner walls and he was happy that she was still ready for more and he was willing to bet that she was ready for more, and he already had an idea in mind.

He waited for the Mizukage to recover some of her energy and when he was sure that she was ready for more, he made his move as pushed her legs which were still in the V position and now her feet were next to her head as her hips were now higher and he could see her sex even more. Mei gasped in surprise but also with amusement and arousal as this position now allowed her lover to see her fully exposed. It was erotic to her and not a problem as she was quite limber and very flexible due to her years of training and conditioning as a Kunoichi of the Land of Water

She looked at him and spoke seductively to him to see just what he was going to say though a part of her was looking at the sight of his cock still there in her pussy.

"You like what you see Naruto-kun?"

Naruto merely grinned at her and made his feelings known as he began to pound his hips into her own, starting slow at first to get used to the new position and allowed her to get used to the new position alongside him as well. This new position was somewhat different but it was still very wonderful in his mind as it gave him a chance to thrust a lot deeper into Mei's wet sex. He looked at Mei and could see that she also seemed to enjoy it as he began to move a bit faster in his actions on her sex.


Mei could not help but moan out and look at Naruto with a very aroused gleam in her eyes as this was something she had heard about from other women and after hearing how much they liked it, she was very eager to feel it for herself. She had NO idea where he got this idea from but she was not going to complain as this position actually allowed Naruto to not only thrust deeper into her sex, but to also reach her G-Spot as well and that fact alone made it all the more delicious in her mind.

Naruto moved at a slightly faster pace as his body and cock got used to the position, he also moved to lavish oral attention to Mei's breasts as well as her nipples. This was not something he had done before since he could not reach Mei's bust completely, but now that he could do that, he was going to make sure that he was going to get the most of it all. Mei enjoyed that immensely and soon Naruto was once more sucking and kissing her breasts and nipples along with sucking them.

Mei enjoyed it as she then began to use her muscles in her hips to make her inner walls tighten around her lover's cock and massage it at the very same time, adding more pleasure to not just her but to Naruto as well as he began to thrust deep and hard into her while still giving her breasts a real workout with his mouth and tongue. The pleasure for the two lovers grew even hotter by the second and it made all the difference for them right now. The Mizukage was in heaven as she saw Naruto now thrusting faster and deeper into her pussy, and she was more than willing to shout out just how much she was enjoying every moment that they were spending together.




Naruto was now pounding fast and hard into Mei's sex and she was more than happy with the depth and angle that this position was affording her and there was no doubt that she was going to reach her orgasm. She looked forward to that as she was very happy to find that Naruto's energy and vitality had not run dry at all and this made her more than happy. And it was not long before she reached her orgasm and so did Naruto as the two of them cried out at the very same time.


The blonde could not help himself as he felt Mei's pussy walls milking his cock as he fired more of his seed into her sex. He looked at the Mizukage and she was in utter bliss. He liked that as he thrust once more and she moaned at that. He stayed there for a bit longer to allow Mei to recover from her orgasm.

As for Mei, the feeling of being filled once more by her lover's hot and thick seed was utterly welcomed in her mind. The waves of heat, and pleasure were utterly remarkable to her, she did not want that to end for as long as possible so she made the most of it and stayed still to savour each sensation as it ran up and down her spine. She could feel that Naruto's dick was still rock hard and therefore ready for more, making her even happier as she wondered just what was Naruto planning to do this time.

She did not have to wait for too long as Naruto already had an idea in mind for what was going to be the finale between him and Mei before this night was over. It was something that he had heard Jiraiya mention and wondered if it was actually something that women liked even though he thought that it was interesting. But if there was one thing that he had learned after a long time, it was that there was nothing wrong with trying something to pleasure the woman you liked and lusted as well since it was in turn going to make her happy.

Tsunade watched all of this and enjoyed the sight immensely and it was certainly something that she was going to enjoy. She might not like the fact that maybe some of Jiraiya's perverted nature had fuelled Naruto's own, but for now she was not complaining as he was doing a more than amazing job in pleasuring her and Mei.

Naruto relaxed himself and soon made his move as he took hold of Mei and lifted her hips, making her rise up and as soon as he did so, he got on his knees as well. Mei saw that and lifted her upper body up with her hands. It was a very different position that he and the Mizukage were used to from their previous actions together but they were not going to hesitate at all as Naruto began to thrust his still rock hard cock in and out of Mei's sex.

Like before, the blonde Genin started things slowly to get a rhythm set up and to allow Mei to get used to the position. Mei herself found the position to be different but it was certainly interesting as well as challenging, and she liked challenges. She also made sure to move her body in the reverse of the way her lover's body was moving to make sure that she was able to contribute to the pleasure that they were going to be giving one another. She was happy that she still had a lot of energy left in her body for this and she was very much looking forward to see just how Naruto would be able to handle this.

