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Chapter 3 of, Crimson eyes and piercing fangs.

"O this is soooo beautiful!!!!" Tohru exclaimed as she walked into the grate castle. "Yes it is quite magnificent." Katsuya said leading her threw two massive white gold encrusted ivory double doors that seamed to stretch higher then your eyes could follow without falling backwards. "Come let me show you your brand new room!" He said leading her down a long majestic hall way that had a beautiful everlasting emerald rug that went all the way down to the end of the hall. There were beautiful bay windows in the middle of the extravagant hall way, it had the most gorgeous tapestries and floral arrangements on beautiful ivory side tables that were found on the sides of the hall way.

They past many rooms on their way, a few of which really caught Tohru's eye; their was one that was covered in rubies and pearls and when the sun hit it just right it illuminated such a beautiful image of a sakura tree in full bloom with dancing petals all around it. There was a large wooden door that had an emerald and garnet encrusted bonze tree on it. But while they were walking there was one door that just stood out from the others. All the others had some sort of jewel on them and were so massive and elegant. But this one, this one looked like nothing more than an average door. It was the size of an average door; it was maid out of wooden planks and wasn't even painted. It was just a plain average door, yet for some reason, that door, out of all of the others, that door was the one that stuck in Tohru's mind the most.

Their were so many questions that she wanted to ask about this one door and what could be behind it, but she just couldn't attack her father with questions right when he was showing her, her new room of which she would be spending most of her life in. "Ok here it is." Katsuya said opening the door at the end of the hall. Tohru walked in and gasped, it was so beautiful. "O my, this is too much for me!" She said running over to her father. They had only known each other for a few hours now; they were already as close as if they had known each other since Tohru's birth. "Nonsense, nothing is too much for the daughter of the Captain Guardian, not in his ranks, no mam now you will live in luxury." He said giving her a welcoming smile, she nodded to him and gave him a smile of her own.

"May I ask, who's rooms are all of those in the hall way?" Tohru asked as she walked around examining the room to its full extent. It took a moment for Katsuya to think of what she was asking; it had been so normal for him to pass by those doors that he hardly noticed them any more. "O you mean the ones in the hall?" He asked walking over and sitting down on a beautiful French Riviera cream colored couch that had big beautiful pastel pink bows tied on the armrests and pastel pink and pastel floral pattern throw pillows on it. "Yea those, who do they belong to?" Tohru asked while touching the beautiful pastel pink drapes on one of the huge bay windows in the MASTERXMASTERXMASTERXMASTER room. "This room is so beautiful." Tohru said under her breath, not needing for it to be heard.

"It is very beautiful, and to answer you question, those thirteen rooms are never to be entered, EVER." Katsuya said in a very strict tone. A light blush grew upon Tohru's face, she hadn't wanted any one to hear what she had said but it was true, the room was elegant and beautiful, all light pastels and ribbons. "Why can't I go in their, what is in their?" She asked plopping down on the king sized bed. "What's in their should not concern you, at least not until you're ready; it is unnecessary to dwell on the subject any longer so its best to leave well enough alone." He said turning to the huge bay window and opening it up. "For now I shall call for your ladies maids to bring you supper, you need to get a good nights sleep, tomorrow we start your training. Good night for now and I will see you bright and early." Katsuya said as stretched out his majestic angels wings from his back and flapped them out a bit.

"That's just tooo cool!" Tohru said in awe as she ran over to her father's side. "Yes it is pretty fantastic, you will get your wings to, once you earn them that is, but for now you must wait for your supper then sleep. I shall be with you in the morning, good night my daughter." He said as he jumped out of the window and soared over many gardens and vast lakes, threw misty clouds and the star dust sky, all the way out of her sight.

Tohru let out a great sigh and closed the window; she walked around her room in awe until she spotted the closet. "Hmmm, I wonder what they have for me to wear??? He he he!" She thought mischievously as she maid her way over to it and pulled open the massive French double doors to reveal a whole other room inside of the closet. "This closet alone could fit about four of my mom and mines old apartments in it!!" She thought as she walked in and took a seat on one of the lacy stools that was near a large mirror in the center of the closet. "Look at all the beautiful kimono and yukata there is! O and such lovely skirts and blouses!" She said hopping off the stool and running hers over every different out fit.




