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Cameron Mitchell had been true to his word.

Vala had found herself for want of nothing since she had moved into his apartment a few months into her pregnancy. That had been three weeks ago, and she felt spoiled beyond reason. Everything she had asked of him, he had provided, and for the most part without qualm or quibble. But there was one thing Vala wanted that she hadn't gotten.

But she hadn't exactly asked, either…

Cameron stirred. She knew he was awake, but she pretended that she wasn't. Spying on him had become a tradition for her. Even though she had been living with him, upon his sincere request, Vala was fairly certain that she still wasn't really seeing him, the real him. He was always doing things for her, pandering to her. It was like he was putting himself on hold, not that she didn't appreciate the pampering. She was just feeling a little guilty about it, and insanely curious, almost desperate, to really know him, the father of her unborn child.

So, she waited to see what he would do, to catch a glimpse of him with his guard down. He wouldn't wake her, since there was no rush to be anywhere. He'd just do whatever he'd do if she wasn't there. Those were her favourite moments; observing the creature in his natural habitat. And just to make it more interesting this morning, she had made sure she was still cuddled up snuggly to him, just to see what he'd do. The ploy made her feel slightly guilty, knowing that he had barely gotten used to sleeping in the same bed as her (supposedly, she was a flailer, which she wasn't sure of…although she had woken up in the middle of the bed in a tangle of sheets to find Cam on the floor with a lonely pillow on several occasions.) but it was just too much fun to resist.

Allowing himself a few minutes to lay in serene, undisturbed silence, Cam considered the situation. He was awake. He hated lying in bed awake, especially in the morning, when it was time to get up and do something, anything, besides lay there. But waking Vala didn't seem like all that pleasant a prospect. And given how tightly she was intertwined around him, his getting up would assure her arousal from sleep. He wasn't sure whether she was a morning person or not under normal circumstances, but the hormones had seemed to make her mercurial at best. If he accidentally woke her, she might murder him. Then again, she could be fine, cheerful even. He attempted to calculate the odds and failed.

Why had he ever agreed to this? Having her move in was perfectly acceptable. In fact he had wanted her there, had wanted to be part of the pregnancy (more than he already apparently had been). But sleeping in the same bed? He knew it was a bad idea from the beginning. That's why he had given her his room, and settled on taking the couch. Well, he had done that in order to obviate the awkwardness between people who had had sex but didn't quite remember it (or were too embarrassed to try) who suddenly found themselves in an intimate sort of situation again. The awkwardness that had arisen was of rather a different nature.

He should've said 'no.'

But he hadn't. And he didn't see how he could have refused her. She had spoken his name so softly, had looked so sad and lonely, pawing at the ground with her toe and averting her eyes as she related her request that he sleep beside her. The next day when he had to report in to duty absolutely exhausted, he knew it hadn't been a wise decision. But seeing how refreshed and happy she was over the same night's sleep that had been tumultuous to him killed any notion Cam had possessed about the superiorly blissful rest of couch cushions.

Needless to say, it hadn't been easy finding their sleeping groove. He thought they had just settled into it, too, and then he woke up to find her on top of him again. Maybe it was unwise to risk waking her, but simply lying there was driving him insane despite the pleasantness of a momentarily serene and silent Vala.

Managing to slip out of bed and Vala's surprisingly vice-like grip around his neck, Cam breathed a sigh of relief as he stretched then headed to the bathroom.

Vala smirked as she rolled over, after taking in the sight of Cameron stretching like a large, feral beast. It was probably something she shouldn't admit, but she so enjoyed watching him, taking particular interest in the way his muscles tensed and rippled under his clothing. And he had shut the door behind him. Plunging her face into a pillow, she muffled a giggle. She was pregnant with his child and he was too embarrassed to pee in front of her, even when he thought she was asleep.

He won't be pee shy after I have my way with him!

The thought startled Vala and she hastily shoved it aside. Really, she shouldn't be that surprised. She had been suppressing some urges for a while, a long while…it had been such a long while. Okay, really not that long, but it felt like it when the heat and need crept up on her, more like pounced on her and left her reeling. It must be the hormones. At least, it was easier to blame the hormones, the growing child inside her, wreaking havoc upon her body.

Speaking of,

"I'm starving," she moaned overdramatically as Cam came out of the bathroom and she propped herself up on her elbow to face him and pout. He crouched down, folding his arms on the edge of the bed, making himself eye-level with her.

"How do you feel about pancakes?" he asked her, dispensing with pleasantries he knew he'd never coax out of her if she wasn't in the mood. He had learned his lesson with the "good morning…what the hell is so good about it, I feel like I'm going to vomit all of my internal organs out" tirade.

"Mm…perfect," Vala cooed, shifting to lie on her back, her hand absently moving in wide circles over her minutely pregnant belly. She had just barely begun to show. "With blueberries?" she added timidly, as if he'd refuse her.

"Blueberries?" he repeated, a smile creeping up on his somewhat tired-looking face. "Now we're talking breakfast."

But blueberry pancakes were sweet, very sweet. She needed something salty, too. Flipping back onto her side to face him, she eagerly made a further request, "And bacon?"

"Bacon? Sure," he affirmed, smiling widely as he observed the process of Vala forming her pregnancy-influenced order for breakfast. This one was turning out rather normal, so far… The worst had been last week, when she discovered a taste for, more like obsession with, sardines. There were still five or so tins stacked in the cupboard.

"Oh! And eggs!" she called after him as he made for the kitchen. His head popped back in around the door.

"What kind?" he asked. She genuinely smiled her most jubilant smile at him, knowing that he was putting up with so much when she could remember numerous times in the past where he barely tolerated her and she hadn't been putting such demands upon him. Before this was through, she would surely drive the poor man mad.

"Fried!" she announced. The thought of greasy and runny eggs suddenly made her feel queasy. "No! Wait. Scrambled!"

She winced along with him, knowing the cause. Fifteen minutes into the day and she had already given him a headache. Vala let herself feel guilty for a moment until a sudden wave of feeling like the universe was pressing in on her reminded her exactly why he was answering her every beck and call. They had accidentally conceived a child. And she was the one who had to carry it, nourish and protect it until it was born and equal responsibility for it could be taken by them both. Until then, the least he could do was take care of her!

"Anything else you want?" he asked sarcastically, giving in to the exasperation of waiting on the woman hand and foot.


"Nope," Vala said in what she hoped was a pleasant manner, pushing aside the outspoken voice in her head that insisted she jump the poor abused man. "That would be perfect. Thank you."

He gave her a scrutinizing look before he disappeared from sight to fulfill her wishes. Perhaps, she had been too polite. Did he know she was hiding something, namely a ravenous beast inside her that wanted to use him as its plaything? Nah! He couldn't possibly know the thoughts that had slowly been growing in persistence and strength, the fantasies that thrived in her dreams…

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