Colonel Samantha Carter sat quietly at her desk, all her attention focused on the task at hand—preparing a letter to send to Earth during their next scheduled check-in, which should be tomorrow.

She had promised her team before leaving that she would inform them anytime anything exciting happened—Vala had insisted. And, go figure, her first couple days on the job and something "exciting" had already happened.

Well, actually… she had already gotten off to a rocky start with the Satedan man, Ronan, and she didn't expect that he would consider getting beaten up and betrayed by his friends to be "exciting".

She sighed heavily, pausing in her typing to rub her face in her hands tiredly. A knock on her door brought her out of her thoughts and she looked up, startled.

"Ronan!" she exclaimed, recognizing the tall muscular form of the man standing in her doorway. She closed her laptop and folded her arms over it. "Come in," she said, trying to sound welcoming.

The man entered as he was told but didn't sit down. He seemed a little unsure as to what to do next, and his discomfort was making Sam uncomfortable. She just gazed up at him, waiting for him to say what was on his mind.

"Umm… I just wanted to let you know, I've decided to stay here. I mean, things have been kind of crazy lately… Sheppard wanted me to come by and make sure I don't have to sign any contracts or anything…"

Sam smiled at the Colonel's suggestion. It sounded like something Jack would have requested of Teal'c; he would've come up with some joke the alien man didn't understand to cover up his concern for him. God, she missed those guys.

"It's taken care of," she assured.

Ronan nodded appreciatively.

"Was there something else?" she asked, brows furrowed.

"Umm, yeah," he admitted in a rough voice. "I just wanted to apologize for not respecting your decision not to let me bring my friends back to Atlantis. If I had brought them back… well, we'd all probably be dead, so... I'm glad you did what you did."

Sam frowned. She hadn't been expecting this. "They were your friends Ronan. I would have done the same thing."

The Satedan nodded respectively, and mumbled something as he turned to leave. "They're not my friends anymore."

Sam knew the guy had a soft side he was hiding. In fact, she had guessed when she had first seen him that he would end up being very much like Teal'c: the appearance of a tough-guy, but with such a quiet nature that most people get scared off; you just had to get to know him to see a whole other side—but people rarely see it because he's so careful about who he trusts, but when you do break through that protective barrier you'll find a caring, funny, and extremely protective person.

Sam knew she had yet to break through that barrier with him, or anyone here, she knew that; but the same could be said for someone like Sheppard—trying to be friendly and welcome her in, but she's just not ready to accept it yet. It would take time for that.

"Ronan!" she called after him, and he paused in the doorway. "I…I really am sorry about what happened."

He nodded again and stalked out of the office. Sam frowned and reopened her laptop to finish her letter. She scanned over what she had written so far; it was pretty long. It would do for now. She scrolled to the bottom to write her goodbyes.

'Anyway…' she typed. 'I've got to get going. McKay's probably come across another "extremely important discovery that needs my immediate attention" by now. But don't worry about me. I'm settling in pretty well…

Actually, I think I've already made a few new friends.

…I mean… I miss you guys! I'll see you when Christmas rolls around, and I'll bring all of you souvenirs from the Pegasus Galaxy.



She pushed the save button and closed the top again. Storing it under her arm, she switched off the lights and headed for her quarters, smiling at the image of Vala's reaction to her going off to another galaxy and having 'new' friends within the first three days there.

Of course, that's not what she would call it, and she did miss her friends tremendously, but for the first time since arriving she found herself truly confident in her new position. She felt that if she could learn to get along with Ronan, of all people, then things were looking up.