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Chapter 1: The Spark

It was one in the morning as a shimmering blonde in a ridiculously short orange skirt, stilettos, and a skimpy sailor like shirt walked up the stairs of the Hikwana Jinja with a smirk playing on her face. Once she reached a specific building of the shrine she jumped up high, gracefully landing on a little bit of roof sticking out in front of a window, which was conveniently left open.

Her normally baby blue eyes were now a much deeper blue, mischief playing around them when she saw her victim. She quietly entered the room through the window, looking at a raven haired girl sleeping peacefully in her bed, unaware of what the blonde had in store for her.

The blue eyed beauty made her way to the bed only to see the raven haired girl wake up. The blonde stopped in her footsteps, observing the other girl rubbing her eyes sleepily.

"V…?" Rei looked at Minako confused and sleepy. "What are you doing here at this hour?"

The blonde smirked and got on the miko's bed, on her hands and knees as she slowly crawled towards the now blushing warrior. Rei couldn't help but notice the way Minako's hips swayed as she crawled, and how she was licking her lips like she was about to have a delicious hot fudge sundae.

In what seemed like a year, but was merely just a matter of seconds, blue eyes were finally looking into deep purple ones.

"W-what are you doing?" Rei managed to squeak out.

Minako's response was gently pushing the miko's shoulders down so she was lying down, then slowly letting her fingertips slide down to the hem of the girl's shirt, lifting it up just to the edge of the breasts of the blushing raven haired girl.

She let her gloved fingertips slowly run over the Rei's flat, yet somewhat toned stomach, sending shivers up and down the fire warrior's spine.

"So soft," The goddess of love mumbled as she brought her hand up to rub her thumb over Rei's bottom lip. "I wonder how you taste," she whispered as she leaned in slowly, her deep blue eyes glazing over as she pressed her lips against Rei's.

Rei couldn't believe what was happening; the object of her affection was actually kissing her. She had always had feelings for Minako, but she never thought that those feelings would ever be returned.

Before the fire goddess could return the kiss Minako had already started kissing her neck, causing Rei's eyes to widen, enjoying the feeling as her own body grew warmer, drowning in the essence of the goddess of love.

"Mmm, Rei-chan, your skin is so soft… I want…" Minako started to say, but the light outside of Rei's room went on.

Her deep purple eyes widened when she realized her grandpa might hear them and come in. The miko quickly pushed the blonde back and put a finger to the blue eyed girl's soft lips, silently pleading for her to stay quiet.

The blonde smirked, gently grabbing the unsuspecting girl's hand, and opening her pink lips, sliding the miko's index finger into her mouth, running her tongue along it sensually, her movements slow and deliberate. Rei felt her heart flutter as she felt those perfect lips wrap around her finger, leaning forward a little, wishing for those lips to be pressed against her own again.

Once the light was turned off again and Rei heard soft footsteps slowly fading away she let out a breath that she didn't even realize that she was holding. Locking eyes with the minx straddling her waist, the miko found it hard to speak, but somehow managed to whisper, "V…"

The blonde slowly pulled away from the raven haired girl. "Please… just say my name… just once…" The goddess of love sat there, pleading softly with the fire warrior.

Rei gulped uneasily, there was a reason why she never dared to breathe Minako's name. She was afraid that if she said it her true feelings would be revealed, but now she could finally utter the blonde's name.

"Please…" Minako said softly into the other girl's ear.

"Mi-na-ko" The blonde's eyes widened as the miko breathed her name into her ear, exaggerating every syllable. Now she knew why Rei had never called her by her name, the way she said it, like a lover would say it in a heated moment. It made her shiver. If she had been standing, her knees probably would have buckled and given out.

That was the last straw; Minako needed Rei. She crushed her lips against Rei's. This time Rei returned the kiss passionately as she wrapped her arms around the blonde. Minako lay on top of the miko, suddenly pulling away and taking off the raven haired girl's top. The favor was returned right away.

Rei brought her shaky hands to the goddess' skirt, taking it off and then tossing it aside. The shimmering blonde wasn't as patient as the other girl so she simply ripped off the miko's pajama pants and underwear in one swift movement.

Minako just smirked at the surprise and shock plastered on Rei's face. 'You're mine now,' the blonde thought to herself, the smirk never leaving her face as she leaned in and kissed her prey.

Rei jumped a little when she felt Minako suddenly press her knee against her core. Feeling Minako grind her knee into her a little made the dark haired girl moan into the other's mouth, giving the blonde some satisfaction.

As Minako pulled away for air, Rei brought her leg up to a bent position so the blonde's core was pressed against her thigh. When Minako moved her knee she could feel immense pleasure, causing her to grunt in pleasure.

"R-Rei-chan…" she leaned in, burying her head in the pillow right next to Rei's neck so she could feel the blonde's hot breath on it. Continuously grinding her knee against Rei's core, Minako started to suck and nibble on Rei's neck, starting to form hickies; it was Minako's way of claiming Rei as hers.

A thin layer of sweat formed on both of the sailor scouts' bodies as they grinded and mended together, sinking into the heat and passion of one another. Minako claimed the fire goddess' hands in her own, pinning her arms down dominantly to the mattress slightly above Rei's head, her breathing getting heavier as she found herself getting closer and closer to her satisfaction.

"Tell me you love me," the blonde breathed into the miko's ear. There was a kind of desperation in her voice that caught Rei's attention. Finally processing what Minako said, Rei's eyes widened. She really did love Minako, but she never thought she would actually confess her feelings to her, especially not in the middle in one of their most intimate moments.

Minako suddenly broke Rei out of her thoughts as she pressed her knee even harder against her core, making a moan come from deep within Rei's throat, snapping her back into her world of pleasure and back to Minako.

"I love you," Rei said with a groan, closing her eyes as she felt herself reaching her peak. Feeling Minako pick up speed Rei looked up at the sweating goddess, her eyes closed. Rei finally broke free of the Minako's hands and wrapped her arms around her shoulder, bringing the blonde closer as she let out a loud moan, she needed to hold on to something, anything, and Minako was conveniently there.

The two young girls let out a loud moan as they both hit their orgasm at the same time. Feeling satisfaction and exhaustion, Minako suddenly collapsed onto Rei, cuddling up to her and resting her head on the miko's heaving chest. In a matter of minutes both girls had fallen into a blissful sleep, tangled up in the blankets and each other.

The Next Morning

Rei quietly snuck out of bed, stealthily slipping out of Minako's arms and putting a pillow there in her place. She froze when she saw the blonde stir a little in her peaceful sleep, but then let out a breath of relief when she saw her settle again.

The miko quietly put on her clothes and grabbed a broom. She would have loved to stay in bed so she could cuddle and sleep in with her lover, but those stairs weren't going to sweep themselves.

A couple of minutes after Rei left Minako slowly opened her drowsy eyes. She took a minute to take in her surroundings.

"When did I come to Rei's bedroom?" she asked herself silently. Feeling as if something was out of place, she gulped and slowly lifted the covers, only to find that she was… naked!


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