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50 Ways to Get Ryou to Rip Your Head Off

Note: I am NOT responsible for any injuries you sustain from performing these acts. Ryou's easily angered, so don't come crying to me.

1. Wake him up in the middle of the night saying you've found a Mew Aqua. When he finds out you've lied and asks, "Why'd you wake me up at 2:00 AM for that?!" shine a flashlight in your face and say: "Come join the dark side. We have pie!" Merely grin when Ryou asks why Pai would join a crazy fangirl/guy like you.

2. 1. Steal his clothes, and leave only Pudding's uniform for him to wear.

3. Whenever he gets crabby around people, announce, "Don't worry; Ryou's not mad at you. It's just that time of the month."

4. When the Cafe is full and he is in earshot, say: "Ladies and gentleman, I'd like to announce that Ryou Shirogane has just come out of the closet, and we're having a coming out party Sunday at 7:30 sharp. You're all invited, so be there!"

5. When Ryou is asleep shave him bald and super glue a clown's wig to his head. Then, strip him naked (he keeps his underwear), paint his face blue, and super glue a round red nose to his real nose. When he wakes up he should be in a popular mall.

6. Take a big hammer and have fun in the basement lab.

7. When everyone is quiet in the Cafe scream out to Ryou "Ryou, how's your affair going with Keiichiro?! You know you shouldn't cheat on Masaya!" Count to 10 and run like heck.

8. Say, "RYOU IS THE FRIKKEN HOTTEST GUY IN THE WORLD! BY THE WAY, I AM HIGH ON CRACK! DON'T LISTEN TO A THING I SAY! THANK YOU!" in the middle of a calm café. Wait for hysterical laughter and a seriously angered Ryou to find you.

9. Ask him the deal between him and Keiichiro, and when he is going to resolve his issues between him and Pudding.

10. Get his bank account number, and spend it all. Then when he checks his account, scream "Boo-yah!" Then run as fast as your little legs can carry you. And then some.

11. Give him sleeping pills in his drink (all that coffee he drink gets to him eventually) and when he is knocked out have Kish transport him to the top of the Eiffel Tower in France. Make sure you have access to a French newspaper to see the results.

12. Tie him to your fridge and force-feed him baby food. Make sure he's tied tightly. The whole transforming into a cat thing can be an easy get away.

13. Tie him to your ceiling fan and turn it on. (Make sure you have insurance on your fan.)

14. Lock him in the cafe alone with every fan-girl that he has in the room (it's got to be a big room) and hold a "hug-and-kiss Ryou" party.

15. Surprise him every time he goes somewhere public by covering him in silly string. (Make sure to have lots of silly string on hand.)

16. Force him to watch Kish kiss Ichigo. (Though Ichigo would probably be the most likely to cause you injury.)

17. When Ryou friend sleeps, tape him to the bed, bring out a flashlight, put it in his face, and yell, "TRAIN!" Have a train video playing in the background. Then sing about 'Thomas the Tank Engine.'

18. Have someone tell Ryou they found all the Mew Aqua(or something equally important), then crashed his computer. Or all of them.

19. Have fun painting his room to Pudding and Mint's tastes.

20. Ask him why his name as a cat is Alto. Say, "Is it because you have such a high voice?" Then proceed to call him Soprano.

21. When ever he comes into the area scream, "ARAYAN!" Raise a Nazi flag above the café and put multiple flags into his room.

22. Chuck catnip into a closet and once he follows lock the door behind him. Once he is passed out tie him to a chair and force him to watch magical girl anime over and over.

23. Cosplay as a Sailor Moon character and dance around him saying, "I know this is where you got the idea isn't it? You know you were influenced by girly anime!" Then proceed to whap him on the head with the weapon of the Sailor you are dressed up as.

24. When he sleeps come into his room and dip his hand in warm water. When he complains that he wet the bed the next morning just grin and call him a baby. Repeat the hand dipping until he finds out it is you.

25. Die his hair purple and tell him that with a bit more sarcasm added to his personality he could become Pie. (Pie may not be too pleased with you…)


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