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Bella's POV

I was telling Angela about what Jacob had said when I spotted Alice. I hurried through the rest of my story, watching Alice as I did. Angela didn't have much input so I just continued. When I was finally finished, I was about to go over to be by Alice when Mike pulled her to the side. I wonder what he was telling her. Mike always knows everything, so I wouldn't doubt he was just gossiping. Wouldn't surprise any there. As I continued watching Alice and Mike, I thought about Jacob and what I would do tomorrow. As soon as Mike walked away from Alice, laughing, I walked over to Alice. She seemed kinda wary. Stupid Mike. I knew there were reasons why I didn't like him all that much.

"Hey Alice," I said calmly. "What was that about?" I asked pointing towards Mike, who was still laughing. She looked at me as though she were having a mental debate. I rolled my eyes. "Whatever you are debating about not telling me, you might as well tell me. How bad could it be?" I pushed.

"How bad could it be? You want to know bad? Mike knows so much it isn't even funny anymore! He freaking knows about you and Jacob." Alice said just slightly above a whisper so no one else would hear her. I felt the blood rush to my face.

"Oh my gosh! Are you serious?!?!" I replied suddenly frantic. I turned around looking for Mike. "MIKE!!! GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE!!!!" I yelled. Some things never change. Ever. Mike made his way over to where Alice and I were standing.

"What do you want?" Mike said smuggish. I rolled my eyes. "Oh, why did you say yes to Black? I mean, he is like, the most weirdest kid. I can't believe you." I sighed. Yeah, some things definitely never change. Take Mike for an example.

"Ok, first, where did you hear that I was going out with Jacob? I mean, honestly." I said. He had better not lie. If he did, Alice and Angela would know. I would rip his throat out if he lied. "Wait, before you answer that, hang on. ANGELA!" I called. Angela made her way over to the little group. "Go on." I said.

"No one told me. It is kind of obvious." Mike replied. How could it be obvious? I never sat at lunch with Jacob. It didn't make sense. I told Mike to stay where he was and we would be right back. Alice, Angela, and I walked over a few spaces and chatted. I asked if he lied and they both said no. At times, I wish they couldn't tell if someone lied or not. We walked back over to where Mike was standing.

"Ok, I believe you. But, how is it obvious? I hardly sit ext to him at lunch. And the one class I have with him, you aren't in. How is it obvious?" I asked.

"The way you look at him when you go by him in the hallway. The look he gives you when he goes by you in the hallway. It kind of gives it away." He replied. I guess I would have to stop looking at him in the hallways. I pulled out my cell phone to see what time it was. When I saw the time, I realized that I had to go. I quickly said my goodbyes and left. I raced to my mom's van and climbed in. The other girls my mom picked up looked at me funny.

"What took you so long?" My mom asked me. She always did that. Like I care though. I am close to my mother and I tell her a lot.

"I was conversing with Alice, Angela, Rosalie, and Mike. They really know how to keep talking." I said breathlessly. I wish my mom didn't have to pick up some of these younger girls. Take Savannah for example. She was so annoying. Her mom had past away about a year ago. Her dad asked my mom to pick her up from school and keep her at our house until her brother got off of school. Within the first few weeks of school, we had found food disappearing. My brother and I weren't eating them either. It had to have been Savannah. There was one day when my dad brought home some chocolate candy for my mom, when my mom got home from dropping off kids, there were like three pieces left. And she said that before she went to get us, there were like ten. So Savannah must have been eating them. So, now, we have to hide any food we have. It kind of sucked. My mom dropped me and Savannah off at my house. I went inside, set my stuff down, and made my way upstairs. I turned on my computer and got on IM. Alice was already on. I started IMing her.

[16:01 GigglesForever: Hey!

[16:01 BubblesNeverPop: Hey!

[16:01 GigglesForever: I still cant believe that Mike knows about Jacob!

[16:02 BubblesNeverPop: I KNOW! That is unreal! It kind of doesn't make sense though. Why would he be watching anyway?

[16:02 GigglesForever: I don't know. It makes you wonder though.

[16:02 BubblesNeverPop: Yeah, it does. Omg! I have to go with my dad to the hardware store! Yuck!

[16:02 GigglesForever: Ew. BORING! Good luck with that. I think I'm just gonna let you suffer. Lol. Call me when you get home.

[16:03 BubblesNeverPop: Yeah, some friend you are. And I will call. Crap! My dad is yelling now. . I will talk to you later.

[16:03 GigglesForever: Ok. Bye.

BubblesNeverPop is offline.

I exited out of the IM and shut off my computer. I grabbed my cell phone and put it in my pocket. I made my way downstairs and saw Savannah sitting quietly on the couch, watching TV. I rolled my eyes and snuck around to the kitchen. As soon as I was in the kitchen, I made my way over to the pantry. I opened the door and saw some Slim Jim. I grabbed one and took it upstairs. I had my binders and bags on my floor. I quickly picked up my Algebra/Science binder and took out my homework. Before I started working on it, I opened my Slim Jim. I took a bite out of it and grabbed a pencil. I started scribbling numbers and letters all over the page. I finished my Algebra homework within 15 minutes. I pulled out all of my other binders and looked to see if I had any homework. I remembered my History teacher telling us to study, so that obviously meant something. 10 minutes into my studying, I heard the doorbell ring. I put down all work I had had in my lap and rushed down the stairs. I unlocked and opened the door.

"Savannah!" I called. I loved when this time came every day. The time she gets picked up. I hated having her around because she cut into my friend time. I locked the door and rushed back upstairs. I considered calling Rosalie, then thought better of it. I thought about calling Angela, but knowing her she was still working on homework. Typical. I have no one to talk to. Great. Then, the phone suddenly rang, pulling me out of my thoughts. I looked at the number and saw it was Alice. I quickly answered.

"Hey," I said. I liked talking to Alice. Everything seemed to change. Every weight lifted from my shoulders disappeared. Always. I know I would literally die if something were to happen to Alice. I know I would die if something happened to our friendship.

"Hey, what's up?" Alice replied.

"Nothing much really. Just finished doing my homework." I said. So our conversations aren't all that 'juicy'.

"WOW! You actually did your homework?" Alice said laughing.

"Shut up, Alice." I said giggling. Our conversation went on for about an hour when my mom told me to get off the phone and go eat. I went downstairs and asked where we were going.

"You will see when we get there." My dad said mysteriously. I wish he would quit doing that. My brother and I climbed into my dad's little silver car. Once my parents got into the car, we were off.

(A/N: I don't want to describe where they go or what they eat because I am hungry enough as is. . )

Once we got back, I ran upstairs and turned my computer on. I signed on to IM and saw Alice on. The IM window popped up and I saw something I thought I would never have to hear or see in my life ever again.

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