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Rebecca woke up along. She sighed quietly and went to check on her kids. Parker was already up playing video games in his room. Slowly she gazed around the room for her daughter. "Where's Avery?"

Parker shrugged. "Still sleeping, I guess."

Rebecca went to Avery's room. She found it odd that her daughter was still sleeping. Usually Avery slept for three hours, then stayed up for the rest night. "Avery," she whispered to the sleeping child. "Avery," she tried again. "Echo."

The little girl opened her eyes and glared at her mother. "Don't call me Echo! That's daddy's special name for me!"

Rebecca sighed. 'This is going to be a long day.' She thought.



Booth woke up to a strange weight on his chest. Opening his eyes cautiously, he saw his daughter sitting on him. "Hi daddy!" She greeted happily.

"Hey kiddo. How long have you been up?" He asked as he sat up.

"I just woke up! I slept all night daddy!" She said in an amazed voice. She motioned for him to come closer. "Daddy, can I come with you to meet Bones?"

"I guess. Go ask Parker if he wants to come." Avery shook her head no. "Why not?" Booth asked.

"Parker's mad at her." She replied.

"Why is Parker mad at her?"

Avery shrugged. "He just said he's mad at her. Daddy can I get pancakes?"

Booth nodded. "Lets get you dressed so I can call Bones."

"Call Bones…" She said then giggled.

"Crazy Echo." Booth said.

"Crazy Echo." Avery repeated. She screamed and ran down the hall as Booth chased her. Avery ran into Parker's room. "Park! Help me!"

Parker smiled at his little sister. "Hide under the bed! Quick!" Avery nodded, then scurried under the bed as Booth walked in.

"Where's Avery at?" He asked Parker.

Parker tried not to smile. "I don't know…"

"Don't make me tickle it out of you!" Booth threatened.

"I'll never tell!" Parker screamed, laughing at the game he and his father were playing.

Booth walked over to Parker and began to tickle him. The little boy squealed in delight. Avery popped her head out from under Parker's bed. "Daddy, look where I am!"

Both Parker and Booth looked at Avery before looking back at each other. "Get her!" They both said. Avery giggled as they tickled her. After a few minutes of tickling they stopped. "Okay, Echo you need to get dressed."

She sighed. "Okay daddy" She didn't move from the bed.

Booth looked back to Parker. "I'm going to take Avery to breakfast to meet Bones, you want to come?" Parker shook his head. "Why not?"

"I'm mad at her." Booth kept looking at him. Parker didn't elaborate.

"We'll talk about this later, okay?" Parker nodded. Booth turned back to Avery. He picked her up and carried her to her room. "Okay little girl, you need to be dressed." Booth pulled out a pair of jeans and a dark red long sleeve shirt for his daughter. He quickly got her dressed and the pulled out his cell phone.


"Hey Bones, we still on for breakfast?" Booth asked.


"Okay, but my daughter wants to come."

"That's fine."

"Okay, we'll meet you at the diner. Bye Bones." Booth turned back to his daughter. "I'm going to go get changed and then we'll leave, okay." Avery nodded. He walked out of his daughter's room and changed into jeans and a black t-shirt. 'Just like old times.' He thought as he went back into Avery's room. "Come on crazy girl." Avery ran up and jumped into her father's awaiting arms. As they passed through the living room Booth paused. "Hey Rebecca," The blond woman poked her head out from the kitchen. "I'm taking the munchkin out for a little." She nodded, wonder where he was going.



Booth walked into the diner carrying his giggling daughter when he spotted Bones sitting at 'their' table. "Hey Bones." He greeted softly. Her blue eyes looked up to meet his.

"Hey." Avery squirmed to be put down.

"Daddy, what about me?"

Booth looked to his daughter. "Bones, this is Avery. Avery, this is Temperance." Brennan smiled at the little girl.

"Hi Bones!" Avery said, calling her by her nickname. "Guess what? I've got a special nickname from daddy too! It's Echo 'cause I always copy what he says!" Both adults smiled at her.

"I think Echo is a really cute nickname." Brennan told her.

"You can call me Echo too, but no one else. Only you and daddy." Avery smiled. "Hey daddy, can we get some french fries with the pancakes?"

Brennan rolled her eyes. 'She eats like her father.' "I don't know kiddo. I don't think mommy would be happy to know I fed you fries for breakfast."

Avery gave him her puppy dog face. "I won't tell if you don't."

"Fine, we'll get some fries." He turned to Bones. "But you're getting your own plate."

"What? I don't even want fries!" She retorted.

"Yeah until we get them and you start stealing them." She glared at him.

Avery tugged on Brennan's pant leg. She bent down to the little girl. "I'll give you some fries." She said seriously. Brennan smiled. Booth smiled at the waitress and ordered for everyone. While they waited for their food, Avery asked questions. "Daddy, am I really like Bones?"

Brennan looked at Booth while Booth looked at his daughter. "Where'd you get that idea, Echo?"

"I heard mommy talking on the phone and she said that I was too much like your partner and she didn't like that." She replied.

"Does mommy know you hear her talking on the phone?" Avery shook her head. Booth sighed. "Yes, you are like Bones."

"How daddy?" Avery asked.

"Yeah, how?" Brennan echoed.

'This is going to get me hurt somehow, I just know it.' Booth thought. "Well, you're both smart and stubborn."

"Uh-huh, keep going…" Avery said, loving the compliments she was getting.

"Um, you both have beautiful blue eyes, you never sleep, and you're constantly trying to figure something out. And you both find trouble way too easily." Booth sighed in relief as their food came.


"Yeah?" He winced, afraid to know what his daughter was going to ask.

"You sad we both have beautiful blue eyes. Does that mean you think she's beautiful?"

"Avery, eat your breakfast." Booth said while ducking his face from Brennan. Bones smiled at the little girl's antics.

"Come on, Booth. Don't you think I'm beautiful?" She asked teasingly.

"Bones, do not encourage her." She smiled again.

Avery giggled at her dad and Bones. "You think she's sexy, you want to kiss her." She sang to Miss Congeniality.

"You are never watching Miss Congeniality again." Booth groaned as his daughter sang.



So that was chapter three! And if I do say so myself, I love Avery! She's a cutie! And she loves trouble!