Author Note

To all my Twilight readers I'm very sorry that it's taking so long for me to write the next chapter. I've been having total writer block, I'm lazy, and basketball and school so as soon as I can I'll write the next chap[ters as soon as possible. I want you to know I'm not the kind to ditch stories I just write others when I have writers block for fun. Right now I'm working on a few more stories but because of my stupid acount :annoyed: I can only have 15 chapter which I'm already at so I'll be deleting stories sooner or later. If a story you like has been removed please place a review in one of my other stories and tell me the title of the story. Thank you and I'm sorry for the complications.

Also does anyone know how to get more chapters over 15? Because it's really annoying me!

This is messy because I wrote it very quickly. Also I've removed the story Forbidden Memories Chapter2, Sorry!

-Alyse B.