"Hello? Young Miss, are you in here?" A young girl called. "Umm, yes, I'm in the closet, -giggle-" Tohru said as she maid her way out of the massive closet. "A here I am!" she said triping over herself as she entered the main part of the room. As soon as she came into view the young woman threw herself to the ground in a low bow. "Yes, young miss I have brought your supper." She said, not daring to look up at Tohru. "Umm, thank you, but you don't have to bow like that. Why don't you stand?" Tohru said walking over to help her up. "O no young Miss, it would be overly disrespectful for me to allow you to help me up!" The young woman said as she literally jumped up, still with her head down in a bow. "O no I don't mind, it's not disrespectful at all! Here umm, my names Honda Tohru, it's a pleasure to meet you!" She said bowing down quickly.

"O no young Miss, I do not disserve the pleasure to make your acquaintance!" The young woman said. "O no it's ok; it is me who doesn't disserve to make your acquaintance!" Tohru said still bowing down to the young woman. "Ummm, I don't think this is getting us any were….hello my name is Honda Tohru daughter of Honda Katsuya lead Captain Guardian, and Honda Kyoko, lead Captain Demon; and it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance." Tohru said giving the young woman a light courteous bow and curtsy. "May I ask your own name?" Tohru asked with a warm welcoming smile on her face.

"Umm, yes, my name is Sohma Kana; it's a great pleasure to make your acquaintance." Kana said with a courteous bow and curtsy of her own. "O no the pleasure is all mine, really; I do hope we can become friends in the near future!" Tohru said with a heavenly smile. "Yes, yes I would like that very much." Kana said with a smile of her own. "Good, I would like that too…now….may I ask what it is it that you hurried all the way here for?" Tohru asked closing the door behind Kana and leading her over into the resting area of the room.

"Umm, O yes, I was sent to bring you your supper!" Kana said running back over to the door to wheel in a cart full of silver dishes. She ran it over to the couch that Tohru was sitting with a huge smile plastered on her face. "Aaannndddd, tada!!!!! Curry, onigiri, sushi, takoyaki, red bean soup, leek portage, miso soup, and a pot sticker plate, all to your liking I hope!!" Kana said with an ever lasting smile on her face as she pulled the silver covers off of each dish to present to Tohru. "O my, I've never seen so many wonderful foods!!" Tohru said gawking at each dish that was presented to her. "Yes well you must eat here sit down and go crazy!" Kana said as she put a napkin on Tohru's lap and ran off into the closet.

"I wonder were she went?" Tohru thought, taking a spoon full of leek portage. "Mmmm this is so good!" She said taking a bit out of her pickled plum onigiri. "Enjoying your supper are we young Miss?" Kana said as she zipped back out of closet and over to Tohru with something in her arms. "A yes it's great! But…it's ok if you called me Tohru…" Tohru said taking a sip of her jasmine tea. "This is great!" She said silently taking another sip. "A yes young Mi-a Tohru-kun, uhhh, I brought you your night close, so please after you finish with your supper, you may go bath, unless you would rather just go straight off to bed?" Kana said putting Tohru's night close off to the side.

"Well, I guess if it's all right, if I could just sleep after this?" Tohru said taking a spoon full of curry. "O yes mam that is quite alright, just let me know when you're done so I could help you change into your night clothes." Kana said as she began to out turn the bed. "O no, its ok I can change by my self." Tohru said flailing her little arms all over the room. She may have been only eleven but she was still very polite for her age. "Ummm if it's what milady asks for, then I shall comply. Just tell me when you're done so I can take the trays away." Kana said letting out a sigh with a proud expression on her face for her accomplishment in overturning the bed in such a lovely and comfortable way.

"Ok, well would it be ok if I could keep some of this onigiri for the night, please?" Tohru asked taking the small plate from the tray which held the onigiri and adding a small amount of sushi to it. "Ummm, yes of course you may Tohru-kun, just leave the plate on the night stand when you're done." Kana said as she took Tohru's PJ's and laid them out on the bed, then ran over to the food cart and wheeled it out in such great speed, you would have most likely mist her if you blinked even once. "Good night?" Tohru said to no one unparticular.

Tohru slipped into her PJ's and walked over to the bay window and looked out into the floating world beyond the dusty clouds that the castle was floating on. "O mom, I wish you were here right now, I wish you could be with me right now; to see my new world and to tuck me in to bed and whisper soothing words to help me drift off to sleep. I know you aren't with me any more….but…I just want you to know that I still love you, and I'm still missing you. Please don't worry though, I'm safe here with dad and tomorrow I get to start my training, so I guess that's pretty cool right? Well any way, it's pretty late so I guess you have to go now so, good night mom and please be safe, I love you!" she said as she slowly walked over to her massive bed and snuggled into the blankets that brought her immediate warmth; sending her off into a quick blissful sleep.

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