Their slow start was soon replaced with intense speed and passion as Naruto was thrusting his cock deep and hard into Mei's wet sex, the sounds of their actions mixed well with their cries.



Mei's breasts were moving back and forth with each thrust that they made together and her body was covered with her sweat. The smell of sex was filling the room and it served to fuel the two lovers while also making Tsunade even happier as she watched the two. It was tempting to Naruto to reach out and to play with Mei's breasts and nipples, but he knew that he had to help hold her up to make sure that she did not lose her balance and fall down. He felt that his stamina and vitality were reaching their respective limits but he was all right with that as he was looking forward to the chance to finally rest himself. But there was no doubt in his mind that he was going to get a lot more before the end of the night.

Their actions continued until both Naruto and Mei finally reached their limits as Naruto thrust deep and hard as Mei thrust her body back to meet his thrust as well. That allowed both of them to cry out at the very same time as Naruto fired his cum deeply into Mei's pussy, making her orgasm even more intense as she felt more of his cum fill her once again and it was going to be something that she was enjoying.

She lost a good portion of her energy at that point and slowly moved back down on the bed and she was helped down by Naruto who managed to have enough energy do so. He then moved to kiss her deeply and also to suck and kiss her breasts and nipples, making her very happy as he finally stopped releasing his cum into her sex but was still hard even though she could feel that it was losing some of the hardness.

As Naruto moved away from Mei, the two Kage moved to one another and they looked at him and to Naruto's surprise, the brunette Mizukage moved to his cock and did the very same thing Tsunade had done before. She licked his dick clean of his cum and her juices without batting an eyelash and seemed to enjoy the mixture of juices that she now tasted on her tongue. Tsunade merely looked on and soon they looked at Naruto and moved to be together as the blonde Hokage spoke to him.

"Now then...let's end this in a very special way Naruto-kun. Do you want to see that happen?"


The two Kage smiled and made their move as Naruto watched in arousal as Tsunade licked some of the combined juices from Mei's sex and when she moved away, Mei herself did the very same thing as she licked the combined juices from Tsunade's sex. They did not take too much and swallowed what they had collected as their respective pussies were now clean and then Naruto saw them move to the same position as before...though with a marked difference this time around.


Naruto had no time to react as he was soon allowed to see the two women present their respective sex to him, only this time around, it was Mei was on top. Both women looked at him with very seductive smiles on their faces and he was more than able to get the message, he moved closer as his cock was still hard and ready for one more round with both Kage.

Tsunade and Mei were not going to have to wait for too long as the blonde Genin moved to Tsunade's sex and without waiting for a single moment thrust his dick deep and fast into her sex. The very second that he did so; the results were worth it, not just for him, but for both women as well as the two of them were more than willing to cry out into the room that they were all in.



Tsunade cried out at that and she was not alone as the movement her body made was more than enough to rub on Mei's own very aroused form. Since their respective clitoris was right on top of one another, the movements made by her from Naruto's now deep and fast thrusts into her sex allowed both bulbs to hit and rub one another, adding pleasure to them.

Mei herself proved that as she was also moaning out in pleasure as there was a wave of heart running through her body and she had no problem feeling her breasts moving along with Tsunade's own breasts while her clit was being rubbed by Tsunade's own clit. Her cries became even louder as she soon felt Naruto thrust his cock deep into her pussy and without stopping, began to move hard and fast in and out of her pussy.

The blonde Hokage was not bothered by the sudden lack of her lover's cock in her pussy as the pleasure from her breasts and nipples being rubbed by Mei's own breasts and nipples as well as her clit being rubbed by Mei's own. Thus she was not deprived of any pleasure as well. She enjoyed the sensations as she could also see the pleasure on Mei's face. And soon she got a great blast of pleasure as she felt her lover's cock once more slid deeply into his wet and eager sex once more.

Both women were crying out now as Naruto was now using his cock on their sex at very different points and they were in awe at the fact that he was still able to handle the two of them after all that they had been doing already. Naruto was able to keep going on and the pleasure he gave them was driving them to the roof as it were, they loved it, hoping that it was going to last for as long as possible.

Naruto was amazed that he was actually still alive and he carried on with his thrusts, each time he thrust his cock into either of the two women's vagina, he felt their respective inner walls milk his cock and grip it in a vice like manner which only served to make him even more aroused. The blonde could not help himself as more and more pleasure flowed through his body and he could already tell that he was soon going to reach his full limit soon, but he did not mind, this was something he was going to enjoy.







