Title: Bed

Fandom: Prince of Tennis

Character(s) or Pairing: Jiroh, Atobe

Rating: G

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count: 534

Summary: Jiroh hogs Atobe's bed.

A/N: Written for a friend and a personal writing challenge.


The bed looked too comfortable to ignore, and Jiroh, for all that he could fall asleep anywhere he wanted to, did appreciate comfort as much as the next person, especially after having Atobe as a friend, and then a roommate, for as long as Jiroh had. The bed looked appealing, especially when he considered his own, currently unmade bed that seemed to be miles away (the hall and the distance between his room and Atobe's was not far, but he was sleepy) and a nap - just a short one - was needed.

Which was why Atobe found his roommate asleep on his, Atobe's bed, curled up in soft sheets and hugging the down pillow.

"Jiroh," Atobe said, loudly, just above Jiroh's ear, "wake up." And followed his orders by reaching over to shake Jiroh's shoulder, receiving, as he expected, no reply. Jiroh simply shifted and clung a little more firmly to the pillow. Atobe sighed and dropped his hand, seeing no point in even attempting to try again to wake up Jiroh - it would be pointless, for Jiroh was firmly asleep and would be that way for hours, unless something interesting happened between now and then. And Jiroh could sleep with the lights on, and noise in the background, Atobe knew, although the fact that his friend was asleep in his room prompted him to turn his music down low as he set out to work.

Time passed - a few minutes, an hour or two, Atobe wasn't sure, having lost himself in the assignment he was working on - when he heard the first mumblings from Jiroh, and turned to face the bed, ready to order Jiroh to his own bed.

But Jiroh wasn't sitting up or even shifting, simply talking, and Atobe turned the music off completely, moving closer to the bed in order to hear.

"You smell really nice," he was mumbling. "Almost like Keigo, but you're warmer and more fluffy than he is. A better pillow." And here Atobe frowned to himself, watching Jiroh's hand inch its way up the bed to the pillow and cling to it. "I wanna keep you forever and ever."

Jiroh's mumbling was soft, growing softer by the minute, and Atobe quickly found himself standing next to the bed, leaning in closer to the middle of it to hear his friend better.

"But if I keep you forever soon you won't smell like Keigo. So maybe I'll put you back in here every now and then. But don't worry, I'll take you back. I love you, pillow. Do you love me?"

Jiroh shifted on the bed and Atobe drew back when he realized his roommate was now facing him. But there was no need, for Jiroh's eyes were still closed, although he was now frowning.

"Why aren't you answering?" Jiroh mumbled, snuggling into the pillow more, his fingers tightening around it. "You don't love me?"

Atobe wavered for a moment, and then made up his mind: he reached over to run his fingers through Jiroh's hair, and whispered, "Aa, I do love you."

Jiroh's frown quickly disappeared, replaced with a smile, and the next thing Atobe heard was a snore from his friend.