Note: Okay, so this is my last chapter. I actually thought this was going to turn out longer with the demon and everything, but this fic turned out to be just a Sam/Dean bonding fic. Hope you guys like this. This chapter is really short, and kind of mushy.

They had gotten there to late. Dean and Sam hadn't talked much on the way there, Dean was to nervous. When they had finally gotten there and found out they were to late to stop his vision, his stomach had dropped and he had fallen even more quiet.

He stared at the smoking ruins of the house. He had known the demon was going to be there and he was still to late. Sam was quiet as they went and got another motel room in town.

Dean knew Sam was freaked a little bit about all of this, but Dean couldn't really think about anything but the fact that they hadn't got there in time. That another mother had died tonight. What the hell was the use of these visions if they didn't give him enough warning to stop them?

He walked into the motel room and stared around. He felt a little trapped at the moment. He knew Sam would probably want to talk about this whole vision thing. Dean had only blurted out that he had them sometimes and that they always come true before. Dean didn't think he could talk about it right now, though.

"Dean." Sam said, closing the motel room quietly. He was watching Dean warily, now. Dean looked over at him. Great, now Sam probably thought he was a freak. Which, okay, he kind of was.

"Please, Sam." Dean said, sitting down tiredly on the edge of one of the beds. "I don't want to get into a big discussion on this. I don't know why I get them, just that I do." Sam sat down on the bed next to him.

"It's going to be okay, you know." He said quietly. Dean let out a short humorless laugh. He appreciated what Sam was trying to do and that he wasn't grilling him on his visions, but he didn't know if he believed the words. Still, he had liked having Sam around lately.

"What's the point?" Dean asked. "What's the point of this if they don't change anything?"

"We can't save everyone, Dean. This wasn't your fault." Dean looked down at his hands for a moment. Sam put a hand on his shoulder. Dean blinked back tears. He closed his eyes to keep them back.

He couldn't say it, but he was glad Sam was there. It was hard, trusting Sam again after everything that had happened, after Sam had left the way he had. But he did, anyways. And the fact that Sam wasn't questioning him now about this was only reinforcing that.

There was also the fact that he had actually slept through most of the nights since he had started traveling with Sam again. He knew Sam was giving up sleep to help him.

Sam didn't push him, he was just there. There when Dean needed him and ever since he had faced the spirit that had made his worst fears real, he had begun to realize that maybe Sam would be there, that he wouldn't leave this time.

Dean laid back on the bed and without asking Sam laid down next to him. Dean let a small smile out at that. He knew that he would have nightmares tonight, he always did, especially after that vision, but he also knew that Sam would be there.

"Hey, Sam." Dean said as he started to drift off.

"Yeah, Dean?"

"I think it's going to be enough." He said. He caught the beginnings of a smile coming to Sam's face as he closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep. Yeah, it still hurt, everything did, but he thought, maybe, with his big brother there, he might be okay someday.