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Summary: "I said I wasn't a teacher back in Keterburg, but there is something you need to learn. Your ignorance is really getting on my nerves." Yaoi warning (Jade X Luke) mature content in later chapters (yet to be added)

Note: if you see any spelling mistakes, grammar, etc. Let me know. I don't have a beta and I suck at life when it comes to typing and proofreading.


Chapter One: Heat of the Moment

The Mt. Zaleho volcano was by no means a pleasant place for Luke, or any of his companions. Tear looked faint as usual, her long brownish hair clinging to her face insistently no matter how much she tried to pull it away. Anise was so sick of the heat that she rode along on Tokunaga's back, miserably wishing that her outfit had been made of a thinner material. Natalia walked on with her eyes downcast, once in a while reaching up to wipe the sweat from her brow. Guy was walking alongside Luke, trying to think of the cold air in Keterburg. Jade was taking up the rear… and he looked perfectly comfortable. Luke stopped and looked back at Jade until the older man noticed his staring.

"What?" He asked, his mysterious smile never leaving his pale face. Luke shook his head, the others turned to look as well.

"...Every time we go someplace hot like this, I always wonder if Jade's using some kind of fonic arte to keep himself cool." Luke said, looking at guy and the others. Anise had fallen asleep, or passed out, on Tokunaga's back.

"Yes, I get the same feeling." Natalia muttered, eying the colonel sternly.

"That's not fair..." Mieu whimpered, hanging his head and wishing he could something other than spit fire, which only made it hotter.

"Oh, please. There's no way I could use fonic artes that precisely." Jade said innocently.

"No... There has to be some secret to it... Maybe in those clothes...?" Guy suggested, giving Jade a mischievous look.

"Yes, Malkuth could easily have invented air-conditioned uniforms." Natalia replied, taking a step closer to Jade.

"...Take it off." Luke said clearly, pointing his index finger at Jade.

"What?" Jade half-cried in surprise.

"Yeah, take it off." Guy grinned and stepped closer, near Natalia.

"Yes, remove it right now!" The Kimlascan princess demanded.

"Take...it...off!" Mieu growled, jumping up and tugging on the back of Jade's jacket.

"C-calm down, you... Wh-what are you...?!" Jade stuttered, trying to pull Mieu off as Guy and Natalia each grabbed one of his sleeves.

"...I can't believe you're trying to undress a soldier in his thirties! How could you?!" Tear cried in disbelief at the sight before her.

"Come on! He's got some kind of secret!" Luke said and joined the others.

"This nonsense! Get off!" Jade moaned in indignation. Tear only watched mutely, before turning away in embarrassment for the colonel when Natalia had yanked off his pants.

"Silk boxers colonel?" Guy asked, laughing.

"Damn you all!" Jade hissed as Luke and Mieu pulled off his jacket.

"There aren't any air conditioners…" Luke said and disgustedly threw the coat back to Jade who caught it. Luke then fully noticed that the colonel was indeed standing there in nothing but his boxers. A sudden, unexplainable feeling came over him and he couldn't help but stare…

"Of course not… What's wrong with you?" Jade snapped, noticing Luke staring blankly at his bare chest.

"Nothing!" Luke squeaked and ran over to where Tear was.

"Are you satisfied?" She asked, disgust evident in her normally even voice. Luke only shook his head mutely. Pointedly not looking as the others handed jade his clothes and he put them back on. But what was that feeling?


Later that night, at that filthy little Inn in Daath, Luke lay awake, his emerald eyes trained, at the ceiling. In the bed to his right Guy was fast asleep and snoring lightly. To his left, Jade slept with his back to the redhead, facing the window. Once in a while he would move slightly or seem to say something. It was evident that he wasn't sleeping either.

At the sight of Jade, Luke's thoughts drifted back to the events of that afternoon. Just what was that feeling? Why had he been so embarrassed when Jade questioned him for staring? Why was he even staring? In Luke's unconscious mind, the image of the half-naked colonel suddenly appeared. No! Stop thinking about it! He thought desperately, trying to erase the image. But try as he might, Luke just couldn't force it out of his thoughts. For hours all Luke could think about was the incident in the volcano and the seemingly frail, smooth skinned, nearly fully exposed body of the colonel.

In annoyance, Luke gave up trying to sleep and sneaked out of the room. Alone he walked down the main street of the cathedral city, stopping in the square to look up at the monument in the center of town. All the vendors were closed and there was not a person in sight. The only sound was the soft mewing of a cat in the distance that had probably been accidentally locked out.

With a heavy sigh, Luke sat down on the edge of the fence near the monument and stared ahead toward the city gate. As he contemplated leaving town to go for a walk along the pilgrim's road outside the cathedral city, he heard someone approaching from behind. Quickly Luke jumped down from the fence and turned back toward the inn, not wanting to be caught out so late. But his heart sank when he caught sight of the person who he had heard.

"Luke? What are you doing out here?" Jade had appeared behind him. He had taken off his jacket and was only wearing a thin white button-down shirt with the rest of his uniform.

"Nothing. What are you doing?" Luke said, carefully avoiding making eye contact. But that feeling had returned, and he was suddenly very nervous about being alone in the darkened city street with the fair-haired necromancer.

