Author's Note (please read…it's very important!):

Sorry, not a chapter! Don't report me!

I would just like to tell you that I am temporarily discontinuing this story!

I'll keep it up for now, because I don't think I have the files with the chapters anymore, but I will be editing them a little and reposting them when I have time!

I have exams this week, and my other two stories, "The Wonder of Fate" and "Transformed" are my main priorities right now. I recommend you read them!

I am really sorry, but this story will be picking up again…in the summer. Sorry! But school is really hectic, and I'm in the middle of two other stories! I can't handle a third one. I hate to do this to all of you! I am really sorry!

Goodbye, for the time being (unless you check out my other stories…they're like, ten times better then this one!).