The taste of a kiss

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Chapter oneĀ­

(Lily's POV)

"Yay, two more days till this stupid ball is over!" I said to my two best friends Arabella and Alice as we walked by the lake.

"Why don't you like all this ball stuff Lil?" asks Alice," I enjoy all the make up and fancy dress."

"I agree with Lils, it's all a waste of time." Arabella announced.

"Yeah and what's more is that pigheaded Potter keeps asking me what I'm gonna wear!" I say.

"Well come to think of it he hasn't asked you out much this year" states Arabella,

"And he hasn't done many pranks and annoyed snape on purpose" says Alice.

"O yeah and he's matured a lot maybe that's because he's head boy, I don't know" says Arabella.

"Please don't remind me that he was made head boy and that I have to work with him" I say getting a little agitated.

'Come on Lils, you must have noticed that he has changed a lot over the summer." Reminds Alice

"Alice no matter how many times you say that we are perfect for each other I will not go out with him!" I shouted, not even noticing that one of Potter's friends was behind us in which he raced inside.

(James POV)

"Sirius if only she could just notice that I have changed, It would make this so much easier!" I said as I lumped into the heads common room followed by Sirius.

Sirius answered "Don't worry man anyway it won't take long to notice her at the ball with hair like hers."

I sighed, "Sirius, please don't start on the hair! Yes it's beautiful as she walks and does her day to day activities but from what I hear practically all my fan club is dying their hair red like Lily's so that I pick one of them." As I sit down on one of couches by the fire and Remus ran in panting.

"James you'll never guess what I just overheard!" he said as he ran over to me.

"If it's anything to do with my fan club, I don't want to hear it and I don't feel like Lily talk at the moment." I said.

"Oh this you will want to hear about Lily." said Remus with a grin on his face.

"What is it?" I sais sighing

"Well as they were walking by the lake I overhear Lily say how she hates balls then she complained how you asked what she was wearing for the like hundredth time. Then she complained how you were made head with her, trust me I haven't even figured how you were even made head(Sirius started to laugh), and then her friends were trying to convince her that you had changed" rambles Remus until I cut across

"What her friends notice but not her!"

"Don't worry Prongs there are more fish in the sea." Says Sirius, still laughing.

"That not all after her friend said how much you had changed she kind of agreed that you had but-"

"YES, SHE FINALLY NOTICED!!" I shout at the top of my voice.

"Oh and she said that her friend says that you guys would make a good couple but-"


"But the bad thing is she still won't go out with you, sorry mate but at least one good thing came from it." Finishes Remus.

"Oh well I guess I'll just be a loner at the ball." I sigh.

Don't worry Remus and I ill go and we can be the three musketeers. Well until we see a girl that catches our eyes" Said a smiling Sirius

"Padfoot, you know I'm going as a prince right? Not a musketeer!" I state to Sirius.

:Oh well I'll drag Peter into it then." As he said this he left to what I think was to either find Peter or a girl to snog.

"Remus what am I gonna do if I don't win Lily over by the end o the year?' I moan to Remus.

"Well you could put on hold the pranks and misbehaviour for a while that is one thing she always complains about Oh and we'll have to do something about your hair for the ball." he says..

"Why do we need to do something to my hair? I say half shocked my hair was how I got the girls.

"Well most guys with short black hair like yours are going to mess their hair up like yours so if we smooth yours down you'll be less noticeable." He answered, "Oh yeah and I found a spell to make yours eyes perfect for a short time so you don't need your glasses."

"Thanks Moony oh and by the way how do you know all that stuff about Lily? I ask.

"well if you remember I became her friend in 2nd year, so yeah I know enough about her to notice that I caught her staring at the back of your head in charms last month." With that he left leaving my stunned to the spot at what he just said.