"I thought I would take a walk. It's a lovely night." Jade said, also pointedly avoiding showing his true intentions.

"Yeah…" Luke said vaguely and made to walk back to the inn. "Have fun with that."

"Wait, Luke. Why don't you come with me? I could collapse in my old age…" Jade said, smiling even more innocently that usual. Behind his glasses, Jade's scarlet eyes glinted mischievously.

"I doubt you'd collapse, you're stronger than the rest of us." Luke said, his back to the colonel.

"Too bad. You're coming." Jade said sweetly and grabbed Luke by the arm.

"What!? Let go!" Luke cried, struggling. Eventually Luke gave in and followed Jade through the city gate. They encountered a few pathetically weak monsters along the way that jade wordlessly obliterated with Blessed Drops and Infernal Prison. Luke merely stood back and watched, seeing as he hadn't had the sense to bring his sword with him. All along the way, he observed Jade's movement as he fought, admiring his well-planned, decisive attacks and the resolve with which he cast his artes.

Before long they had arrived at the road the followers of Lorelei took on their pilgrimages to the cathedral in Daath. During the day it was a busy place full of passersby and even the occasional cat or dog. But under the thick velvety veil of night, the place was deserted save for the colonel and the replica. Wordlessly, Luke walked away and sat on a rock alongside the road, the pale moonlight reflecting softly from his bright red hair that not so long ago been almost past his waist in length. Jade sat down beside him and looked up at the stars which were unusually bright.

"So then, Luke. Do you want to tell me what's been bothering you?" Jade asked, looking back towards the redhead. Luke held his gaze upon the leaves of the tree beside him so that he wouldn't turn back to Jade and risk having the colonel see him blushing.

"There isn't anything wrong." Luke lied, his voice shaking slightly.

"No?" Jade said, leaning closer to Luke. "You need to work on your Lying Luke, it's terrible."

"I'm sorry I can't pull it off as well as you! Not everyone likes to keep people who trust them in the dark about who they really are!" Luke said without thinking and glared at Jade. Jade sighed and said nothing more. Instead he reached out and took a hold of Luke's shirt collar and pulled him closer. "What are you doing?!" Luke Gasped and tried to push himself away.

"I said I wasn't a teacher back in Keterburg, but there is something you need to learn. You're ignorance is really getting on my nerves." Jade explained. Luke made to reply, but Jade clamped one of his hands over the replica's mouth. Luke froze. Why was that feeling there again, clawing at his heart? "Listen to me Luke. You may have the appearance of a seventeen year old, but mentally you are still a child. There are some things… you just aren't old enough to understand. Are you willing to learn? I will show you." Luke trembled involuntarily. What exactly was Jade planning. Mutely, Jade let go of Luke.

"Yes!" He gasped, realizing that the colonel had been expecting an answer, but even Luke knew that it probably didn't matter. Whatever it was Jade was planning, he would surely go ahead with it, even if Luke had said no.

Jade smiled warmly and pulled Luke against him in a tight embrace. In surprise Luke tried to pull himself away, but the colonel had him efficiently trapped. It took all of the self control Luke had (which obviously isn't much) to keep himself from whimpering like a child. All the while, the feeling that had been plaguing Luke's every thought since that afternoon grew even stronger. But suddenly… He wasn't so afraid of it. Slowly Luke relaxed into Jade's embrace, as he came to realize that it actually felt really good.

He couldn't help but be surprised at how warm the Colonel felt, and how soft his touch was as he ran his fingers smoothly through Luke's hair. All Luke had ever really seen of Jade was his seemingly cruel sarcasm and coldness, he had never seen past that soft disarming smile. Had it been this more gentle, caring side of his personality that Jade had been hiding so carefully?

Luke tensed involuntarily as Jade tilted his head so that their eyes met and ran his thumb tenderly across Luke's lips. Jade smiled warmly and before Luke could say anything, Jade pressed his lips against Luke's. This time, Luke did whimper and clutched tightly at the soft material of Jade's simple white shirt. He trembled meekly as Jade broke off the kiss.

"Relax, Luke. Now let's try that again, shall we? You can do better." Jade chided, wrapping his fingers around a few thick red curls of Luke's hair before pulling him into another, much more gentle kiss. This time Luke relaxed and thoroughly enjoyed the sweet, soft, scent of Jade's cologne and the soothing feeling of their lips touching. It didn't take too long for Luke to catch on before he returned the kisses with just as much tenderness and warmth as Jade had given him.

"Jade… Why are you doing this?" Luke asked blankly, his head resting against the colonel's chest.

"Hmm… I don't know. Perhaps I have taken a liking to you. Though, naturally… No one else is to know about this. And by that I mean absolutely no one. Not even Mieu. I could deal with them knowing about Nebilim. This is different. They'll never respect me again." Luke was astonished. Was that worry in Jade's voice?

"I won't say a thing… If you'll promise to show me more." Luke said smiling just as darkly as Jade.

"It is a promise." Jade said firmly. "Oh... and one other thing... I'll kill you myself if you go out in the middle of the night without a sword again, idiot." Luke couldn't help but blush miserably. With that they returned to the inn, somehow managed to go unnoticed and finally Luke was able to sleep. He had fallen in love with Jade… Sure it was strange, and he had to keep it a secret, but at least he was finally able to understand his feelings…


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