All three were moaning out in pleasure as Naruto was moving his hips in and out of either Mei and Tsunade's sex at a faster pace and deeper as well. He also made a move to place his cock between their pussies and rubbed his cock on their clitoris at the same time. Both women enjoyed the pleasure that came with his actions and he was sure that the sight of the women like this all because of him was going to be in his brain for a very long time.

Both Kage were truly in heaven and the were never going to forget the sensations and heat the flowed through every cell of their bodies and they were sure that they were going to be hitting their bodies full limits. They were looking forward to that and there was no doubt in their minds that Naruto was looking forward to at as well as his thrusts became faster and deeper each time. Both of them were already hot and wet beyond what they had felt before and it was a wonder that they were not melting from the pleasure.

It was not long before the blonde Genin reached his limits as he fired his cum deeply into Mei's pussy, making the brunette scream out in pleasure and so did Tsunade as she was driven to orgasm. Despite being hit hard by his orgasm, the blonde Genin managed to control his release enough to fire a large amount of his milk into Mei's wet pussy before pulling out and thrusting to the base into Tsunade's own sex and firing out another load into the blonde Sannin's pussy, making her cry out even more.

Both women were fully tensed up as they felt their lover's cum in their respective sex and they enjoyed the thickness and warmth, they turned to see that Naruto pulled out and soon was barely able to stay there on his hands...his cock was covered with his cum and their own combined juices and they were able to smell the utterly intoxicating smell that came from him. They were able to see that he had reached the end and he was going to sleep, they too felt the very same thing and they decided to make one last act before they too were claimed by the need to sleep.

Mei moved off of Tsunade and both women moved to he blonde's cock and they both licked and sucked his cock clean of their juices. Naruto moaned but his body had reached his limits as his cock was now softening and they did not mind at all. Tsunade moved to get the blanket and Mei helped cover Naruto as well as themselves as they were on either side of the blonde Genin.

They looked at the exhausted Shinobi and gently kissed him at the same time, making him moan at the taste of their combined juices, he kissed back as passionately as he could and when it was over, the two Kage rested their heads on his shoulders and he went to sleep as they hugged him tightly.


The next day...

Naruto woke up and he felt like he had been run through a marathon and yet he also felt his body ache in very interesting away. He tried to get his eyes to focus and when he did so, he realized that there was something a bit different. The first was that he was naked, the second was that there were two arms draped over his chest, and the last was that he could feel two naked forms on either side of him.

The very second that he realized that, he looked to both sides and saw a mass of blonde hair mixed with brunette-scarlet, that mess of hair was soon followed by the smiling and sleeping faces of Mei Terumi and Tsunade Senju. He was stunned at first as to why he was like this...he was naked with two of the only known female Kage in the Shinobi world, and they were naked too.

It was not long before they both woke up and he could not help but blush as both women were there sitting up and allowing him to see them naked. Tsunade then spoke to him gently though there was a tone of seriousness there.

"Are you all right Naruto-kun? You did quite a lot last night and I'm worried if you are suffering from exhaustion."

"I-I'm fine Tsunade-chan, I feel fine already just a few hours sleep and I feel about all right."

Mei grinned a bit and replied.

"That seems to be the case, you've got a lot of staying power Naruto-kun, still you are going to need to eat a lot make up for all the energy you used up last night."

Naruto nodded slowly, still blushing and that was easily noticed by both Kage who were amused as the blonde Hokage spoke once again.

"We'll make sure you get enough food and drink later...right now we need to talk about what we did. "

Naruto looked at them and the Sannin replied.

"I don't regret what we did Naruto-kun, and neither does Mei, I wanted to make sure however that we don't mention this to others in either our villages, we might be on better terms now, but we're not officially allies...yet."

Mei nodded and replied.

"I know that Tsunade-hime, but after all we did, I would not mind forging an alliance with Konoha in the very least. Besides, the war in Kiri is over so it's all right for now. And besides that, I am very happy to have been here with Naruto-kun, and maybe we can do this again someday."

Naruto gulped and Tsunade sighed as she replied.

"I suppose we both can keep that a secret being Kage, but Naruto-kun, you have to promise me and Mei that you will not say anything about this. I know you love to talk and while I find that funny at times, this is something I wish you keep as a secret for now. The last thing I want is you having to deal with so much scrutiny from people not just from Konoha but Kiri as well. Do that and we will be happy, and we might do it again."

Naruto gulped and nodded as he spoke.

"I swear on my dream as a future Hokage I will not say anything about it Tsunade-chan."

