Change Of Views

AU Kag/Sess are happily mated, but when she becomes with child. What will happen? Will Sesshomaru's views on half-breeds change? What will Kagome do?

Chapter One: Unwanted

Since the beginning of time demons, and humans roamed the earth. Both trying to prove themself to be more powerful than the other. In result years, and centuries of war between both of the races. It was only until recently the past two hundred years that humans and demons could co-exist together, but law of both races included that no marriages, or mating between the two races. This end about sixty-five years ago. Now demons and humans can marry, and have families together, but even if this is allowed there are still demons that go by the old code.

To only breed with there own race, and not filth. Half-Demons, or "Half-Breeds" as the both pure races like to call them. Are looked down upon, and mocked as they do not belong to either side in society. Not human, and not a demon. They are consider to be filth or dirty blood, but now days half-demons have more choices in life now. Than they did two hundred years ago. Even, if human had right didn't mean they did. Half-Demons have been around since the dawn of both races, but they were often killed after birth, and if they were kept alive their parents where killed. For loving a filth race.

Demons, and humans have both killed their own races in order to keep their own bloodlines pure. Humans believed that humans should stick with humans, and demons should stick with their own kind. Only sixty-five years ago a law was passed to allow humans, and demons to mate/marry one other. Since then many relationship came out into the open, but there was still troubles, and even to this day there are still those you are disgusted with the thought of humans, and demons being together.

Kagome was a young human woman of the age 24-years-old. She is a full-blooded human, who comes from a middle income family, and is married, and mated to a very rich, powerful, and famous business tycoon, Sesshomaru Takashi who's a full-blooded demon. He own Kashi INC, which sell almost about everything. He's about over five-hundred-years-old in human years, but in demon years he looks about to be in his early thirties. He never had been married nor mated before he met Kagome, but was well-known to be a playboy. He was, and still is handsome, and very good-looking. With long sliver hair, and beautiful golden eyes, and a well shaped body. What was not to drool over. The man was insanely hot.. RED HOT. All women wanted him, but he only desired one woman. That woman was... his half-brother's best friend, Kagome.

Even, if she was a human, and he a demon. Who didn't care all to much for humans he desired her, and loved her with all his being and so did she, but even if he was happy with her, but that didn't mean he wanted to have his children from her.

Sesshomaru never agreed with anything that had to do with half-breeds. In fact he hated them, and thought of them as filth, as well as humans. He at times didn't see his own mate as he equal, but he still loved her, and remain faithful to her. Which to demon laws it was against the code of honor to be unfaithful to your mate, and in demon society the punishment for this act was death. To be killed. His mother, and father both respected the code for many years, and then his mother died, and his father took a human woman to be his mate. That was two-hundred years ago, and was against the law to be mated to a human. Him, and the human woman created his half-breed brother together, and thus him hating half-breeds.

Back in the day before it was illegal to kill half-breeds. Sesshomaru was notorious for killing them, but for some odd reason he could not bring himself to kill his younger half-brother. Even after his father's death he could bring himself to. Sesshomaru the shrugged it off for many years, and ignored it. It was weakness he knew. He was becoming like his father, but he wouldn't do one thing his father did do, and that's father a half-breed. Yes, Sesshomaru wanted children, but he could wait after Kagome was dead to find another mate to father his children with. He knew he couldn't love her like he loved Kagome, but he needed children. For his company. He needed heirs. Someday he would, but not now.


Kagome Takashi stood in her bedroom with tears within her deep brown eyes. She knew it would come. She didn't want it to. She knew that she couldn't keep it, or he would kill it. The man she loved would kill their child. In a way to keep his family line pure. It was unfair, but it wasn't like she hadn't been warned from the day they said their, "I do's" and he marked her as his mate.

"I hate this..." she cried, out. Kagome being a very beautiful woman for a human. She had long black hair, and deep brown eyes, and a nice curvy body.

"He'll kill it...or me..." she sobbed out. "He'll kill my baby..."

She loved Sesshomaru with all her heart, but he was a cruel man at times. He didn't want any children with her, because he wanted to keep filth from his blood, but yet he mated her. Why? Because he loved her, but not enough to have children with her?

He wanted children with a full-blooded female demon.. He would wait until she died of old age, and then mate again? So, she would waste all that time with a man would didn't truly love her enough? Someone who would kill their child, and then wait until she died to mate with another. So, he could have full-blooded children? That wasn't love. No, it was selfishness.

Making up her mind. She knew what she had to do, and that was run from Sesshomaru. Have the child alone, raise him, or her alone. She would end her mating with him, and their marriage. He could have his stupid full-blooded children. All she wanted was her child alive.


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