A/N: Hey everyone!!! I decided to write a new fanfic. I am pretty sure that you will love this fanfic. I know I do. Anyway, I might need to explain a few things first. Ok, so, this takes place while everyone is in eighth grade. Alex is a character I made up. Jacob is not a werewolf. The Cullens aren't the Cullens. It's Alice Brandon, Jasper Whitlock, Rosalie Hale, Edward Mason, Emmett McCarty. BUT here is the twist Esme and Carlisle are still married and Edward is their son. Anyway, here is the story!!!!

Bella's POV

First day of eighth grade and I already hate a few of my teachers. How sad. I have made it to sixth period. History. Yuck. I sat down at a table that no one was sitting at. One by one the rest of the students came in. I saw many new faces and plenty of familiar faces. Lauren and Jessica came and sat down at my table. I looked around and saw how many people were in my class. Eric came over and sat with us as well. The teacher then came in.

"Good Morning class!" She said. I could tell that she didn't want to be here right now. She soon began placing us in seats that we would sit in for the next six weeks. The teacher placed me in front of a boy named Jacob that I had never seen before. Sitting next to me was Embry and diagonal from me was Alex. Most of these people had gone to elementary school with me. People like Lauren, Embry, and Alex. I had never met or seen Jacob before. Even when we went to the same school in seventh grade. Jacob looked up at me. His blue eyes shining.

"Hi." he said. His eyes shined so brightly.

"Hi." I said, returning the greeting. I looked away. I soon started up a conversation with Alex. Jacob then got my attention.

"Hey, umm, what's your name?" He said shyly.

"My name is Isabella, but everyone calls me Bella. And your name is Jacob I assume?" I said trying to see if he was anything like what I had heard from Alice and Angela.

"Yeah, my name is Jacob." He said, then turned away. I looked around and waited patiently for the teacher to start the lesson. The teacher came around and put papers in the middle of each set of desks. I took a piece of paper and as I did so everyone else followed my example. I looked over the paper and realized that this was something that I would have to go home and get signed tonight. The teacher then started going over the paper she had handed out. As soon as the teacher was done I slipped the paper into the pocket in the front of my binder. I looked up and saw that Jacob was doing the same thing. I closed my binder and put it under my desk.

"Umm, Bella?" A voice said. It was a voice I had not yet recognized. I looked up and saw Jacob looking at me.

"Yeah?" I answered. Jacob looked surprised that I was talking to him. I couldn't see why he thought that I wouldn't talk to him. I mean Alice and Angela (my two bestest friends in the world) keep saying that I am an all around person. It doesn't matter who you are, chances are I will probably talk to you.

"Umm, never mind." He said. He looked really nervous. I wonder why. Just as the teacher had finished talking, the bell rang. Everyone got out of their seats and headed off to their next class. My next class was Science. I knew that Alice was in this class with me as well. I hurried off to tell Alice all about the people in my History class.