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Chapter Seven: Change

It was now the time to talk to her, and beg her to come back. Which to 'beg' wasn't in his nature. So, as you could image this wasn't going to be easy to do, or for him. In his whole life he would have to do something he never dreamed of doing… To grovel to a mere human, a human he was madly in love with. He desperately needed her, and wanted her. It was all he could take to watch her with his children. Their children. The children that he fathered, children at first he didn't want, but now as he saw them sleeping ever so peaceful. He couldn't help but to love them. He yearned to reach out and hold his own pups. He had a son, and a daughter. Twins. To think this brought a smile upon his face, but ended and turned into sadness when he thought of his mate, Kagome. He wanted to want to kick his own ass. For being so damn stupid.

How could he be so smart, and so dumb all at the same time? In fact how could he watch his mate care for his children alone? She was weak, and tired. She worked all the time just to pay for day care, and have food for their children. She barely feed herself anymore. When Sesshomaru saw this by seeing how thin she was getting . He knew he had to step in. He could not take her being this way. She was his, and he'd be dammed to see her like this. This wasn't his Kagome to be so weak, but he made her this way. All because of his views? Yes, but view can change. And now was the time to change them, or he'd lose her forever.

Tonight was the night he would ask her back, he'd bring home her, and his children. Where they all belong; together .

In the window he saw her, Kagome. Attending to his little daughter, and son. He was truly blessed to have both a son, and a daughter. He could see Kagome had peacefully put both of them to bed, he saw her face; the light in her eyes seemed to be slipping away with each day, she looked like she was dying slowly without him. In truth so was he. He loved her so much. He didn't care anymore. So what if he was a demon, and she was a mere mortal. Damn them all. He loved her. So, he waited unlit she was asleep, and then he went into the very, very small run-down apartment.

Oh, how he wished she just had taken the damn condo. He'd offered her. He even had tried recently giving her money through his brother, but she refused it. She didn't want any help from anyone. She was suffering all because of him, and when he turned to the night stand. That was near the cribs that his children were sleeping peacefully in. He saw a picture of him and her. Gods. He was stupid. Stepping closer to the cribs he looked down at his half-blooded children. They were her, and his' how could he? Hate them? Looking into his daughter's crib she was so beautiful like her mother. She would have all the boys after her soon. Picking her up into his arms. He held her ageists his chest smelling her sweet scent. She smelled like him, and Kagome a beautiful scent indeed. His daughter then opened her eyes, she looked at him, and then cooed happily. Sesshomaru smiled down at his little baby girl in his arms. The feeling he felt could not be descried. All he knew was he need them.

Sesshomaru felt complete now he held both of his children. Walking over to the small twin size bed. Where his sleeping mate slept peacefully unaware her was lying next to her now. He wrapped his arms around her sleeping form. Kissed her lightly on the temple. That's when she opened her eyes, and felt him ageist her. She knew who was holding her. She felt terrified, and happy all at the same time. Trying to push away from him, but he held onto her closer. She wonder why her babies weren't crying. Which is what they was did when someone came into the apartment. She was now crying, and kicking now. He killed them! He did it! Oh, my god! That bastard! He killed my babies! Her thoughts screamed, as she kicked around, trying to push from the monster that was holding her. She couldn't speak at first since the shock of the children she loved could be dead. "LET ME GO!" she screamed ageist him.

"Shh, Kagome" He hushed her gently in his arms.

"LET ME GO!! YOU MONSTER!" she yelled on the top of her lunges. Which woke her sleeping bundles up. Kagome then stopped moving as she heard them. Sesshomaru then got up and to hold his daughter. She was shocked at the very lest. To see him holding their daughter. It was sight to see with you own eyes. It was beautiful. Then she notice their son was unattended. She reached for him and soothed away his fears. Sesshomaru was smiling at her, and their children.

After putting them back to sleep. Sesshomaru wrapped his arms around her again. He nuzzled ageist her soft skin. "I love you, and I want all to come home. I miss my family." He whispered into her ear.