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Chad's POV:

I was literally banging my head against a wall. We had called the police and they had investigated. Yet little was known about what had actually happening. I didn't understand why they weren't doing any more than what they were. They'd just given up looking for any other sort of clues.
I stopped hitting my head and faced my little brother. 'What's wrong?'
He hung his head, like he had broken a vase or something. He then handed me a phone. 'It's for you.'
I took the phone off him and put it to my ear. 'Hello?'
'Hello Chad,' a rough voice said.
I frowned. 'Who is this?'
'Well, now. That's not very nice. I only want to talk to you.'
'Yeah. What do you want?'
'Tsk, tsk. Should be more polite you know.' I heard a little chuckle.
I rolled my eyes. 'I am very sorry. Is there something you want? Or that I can help you with?' I put as much sarcasm as I could into those sentences.
'Bad Chad,' the voice practically drawled. 'But it is true I want something from you.'
'What is that?' my voice was monotone.
'Your so-called relationship. I want to gone.'
'Wait? What?' I said, confused and angry.
'I want you to drop this charade with Ryan Evans.'
'Charade?' I swallowed harshly. 'You think I am lying to him?'
'Oh no Chad. Not at all,' the voice paused. 'I think it's you that you're lying too.'
'That is a load of crap!' I yelled. 'How dare you tell me how to think and act.' This voice didn't understand that what I felt for Ryan was love. I knew people would do things like this, but never as reasoning as this one was. That was what was confusing me.
'Silly Chad. Don't you see that you have nothing in common? You are lying to yourself about any sort of feelings you have for him.' There was a pause. 'After all, there are more important people in your life than that Drama Queen.'
I was furious. I hung up the phone and threw it across the room. What did that voice want from me? I groaned and went to pick up the phone. I had to call Ryan. He might be upset or something.

Ryan's POV:

I clutched for the ringing phone. As I grabbed it, I put it too my ear. 'Hello?' It had to be Chad.
'Hello, Ryan.'
I froze. It was that gruff voice from before. Clearly it had some sort of agenda. 'Yes?' My voice was shaking.
'Aww, the Drama Queen can't take the voice of my voice.' I heard a little laugh. 'Yes, I am so scary. Fear me.'
I gulped. 'What do you want from me?'
'I already told you this one.'
I thought about it. The voice had said to stay away from his Chad. 'Chad isn't yours...' I said confused.
I heard a growl. 'Chad doesn't know what he is thinking!'
I shrunk away from the phone as I heard a smash and heavy breathing. There was a long silence.
'Ah, well. Shouldn't lose my cool. After all Chad knows how I feel about him. It is only a matter of time.'
'Chad would never leave me,' I cried, upset.
'Listen to me. If you are still with my Chad in a weeks time, I will come for you. I will hunt you down.' I heard the shake in the caller's voice. 'Don't make me hurt you, Ryan.' There was a click and I was left with the little beeps and silence.
I hung up the phone and tears fell. I didn't understand. Why would anyone want to keep Chad and I from being together? Well, except for the fact that we were in love and that wasn't socially acceptable. I cried more and hugged my pillow to my chest. But this voice had said Chad was his. Did that mean it wanted Chad for itself? My chest tightened. I wouldn't know what to do without Chad. He is the person I love. And knowing Chad he wouldn't take being from me either. I smiled a little at that. So what if this person wanted us apart?
The phone rung and I jumped out of my skin. I picked it up cautiously. 'Hello?'
'Hey Ry.'
'Hey, don't sound so relieved,' he said worry in his voice.
I laughed. 'You would have no idea.'
'Try me,' he said seriously.
I was shocked for a second. 'Uhhh... someone called and said to stay away from you.'
I heard a groan. 'I knew something was going on.'
'Huh?' I was confused.
'Well, I got a phone call too. Only the voice told me to break up with you because... because...' He trailed off.
'Because?' I asked, scared.
He hesitated. 'Because I don't understand my feelings for you and that there are more important people in my life.' He sighed.
I squeaked. 'Chad. The voice said told me that it would hurt me if I didn't leave you alone.'
I heard a loud angry sigh. 'I thought this would happen.'
I gulped down my fear. 'It wants you Chad. It keeps saying "My Chad".'
Chad must have dropped the phone or hit a nearby wall. I went with the first one. 'Chad? Chad.'
'Sorry. Just shocked is all.'
'I noticed. Enough about this weird voice. I already made my mind up about our relationship.'
'Oh. What's the verdict?'
I giggled. 'I love you Chad. What do you think the verdict is?'
'You're staying,' he replied smugly. 'I love you more than ever.'
I giggled harder. 'Now tell me about what the police had to say.'


Stage Three was in effect. All I had to do was wait. If this phase didn't go as planned, Ryan Evans was going to have to get hurt. I didn't want to, but if he would not take his claws out of my Chad then I had no other option. I sighed. I also didn't want to hurt my Chad. He'd be upset but there was nothing I could do about that. After everything he will learn his feelings towards me. And Evans will be out of the picture. Once and for all.

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