Thanks to blackmasamune for betaing this story.

"No father, I've told you before, I...will...not...join...the...death eaters" Draco growled through clinched teeth.

"Are you siding with the Mud bloods and blood-traitors boy?" Lucius yelled back.

Draco seethed. "I hate them as much as you do, but I refuse to join and be nothing more then a servant to a mad man."

Lucius pulled his wand and pointed it straight at Draco. "Crucio."

Draco dropped to the ground in pain

"I suggest you think about it, boy. I will expect a decision tomorrow." Lucius lifted the curse and walked out of the room leaving Draco on the floor.

By the time Draco got up, he was pissed. More angry then he could ever remember being in his life. "I leave for my last year of school in two days. Why would I screw it up now?" Draco thought to himself

"There's got to be a way out of this." Draco walked out of his room and went into the library. "There's got to be something here," he said to himself.

Draco researched the library for hours, desperately looking for anything that would help him get out of this mess. Almost ready to give up, he noticed a small black book sitting on a shelf in the very back. What the hell, he thought. May as well look.

He sat in the chair by the fire and started reading. After reading the book for 30 minutes, he grinned and put the book in his pocket. Perfect, he thought

He went to his room to practice the spell he had found. He knew he had to use it tonight as his father slept, in order to avoid have another unforgivable thrown at him.

The spell had several steps to it and Draco had to get started, after all, creating an island and sending someone there with no magic was going to take some time and in the right sequence.

Draco's first step was to create an island. The spell said to picture an island and say "create island" in Italian. He closed his eyes and brought a picture to his mind of an island, with fresh drinking water, trees for shade and the name "Malfoy Island."

He stood with the picture still in his mind and slowly spoke, "Generi l'isola" in a loud, clear voice. Suddenly, a miniature island appeared in front of him. He checked it over. Nice size, fresh water available.


The next step was a house on the island. After all, he wanted his father gone for a while, not dead.

Again he created a picture in his head, an image of a small, two-bedroom house, with a modest library, and medium sized fireplace. He pictured a decently apportioned kitchen, a bathroom with tub and shower, and a large living room.

He raised his wand. "Generi la casa," he said again in a strong voice. A house appeared on the island, next to the fresh drinking water.


He cast a few more spells, making furniture, never ending food, and a general spell for other things possibly needed.

Draco felt happy with what he created.

Now for a note.

Dear Father,

I'm sorry to do this but I cannot join the death eaters. If I have to send you away to avoid it, I will. And, if you are reading this, then I have. I created the island you're on. It is invisible to Muggles. I've also charmed it to be unplottable.

The dark lord will receive word that you are dead. He will break his connection to you through the Dark Mark.

Only I know where the island is located, so don't expect help unless I come for you. I've also made it impossible to Apparate from the island.

I have arranged the island to have a lagoon with fresh water to swim in; it will refresh itself to keep it clean. I've also created a small pool that will have constant, clean drinking water. The ice box and pantry will automatically refresh itself, so you will have food. I hope you know how to cook as I will not be sending any house elves with you.

The other things you need like soap and shampoo will be sent to you weekly.

Your son,


With a tap of his wand the letter rolled up and was sent to the table on the island.

Having completed everything he needed for his father to survive, Draco knew all that was left was to send the man to the new island.

Draco crept out of his room slowly, quietly heading to his father's room.

Once inside, Draco took Lucius' wand the moved to stand at the end of his father's bed. He raised his wand and very clearly shouted, "Trasmetta all'isola di Malfoy!"

With a pop, Lucius disappeared.

Lucius was awakened from sleep at the sound of Draco's shouting, but it was too late to do anything about it. He landed with a loud thud in the living room of his new house.

Lucius stood quickly, seeking his wand upon his person frantically. Coming up empty handed, he walked room to room, but turned up no sign of his wand. He did, however, spot a letter on the unfamiliar table. He picked up the letter and started to read, his eyes widening in disbelief.

He walked over to the couch and sat with his head resting in his hands. After forty-five minutes of thinking, of shock and incredulity, he wandered to the alien kitchen and searched for a stiff drink. He got to the third cabinet he found what he sought.

"At least the fool left me some fire whiskey," he spat bitterly. He poured himself a glass and drank it in one, hasty, desperate gulp.

"I'll figure this out tomorrow," he thought, and walked into one of the bedrooms he noticed earlier.

He fell asleep.