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Chapter 4: A Dream?

Minako was surrounded by darkness until a pair of two bright red demonic eyes opened, staring at her, hypnotizing her. She blinked, and everything was in a haze. She saw herself pinning a petite figure down onto a soft bed, grinding her knee into the other woman, panting, moaning, not manipulating her own body, as if she were a puppet in someone else's hands.

Deep down, this is what she had always wanted. It felt so right. She felt nails digging into her shoulders and then being dragged slowly down her back, causing Minako to shudder. It burned, but not a bad burn, it felt like the burning passion she felt for this girl beneath her. But why was everything so hazy, and why couldn't she see the raven haired girl's face?

"Tell me you love me." The words flowed from her mouth naturally in a whisper.

"I love you," was the breathy response into her ear. The voice was so familiar, but who was it?

She slowly pulled away, needing to see the face of the girl she was making love to. The face became more and more clear, and the blonde's eyes widened. Then the girl's identity was revealed… It was…

Minako suddenly sprung up in bed, in a cold sweat, chest heaving. "Rei…" she said softly. She looked at the clock and saw that it was only 8 p.m. She had been out for about 6 hours. Reaching for the phone, she dialed the number to the Hikawa Jinja. She needed answers pronto.

"Hino residence," came the voice of the familiar raven haired girl Minako had just dreamt about from the other end of the phone.

"Rei-chan! I need to meet you… now!" The normally confident blonde chewed on her lower lip nervously.


"I'm coming over." And with that, Minako hung up the phone, put on something suitable, and ran out the door.

The blonde's mind was racing, searching for answers as she walked up the tedious steps of the Hikawa Jinja. 'Was it just a dream? Or was it… real?'

Before she knew it, Minako was at the top of the stairs, staring at the back of the fire warrior. There was something about her stance that showed how uneasy she was feeling.

Slowly walking up to the miko, Minako felt herself getting more and more nervous by the second. How was she going to approach the subject?

"Rei…" she said softly, placing a hand on the raven-haired girl's shoulder.

Jumping a little from the sudden contact, Rei turned around, blushing slightly from the informal way that Minako had called her 'Rei' instead of 'Rei-chan'.

"Y-yes? What is it, V? Is something wrong? Whatever it is, it sounded pretty urgent." She rubbed the back of her head.

Minako gulped uneasily. "Rei-chan… have you… had any… strange dreams lately?"

"Strange dreams?" Rei put a finger to her chin in thought. "No, not really. Why do you ask, V?" She put on a plastic smile. 'Where is Minako going with all of this?'

"O-oh, well… You remember that day I woke up naked in your bed?"

"What about it?" Rei asked a little too quickly. The subject was obviously making her jumpy and she was blushing profusely.

"I don't remember having any sake or anything that night… Rei-chan… did I… do something… um… inappropriate?" Minako lowered her baby blues to the ground, unable to look at Rei without blushing.

"Nope." Rei turned her back to the blonde, unable to stop her own blushing.

"Are you sure?" Minako persisted, taking a step closer to the now trembling girl.

"W-why are you asking me all of these ridiculous questions, V?" The miko stuttered, she didn't know how much longer she could keep up this façade.

"Because… I had a dream… You were in it, and we… Well, we were pretty hot and heavy in the dream. I want to know if it was just a dream, or if it really happened." The shimmering blonde took a few more hesitant steps towards the other girl.

"Well, I hate to burst your bubble, V, but it was just a dream." Rei was surprised by how calm she sounded.

"Liar." The goddess of love whispered softly into the miko's ear.

The fire warrior shivered involuntarily. That one simple word shook her to the core. She gulped uneasily at how close Minako was, the love warrior's soft breath dancing on her neck.

"I-I have no idea what you're—" Rei started to protest, but Minako suddenly turned her around. The look in her beautiful blue eyes was enough to make Rei's heart melt. She could feel her knees buckling as the blonde stepped even closer.

"V… what are you doing?" Rei managed to get out, blushing madly.

As Minako slowly leaned in, bringing her lips only mere centimeters away from Rei's she mumbled softly with eyes half closed and glazed over, "Something I should have done a long time ago."