Tsunade smiled at that and knew that Naruto was the kind who can really keep a promise and that was obvious to not just her but Mei as well. The two Kage decided to help Naruto relax a bit as they massaged his body and not just with their hands either.



Naruto was currently boiling water in a large pot and the water had some fresh beef in it from the cow that had been preserved a few days before and now the smell was there, along with some wild potatoes and peppers that they had gathered. The soup with meat was but the opening course as there were several large strips of the meat being roasted over the fire along with a cup of water with three sea gull eggs that had been found last night. The meal was hit responsibility as both Tsunade and Mei were currently cleaning themselves up near the large spring.

He could hear both Kage taking their time cleaning up, they were laughing and talking about something of doubt the topic of the said discussion involved him as well as each other and what they would do once they got back to the mainland/..

Naruto did not mind though he was still a bit stunned by the things that Tsunade had proposed and while he had matured enough to accept some things, it was still hard to wrap his mind around those matters.

It was here that the Kyuubi decided to get involved.

(("Well seems you are still alive, nice to know that you did not die."))

(You sound relieved.)

(("I have every right to live, then I live remember? Though I have to admit, that after what you had gone through, had you died in something like that, then that is the RIGHT way to die. Anyway kit, it seems that you got yourself roped into one heck of a situation."))

(Yeah...and now I have to deal with the fact that I have to be responsible for what I did with Tsunade-chan and Mei-chan.)

(("Don't strain your brain kit and keep in mind that since they already know about you being a Jinchuuriki, you don't have to hide anything from them. The fact that they were willing to be close to you and do what they did with you is a real shocker. Besides that, they do happen to like you a lot...who knows what will happen. By the way, I figured I should tell you something of importance first."))

(What would that be?)

(("I managed to infuse some of my chakra into your cum, and before you blow a gasket kit, it's harmless and it affects your beloved Tsunade and Mei as well. In the blonde babe's case, it reversed her age in all aspects by at least twenty years, so I doubt you can call her old anymore. And yes, it also means that she can be able to have kids. As for the Mizukage, it makes her body stronger and healthier as well as reversing her age by at least ten years so she is not only in the age to be married, but to also have children as well."))

Naruto was flabbergasted by the news and he spoke to the Kyuubi.

(Care to tell me WHY you did that?)

(("I just did it for laughs, and besides, I think they can enjoy it a great deal when they learn about it. But don't worry, I made sure that you did not get them pregnant since I can bet that you will have a hell of a time explaining to the ninja forces of Kiri how their Mizukage got pregnant, along with your fellows in Konoha. Think about it, if both got pregnant and when you consider that fact you were the ONLY man with them...that can cause quite the incident."))

Naruto had to admit that the Kyuubi did have a solid point and as such he was happy with the situation so far. Still, he wondered just how they were going to take the news of what had happened to them.

And soon enough the blonde Genin got the chance as they soon joined him, he gave them the food and allowed them to eat and drink, once that was done, he mentioned to them that the Kyuubi had spoken to him and informed him of some things. The very second sundae found out about her regression of age in body and more she was stunned and could not help but by in amazement that this happened, as for Mei she was grinning immensely and smiling at Naruto with a great deal of intent.

After a while Tsunade recovered and talked to Naruto about it and soon agreed that while it was unexpected, she was willing to make the most of it. Though Naruto swore that Tsunade seemed rather happy for some reason or another in what she had learned about her reinvigorated body and.

After their meal they moved to the large pit that had been made by Mei's Kekkai Genkai and soon looked at the large specially made telescopes made by Mei. It took some time and it was nearly time for lunch that Tsunade spotted the sails of a ship, and when she spotted the symbol of Konoha, she signalled Naruto and Mei.

They looked and spotted the ship, Naruto did not hesitate as he sent his Kage Bushin to gather the fuel and once the fuel was there, Mei used her Fire Release to start the flames. The smoke that came out as coloured deep red thanks to the special materials that Mei had also sent into the fire as she also used her Earth Release.

The smoke soon came up and they watched as the ship began to move in a different direction which was towards their island and that told them that it was time for them to be rescued. Naruto was happy and so were Tsunade and Mei, but already there were some ideas forming in the minds of the two Kage.



Naruto walked into his new home, the house was at least two stories high and had a wall surrounding it and had even a supply shed. The house had been build as per request by Mizukage as a way to thank both Tsunade and Naruto for what happened and she was more than willing to foot the bill even though she did mention getting some flak from the Council back in Kiri, not that she bothered with it all that much. The home was certainly roomy and also perfect for him to be in since it was all well made and up to the standard of a good house.

