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To Build an Empire


The pale moon rose slowly over the bleak buildings, casting a surreal glow over the dingy skyline. The sun was just beginning its descent into the horizon; but instead of being content with a calming show like his lunar counterpart, the Sun leapt at the chance to fight and spewed out a myriad of burning oranges, reds, and yellows. The sun was just giving it one last go before handing the show over to Yué and covering its bright glow in a cloak of darkness and mystery. The Moon and its small companions sent soft, yet white-hot pinpoints of light shining out across the velvety dusk and cast odd shadows over the ragged, war-torn city.

Ron stood there beneath the balanced glow of the Moon and Sun, feeling somewhat foolish and restless. What had happened that had changed his demeanor so drastically?

…Perhaps it was something important. Perhaps it wasn't anything at all. Or perhaps he was simply going crazy, stuck in his own crazed pit of insanity. How irksome.

Ron frowned; he was getting more and more sentimental by the moment. He didn't know if this was an emblem of his shattered façade or an omen of his downfall. Perhaps time would tell.


Drakken clutched the small paper parcel tightly to his chest and crept as quietly as he could down the hallways. He tried to be as silent as possible without looking suspicious to the guards and security crew, but it was a difficult task. He had an important job to do—he was a man on a mission now, and he couldn't afford to blow it all because of his poor stealth skills.

He walked around the winding complex for what seemed like hours before arriving at his destination. The blue-skinned man placed his parcel down on the kitchen table and quickly scribbled a note on the back of a piece of paper: "To: Shego. From: Drakken."

It was his gift to her. Perhaps now they could both be free.


Kimberly Possible shifted the baby on her hip and walked silently down the stark, empty hallways, quietly whispering a psalm to him. She didn't consider herself very religious, but if she dared call herself a Christian, she thought she might as well sing them to her children. Her little girl was awake but silent back in her carrier. The young mother assumed she would be safe while her mother and brother went for a walk.

"…Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. And give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we also forgive those who have trespassed against us…"


Ron started at the sound of his giant wooden doors being pushed open. He whirled to see Kim and her son standing in the doorway. "I thought you might be here," she said. Ron stayed silent.

The redhead pressed on, moving on from his silence and taking it as acceptance. She stood beside him, gazing at the moonrise and bouncing her child softly. She hummed a little song to herself and her boy. The silence stayed unbroken as both parts of a whole stared out a glazed piece of glass—so close, yet miles apart from being complete.


Drakken cast his beady eyes over the metal door, took a breath, and entered. He gazed tenderly at the sleeping form in the bed before him. "Shego," he whispered.

His female counterpart was awake in a moment. "What is it, Doc?"

"Come with me." A retribution and a sardonic remark were on the tip of her tongue, but the doctor's words were said with such genuine trepidation and concern that the words died along with her biting sarcasm. The green villainess got out of bed and slipped into the bathroom for only a moment to change out of her nightgown. In a second, she was out again, and Shego silently followed her employer down the hallways into the maze of corridors, rooms, and laboratories beyond.

She gazed at his back, uncombed black hair pulled back in a messy ponytail. She mentally asked herself the obvious questions and was about to voice them when the duo appeared at a huge wooden door—the second (and largest) of only two in the entire complex. Shego watched as Drakken quickly entered several codes on the small keypad and grinned when a satisfying 'beep' emanated from the machine and the large doors swung outward.

Shego shielded her emerald eyes from the dimming outside light. "Where are we, Drakken?" she hissed. He silently shushed her and grabbed her hand, pulling her down along the winding outside path. They used the dark cover of twilight and shadows to shield their escape as they made their way out of the palace and onto the small hills beyond.


"It's a lovely night," Kim said softly, staring out across Ron's kingdom and clutching her child tightly. She mentally slapped herself for her poor attempt at starting conversation. She felt like an idiot.

And then he surprised her. "Yes," he replied, gazing at her from the corner of his eye, "it is."


The dim twilight was silent; the only thing audible for a hundred miles were the sounds of the distant outskirts of Middleton still bustling with activity, and Dr. Drakken's own ragged breathing. Shego looked at him from their position crouched behind a boulder on the crest of the hill and placed a manicured finger over his lips. "You're going to give us away," she said quietly. He nodded, eyes wide, and attempted to slow his breathing. Her years of training and kung-fu allowed her to peer inconspicuously over their hiding place and cast a piercing gaze over her so-called "home." The palace. Shego looked at Drakken again. "What now?" she breathed.

He only smiled. "I never knew why you stayed with me," he said softly. "It's the least I can do to pay you back. I think I can give you what you've always wanted."

Her emerald eyes widened. What…?

His small, black-clad hands slipped into his labcoat and pulled out a small, square piece of metal—a remote. Shego looked at him and couldn't help but notice his hands were trembling. "Is that…?"

Once again, he only smiled.

She reached out to touch it, and he captured her rough yet lovely hands in his own. When she didn't protest, Drakken moved her fingers over the small, seemingly insignificant, lonely button on his remote. Dark blue slid over light green as pressure was applied to the shiny red orb. Shego looked on in awe as a concussive blast of energy rocked the globe, and her entire world went up in an angry tumultuous explosion of dark red and the blackest black.


Ron looked on as Kim held her young male child as she affectionately sung a lullaby to him. His sensitive ears twitched and his eyelids drooped over clouded irises as his mother's voice graced his ears.

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the Lord my soul to keep…


She didn't finish. The blast rocked the palace… prison… Kimberly had just reluctantly begun to call her home and engulfed it in a cloud of inky black, gray, and fiery red. She looked on in shock and could only stare at Ron as the building rocked; all he could manage to do was stare right back.

And for a moment, just a small, tiny moment, Kim saw something in him that wasn't dark. Wasn't black. Wasn't Zorpox. It was Ron. Kim grabbed his hand and clutched her son to her chest just as he began to cry. They fell to the ground together, stuck in a lover's embrace, as the angry, white-hot flames licked up the building at four times the speed of sound. Her screams mixed with his as their whole world came crashing down around them; she continued to hold his hand, and he continued to squeeze back as the intense heat melted their flesh and permanently bonded them together in a macabre death grip. Her soul slipped away with a silent farewell to this life. All Kim could do now was hope that Ron had gained redemption.

The three of them lay at the bottom of a smoldering pile of metal, their bones and skin still permanently attached; the world all but sighed as it was released from its overlord's death grip as he and his lover slipped into another dimension.


And if I die before I wake

I pray the Lord my soul to take.