And with that Minako closed her eyes and pressed her lips gently against Rei's soft, inviting lips.

Feeling the sudden contact, the miko's eyes widened, but then slowly closed as she gave into the kiss, closing her amethyst eyes, fully embracing and returning the kiss. The kiss soon became deep and passionate, Minako started to pull away, but Rei persisted by crushing her searing lips against Minako's plump, luscious ones.

'Wow, she really is the goddess of war and passion.' Minako thought to herself with a grin, wrapping her arms around the girl attached to her lips. In return Rei entangled her fingers into Minako's locks of long golden hair, the kiss getting more and more heated by the second.

After a couple of minutes, both seventeen-year-old girls pulled away in desperate need for air.

"Wow…" Minako was near speechless.

Rei just looked down. "V…?"

"Yes, Rei?" Minako said softly, taking a step forward. Something was obviously bothering her love.

"Was that… really you that just kissed me? Or were you possessed or drunk again this time…?" The raven haired girl managed to get out, on the verge of tears.

"No, Rei," Minako said in a soft, caring voice, gently putting her finger under Rei's chin and bringing it up a bit so she could look into those amethyst eyes that she loved so much. "It's just me. It's just me, and it's just you. We're not Sailor Venus and Sailor Mars. We're Minako and Rei. And it's just us."

She leaned in again, gently pressing her lips against the fire warriors for a chaste kiss, then pulled away again and embraced the girl standing before her.

"Minako…" Rei said softly, burying her head into the crook of the blonde's neck as she wrapped her arms around her tightly.

Slightly thrown off by the fire warrior calling her by her real name, Minako developed a silly look on her face, her mouth slightly agape, but then her mouth slowly closed and formed into a light smile as she kissed the fire goddess's cheek.

"Rei? I lo—" Minako's sentence was cut short when she heard someone running up the shrine steps. Both girls quickly jumped apart, blushing madly. A couple of seconds later, Usagi came running up to the two girls.

"Mina-chan? What are you doing here?" The out-of-breath girl asked as she rested her hands on her knees, desperately gasping for some much needed air.

"Oh, uh… Well you see, um… I uh…" The blonde stuttered, looking for an excuse.

"She forgot her history book here." The raven haired girl said in a cool, calm voice.

"OH! I DID TOO!" Usagi smiled big, running into Rei's house and grabbing her book. "Minako-chan, will you walk me home?"

Minako looked skeptical, unsure of what to say. "I, um…" The helpless blonde looked over to Rei for an answer; the miko just smiled a little and nodded her head. "Yeah, I'll walk you home, Usagi-chan. I know you hate to be out alone at night." And with that, the two blondes left a very thoughtful miko at the shrine.

"Um, Mina-chan… where's your book?" Usagi looked over at Minako curiously.

"Hmm, what book?" she replied absentmindedly.

"You said you forgot your history book at Rei's. Heeey, is something going on that I don't know about?" The clumsy moon warrior stopped walking and pouted at Minako.

"Oh, uh, no. I just forgot it again. Stay here, I'll go get it real quick." Before the dumpling head could protest, the goddess of love had taken off in a full sprint back to the shrine.

Upon hearing footsteps racing towards her Rei turned around only to have a familiar pair of lips crush against hers. She immediately dropped the broom and responded, wrapping her arms around the blonde's neck.

Minako finally slowly pulled away after a minute or so, a little out of breath. "I need to borrow your history book."

"Oh? And why is that?" Rei raised a dark eyebrow.

"Well, uh… You said I forgot my history book here and well, I have no history book here. Usagi's suspicious, so, um, yeah."

"Oh, right. Hold on. Let me get it." And with that Rei ran into the house and then ran right back out with the history book.

"Thanks, Rei." The blonde smiled big, giving her love a quick peck on the lips.

"Ok, well I'll see you tomorrow at school." The miko smiled as well, picking her broom back up.

"Sure," Minako smiled innocently and turned around, hiding the mischievous glint in her eyes. Rei had no idea what was in store for her the next day.

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