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Chapter 1 of Crimson eyes and Piercing fangs.

"Please somebody….help…..please…..mom….." A little girl said as she shook her mothers gradually dieing body. The little girl was covered in her mothers blood which was now a pool around them of the sticky crimson liquid, but it didn't faze her. Her only priority right now was to try to get her mother up and out of the street. "Mom please…..please get up…..I'm sorry……I'm sorry for running into the street like that…….but…..but please get up mom…." The little girl said as she began to shake more still holding onto her mother's shoulders. A man that was pacing by had seen the hole thing happen.

He saw a little girl and her mother smiling and walking down the street when a gust of wind blew and the ribbon that was in the little girls hair got loose then flew off into the street, without even thinking he saw the little girl chase after it. The mother yelled for her to stop but apparently she didn't here her. The mother looked up and saw a truck headed down the street that her daughter was running into and began to yell louder. Finally the mother ran at her daughter, knocking her to the side as she jumped in front of the truck, pushing her away out of harms way. "Such a daring mother." The man with brown hair said to himself as he pulled out his phone and dialed the number for the ambulance as he crossed the street, and walked over to the little girl.

He rest his hand on the little girls shoulder, "little girl, are you ok?" He asked with a gentle voice. She didn't look at him, she just continued to look down at her mothers body, she gasped when she saw her mother lift an arm and give something to the man. He to gasped but took what she handed him any way. He read the note that she had handed to him then nodded. "I promise." He told the mother, she nodded and slowly began to close her now fogged eyes. "Tohru……..I…..love you…." She said as she caressed the cheek of her daughter who was now holding onto the hand that was touching her cheek. "Mom…please don't go! I'm sorry!" She said as she felt her mothers hand go limp and saw her head roll to the side freely.

"MOM!!!" Tohru yelled as she flung her arms around her mother's neck, sobbing more. The man only watched her feeling bad, he looked at the note that the mother had given him and put it in his pocket, "When the time comes." He said to himself. He scooped up the little girl in his arms and held her close to him, "its ok…" He said. She didn't even know who this man was, yet took his kindness any way. She held onto him tight not wanting to let him go right now, even thought he was a complete stranger, she felt as if she would be safe with this man.

He let the little Tohru cry on him and saw the ambulance pull up and a paramedic literally jump out of the back and straight to were the mother was. Other men came out of the ambulance with a stretcher and began to pick up the mothers deceased body. "NO!" The little girl yelled as she threw herself off of the man and grabbed onto her mother. "NO YOU CAN'T TAKE HER!!! SHE WON'T KNOW WERE SHE IS WHEN SHE WAKE'S UP!!! YOU CAN'T TAKE HER!!! NOO!!! Don't take mom! Please!" She said as one of the men struggled to pry the little girl off of the mother. The man with black hair looked at her then at the man. "Sir….this woman was her mother, do you mind if we went with you to make sure that she is taken care of?" he asked in polite tone.

Tohru looked at the man in surprise and saw that the man that he had asked only sighed and nodded. "Thank you! Thank you sir, thank you!" She said as she clung to the brown haired man's leg. He only smiled awkwardly and pat her on the head. "Come on now, you don't want to leave her alone with these men now do you?" He said as he picked her up and placed her in the back of the ambulance as he got in as well.

They rod in the ambulance, going at top speed, when they finally arrived at the hospital. They walked over to the front desk to check in. The little girl followed close by the man, even though she had no clue why, but all the while kept looking to the door that they had taken her mother threw. "Sir can I help you?" one of the nurses that was sitting at the front desk said as she peered over at him, lowering her glasses giving her a bitchy kind of lady look. (a/n sorry for the language…I could find no other word to describe her.). For some reason the man didn't here her, in fact, it was like if he wasn't even there. Tohru lifted an eyebrow at the peculiar man, "who is this man? Why is he here? Why am I here with him instead of mother? He looks like a statue, just standing their like if he wasn't even in his own body???" she thought as she stared at the man, she had finally stopped crying.

"O, I'm sorry, excuse me, but we are kind of in a hurry…you see this little girl's mother was just in an accident, and it looks like if it took a turn for the worst." The man said with a cracking voice. Tohru looked away from him, trying to hide the tears that were now rolling down her soft face. "O I'm sorry, little girl, would you like to go see your mother?" said a kind looking nurse who had come up behind the other one and was now looking down at Tohru. Tohru slightly turned to look at her, she had shoulder length black hair, grey brown eyes, and soft pink cheeks. Tohru tried to form a small smile and nodded. The woman smiled and walked out from behind the desk to were Tohru was and bent down, putting her hands on her knees so that she was now at eye level with the little Tohru.

"Would you like an ice cream? Maybe one for your mother as well?" The kind nurse said with a smile on her face, trying to give Tohru a little comfort. Tohru smiled then nodded. The nurse nodded as well then got back up to look at the man who was with Tohru, "Sir is it alright if I take her for a while?" She asked and waited for an answer, he shook a little, making the nurse behind the desk stand up and walk out from behind it, "Sir! Are you ok! Sir!" The bitchy nurse said. Suddenly, his shaking stopped and it looked like he had regained consciousness, for his eyes looked full again. She he was shaking, Tohru noticed that he went a little pale, and his eyes looked rather empty, but the thought quickly left her when the kind nurse asked her if she would like to get her an ice cream for her and her mother.

"It looks like he's fine now." The nice nurse said. "Sir, I asked if it would be ok if I could steel this little sweet heart away from you for a moment, she wanted to go get an ice cream for her and her mother." The kind nurse said. The man looked a little confused then looked closer at the name tag on the nurses shirt, "Of course nurse….Joy….but please be careful. I will be in the room with your mother so don't worry if you can't find me." He told Tohru as he pat her on the head and handed her six hundred yen. Tohru nodded and smiled, "Thank you very much." The young girl said as she took the money from the mans hand with hesitation. She still couldn't figure out why this man was so nice, and why he was helping her and her mother, but let it pass, accepting the little kindness that was offered to her.

She turned around to look at nurse Joy and smiled. "What flavor would you like?" She asked, and the nurse gasped. "O but aren't I the one who is supposed to ask you?" She said as she grabbed Tohru's and hand the walked together to the hospital cafeteria. The man watched as the two walked down the long hallway and turned the corner out of sight, he sighed and looked back at nurse bitchy and smiled. She let out a deep sigh, "Yeah?" She said as popped a stick of gum in her mouth and started to chew it, popping the bubbles in her mouth and chewing it with her mouth open, how disgusting, and rude! The young man blinked, "Umm well….can I go see her now?" he said, not knowing what he was supposed to say.

The nurse rolled her eyes and looked at him, "Look, you're a pretty cute guy, but your only getting if you fill out this form got it." She said as she shoved the clip board into his hands making him blink a few times before he took it and walked over to the waiting room were he began to fill it out.

Name: Honda, Katsuya.

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Relation to patient: spouse

Occupation: Guardian

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