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Green Seas and Ice Storms

By FujiLovesMe

A few days later, Tezuka stepped out of the shower and was inspecting his now yellowing bruise. He winced slightly at his own touch. It had been a powerful blow. One he had not been expecting from such a small girl at such an inopportune time. She later explained her presence as to have been training during her rehabilitation period as to avoid his welcome back party.

The slightly out of breath regulars had just finished running the proposed laps when the girl from earlier approached the tennis courts.

"Tess-chan! You came!" shouted Eiji jumping on her. She stumbled before switching her body weight to support the boy.

"Eiji! Get off her!" Oishi was in a panic and pulled his partner off of the small girl. "Tessa, are you okay! You're not hurt are you? Let me see your leg, you may have hurt-"

"Oishi. It's fine. I'm fine."

"Are you sure? I can take you to the nurse if you need it."

"It's okay, Oishi. Although, I'm not too sure about your captain here…I hit him pretty hard," answered Tessa.

"…that was you?"

A chorus of surprise sounded as all eyes turned to their captain.


She had apologized again although seemed to understand that it wasn't serious. She sat with the regulars at lunch and a few of the boys took turns practicing with her after their scheduled practices. She was a superb athlete although she wouldn't play for more than a few games without stopping.

Tessa had also seemed to not have a problem with his lack of speaking and seemed to enjoy the moments of silence when they were left alone: he would stay to lock up the lockerooms as she packed up.

Tezuka made sure that everything was cleaned up and all the tennis equiptment was back in it's proper place when he came across Tessa. She was sitting on the side of the tennis courts and appeared to be looking in a hand mirror.

"You're very lucky."


"Your team cares very much about you," she said quietly as she put away the mirror.


"They're always watching one another…making sure everyone is taken care of. Especially Oishi…he is very generous." They sat without speaking for a few minutes longer.

As Tessa stood up to leave she said, "Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." He looked up at her. His eyes met wide green eyes. One of her eyes was clouded. Was she blind? How had he not figured that out? Why hadn't anyone told him?

"Goodbye Tezuka."

She left the courts.


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