Note: This story came from a set of oneshots that I wrote, but you don't have to read them to get it. It's an AU where Dean's the younger brother. Oh, and the ages of the boys in this? I made Dean young, he's twenty here. I was thinking eighteen but there's some stuff that I want to do that wouldn't have worked out if he was only eighteen in this.

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Sam wasn't sure what he was doing. He was a little trapped, though, and he had had the notion to find his family, but that was proving easier said than done. He didn't really know what else he could do, though.

The fact that he would never be able to go back to school didn't anger him as much after nearly two months on the road, but he still felt a little sore about it. The way that he had ended up having to break things off with Jess still hurt but it was getting a little better.

He had basically been driving a little aimlessly for a while now. He had gone on a few hunts, but he found he hated hunting alone. Hell, he had hated this life when he wasn't alone.

After everything that had happened, he felt the urge to find his family. That, however, proved to be easier said than done. His dad's phone went strait to voicemail whenever he called, and the old number he had for Dean's phone wasn't in service anymore.

Sam wasn't sure how he felt about this. Something deep inside of him knew that he deserved it. That he didn't deserve to see Dean again. But he still couldn't keep down the urge to find his brother.

Sam figured that John and Dean were looking for the demon, so Sam started looking for it as well. He called some of John's old friends to see if they had heard from either Dean or John, as well.

It was with great reluctance that one of his dad's old contacts admitted that Dean had contacted him for advise on a hunt just the day before. Sam sighed, relieved. Dean was in a small town in Alabama at the moment. Sam just hoped that he could get there before Dean left.

When Sam finally got to town, he was relieved to find that Dean hadn't solved the hunt yet, which meant he hadn't left town. Sam checked around town, deciding that following the hunt was probably the best way to find Dean.

It took a little bit but Sam found out that there seemed to be a spirit residing in the old abandoned house on the outskirts. He parked some ways away from the house, and stopped, beyond relieved when he saw the Impala parked near the woods leading up to the house.

Sam got out his shotgun and walked warily up to the house. He was nearly to the door when he heard a shout coming from inside the house. Panic seized him for a moment and he sprinted the rest of the way to the door and burst through it. He looked around the first room quickly before heading to the next door.

Before Sam could open the door, though, it burst open and Sam brought his shotgun up. He found himself pointing the gun at his younger brothers face. Sam was so shocked that he didn't lower his gun immediately.

Dean had stopped short, and was staring at Sam, shock displayed on his face as well. They both stood there for several moments, rooted in place. Sam's eyes widened further when he saw something behind Sam, though.

"Down!" Sam yelled. Dean didn't question it, he simply dropped down and Sam unloaded the shotgun. The spirit dissipated immediately. Sam cursed a little. The thing had nearly gotten Dean because they had just been standing there.

"Do you know how to get rid of this thing." Dean nodded, standing. He seemed to be over his shock, at least for the moment while they were still in danger.

"I know where his bones are."

"Then why are you here?" Dean scowled at him.

"Probably because their buried under the house." Dean said. "I dug them up but the damn thing forced me out before I could get rid of them." Sam nodded, and for the first time noticed the bruises that marred the side of Dean's face. Sam gestured to Dean with the shotgun. "I'll cover you." Sam said. Dean snorted and gave him a look.

"Whatever." Dean walked back into the room and Sam saw the place where Dean had pulled back the floorboards and Sam caught sight of the bones buried beneath. It looked like Dean had already salted the corpse even.

Sam watched his brother as he picked up a fallen match book and lit one, throwing it on the bones. The spirit appeared before them, and Dean cocked his head to the side and watched as the thing disappeared again for the final time.

Dean glanced over at Sam for a moment before walking quietly past Sam and out the door. Sam followed warily. He had been dreading this and hoping for it for two months now, but he didn't think it would be a happy family reunion.

Sam followed Dean back outside and towards the cars. Dean was quiet, and Sam wasn't sure what to say. When they reached the cars, Dean stopped, staring out at nothing for a moment.

When he turned to Sam and met his eyes, Sam had to stop himself from staggering back. For a split second there was so much pain reflected in Dean's green eyes. To much, Sam thought, for a twenty year old.

"Why are you here, Sam?" He asked finally, his eyes hardening again, becoming unreadable.

"Looking for you, actually." Sam said. Guilt was threatening to eat his insides away as he watched his brother.

"Oh, yeah? And why, exactly, were you looking for me?" Sam hesitated for a moment, then sighed.

"Look, some things happened, and I wanted to find you." Sam ran a hand through his hair. "Where is dad? Why are you hunting alone?" Dean shrugged.

"Don't know where dad is. He disappeared a couple of weeks ago. Haven't heard from him since."

"He's not-" Sam cut himself off, and frowned.

"He's not dead, if that's what your asking." Dean said calmly. "Just doesn't want to be found." Sam's frown deepened.

"So, wait. He left you alone?" Sam asked, feeling anger rise a little in him. Dean shrugged again.

"Why not, you did." Sam flinched a little at the words, and felt his anger replaced by guilt. Dean walked over to the Impala and opened the door.

"Wait, Dean. We need to talk." Dean looked up at him and Sam could see everything reflected in his brothers gaze again.

"There's nothing to talk about." Dean said, and hopped into the Impala. Sam cursed as Dean started to pull out and went to his car, getting in and turning it on hastily. There was no way he was losing Dean after two months of looking for him.

Note: I know this is a little fast paced, sorry. I meant it to be, though.