The relationship he had with both Mei and Tsunade was also something that was a very well kept secret. In public when he was with Tsunade, he was still the same and they acted as normally as possible in order to keep people from knowing just what happened to them, and even Shizune was not aware of what was going on between her and Naruto. Once they were alone, the situation changed and they were now being very passionate and having sex in private like rabbits in heat as it were.

In the case of his relationship with Mei Terumi, it was very much the same, when he was sent to the village of Kiri to do some message deliveries as well as some joint work between Konoha and Kiri, they acted very normal towards one another. That way they were able to make sure that no one was able to see how close they actually were to one another. In private and when no one was going to disturb them, they were more than willing to get to it and Mei was VERY creative when it came to keeping things hidden.

And now here he was, going back home and hoping to finally have some peace and quiet. He was so focused on having some silence that he did not notice that he was not alone in his house when he came in. It was only when he entered the living room that he got the shock of his life and QUITE the shock to boot.

As both Mei and Tsunade were there, and they were dressed in something that would have really gotten a man's attention right off the bat, and that was none other than nothing at all. The two female Kage were moving around in his house utterly naked and he was getting the sight he knew most if not all men would willingly fight and die for.

Both Kage turned and smiled as Mei spoke to him.

"Both time you arrived Naruto-koi, we have been waiting for a bit and moving around like this is getting a bit cold you know."

Tsunade nodded and smiled as well.

"But you are just in time for dinner, you're going to need it since you are going to be busy warming us up again."

Naruto gulped and nodded in agreement as he moved towards both naked women who hugged him and kissed him at the same time, who was he to say no to two beautiful female Kage anyway?


To be continued:


Author's Notes:

Man...placing Mei Terumi and Tsunade Senju in this kind of lemon was hard...but it was worth ever damn moment of lost sleep! I have to say that when I saw her appear in the manga and then in the anime, I was definitely enjoying every second of it all. And the idea of placing them in this lemon was really something that I knew I was going to do sooner or later.

Might as well get it over and done with, besides, there was a picture of the two women in question naked and doing a hand job on a naked Naruto so it was not hard to see this happen to him at all.

Hope you enjoy that scene between the two Kage as that had been a very hot thing for me, doing something like that is not too new to me, but that does not mean it gets old for me either.


Well, this is the end of the Deserted Island series, and the end of the first and only issue of the Kage special. I have been getting ideas on this matter for a very long time, and truth be told, I have NO problem seeing the image of both Mei Terumi and Tsunade Senju with Naruto and there is an image of that after all. When I looked at Mei Terumi, she was HOT and certainly more than worthy to be placed into this story itself.

And making a story that had both female Kage in it was worth every second of it. And for all involved, I am happy to finally end this story in this high note. I know that some would say that I might have done more, but I seriously have done enough so far in my mind, I could be wrong of course, but I'm okay with it.


I also have no doubt in my mind that there are many of you are asking me, why? Why am I cutting this story short and ending it when there are SO many other beautiful women and pairing ideas left to try?

Simply put, I cut this short because it was my plan to end this at thirty chapters, and move on to the sequel once I reached the number of chapters. I decided to make a sequel and it will follow the very same theme and idea. The women who I have not touched on will be included there as well. So I hope that you guys will accept that for now and try not to hang me by the nose for it.

I do plan to make a sequel to this series soon and there I will try to add more of the women who have now been revealed in the Naruto series in both the manga and anime. Not to mention I am going to try some new pairing ideas just for the fun of it as well as the challenge of it all so be prepared to see some new pairings, plus some that were suggested to me as well.

I might also try to create another series like this, but in that one, we have some differences as these will NOT be one shots like before. I have a plan to allow Naruto to rebuild his clan from the ground up and resurrect the clan his mother was part of.

I will not go too far into details but I do have some plans in mind and I am willing to take any suggestions from all as long as they make sense. And NO, I will not bring back certain women even if you ask me to. And I have my reasons which will be revealed to all once I get to work on the story in question. But only after ALL of my stories are updated to my satisfaction.

Plus I might even try a version of this story with the Master Chief but in different universes and are all one shots with different female characters of my choice. So it might sound weird, but also very interesting.


And for those insisting that I include Naruto's mother in this series, all I have to say is NO!

I do not do lemons like that at all, and I have no intentions of doing so in the near future. Sure she is very good looking, but she is HIS mother for crying out loud! That is just strange to me and I will not do it even if I get asked multiple times. There are other writers who will do that so ask them for it and not me okay?

On the subject of me trying to bring Mikoto back however...I am not too sure about that yet since technically she is already dead, unless I get a suggestion that can be considered as viable, that idea is still up in the air. And on the idea of a female Kyuubi...not too sold on that one just yet, but I'll keep the idea in mind